waratah anemone


Waratah anemone garden - Actinia tenebrosa #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
Bare Island

#955 - Actinia tenebrosa - Waratah Anemone

The most striking of intertidal anemomes on Australia’s southern shores, and all over New Zealand’s rocky coasts. Often found quite high above the waterline, at least where they can be shaded from the sun. At low tide these anemomes retract their tentacles and resemble very dark red blobs.

Waratah Anemones brood their young in their stomach, released them as small versions of the adult to settle on rocks nearby (although they can also produce planktonic larvae, that disperse more widely). But woe betide any unrelated Waratah Anemones that settle nearby - they’re fiercely territorial, and will verrrry slooowly charge at unrelated rivals, and attempt to sting each other to death, or until one retreats.