Prussian infantry in action at the Battle of Lüneburg in 1813. Having nearly expended their entire issue of ammo, a local girl, Johanna Stegen came to the aid of the skirmishers of the 1 Pommersches Infanterie-Regiment, ferrying ammunition from the battalion’s baggage into the middle of combat.

“Everybody likes to blame Robespierre for all the deaths during the Revolution but no one blames Napoleon for thousands that died in the name of his ego”

  1. War of the Third Coalition 1803-06: Britain declared war on France on 18 May 1803
  2. War of the Fourth Coalition 1806-07: Starts with the Declaration of War by Prussia
  3. War of the Fifth Coalition 1809: The War of 1809 was one of the few occasions when Napoleon did not initiate a conflict. All of the impetus towards war came from the Austrians
  4. War of the Sixth Coalition 1812-14: Created after the disastrous Russia Invasion which was prompted by Napoleon after Russia broke the Continental System Napoleon put in place
  5. War of the Seventh Coalition 1815: Created after the Congress of Vienna declared Napoleon an outlaw for escaping from exile. He was exiled on Elba after fighting against the SEVEN coalitions created by the enemies of France that forced the country into a period of almost constant war that lasted 23 years