Collection of 80 High-Res Textless Movie Posters

Not sure how this exists??? Someone has uploaded a collection of 80 high-resolution film posters stripped of any text. Can’t tell if they have next-level Photoshop skills or some other kind of voodoo that made this possible. In any case, thank you, Internet. #Love it!

ID #32129

Name: Rivera
Age: 21
Country: USA

I’m a huge nerd with a love of Star Wars, Steven Universe, Legend of Zelda, and Marvel Superheroes.
I love all sorts of arts & crafts. I love tea & coffee, music, video games, museums, books & comics, creative writing, and movies & TV shows.
I have many collections including pin buttons, post cards, music boxes, coloring books, stationery, R2D2 merchandise, and BB-8 merchandise! :D

Preferences: I would prefer female pen pals, ages 18-30.

'Rogue One' Toy Version of Forest Whitaker Character Reveals Extent of His Battle Damage

When we first met Saw Gererra in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he was a vigorous young man transformed by tragedy into a vicious fighter. So it was a surprise to see him resurface in the Rogue One trailers in the form of Forest Whitaker’s wheezy, obviously battle-scarred warrior.

A young Saw Gererra becomes a ruthless freedom fighter in ‘The Clone Wars’ (Photo: Lucasfilm)
Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gererra as he appeared in the initial ‘Rogue One’ teaser trailer. (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Yesterday, during our Yahoo Movies Facebook Live unboxing of new Rogue One toys (below), I noted that we had yet to see a Saw Gererra action figure — possibly more of an inaction figure due to whatever crippling injuries he endured — and speculated that Lucasfilm wanted to withhold the reveal as long as possible to avoid giving too much away. With “Rogue Friday” finally here, we now can see that Saw Gererra may be as much machine as man.

The first Saw toy to arrive is this Funko Pop! figure, exclusively available now at Walmart, which shows his full armor/breathing apparatus, as well as his robotic foot. We’re not sure if the glove on the left hand covers a cybernetic appendage à la Luke Skywalker or is simply a Michael Jackson-esque affectation. (Photo: Funko/Walmart)
Hasbro’s 3.75-inch action figure, which was unveiled Friday and will be on sale next spring, is a more realistic depiction of the character, offering a detailed look at his armored suit. (Photo: Hasbro)

As Whitaker noted in an Entertainment Weekly interview, “there are some similarities” between Saw and Darth Vader. “This is his armored suit for flight, but also for maintenance… He’s been through many conflicts and many wars, so it’s also about [repairing] some of the many injuries he’s had. He wears it all the time.”

The Hasbro Gererra toy is part of a four-figure “Jedha Revolt” pack, teaming the character with Rebel squad leader Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Edrio Two Tubes, and an Imperial hovertank pilot.

Available in the spring to coincide with the home release of ‘Rogue One,’ this $24.99 set features combatants in a key confrontation between Rebels and Imperials in the upcoming film. (Photo: Hasbro)

While we’ve seen the other characters in action in the trailers, Two Tubes had his big coming out party at San Diego Comic-Con. His costume was displayed in the Star Wars booth along with a plaque that described him as a “mercenary pilot” allied with Saw. He is the first creature we’ve ever met from the planet Yar Togna.

Until Rogue One arrives in theaters on Dec. 16 to explain how all these characters come together, we’ll just have to rely on our imagination — and our toys — to fill in the gaps.

Watch our Yahoo Movies Facebook Live deep dive into all the new Rogue One toys:

anonymous asked:

Embarresing stories lol

Oh my gosh do I have a story for all of you.

So, this happened on my Disneyland Grad trip last year. 

We were on the bus on the way there and by the time it was our second bus stop, we didn’t have another Disney movie to watch. So one of our teachers that was on the trip (who was my yearbook teacher that year) got a movie at a gas station store called This Means War. Hilarious movie btw.

I don’t mean to be a spoiler, but the main plot of this movie is that there are two guys who are best friends and they are dating the same woman, but she doesn’t know that they know each other. Meanwhile, the guys know they are both dating her and are going to compete to win her heart. Both of these guys are spies and they know how to gather information on people, so they spy on her and figure out what she likes and doesn’t like to be the perfect guy for her.

And that works, but a little too well. The woman tells her friend that both of these guys are perfect for her and she doesn’t know how to choose one. Her friend gives her the advice to have sex with both of them and figure out based on that connection. 

And so the woman goes through with that.

Now, one of the guys that the woman is dating is a Britsh man. And I don’t clearly remember what happened, but I was talking to my friend who was sitting next to me and for some reason I remember the famous quote by Paul Revere. 

So out of nowhere, during the sex scene no less, I say “The British are coming! The British are coming!” 

And a little too loud for comfort. 

My friend and I were sitting right behind my yearbook teacher. And right after I said this, she turns around, looks at me, and goes “JENNIFER!” 

And it clicks that I just made a sexual pun without even trying. I’m going “Whoa wait I didn’t mean it like that!” My friend is cracking up so hard, she can’t breathe. Half the bus is dying too. I spend the entire rest of the bus ride curled up into a little ball out of embarrassment.