After watching Revenge of the Sith and Twilight...I, eh, still don’t get“CGI baby” thing.

I mean,OK,I get if it’s The Incredible Hulk or an evil monstrous alien and you gotta go with the computer guys.

But human babies are like, right there. And plentiful. And what parent wouldn’t their newborn in a big blockbuster movie? You wouldn’t even have to pay them that much.

And the CGI ones always look so, so awful. 

Talk about making things harder for yourself. 

Footage of me praying that all my ships at least have eye contact in the new Star Wars movie:

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It’s just a movie

Damn, the antis are out in full force today and they are MEAN. As a completely devoted Reylo since Dec ‘15 (and, who, is going to be fine with whatever the outcome of this movie is) and Star Wars lover, I would like to remind everyone that THIS IS JUST A MOVIE. It’s okay. We will see it, enjoy it (or not), obsess over, read fan fiction, and watch it again. But at the end of the day IT’S JUST A MOVIE. So please, quit being so damn hateful to each other.

One more time for the people in the back STAR WARS IS JUST A MOVIE FRANCHISE. BE NICE TO PEOPLE

My most unpopular opinion is

TFA is the worst Star Wars movie BUT I liked how they set up Kylo Ren by making the dark side guy a loser and also setting up his (hopeful) redemption and he’s really not as bad as people say he is…like he’s a lame loser worthy of hate but he was straight up made that way and that’s interesting and one of the few things the movie portrayed well


To celebrate the new Star Wars movie (but still keep this blog on-topic), I give you Turning Tydes Theatre Company’s “The Phantom of the Empire.”

Well, I have no idea what happened. All I know is that the Reylo community is excited. While I may not ship it myself, I just want to say congratulations. It’s a great feeling. Ignore the haters and keep doing what y’all enjoy.

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Ha-yun: This movie is boring, why are we watching it again?

Jung: what are you talking about? This is so cool! I’ve never seen the first Star Wars Movie in this great of resolution!

Ha-yun: You’re nerding out over … pixels?

Jung: These aren’t necessarily pixels, in fact, I think you’re talking about computers. TVs are actually-

Ha-yun: Stop. please. no nerd talk. ever. again.

Jung: One day you’ll find my nerd talk fascinating. 

Ha-yun: ha, no. Anyway, get off the couch.

Jung: No, why? 

Ha-yun: I wanna sit with Byeong-su. i’m bored and cold. I can’t deal with two emotions at the same time, so I’m solving cold because I know you won’t turn this off.

Jung: … no. 

Ha-yun: I’m not sure if your wife likes the fact that you put your feet on the coffee table, maybe when she gets home, I change a few details >:).

Jung: Don’t even joke about that, I almost had a heart attack. 

sfjsdkjnfnsj the new star wars movie gives me so much anxiety bc it really really feels like the creators pussied out from racist backlash and are trying to appeal to white supremacist america and im really hoping they dnt but like where is jonathan where is poe why do they barely get any screen time why is there such a high focus on kylo ren why the FUCK am i scared of r*ylo actually happening like i think tfa had a lot of potential but god gjfdngkfnd 

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there was this girl that was the daughter of one of my fathers friends/coworkers and sometimes we would visit and i would hang out with her and she was absolutely Obsessed with the clone wars (tv show). i dont think she ever actually saw any of the star wars movies, just the show and she loved it and anakin was her favourite (and crush lol) she has a figure of him and would kiss it. i wonder how she reacted to seeing him turn into darth vader