“you’re not alone.”
“neither are you…”

this was, hands down, the greatest moment between ben and rey in tlj. why? it’s their first intimate, tender moment. they are so gentle and vulnerable with one another in a way they never have been with anyone else before. they felt electricity in a single moment. a single touch - that’s what it means to find your soulmate.

star wars, the last jedi, and anti-nostalgia

I’m seeing a lot of posts criticizing people for not appreciating that the last jedi is about rejecting nostalgia, or embracing that the past needs to be let go, and that there’s a new order of things in star wars. however, I think this misses the entire point of bringing star wars back, and particularly within the lifetimes of the original trio.

star wars was brought back because it was a moneymaker, of course, but it was also because it had an existing - and strong and vocal - fanbase. it has a history of material which people are attached to, and more has been generated since the revival. for the last jedi to argue that fans need to let go of the past and that nostalgia is bad leaves it out of place in this particular franchise.

if you want to tell a story about anti-nostalgia or letting the past go, that’s fine. I even enjoy some of those stories! however, it’s deeply unfair to leverage a fanbase on its nostalgia and love for the stories that have already been told and then to wag your finger at them for not being smart enough or w/e to appreciate how star wars is now about rejecting what came before. it’s an even cheaper trick to use characters from the stories people loved to do this. hell, if there was a star wars movie about rejecting nostalgia, I might even be open to it - but definitely not when it’s done by cannibalizing the characters that made star wars for me

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