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  • The fam:*starts Third World War, is willing to fight eachother to death, loses sleep, anxiety levels rise higher then fucking Mt.Everest*
  • 5sos:lol why isn't anyone voting??

Shayne (underwhelmed): That’s it?

Artyom: !

Shayne (excitedly): That’s sweet!  You’re all pale and junk.

Artyom: ….. are you–


Artyom (growling): Ohhhh my god….. I’m gonna–

Shayne (ignoring him): THROW DOWN LIKE A BOSS!

Shayne: Just promise me you will seek some fucking sun, ya fuckin’ whelp!

Artyom: !

Artyom (shortly; in disbelief): … what?

Shayne (sing-song): Ohhhhhh I’m sorrrrrrry…~


Shayne: A butt-sniffer that NEEDS sun.  Promise me, okay?  This summer or bust.  Catch some rays.

Artyom: ….. you are incorrigible.  Have you seen yourself?

Shayne: I am WAAAAAAAAY more awesome than you.  I do not have to see myself in a mirror.  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)


Artyom: Uh…..

Artyom: “I like milk and cookies”?

Shayne (irritated): YES, FUCKER.

Shayne: WAR-CRY!  RAWR!

Artyom (confused): Yeah but……


Shayne (annoyed): Well?

Artyom: Well what?


Artyom: I’m not playing this game with you.  :|

Shayne (snarling): Goddammit, Tallywhacker….

Artyom (sneering): I am gonna slap the fucking taste out of your mouth if you don’t–

Shayne (plowing right on): You gotta have a war-cry or this shit isn’t right.

Artyom: …..


Shayne: CLOSE ENOUGH!~  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

(Now kiss!  xD)

frostbite883 asked:

What I can say is this: Not all darksiders are Sith. - I assumed that Dark Jedi and Sith during that time were one and the same (from the Wookiepedia I read that had to do with Affiliations involved section of the Hundred-Year Darkness page).

See, that’s making an important assumption. 

That all the Darksiders that existed at the time were involved with the war, on the side of the Sith. This leaves no room for what was a statistical certainty. That several (thousand, going by population dynamics) were either out of the war, or fighting on the side of the Jedi. NO mention is made of them, so we assume that they were not there. I can’t do that, because I’ve seen real-world examples of people living in the heart of darkness doing the right thing, and supposedly ‘good’ people being evil. 

Nothing in war is ever that black and white. Especially not the way the Galaxy is set up, with tens of thousands of systems, each with populations and politics and force users. That’s a lot of people to put in just two boxes, really. 

A better question would be: Who was there, a force user, and NOT a jedi or a sith? These two factions are not the be-all-end-all. There’s canon examples of people on both ends of the spectrum having nothing to do with the Jedi or the Sith at all. 

The Force does not /care/ what faction you are, or how you gain its wisdom. It just IS. There’s definitely more people who use it than just the Sith or the Jedi. 

It’s 2016 and people still pretend the civil war was about fighting for the states’ rights to pass their own laws. No, hun. Nobody has the ‘right to decide’ to own slaves. Am I speaking a different language or something like this isn’t debatable

anonymous asked:

What do you think about BuckyNat in Civil War? I just can't see our chances high and Steve/Natasha seems like a likely option for romance for Natasha. What are our chances for some scenes with them and any ideas of yours what it migt be about? Also would like to add that we might not see that much of Bucky, because contract such as these are meant like "we can use you, but it's not like you have to be in 9 movies". I'm just pessimistic when it comes to them in MCU.

Hi anon :)
Well, for starters I don’t think a romantic relationship between Nat and Steve is on the table. They’re good friends, and that’s it. Also, I’m 100% sure Staron will happen, so we don’t have to worry about that.

Does that mean buckynat will happen? nope, but I’m hopeful. I believe they’ll share some scenes in civil war (they’ll likely fight or maybe she will interrogate him, since it seems he’ll be captured by the goverment/the registration side) and it seems there will be flashbacks, so there’s a chance that if they decide to give them a shared past we’ll see some of it in this movie. There has to be some kind of connection between Bucky and Russia (he spoke russian in ws soldier after all…), and this is the right time to at least give a hint of that. And if he’s conected to Russia it would be weird to not be somewhat connected to Natasha. Tbh I wasn’t expecting anything more than a couple of not-very-personal scenes between them but the new trailer has me thinking that we may get more (mostly because of this). And then there’s the fact that Nat seems to know him pretty well, I may be imaging things but I don’t believe for a second that Odessa was the only time they met. As I’ve said before, I think there’s more to it that what Nat says. Also, Seb said that he “spent a lot of time with Scarlett” while filming…

And about Bucky, I don’t really know. It depends of how well liked he is after civil war, I think. But I believe he’ll be a key player from now on, and that he’ll frequently pop up here and there, since Seb Stan isn’t as expensive as the other actors.

Don’t be so pessimistic anon, there’s enough reason to hope =)

Verse: Lands Blessed by Seraphim

Verse: Zestiria verse/crossover AU
Tag: AU: Passion illuminates the world
Faceclaim: default

Description: Though not a member of it’s direct lineage, Richard is a member of the royal family who lives in Pendrago. Second cousin to the late emperor’s fallen sons, he has watched the struggle for the throne claim many of his relatives. His uncle and father both work as members of court in the palace, though Cedric manages much of his father’s duties while he is often ill. Above all else Richard wishes to see peace between Rolance and Hyland and a bright future for the kingdom but the struggles of impending war, fights over the throne and frequent attempts on his life cause malevolence to begin to gather about him.

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Fight Us

Salem witches unite today;
Forward to fight, into the fray.
Living, loosing, fighting, fought;
Searching, soothing, catching, caught.
Spells chanting, whispered with fear;
Come to the calling, from far and near.
Crackling potions, turning to dust;
Our powerful cauldrons, starting to rust.
These are the battles we choose to fight;
Chanting here for the rest of the night.