100% agree! And this, more than anything, is why I think we need to be having these difficult conversations, and why we need to work toward dismantling the perception that soldiers are “fighting for our freedoms” and that there’s glory and honor in the wars we’re fighting.

If anything, I think we should be actively discouraging young people from joining the military (unless they’re joining for other well-thought-our reasons).


Alternative idea for fantasy elves: 

‘Light Elves’ are the ones who are generally seen as peaceful and who prefer to live at one with nature, only defending themselves when necessary. 

‘Dark Elves’ are the ones who gained a love of fighting and war, and enjoy combat as well as fighting over territory/trade/etc, and use magics that can sometimes harm the environment.

None of it is about the colour of their skin. There are pink, green, blue, black and purple-skinned elves in both categories, as it isn’t about race but creed and beliefs. A ‘Light Elf’ can ‘go dark’, and a ‘Dark Elf’ can, although it’s a harder path, ‘turn to the light’.

Likewise, there are many Light Elves who allow bad things to happen, simply because they avoid fighting, and many Dark Elves who are seen as good, because by fighting they have stopped something evil from coming to pass - but this does not stop the clash of ideology between the two subsets.

Instead of skin colour defining them, it is instead something else - be it a change in their physical form due to adaptive evolution (a change in how long their ears are, or how tall they are, or how naturally stocky they are, or that more Dark Elves are likely to have eyes of a certain colour), or it could be something that they do to themselves, such as a tattoo or series of tattoos, or the way they style their hair.

casual-skeleton-dreamcloud  asked:

Lily looks at Partyk as he was put in charge of taking care of here while Tord was gone. "UGH!" She threw her hands up in the air. "I'm bored."

“And… How is that my problem?”
Patryk raised an eyebrow at her
“I’m not an entertainer; I’m a doctor and a pilot.”
He looked over at her with an incredulous expression.
“If you are against boredom you shouldn’t have joined this army. We aren’t always fighting a war.”

I hate saying goodbye, because saying goodbye means we have to part ways. You will start and go with the journey if your own, and here I am, standing in blankness waiting for you to come back. I hate goodbyes because it is the end. The end to this love, the end to this war. I still fight for you because you know how much I love you. Saying goodbye means never coming back. Leaving me physically, hurting emotionally till I lose my sanity. You said goodbye, now I am here, nowhere. You left me with broken pieces of memory of you and me. This precious memories of ours, slowly fading. Why did you have to say it? I don’t want you to go. Your hands slowly drifting away from mine. I really hate goodbyes.


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Purpose: foot soldier
Court: Blue Diamond
Pre- or Post- Gem War: Post
Abilities: Sword-fighting, acrobatics, amazing flexibility, weapon summoning
Alignment: Homeworld
Height: 6’‘0
Short bio: Celestite is one of Blue Diamond’s most loyal foot soldiers. When she isn’t fighting for the cause of Homeworld on other planets, she entertains upperclass Gems back home with her amazing acrobatic fencing skills. Celestite is a bit full of herself and quite confident in her abilities, which often leads to her getting poofed on the battlefield despite her amazing skills with a sword. She’s quite resilient though, and as soon as she’s poofed she comes right back to the battlefield. She enjoys hearing the war stories of Gem War veterans and is eager to serve Homeworld in the event of another rebellion
Physical weaknesses: Cannot shapeshift due to being a ‘newer’ Gem made from less resources, and as such has trouble fusing for an extended period of time

Imperial Topaz
Purpose: Technician/overseer
Court: Yellow Diamond
Pre- or Post- Gem War: Pre
Abilities: Immense technical knowledge, accomplished pilot, very tall due to limb enhancers, perfect aim, able to operate Gem technology ranging from the most primitive to the most advanced, extremely smart, standard Gem abilities (such as shapeshifting, fusion, etc.), metal manipulation
Alignment: Homeworld
Height (with enhancers): 7"4
Short bio: Imperial Topaz is a very focused and determined Gem. She sees everything that furthers the power of Homeworld as a good thing and everything that threatens it as something to be destroyed. She is cruel, calculating, and is known to overwork the technician Gems she manages. She has many loyal squads of Peridots that she terrorizes. Imperial Topaz was a pilot during the Gem war and also helped to quickly and efficiently manufacture weapons and technology for the soldiers on the frontlines. She holds a massive grudge against the Earth and its inhabitants, viewing humans and Crystal Gems alike as parasites that must be destroyed.
Physical weaknesses: Is about a foot shorter without her limb enhancers, does not posess a physical weapon

Mint Tourmaline
Purpose: Former entertainer
Court: White Diamond
Pre- or Post- Gem War: Pre
Abilities: Sonic screams, powerful voice, standard Gem abilities
Alignment: Homeworld (secretly supported the Crystal Gems during wartime)
Height: 3"4
Short bio: Mint Tourmaline was a singer before the war, entertaining upper and lower class Gems alike. She blindly followed the Diamonds until the Rebellion happened, where she met the love of her life, a Prasiolite soldier. Being with her changed Mint for life, making her see her own potential. However, Prasiolite never wanted her to be involved with the battle, so she urged her to keep her allegiance to Rose Quartz secret. During the War, Mint still entertained the Homeworld soldiers, but her heart belonged on the other side. Near the end of the Rebellion, Prasiolite was shattered by a fleet of Homeworld soldiers. Devastated, she never sang again. Over the years she grew bitter and jaded and angry at Homeworld for the death of her lover. She managed to retire in wealth and become a respected member of the upper class, but her allegiance still lies with Earth. She hopes every day that someone will take down Homeworld for good and free her of her pain.
Physical weaknesses: very short, not physically strong, does not posess a physical weapon

Zebra Jasper
Common Quartz soldier
Court: White Diamond
Pre- or Post- Gem War: Pre
Abilities: Immense physical strength, accomplished soldier, standard Gem abilities
Alignment: Homeworld
Height: 8"0
Short bio: Zebra Jasper was a soldier for White Diamond during the Gem War. Because of this, she never really questioned why she was fighting or what she was fighting for. She just blindly followed orders. Like Jasper, she is a celebrated soldier with high honors (she is currently in the process of being awarded a Pearl). Years later, after learning through the grapevine that a new Rebellion on Earth may be forming, Zebra is beginning to question her allegiance and wonder if she fought for the right side. She puts on a gruff exterior for her superiors, but she is rather gentle and shows kindness to lower-class Gems.
Physical weaknesses: Slow, bulky, often takes too long to make a decision before acting


  • You’re allowed to change physical/personality aspects as long as they’re still recognizable in some way. You don’t have to keep it exactly like I drew it, but you are definitely allowed to develop them further. Just keep them close enough to the original design as you feel comfortable. All I really care about is you don’t claim the designs are your own.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO RE-SELL THESE DESIGNS. Trading is fine, but please let me know the details beforehand.
  • Do not claim that you designed the character yourself. You don’t have to credit me in every single post you make about the character, but don’t take credit for the design. If anyone asks, please tell them you got the design from me
  • You’re allowed to make these characters your personal gemsonas! If you heavily identify with the characters you bought, go ahead and make them your gemsona, just as long as you give credit where credit is due.
  • You can develop these characters any way you want! If you want to expand on their backstories and flaws, go right ahead.
  • If you can’t buy any of them, I’d really appreciate it if you’d just pass this post along. Thank you!