The So-Called Eternity Ring

Not that he needed Hilda to tell him the truth, since he already had much of it figured out. Clever man.

This is a very dark scene. So, I did the only thing I could to make the close-ups visible.

I used a whole bunch of filters.

Plus, that part of the scene obviously had better lighting. The long shots, however, are a different story. That’s the best I could do with ‘em 😔 I’m kind of ashamed to post them because he looks green. But you all are a forgiving lot and I don’t think you’ll run away screaming when you see them. They’re bad, but they’re not that bad.

My Foyle’s War rewatching project has reached “The Eternity Ring,” and I’d forgotten a lot about this episode, of which a subjective summary follows:

  • Foyle’s “Nice to be wanted” in response to learning that the FBI wants to extradite him has to rank close behind Rick Blaine’s “Are my eyes really brown?” in a list of Sassy Retorts
  • Foyle is completely out of fucks to give has reached peak Dry Humour, and it is excellent
  • I deeply love Hilda Pierce and all her fashion choices
  • I had forgotten that Foyle is dragged into MI5 not as much by the threat to his own safety as by the threat to Sam’s
  • Also his faces in response to the suggestion that Sam might be a Soviet spy are objectively The Best
  • I’m sorry but I hate Adam #2. He’s selfish and self-absorbed and BORING and the lightness has gone out of Sam and I hate him for it
  • Valentine! Watching him with full knowledge of the series is so different and really makes me appreciate the acting choices involved
  • The quiet joy on the worn, tired face of Foyle’s ex-PC’s wife at his presence makes me want to cry
  • Ditto the broken-voiced, adolescent defiances of his son, honestly
  • Ditto the tenderness and the sorrow in Foyle’s face when he sees Sam again, ugh, my heart
  • See? That.
  • And Sam moves towards him with tension gone out of her shoulders and relief to the point of tears in her voice I CAN’T HANDLE MY FEELINGS
  • I care comparatively little about the spy ring; sorry/not sorry
  • Scientist-type: “There was no third alternative”; me: There is never a third alternative ugh why can’t people use English grumble grumble
  • Foyle helps carry out dinner dishes! This is a) adorable but b) implausible, surely? Leftover habits from the war? From his widowhood? From America?
  • I also have feelings about Frank and Ruthie; mostly I feel that toxic masculinity ruins everything
  • The fact that Sam turns instinctively to Foyle when she’s in trouble I really am going to cry
  • Also the fact that Valentine instinctively, generously, at considerable risk to himself, just trusts Foyle… unlikely alliance ftw
  • Hilda Pierce is so experienced at being Disappointed In Men
  • “I’d need a driver” <3 <3 <3

Stefan Ruiz

The Eternal Magic of Beirut

For many of us, it’s synonymous with war and strife. But for the artists, chefs, designers, architects and scholars who live there, Beirut will always be a place where ideas and beauty flourished…and flourish still.

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online movies for rainy days

these are some of my favorite movies to watch on a lazy sunday. they have a way of comforting me when i’m sick or just feeling sad for no reason. i don’t really know why tbh, but i hope you enjoy them as well.

Kevin Cottam is a full-time Grey Jedi. He converted to the Jedi order over 5 years ago, wears only Jedi robes, and has registered his lightsaber as a religious item even though he has no interest in Star Wars or science fiction. While some might think the Jedi life could be lonely, he claims his lifestyle gets great responses from women over 50. Source

  • me: i'll just watch the 1st episode and if i like it i can watch it over the break
  • *2 days later*
  • me: *has finished all the seasons, watched all the fan edits, read all the fanfics, made a fanpage, filled up camera roll with screen shots, constantly ranting about the show, knows every character's mother's maiden name*