obi wan: “only a sith deals in absolutes”
the jedi: think any and all emotions/attachments are bad and evil (no exceptions), thinks any force sensitive person who isnt part of the order or doesn’t follow the code is inherently evil and is probably a sith, refuse to think that anyone who has touched the dark side could ever be redeemed ( a la luke saving his father style ), aka literally 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Absolute 👏 Group 👏 Of 👏 People 👏 With 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Black 👏 And 👏 White 👏 Rules 👏 To 👏 Ever 👏 Exist 👏

“ I understand, more than you realize I u n d e r s t a n d wanting to w a l k a w a y from the O r d e r. ”

“I k n o w.”



The Gallipoli Campaign took place on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey, from 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916, during the First World War.

By 1915 the Western Front was clearly deadlocked. Allied strategy was under scrutiny, with strong arguments mounted for an offensive through the Balkans or even a landing on Germany’s Baltic coast, instead of more costly attacks in France and Belgium.These ideas were initially sidelined, but in early 1915 the Russians found themselves threatened by the Turks in the Caucasus and appealed for some relief. 

The British decided to mount a naval expedition to bombard and take the Gallipoli Peninsula on the western shore of the Dardanelles, with Constantinople as its objective. By capturing Constantinople, the British hoped to link up with the Russians, knock Turkey out of the war and possibly persuade the Balkan states to join the Allies.The naval attack began on 19 February. Bad weather caused delays and the attack was abandoned after three battleships had been sunk and three others damaged. Military assistance was required, but by the time troops began to land on 25 April, the Turks had had ample time to prepare adequate fortifications and the defending armies were now six times larger than when the campaign began.

Against determined opposition, Australian and New Zealand troops won a bridgehead at ‘Anzac Cove’ on the Aegean side of the peninsula. The British, meanwhile, tried to land at five points around Cape Helles, but established footholds in only three before asking for reinforcements. Thereafter little progress was made, and the Turks took advantage of the British halt to bring as many troops as possible onto the peninsula.

Amid sweltering and disease-ridden conditions, the deadlock dragged on into the summer.  Churchill who championed the Gallipoli Campaign eventually lost his rather pretentious but oh so British title of “First Lord of the Admiralty” due to the failure of Gallipoli. Combinations of bad leadership, planning and luck, combined with a shortage of shells and inadequate equipment, condemned the Allies to seek a conclusion in the bloody battles of the Western Front. 

For the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC), it was their first time fighting for their own countries, in their own Army, and in their own uniforms. They fought under the “leadership” of the British Empire but experienced a comradeship in battle and bloodshed that solidified their identify as separate Nations. Australia had only achieved self governance via Federalization in 1901.  

(I promise this is the second last post I will do on ANZACs, other than a few pictures here and there. I can’t help it, I am an Aussie.)

Rumbelle Prompt: Fascination

3pirouette Prompted: The Sheer Power of Satiety.

Also prompted by Anon:

AU: In which Rumpelstiltskin is 22 and Belle is 15 and they have a very close but strange relationship. 


It was that not-so-awkward stage of fifteen that Belle found herself noticing that all the other princess and duchesses her age were already getting married.

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SUMMER JOIN THE BLIZZARD CONTEST WINNERS! (and also an announcement at the end re: the FLN tour!)

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Heads of State Needed

((Figure I’d do this early while I’m still working on the content of the War AU.

I require the presence of the leaders of the various city-states to kick off the actual participation periods of the event. You can volunteer here with a reblog, or drop me a message. Hopefully there are no multiples of the same character, but if there are, I’ll select the ones whom I think have the more appropriate portrayal.

The scene will start as a war council being called by the League. It’ll last a few days to cover the staggered arrival of each delegation and the actual meeting itself. Only the heads of state themselves are absolutely required, but the presence of their trusted advisors (eg. Garen for J4, Darius for Swain, etc) would be useful, so feel free to rope in those blogs. In cases where the heads of state are generally NPCs, I’ll accept the most relevant Champion to represent.

The list:

Demacia: Jarvan III (ask-king-jarvan)
Noxus: Swain (ask-swain)
Freljord: Ashe AND Sejuani (Lissandra optional)
Piltover: Caitlyn
Zaun: Viktor (askmachineheraldviktor)
Bandle City: Any
Bilgewater: Miss Fortune AND Gangplank
Ionia: Karma

I’ll fill in the slots once people reply. Now I don’t actually have all of these characters on my following list, so if anyone knows anyone who might be willing, spread the word and ask them nicely on my behalf.

Thank you all again for helping me. Let’s make this happen, and let’s make it worth remembering.))


Dean: The war councils my father took me to where the worst. Everyone tried to get into my pants because of the nature of my power. I was lucky because when I first got there I was still more or less a child. Kali took care of me then and she’s been keeping an eye on me for a long time. Especially when I reached maturity she was scaring other gods away until I was confident enough to tell them to go fuck themselves.

So fortunately I don’t have weird courtship stories to tell.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering: what exactly is the rumbelle war?

Wow, this just seems to be question of the day! Rufeepeach made a post about the war, which says it better than I could (plus, I’m lazy and she already typed it):

via Rufeepeach:

The Rumbelle War was started when a load of writers (marchionessofblackadder, andachippedcup, valerieparker, accio-firewhiskey and cyprith) decided that they would like to use their powers of Rumbelle angst writing to emotionally destroy each other and all the other Rumbellers. This was in February, soon after the episode aired. The War Council was formed.

This became known as the Rumbelle War. It then spread into fluff, and then smut, in stages. It has a blog where any and all soldiers in the war (all fanficcers, fanartists, fanvidders ect) can post and share links to their work, and still hosts challenges (special attacks) and prompts.

We have an art militia for fanartists, and a dirty brigade for smut writers (which I lead, because I’m a smut gremlin and that’s how I roll) as well as a medic station for fluff. The rumbelle tunnel is what we call it when many people say I’LL BE IN MY BUNK. The bunks are connected via blanket tunnels.

The War Council has grown and changed. Cyprith left, and I (rufeepeach) and Fyre (amuseoffyre) joined. It has valoscope as its notary and iambicdearie as its secretary. 

Sometimes someone says something silly like “I miss the war” or “so glad the war ended” and then a War Council member (usually Marchie or Fyre) will say “IT NEVER ENDED AND HERE’S A NUKE BITCHES” and we get another angst wave.

Anyone wish to add to this explanation? I probably missed something.

Nope, Ru that pretty much covers it! 

So, yeah that’s War Council, dear anon. Come join the fight of feeling all the feels and fangirling along with us!!