Star Wars Rebels (S2)

Forgot to finish this one, now it’s done. Done quite quickly for the 2 last “panels”.

The commander warned you, Braham :|

Canach, do you always bring bags for asura in your inventory? I need one, where can I buy it?

Commander Cépala Tay Kicont, Druid, usually a good girl except if you rip her off her research. Especially in a old asura city.

I suddenly have a desperate need for clones and like, physical comfort.

Like Rex pulling Echo aside after he and Fives lost the rest of their squad and making him cry and vent out everything and holding the kid until he’s finished and then calling Fives and repeating the whole process before sending them off to do whatever.

Or after Umbara, Jessie, or Kix, or Hardcase, and as many others as they can find swamping Rex, and there just being this massive group of clones all touching hands or shoulders or foreheads, or holding each other, and their captain in the middle of it all being told in so many ways that it wasn’t his fault.  None of them are to blame.

Someone finding Boil, and helping him through losing Waxer. Same for Fives after Echo.

Clones finding each other after campaigns where things went to hell in a handbasket, and falling asleep together, three of four to a bunk.

Clones sitting together in the mess hall after battles, close enough to have shoulders or knees touching, to keep each other grounded.

And sometimes, when they can catch them, Rex and Cody will drag their wayward generals (and commander) into these hug/comfort/grieving piles because just because they are jedi doesn’t mean they are super-human, their Code be dammed, everyone needs to grieve.

Clones who kiss each other’s cheeks/lips/temples when they pass in the halls for no other reasons than that it’s comforting and nice.

Clones climbing into bed with a squadmate who’s having nightmares.



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dream anon again... Do you think they'll kill Lexa? I feel like if they did, some wouldnt want to keep watching, I probably wouldnt want to watch it because, it's would be hard to replicate Alycia's and Eliza's chemistry when they are playing Clarke and Lexa. If Clarke got a new love interest that had no chemistry, then that would really suck. But at the same time I would want to keep watching because of Clarke :/ it's confusing, I know

Buddy, please do not fear. Don’t worry yourself for what has not happened and clearly uncertain. Focus on the present and enjoy it to the fullest. This is the season were we are going to see the real Lexa, the young woman behind the Commander’s war paint. Enjoy it, savor it and cherish it Dream Anon.


Star Wars: Episode 8 director, Rian Johnson, confirmed the return of General Hux while replying to a fan on Twitter. The fan asked a strange question if any red heads will be featured in the new film and Johnson replied by showing a photo of General Hux.

Hux’s inclusion in the new movie is to be expected as he was third in command of The First Order behind Snoke and Kylo Ren. The Force Awakens did tease that Hux and Kylo Ren were jockeying for the second position as both men do things differently. Kylo Ren is erratic yet more physically powerful, while Hux does things more by the book.


(oh thank god)

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