Since I organized this war, I’m in charge. I say we send offense heroes in first, tanks shortly after and I want a turret on every fucking aisle. I want Meis fucking shit up and Junkrats on higher platforms for maximum damage.

There are like 30 of them and 3000 of us let’s fucking go. All hands in. >:3

‘1920 - final charge’

my alternate version of the Battle of Warsaw events, with the marshal Józef Piłsudski in his heavy mech, on the background :)  Illustration commemorating the 95 anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. This battle is considered by many historians as one of the most important in the world’s history, since it changed the fate of Europe and stopped the Red Revolution. After the first world war, the atmosphere in Europe was filled with revolutionary thoughts. Bolsheviks decided to take advantage of this situation and started to move forward to the west with a huge army.
Poland was the first country to really be able to show them resistance. Our independence had only been restored for two years. Even that, Polish army has defeated the Bolsheviks and pushed away the specter of the communism from the Western Europe. Anyone hardly knows about this and it is a very interesting historical period. This is also the last time cavalry was so significantly used, hope you like it!


They don´t call Pearl a terrifying renegade for nothing.

She could not endure long fights like a Quartz, so she needed to end them quickly with a direct hit. Slightly damaged or broken in thousand pieces… She had no time to worry about those little things.

Gem Civil War AU. When Rose Army got recognized for being a real danger, the use of local fauna becomes a must since Homeworld tech got hacked or destroyed thanks of the Quartz superior tactics.

So we got a random Yellow Diamond Army Jasper about to get poofed riding a Wooly Rhino. Rose Quartz rebel Pearl prefers a more elegant and manageable Quagga.