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Story Time: Attack of the Pepes

So about sometime last school year, I drew a pepe in the class

and this kid from another period liked to draw over it and as each day passed, he kept drawing on it and i kept trying to draw it back to how it was, but then it sort of progressed to where we would sent messages to each other

I didnt document the first ones

He asked for an army AND OH BOY DID I BRING HIM ONE

The teacher had let me print a bunch of pepes and we built our “army”

Then I put them literally everywhere in the classroom (including the books bc the teacher let us know what page they were going to work on)

The main focus was the table where the guy sat in. We spent all period attaching pepes on doors, windows, walls, stools, tables books, everything

This kid had the class for first period while i had it for sixth so the teacher told me he was going to tell me the reaction at the end of the day. HOWEVER, I got the reaction sooner than I thought because as i was passing to second period I saw this


We later on met and honestly, this whole thing will be the highlight of my life and I hope to be remembered for this.

  • me when i first heard about tom holland being the new spiderman: wait...what? that smol child? spiderman? nah too precious
  • me when i saw tom holland/peter parker in civil war: holy SHIT ALKJHFAJKGH
  • me when i saw the new spiderman homecoming trailer: thATS IT IM FUVCKING DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FVK U TOM HOLLAND FOR MAKIN ME LUV U EVEN MORE
RDJ, Cumberbatch and Freeman

All I want in Infinity War (besides Stucky) is a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch, RDJ and Martin Freeman, where Doctor Strange and Tony Stark say something obvious and Freeman’s Everett Ross says: “No shit, Sherlock.” and both Strange and Stark go: “Shut up, Watson.”
That’s all I want. Thank you.

romeo & juliet au where all the Cute Bros TM (bits, lardo, nursey, ransom, chowder) live in one disgusting off-campus rental house and the Burger King Robbery Bros (jack, holster, shitty, dex) live in another across the street and they have a friendly but Very Intense rivalry – which includes but is not limited to a) throwing bigger and better parties, b) pranking the shit out of each other (”BITS. THERE ARE NO PIES IN PRANK WARS”), c) decorating the shit out of their Beer Sticky & Possibly Condemned Front Yards with wilder and more inappropriate yard art (lardo has the Art but dex & his toolbox can be bribed with captain morgran so)

then, jack and bitty sit next to each other in a class and everything changes

Why Teens Shouldn’t Run Revolutions

Hi guys. I’m going to piss off a lot of YA writers (and possibly readers) today, so hang onto your hats.

Mainly, if you’re in love with the idea of a high schooler with no strategic or combat experience heading up a revolution or war because they’re “so dedicated and determined,” don’t read this. Please, don’t. You’re not going to see anything you like. Go ahead and keep enjoying your guilty pleasure – that’s fine. I’m not going to own up to some of the guilty pleasures I love in fiction but don’t buy for a second in real life. That’s chill. Go for it, man.

But there are just things that I – and readers like me – are tired of seeing. If you’re sick of that trope, then keep reading. If you’re open to the idea of ditching that trope in your writing, then I really recommend reading.

This assessment/collection of tips on why teens shouldn’t run revolutions - and if you’re going to make them, how they CAN do it well - will include comparisons to history, other fiction (Unplugged), and Black Butler. Plus swearing and a range of incorrect capitalizations, because it’s fun.

On we go:

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