watching ep 1 of beauty at war/war and beauty 2. ugh I was like 10 when I saw War and Beauty (1). Ada Choi is flawless as usual. Aaaand I see Christine Kuo again. /sigh/ 

i don’t understand this episode =.=, gonna watch it again. Am I the only confused by 书兰 and 湘林’s exchange? 书兰 knew about  湘林’s scheme so she plotted against her but 湘林 knew she would so she plotted against her. But 书兰 knew that she would be plotted against so she schemed against  湘林 again.

When the emperor came out in modern clothes, was that a flash back?

看得一头雾水…hopefully it will get better. and is it just me or alot of people seem to be dubbed, except christine kuo.


Oh, and you have a new codename.
                            Yes, rather a good one: U.N.C.L.E.

anonymous asked:

Beauty at War is a complete different storyline from the first one, and pretty much this time around it's about how because [Sheren Tang's character] has such a spotlight in the palace, no matter what she does, someone will be starting a rumor to twist the situation because they all just want to get rid of her status.

Thanks! That’s all I got out of the first few episodes tbh. And the fact that the drama is based on rumors/gossip, everything within the walls in the Forbidden City is fake. Also, based on Christine Ng’s appearance, she proves that everything that happened in War and Beauty [1] was rumor/gossip; 如妃 forcing the palace maid and the old eunuch to 对食 and the guards killing people were all made up by 宛琇 (Christine Ng’s role). Beauty at War/War and Beauty 2 is what’s really happening.

This has been really bothering me and no one’s mentioned it before so I’m gonna say how I wish Himaruya would put the rest of the Axis Powers and the Allies into Hetalia. (Even Cameos would be nice)

I just realized I have never drawn Leia before. This need to rectified. I give the holiest of BAMF Ladies to ever grace us! Princess Leia!! I drew her different…AU’s? I guess. We have Jedi! Leia on the top left. A New Hope top middle. PissedOff! Leia with Force lightning at the ready on the far right. Serene looking Leia with a Fallout 4 gun called the ‘Deliverer’, smack down in the middle. Sith! Leia on the bottom left, I could see her in black. I mean, She’s wears white mostly and I have yet see her wear full on black(unless there is something in the Canon/EU with her wearing black, then I will take back what I just said) So I drew her wearing a Sith uniform but in white. She making a wave in the dark side and it fucking glorious. Also it’s currently 2:22am Arizona time as I am writing this and I have not slept in a hell long time so I hope this makes sense to fully rested peeps reading this. Also the things on her face were a thing that she was made to have her face so other siths don’t mistake her for a Jedi. 

(Also I have no sense of fashion for clothes, I mean. Really I need to pick up a magazine one of these day! Or have the ghost of Padme bless me with her fashion power.)