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Believe it or not, this is what my local movie theater looks like!!!!!

This looks amazing and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw this!!!!!!

This is not the only movie theater I go to, but the whole design of the theater is gorgeous!!!!

The designs on the walls that show famous characters from movies, cartoons, television, are so inspiring to look at! I love those characters and they made me who I am today! And I still love them! 😘😊😍😁

I saw the sci-fi movie, “Life”, in this theater. And it was really good! 👍🏻

And uh… yeah! That’s pretty much it!

That’s my take! (TRADEMARK)

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  • <p> <b>Cassian:</b> I like everything about you. Just the other day someone asked me who I thought the most beautiful girl was in all of galaxy. You know what I said?<p/><b>Jyn:</b> What did you say?<p/><b>Cassian:</b> I said...<p/><b></b> [Just then, K-2SO appears in the window behind Jyn]<p/><b>Cassian:</b> Kaytoo?<p/><b>Jyn:</b> Kaytoo?<p/></p>
Sometimes You Just Need A Hug

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Consider this me sending out hugs to everyone who needs them through Tumblr. Sometimes a day, a week, a month, or - in the case of 2016 - a year just sucks. And sometimes all we need to make things a little better is a hug. So hopefully this’ll make anyone who’s having a rough go of things feel better, even if they are just pictures on a screen.


Call Of Duty: Zombies. Thank you Treyarch for all of the blessed memories you’ve given me with your fantastic zombies gameplay. Truly amazing things going on over at Treyarch HQ.


Another bash of photos now as regular warden, I guess you can say.. I got out of my box! I’ll go away now.

That last photo! Do not worry they didn’t know who I was they thought I was Willy wonka so I told them I’m a bootlegged version of Willy wonka! XD