war rugs

it’s been months, by the dead of June the rest have all been forgotten. Lurking through the woods, 29 NHL teams watch the Penguins, waiting. No one’s seen teams like the Canadiens, the Bruins, The Canucks, since April. In their absence flowers grew, the trees got their leaves back, the Stanley Cup was awarded. 

On top of the mountain, The Pens have all the attention. The sun is shining right down on them, and all of their championship glory.

And then, a rumble.

Noise from the forests below, it’s not just about the pens anymore. Patrice Bergeron emerges, war-torn and rugged, making his way up the mountain, a determined look on his face and a bow in his hand. But no time to be alarmed by him, PK Subban and Brent Burns, carrying makeshift swords exit the forest from the opposite direction, making their own way up the mountain. Conor McDavid peers through the branches before waving on Ghostisbehere. 

“What is this?” Matt Murray asks, stepping forward and looking out as more and more NHL players make their way up the mountains. 

“They’re here.” Sidney Crosby says, unsheathing his own sword, “the NHL awards, they’re coming, it’s not about us anymore.”

There’s a shrill cry. Conor Sheary has spotted Patrice Bergeron.

“Omg,” he whispers to Kuhnhackl “I love him.”

There’s something really off-putting when people try to shove the drug war problem under the rug as not equally important as gay rights or any other major problem in U.S. policy. Let me clarify that before I offend as I seem to be so good at that. A lot of gay rights activism took a turn in its message to downplay the havoc the war on drugs has on us and the amount of intersectionalism that it involves itself with. Don’t forget that when you look at prison incarcerations and stop and frisks statistics this war is mainly focused on the black and brown populations which means this isn’t just about people wanting to smoke weed, saving a few lives via its medical uses, saving even more lives by cancelling out the source of power for cartels, reviving communities via its agricultural uses and so on. This is about ending a racial war meant to make prisoners and possibly cheap workers out of mainly black and brown communities, a new kind of slavery. This means that even black/brown LGBTQ are subject to such abuse of power if not more considering how much more dehumanized you are when you fit into the categories of oppressed groups. You don’t have to shit on drug war activism to make your point about gay rights is all I’m saying.

Afghan war rug depicting President Najibullah as a Soviet puppet, controlled by a hand with a hammer and sickle reaching down from the USSR. The procession across the bottom represents refugees leaving Afghanistan. Nearly half the population of 15 million was either killed or fled during the 1979-1989 Soviet war and the decade of civil war that followed, 2001-2007. Wool. Textile Museum of Canada.