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Mitaka x Thanisson in #70 for the pallette thing?

look at these space dorks

(headcanon that mitaka is pretty comfortable with pda and is generally an affectionate person and thanisson is the kind of person who passes out if shown the slightest bit of affection)

huh. weird. honestly, i took daisy’s statement as “friendship is just as important, because you can love your friends too” so “romance covers a lot of bases” meaning while there may not be an explicit romance, the love of friends is more than enough, and almost counts as a romance in itself.

A new order.

by Alexander_Slamilton

Qui-Gon doesn’t die on Naboo, Obi-Wan is happy, Anakin isn’t angsty all the time, and Padme gets the life she deserves.

This is basically a complete re-write of Star Wars with all my favourite characters, I wrote this for the BigBang but that was cancelled so I’m posting it here.

Words: 6223, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi’ http://ift.tt/2bDwBe2

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No no no I'm sorry if my suggestion insulted you I do care about yeerks. So... Maybe try to build a mechanic hosts? Like robots. I think we should think about a way when the yeerks and other species could live in peace without anyone get hurt.

You’re not the first person to come into my inbox suggesting this. I would love to build mechanical hosts so that my people could live and defend themselves and exist without fear or limitations or hosts screaming. But there’s a war going on, and the Andalites have no interest in backing off long enough for us to focus our resources on designing such creatures, let alone manufacturing them en masse. 

Infesting humans is necessary to remove the oppressive Andalite hoof from our metaphorical necks and build a self-sufficient Yeerk society. Maybe Earth will be the last planet we conquer, and its resources will allow us to stop the inefficient work of war and conquest. But make no mistake, we will conquer Earth. It’s the only way to protect our species.


                                               I fear nothing. All is as the force wills it.