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Anyway something kind of interesting with regards to the horseman Conquest being replaced in the public consciousness by Pestilence: My first assumption was that it happened in the aftermath of the Black Plague, but when I looked it up it sounded like it developed much later, in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Certainly it’s not a well recorded idea until the 1900s.

But that kind of makes more sense? To medieval Christians, the spectre of Conquest would likely hold much more weight (given the higher likelihood of war with a neighboring power or invasion by an eastern power), not to mention that there was probably less room, either in the theological realm or the secular, to shake things up in such a weirdly specific way.

In the Industrial era, though, Europe and the (sometimes-former, sometimes-not) colonial empires might not see Conquest as enough of a concern, or enough of distinct concept, for it to capture the imagination. But in increasingly-dense and often terribly unclean cities, before what we now consider to be basic worker rights had been achieved, before so much of what we take for granted in modern medicine… THAT is an effective image that can’t so easily be written off as “so what he’s got a bow instead of a sword?”

This is all armchair history and sociology mind you but idk. It’d be interesting to read a study on how “Pestilence as horseman” actually took hold.

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Ho aggiornato l'ultima foto e mi sono resa conto di essermi fatta il regalo più bello. Questo regalo mi ha fatto capire quanto è bello mettere impegno in qualcosa, mi ha fatto capire che ci sono tante persone pronte ad abbracciarti, mi ha insegnato che l'amore degli altri e l'amore verso se stessi sono le armi più potenti. Vorrei donarvi questo per natale:  la voglia di non arrendersi mai.


Part 1 of The Legend of Korra dream cast I want but won’t get, that I spent three days straight working on.

Part 2 HERE.


Isami Aldini || Shokugeki no Soma EP 20
↳ Isami always loses a little weight every year when the summer heat gets to him.

Warning!! This is a semi long post!!


Let’s have a focus on Episode 20, y’know part A with all the Yakuza!Matsu etc, yeah that one! What if the order they were introduced in perhaps said something about them, maybe ranking fighting abilities? Willingness to get into a fight? Strongest? Best fighter? It’s a bit of a questionable answer for myself so i’d take it as self determined but just have a look at the evidence! :0

6. Matsuno Choromatsu

Choromatsu has always come across as a weak character, whether it’s fighting his own verbal battles or just trying to do physical activities. Example: Just look at the Matsu!!! on ice outfits from hesokuri wars! He literally can’t even lift his own body weight. In the cybermatsu scene, he also claims that he doesn’t run in the halls, perhaps this signifies the lack physical activity he does? Maybe his concern of falling like the clumsy boy he is! Fast forward to episode 23 with the Dayon tribe, also another significant time! He’s even weak with his liquor as well! Slipping on his own regurgitation really isn’t ideal haha

5. Matsuno Todomatsu

He only fights battles he can win, this pretty much just includes trash talk. He very much relies on others to do physical objectives for him, take a look at the School Matsu hesokuri outfits from this episode! He has 2 guys to attack whilst he’s in the corner watching this! Let’s not forget that girlymatsu episode when Ichiko was talking shit about Todoko and saying that she only asked if people wanted to go on her camping trips so they could carry her stuff! Yes their not the same person but still, Todoko is a variation of Todomatsu so it still sort of applies? The list could go on but those are just a few examples.

4. Matsuno Karamatsu

Ah the passive aggressive brother, I’ve never seen him resort to violence except for episode 24 but there was a cause for that. Karamatsu’s always been extremely calm and collective throughout the series, yes we’ve seen him get occasionally peeved off but those instances weren’t truly being upset. Even when these moments happen, he’s always talked his way out of it rather then retaliating against them. A lot of times when he’s ‘out of character’, (his normal voice) Karamatsu’s very shy and submissive like the episode with Jigsaw or when it’s Hatabou’s birthday!

3. Matsuno Osomatsu

Ehhhh this one really doesn’t fit alot, but considering the remaining brothers it may actually be considered? I’ve always seen Osomatsu as a great fighter and a really strong character in general, putting him at number 3 seems a bit harsh but the background information sort of convinces? Osomatsu is quite a strong figure in my opinion. One too many times he’s hit, punched and kicked his little brothers(Just watch episode 24 :0), violence probably being one of his main resorts rather then verbal abuse. With his original outfits in Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu’s attacks are also mainly based off these physical taunts too! Let’s not forget the Matsu!!! on ice, yet again! His attack with Todomatsu mainly consists of him throwing him into the opposition.

2. Matsuno Ichimatsu

To be brutally honest, Ichimatsu’s a scary character. From spontaneous human combustion to just his general aura, I think the reason he was introduced second last is perhaps because his mysteriousness and always portrayed as the dark or bad character in this context. (Hell in most roleplay skits he’s usually the murderer or the ‘bad cop’ character in such) Take notice on how he treats Karamatsu as well, he’s always threatening him some how, hurting him at most.

1. Matsuno Jyushimatsu

I honestly couldn’t agree more. Jyushimatsu has so much energy in him that it’s almost terrifying to think of what he’s capable with such.. energy. Not to mention he can literally swing Ichimatsu and a baseball bat at the same time! He’s portrayed as such a weird and interesting character in the series, some of the things he does has no explanation, even in this skit when he sucked up Totty it sorta gave that ‘what the fuck?’ thought. Pretty self explanatory. 

Hero Is A Four Letter Word

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Shance week, Hogwarts AU taking place in Shiro’s 7th year/Lance’s 6th.

Shiro, Death Eater Prisoner turned reluctant Hero, is back, after the Battle of Hogwarts, to retake his seventh year. It should be a simple thing but the weight of the war, and of lies told, sits heavy on him.

Lance is a bright spot.

Day One: Pining

“You’re doing it again.” Keith announced, exasperation heavy in his voice. Shiro blinked, startled from his thoughts, and turned to look at his friend. Keith was looking at his Advanced Charms book, his meter long essay for the end of month paper already half filled (unlike Shiro’s very bare parchment but in his defense they’d gotten the essay 3 hours ago), brow furrowed. His tie was undone, green and silver fabric hanging loosely around his neck, and there was a smudge of ink under his eye. Keith was the picture of hardworking Hogwarts excellence.

There was nothing about him to indicate what he was talking about or, even, that he’d been looking at Shiro at all.

“What am I doing?”

“Staring at that Hufflepuff. Again.” Keith flipped a page in his book, frowned, then scribbled something in the margins.

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Aziraphale picked up the sword lately dropped by War, and heftied its weight thoughtfully.
‘Gosh, it’s been years since I used this,’ he murmured.
‘About six thousand,’ said Crowley.
‘My word, yes,’ said the angel, ‘What a day that was, and no mistake. Good old days.’
Aziraphale held up the sword. There was a whoomph as it suddenly flamed like a bar of magnesium.
‘Once you’ve learned how to do it, you never forget.’ he said.

Old drawing sitting on my computer for no reason, I used references like I’m supposed to. Like a good little hobby artist should


Okay it’s Monday so lets try this again. I didn’t lift at all last week plus I fell off track with food………AGAIN. Maybe I’m just supposed to be out of shape and unhappy. I don’t think so, but some days it feels that way. Going to keep moving forward though. @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld is going to help keep me on track this week so that should be a positive. If I don’t cuss her out.


Vastus Revamp

Prime Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe. Due to his actions during the Core War, Vastus bears a hefty weight upon his conscience, and strives to redeem himself for his wartime transgressions. Throwing himself into service of the Jungle Tribe Agori to rectify his sins, he grew fiercely protective of Tesara, his adoptive village.

The character has always fascinated me and his set remains one of my favorite Inika builds to this day. 

A List of Things my AP US History Teacher Has Said in Class

The people who signed the Declaration of Independence were like “I’m a traitor. Come at me bro”
If John adams was alive today he’d be on Prozac.
Have you ever seen the movie The Patriot? Braveheart set in the American Revolution?
The British were like “This is humiliating! We lost to these hillbillies!”
Ottoman Empire…Ottoman Empire…OTTOMAN EMPIRE
Even George Washington made fun of Henry Knox’s weight.
One guy, starving during the war, said “It’s darn near treason for a man to be fat”
He might have gotten Bitch slapped, Jefferson
Luke day, called the spirit of the rebellion, kinda messed it up. Way to go pal
It’s a wonder they could all stand up, they were so drunk at the time
Abigail adams was saucy.
What is he growing at Monticello??
Jefferson’s basically saying that blacks just wanna screw.
Wow. Usually my classes can’t get past Seamen.
They usually can’t get passed the non-intercourse act either.
The treaty of Ghent basically solved no problems.

Sketched some Renee-related things today including pre-foxes, pre-adoption Renee aka Natalie Shields which tbh sounds kind of like a superhero name. BUT UH. I think I have to thank @exyart because this piece kind of largely shaped how I see Renee now?

I think Neil feels a little out of his weight class with the World War III discussion.

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My aftg art


So I finally found some fucking workout leggings thay are just my style. They are bit pricey for me but GUYS LOOK!! NERDY LEGGINGS FOR WORKING OUT. This makes me so happy. When I reach a goal, I will treat myself.

I’m Sorry | Spencer Reid

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Character: Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Warning: Character death, angst, fluff, mention of blood

Summary: The times you and Spencer say sorry

Being around Spencer meant a lot of apologizes. Whether it be for his awkward rants or your clumsy feats, the words ‘I’m sorry’ escaped your lips about ten times a day. It wasn’t exactly because you were weak, but you grew up thinking that saying ‘I’m sorry’ would cushion the blow of whatever you’d say or do. Spencer thought the same. 

“Well, I’m gonna go eat my own weight in chocolate and watch Star Wars. What are you gonna do?” you asked as you watched the houses whiz past.

You and Spencer had always been friends. It started with carpools to work because you lived in the same building, but after he gave you his spare ticket to watch The Force Awakens, you began to click. Your relationship began to blossom and by this point the two of you wondered how you managed to survive without each other.

“Well, despite the fact that the amount of chocolate you’d consume would kill you, I think I might join you” Spencer replied as he turned to park on the curb.

“Really? You don’t have a dictionary to read or anything” you teased as you unbuckled your belt.

“Are you saying you don’t want my company?” Spencer said, faking hurt as he climbed out of the car and began to follow you up the stairs.

“Not, exactly… it’s just. I wanna be alone tonight” you admitted, hoping that he wouldn’t be hurt at the rejection.

“No, it’s fine” Spence stuttered as you finally reached your door, “I think I do have a dictionary that needs my attention”

You gave a small breathy laugh as you glanced at him through your eyelashes. You moved to give him a hug, squeezing him slightly. Spence returned the affection, resting his head on top of yours. As you moved away, you barely registered the way his arms were locked around your waist. You noticed how close his face was to yours and how his warm breath fanned over your face. You swallowed nervously as Spencer moved closer. Before you could even move, he had pressed an almost feather- light kiss against your lips. You sighed before he put a little pressure on your upper lip. He finally pulled you closer and kissed you harder. You felt your breath catch as you clutched his soft, blue sweater in your hands, pulling him closer to you.

“I’m sorry” he breathed as he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.

“It’s okay” you said with a breathy laugh before pulling his lips back to yours.

Dating a co-worker was never an easy thing. Especially in your particular line of work. You were always worried that Spencer was hurt and Spencer worried about you. You couldn’t ever show affection towards each other and you always had late nights at the office. You were beginning to worry whether it was slowly killing your relationship.

“I’m working late tonight” Spencer stated as he finally managed to catch up with you at the coffee machine.

You couldn’t help the nagging in the back of your brain and your naturally bitchy attitude that you had accommodated during your high school year began to crawl back into your brain.

“Why would you tell me that?” you scowled as you slid the pot of coffee towards Spencer’s awaiting hand.

“Because I don’t want you waiting up?” Spencer explained in a questioning tone, watching as you added two sugars to your cup, “Are you okay?”

You gave a small laugh of mirth before turning your back on him.

“Shouldn’t you know that? I mean I am your girlfriend” you sneered as you moved to grab the coat that sat on the counter.

“Look, if this is about-”

“No, Spence! You have no idea what is going on, because you don’t know! I’m your girlfriend and I’m not even sure if we’re dating!” you yelled, before noticing the strange looks from the other people on the bullpen.

“Look,Y/N, I’m sorry. i know I should be trying harder, but you’re the first” Spence stuttered as he grabbed your hand, trying to coax you to calm down.

“First what?”

Spencer froze at your question, feeling himself blush under your venomous glare.

“F-first girl I’ve fallen in love with” he said, fumbling over his words.

He watched as your face softened. Watching fascinated as you placed the mug on to the table, he wondered whether you were gonna slap him or kiss him. He realized it was the latter as you leaped into his arms and kissed him. He gave a quiet moan before wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing you closer to him.

“I love you” you whispered as you broke apart.

Spencer gave a small laugh before pressing a light kiss on the tip of your nose, “I love you too”

“Great, so now that you’ve established that. Can we single people have coffee now?”

The two of you sprung apart as Morgan’s voice echoed through the small kitchenette. You blushed as you moved to grab your cup and race out the door, giving a small sorry to Morgan. Spencer blushed as Morgan nudged his side, his thoughts wondering if he could run away and never show his face again.

“Seems like things are getting pretty serious, Boy Genius” Morgan replied before smiling and walking away.

“She’s in one of the cars. Find the car, you find her. But tick-tock tick-tock, that’s the clock. You wouldn’t want to be late for your pretty date, would you? Good luck, you might wanna bring flowers. And a coffin”

The phone promptly hung up as a horrific laugh echoed through the bullpen. Spencer could feel tears springing to his eyes as he stared at the answering machine.


The sound of his name, followed by a small nudge against his arm. He glanced at his side to see JJ’s sympathetic smile as she began to guide him towards the glass doors.

“She’s gonna be okay”

In that moment, Spencer wasn’t so sure.

“I’ve got nothing”

“Me too”

“I’m empty”

“She’s not here”

Each denial that sounded through the coms, was like a stab to Spencer’s heart.

“Morgan?” Spencer asked, already knowing the answer.

“Sorry, Boy Genius. Mine’s empty too”

Spencer swallowed nervously as he approached the red car that was parked haphazardly across two spots. The sad streetlight hit the shiny paint of the car, making it seem as if it were a spotlight. Spencer could feel his heart beating widly as he approached the window.

“No…” the word passed his lips in a breath of air as he noticed the (Y/H/C) locks that covered your face.

He quickly opened the door, tears running down his face as he noticed the pool of blood that lay on the car floor. He brushed your hair back, his breath choking as he caught sight of the bloody, red line that was carved into your neck. He picked up the card that lay next to your clutched hands, flower petals surrounding it.

I didn’t think you’d bring flowers so I brought some for you. Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile? A little bloody for my taste, but still beautiful.

Spencer sobbed as he dropped the card, his trembling hands going to pick up the lifeless body of his love. He buried his nose into her hair, hoping to catch her scent one last time. All he got was the sickening scent of blood, the metallic smell coating his tongue. 

He didn’t care about the blood that was slowly staining his shirt. Or the fact that his teammates were running to his aid. 

All he could think about was the horrific red smile that was spread out against her pale throat. 

And the way her Y/H/C was shimmering with sticky, black-red blood.

He could see the small tears stains on her cheek, making him cry harder as he realized the love of his life died in sadness, not in serenity and peace like she wanted.

“I’m sorry!” Spencer croaked as he sobbed into her hair, “I’m sorry, Y/N!”

His screams and yells echoed hollowly through the night, just like the beating of his heart in his chest


Stress made me lose weight really bad, and I absolutely hated the way I looked. Always wearing baggy clothes or just a bunch of layers because I was so uncomfortable with myself.
Things have been looking up a lot lately, and I’ve been gaining a healthy amount of weight and I’m actually really starting to like myself.
I don’t give a fuck if people give me shit for posting thing. I was hidden for so long and I feel good. 👌

Some times I’m all for Harry figuring out his sexuality during hogwarts and he’s open about it with everyone (I always wanted Cedric to bring out Harry’s gay side honestly).


I’m also in love with Harry figuring his sexuality out after the war. When the weight is lifted off Harry’s shoulders and he can think for once. He may have even married Ginny due to rushing things and thinking he’d be so much happier. He may have subconsciously married Ginny out of love when actually Harry feared he’d lose the weasleys and he thought he needed a position to actually be part of the family. Harry slowly figures himself out. Step by step. He meets Draco and it’s fucking magical.