war with the weights

bucky was 24 when he joined the army

steve was also 24 when he enlisted in the army and still 24 when he became their supersoldier

bucky was 27 when he died, 7 days before his 28th birthday

steve was 26 when he died

steve is 26 when he wakes up in 2011 and 26 during the battle of new york

steve is 29 when he finds out bucky survived and 29 during shields collapse

steve is 30 when he takes on leading the avengers full-time and, a few months later, he is 30 years old and standing in a flying city talking to natasha how that would be a good place to die

“What I didn’t realize, back when I was this twenty-five-year-old pinup for geeks in that me myself and iconic metal bikini, was that I had signed an invisible contract to stay looking the exact same way for the next thirty to forty years. Well, clearly I’ve broken that contract. Partly because, in an effort to keep up my disguise as a human being, I had a child at some point. And then, in an effort to stay sane for said child, I took pounds and pounds of medications that have the dual effect of causing water retention (think ocean, not lake) while also creating a craving for salad—chocolate salad. So yes, in answer to your unexpressed question, sanity does turn out to come at a heavy price.

-84 kg

Ho aggiornato l'ultima foto e mi sono resa conto di essermi fatta il regalo più bello. Questo regalo mi ha fatto capire quanto è bello mettere impegno in qualcosa, mi ha fatto capire che ci sono tante persone pronte ad abbracciarti, mi ha insegnato che l'amore degli altri e l'amore verso se stessi sono le armi più potenti. Vorrei donarvi questo per natale:  la voglia di non arrendersi mai.


in sunlight i was born; a playlist for all the sunny days

i. greek tragedy / the wombats ii. roses / the chainsmokers feat. rozes iii. gravel to tempo / hayley kiyoko iv. atlantis / bridgit mendler feat. kaiydo v. cardiac arrest / bad suns vi. happy pills / weathers vii. kamikaze / mø viii. la love / transviolet ix. hymn for the weekend / coldplay x. first / cold war kids xi. hold me down / halsey xii. tennis court / lorde xiii. weight of living, pt. one / bastille xiv. cleopatra / the lumineers xv. wild / troye sivan feat. alessia cara xvi. la devotee / panic! at the disco xvii. got love / tove lo xviii. young volcanoes / fall out boy xix. wild things / alessia cara xx. search party / sam bruno xxi. the city / the 1975 xxii. heaven / amber run xxiii. into the storm / banners xxiv. cosmic love / florence + the machine xxv. castle on the hill / ed sheeran xxvi. born / onerepublic xxvii. crystals / of monsters and men xxviii. all in white / the vaccines

8tracks - spotify

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Hi TT :), I just went on your marauders threads masterpost and none of the links worked. Honestly it might be my computer (I have a super nasty virus atm) but then it might not be. To give you an idea, every time i scroll over the links the typing cursor comes up (y'know the one with the lines that highlights stuff) I've refreshed the page quite a few times and nothing seems to be working. I will carry on refreshing and see if it will work, but for now I just thought you ought to know :)

(( OOC: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on there. :P I’ll try and get that fixed… but in the meantime… let’s see if this works: 


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Her eyes glisten like molten gold, long dark lashes brushing against her scales as her face crinkles in laughter. Her core is lava and old magic, ancient songs of war and love coursing through her veins. Some days, you can see the weight of her age hover over her very being like a smog, but then she sees you, and smiles in that soft, playful way of hers that lets you know she will be alright.

As usual, I’ve read way too much - but it’s all good. By the way, I’m trying to hunt down some Hobi and Jin fanfics! So please feel free to recommend me some~ 

(M) - Mature Content

♣ - Recommended




















Like what I usually say - remember to give the authors and their works lots of love! They were all really amazing! 

Is there a word for the moment you win
tug-of-war? When the weight gives,
and all that extra rope comes hurtling
towards you, how even though you’ve won,
you still end up with muddy knees and
burns on your hands?
Is there a word for that?
—  Sarah Kay, Postcards (excerpt)

If there’s one takeaway absolutely EVERYONE needs to know from Beth Revis’s Rebel Rising, it’s that in the months following Saw’s rescue of Jyn from Lah'mu, he tracked down her father to see if they could rescue him and discovered and confirmed over and over again that Galen was working for the Empire and appeared 100% complicit in its plans.

And he couldn’t keep this from Jyn.

At eight years old Jyn Erso learned that her beloved Papa, who couldn’t tell a lie to save his life, had willingly left her behind and gone to work for the very person who had just murdered her Mama, and her young mind could not reconcile this fact with his promise: “Jyn, whatever I do, I do it to protect you.”

And she felt utterly betrayed.

Stars and Scars

A/N: this is only my second writing I have done for ACOTAR, but man I enjoyed writing this one. Feyre’s dress is based on Charlie Bowater’s (you know the one!) Let me know what you think!

Rhys’ POV

Ever since the war, Feyre hadn’t been herself. I knew she needed time to process the deaths and horrors she witnessed, but I could also see how the guilt was eating her away. I hadn’t seen her smile in months. She asked me for time, and I granted that request. I could feel her falling deeper and deeper into that pit of dispair, and it would soon swallow her whole. I needed to save her before it broke her completely.

She needed a distraction, something to break the cycle of guilt and greif. I sent a tendril of my power out to Azriel, asking him to return to Velaris. Currently, he and his shadows were gathering information about the mortal queens’ movements. He’d hate me for taking him from his duty, but he would know where to find what I needed.

I made my way lazily across the roof of the townhouse, pausing to unfurl my inky wings. I sat, content to let the sunlight warm them. Not long after I had called, Azriel landed breathlessly, a bead of sweat dripping from his brow.

“What?” Was all the shadowsinger said, cocking his head quizzically.

“Hello to you, too,” I grinned, dipping my head. “Our High Lady is in need of our assistance,” I responded, Azriel lifted a brow in confusion, but stayed silent. “I need a favor….”


Feyre’s POV

The sun shone brightly upon the florists quarters, casting it’s warmth through the open air market that Elain, Lucien and I had wandered to. Elain had decided our home was bleak, and in desperate need of “a woman’s touch.” Thus, she took it upon herself to brighten it by way of gardening.

“How about these?” Elain inquired, pointing to a packet of gladiolus seeds. “They’re usually yellow, and they only bloom at night. I could plant them in the sill outside your and Rhys’ window,” she cooed, turning to me.

“That sounds lovely, Elain.” I mumbled, forcing a small smile to my lips. Lately, it had been difficult to feel happy. To feel anything really, besides the gaping hole where my heart had been. So many things weighted me down. Mor had said that war leaves scars, but I didn’t think it would be this painful.

“Feyre, you will heal. It will just take time,” Elain murmured, concern lacing her voice. “We’re all here for you. We went through it too. You can conquer it, I know you can.” My heart lifted the tiniest bit as I recalled the strength she and Nesta had shown in that final battle. Yes, perhaps I could learn to live with this feeling; could learn to not let it overwhelm me. I met her warm brown eyes as she took my hand and squeezed. “I know,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Her mate appeared from around the corner, his copper hair shining in the mid day sun. “Have you found anything, my love?” Lucien asked her, peering over her shoulder. She leaned into his touch, but shook her head.

“I think we should start making our way home. Will you join us Feyre?” Elain inquired, turning back to me. I gave her a ghost of a smile as I summoned my wings. “No, thank you. I think I’ll fly,” I answered, and with one powerful stroke of my wings, I was airborne. When I stole one small glance back at my sister before banking for the opposite side of the river, she was smiling from ear to ear.


Rhys’ POV

Several hours after my initial request, Azriel found me in the sitting room, his arms full of small glass orbs.

“I see you found what I asked for,” I drawled from my seat by the window,

Smirking, Azriel replied, “Took me three hours of flying around and I had to call in some favors, but yes, yes I did.” I quirked an eyebrow at him in surprise.

“I didn’t realize it would require so much effort. How horrible that must have been for you, to actually work!”

Azriel snorted, rustling his wings as he set the orbs onto the couch. Almost instantly, the orbs started to give off a yellowish glow.

“Good luck,” he taunted as he prowled out the door. I rolled my eyes at his back and set to work creating my mate’s surprise.


Feyre’s POV

Sweat pooling down my back, I gritted my teeth as I landed roughly on the roof. Exhausted from the flight, I remembered to vanish my wings moments before I slunk into a chair. I felt a rush of my mate’s excitement at my return radiate down the bond, but was too tired to recirocate it. A note appeared on the small table beside me, and I sighed before reading it.

“Come to the dining room,” was all it said. I felt a small smile creep onto my face at that, and summoned the strength to stand.

As I glided down the stairs, the first thing I noticed was the music. The beautiful, enchanting music that we had danced to at Starfall. The memory of that night, the time Rhys and I had shared, made my heart swell. And at the bottom of the steps stood my mate. Clad in his usual black dress shirt that hugged his chest, it was unbuttoned just enough to let the upper portion of his Illyrian tattoos show. I paused halfway down to drink him in.

When he noticed, he straightened and sent a burst of amusement through our bond. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” I crossed my arms, stubborn as ever, and he laughed. “I feel a bit under dressed compared to you.” Glancing down, he seemed to dinally notice my dirty tunic and plain pants. Rhys’ eyes crinkled as he waved a hand and my sodden clothes shifted into a mesmerizing, flowing black dress. The straight, shimmering skirts swept the floor. Silver whorls slid up the delicate sheer sleeves and across the fitted bodice. “Better?” He asked coyly.

“It’s beautiful,” I told him, smiling softly as I took his outstretched hand.

He led me toward the kitchen, with delight twinkling in his violet gaze. His next words came out in a rush. “Now Az and I both worked very hard on this, so I hope you’ll enjoy it,” He remarked, stopping me with a hand on my shoulder. “Now close your eyes.”

I did, and let Rhys’ gentle touch guide me into the dining room. The scents of rich, spiced wine and carefully cooked roast filled my nostrils. His hand slip from my shoulder as he moved in front of me. “Okay, open.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I gasped and beheld what was in front of me. Stars, at least a hundred of them, suspended from the ceiling of the dining room. They glowed brilliantly, flickering in the fading light let in from the window. Below them sat an elegant meal; two places set at the carved oak table.

Tenatively, Rhys inquired, “Do you like it?”

Pure joy flooded through me, the first I had felt in some time. “I didn’t need you to give me the stars,” I answered, turning to him, “but they do look lovely in my dining room.” Relieved, Rhys gave me a warm smile of his own.

“Actually, they’re glowworms. Azriel rounded them up from the caves outside the city this afternoon.” He pulled out my chair and motioned for me to sit. “The little things are actually quite picky; they only glow in places they feel completely comfortable.” Placing a kiss on my hair, he added sincerely, “I needed to see you smile again, Feyre.”

He took his place across from me, and I did just that. My old self was shining through once again. I now understood that my scars truly would heal, with help from those I loved.

Looking at him from beneath my lashes, I purred, “Well, obviously they love it here, so…. Can we keep them?” Rhys blinked in surprise, and his roaring laughter echoed through the townhouse.

“For you, Feyre darling, anything.”

The Night Ahead (Part 3)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: as always, thank you for the comments and reblogs. any kind of feedback is loved and appreciated. MASTER LIST | PART TWO

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“What kind of contract were you on?” he asked me.

Bucky had knocked on my door early the next morning. I was already awake, but I had pretended to be annoyed when I opened the door and allowed him to come inside. He sat down in one of the recliners in the corner of the bedroom, while I sat at the foot of my bed.

“It was really more like a lease agreement,” I said. “HYDRA paid the organization I belonged to for my services, and I was at their disposal until that lease was up.”

“What organization?” he wanted to know.

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Aziraphale picked up the sword lately dropped by War, and heftied its weight thoughtfully.
‘Gosh, it’s been years since I used this,’ he murmured.
‘About six thousand,’ said Crowley.
‘My word, yes,’ said the angel, ‘What a day that was, and no mistake. Good old days.’
Aziraphale held up the sword. There was a whoomph as it suddenly flamed like a bar of magnesium.
‘Once you’ve learned how to do it, you never forget.’ he said.

Old drawing sitting on my computer for no reason, I used references like I’m supposed to. Like a good little hobby artist should

Warning!! This is a semi long post!!


Let’s have a focus on Episode 20, y’know part A with all the Yakuza!Matsu etc, yeah that one! What if the order they were introduced in perhaps said something about them, maybe ranking fighting abilities? Willingness to get into a fight? Strongest? Best fighter? It’s a bit of a questionable answer for myself so i’d take it as self determined but just have a look at the evidence! :0

6. Matsuno Choromatsu

Choromatsu has always come across as a weak character, whether it’s fighting his own verbal battles or just trying to do physical activities. Example: Just look at the Matsu!!! on ice outfits from hesokuri wars! He literally can’t even lift his own body weight. In the cybermatsu scene, he also claims that he doesn’t run in the halls, perhaps this signifies the lack physical activity he does? Maybe his concern of falling like the clumsy boy he is! Fast forward to episode 23 with the Dayon tribe, also another significant time! He’s even weak with his liquor as well! Slipping on his own regurgitation really isn’t ideal haha

5. Matsuno Todomatsu

He only fights battles he can win, this pretty much just includes trash talk. He very much relies on others to do physical objectives for him, take a look at the School Matsu hesokuri outfits from this episode! He has 2 guys to attack whilst he’s in the corner watching this! Let’s not forget that girlymatsu episode when Ichiko was talking shit about Todoko and saying that she only asked if people wanted to go on her camping trips so they could carry her stuff! Yes their not the same person but still, Todoko is a variation of Todomatsu so it still sort of applies? The list could go on but those are just a few examples.

4. Matsuno Karamatsu

Ah the passive aggressive brother, I’ve never seen him resort to violence except for episode 24 but there was a cause for that. Karamatsu’s always been extremely calm and collective throughout the series, yes we’ve seen him get occasionally peeved off but those instances weren’t truly being upset. Even when these moments happen, he’s always talked his way out of it rather then retaliating against them. A lot of times when he’s ‘out of character’, (his normal voice) Karamatsu’s very shy and submissive like the episode with Jigsaw or when it’s Hatabou’s birthday!

3. Matsuno Osomatsu

Ehhhh this one really doesn’t fit alot, but considering the remaining brothers it may actually be considered? I’ve always seen Osomatsu as a great fighter and a really strong character in general, putting him at number 3 seems a bit harsh but the background information sort of convinces? Osomatsu is quite a strong figure in my opinion. One too many times he’s hit, punched and kicked his little brothers(Just watch episode 24 :0), violence probably being one of his main resorts rather then verbal abuse. With his original outfits in Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu’s attacks are also mainly based off these physical taunts too! Let’s not forget the Matsu!!! on ice, yet again! His attack with Todomatsu mainly consists of him throwing him into the opposition.

2. Matsuno Ichimatsu

To be brutally honest, Ichimatsu’s a scary character. From spontaneous human combustion to just his general aura, I think the reason he was introduced second last is perhaps because his mysteriousness and always portrayed as the dark or bad character in this context. (Hell in most roleplay skits he’s usually the murderer or the ‘bad cop’ character in such) Take notice on how he treats Karamatsu as well, he’s always threatening him some how, hurting him at most.

1. Matsuno Jyushimatsu

I honestly couldn’t agree more. Jyushimatsu has so much energy in him that it’s almost terrifying to think of what he’s capable with such.. energy. Not to mention he can literally swing Ichimatsu and a baseball bat at the same time! He’s portrayed as such a weird and interesting character in the series, some of the things he does has no explanation, even in this skit when he sucked up Totty it sorta gave that ‘what the fuck?’ thought. Pretty self explanatory. 

Remus Lupin is 6 and doesn’t understand why his parents are afraid of him. Remus Lupin doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly a monster now. Remus doesn’t understand why his mother gives him pitting looks and his father is resentful. Remus Lupin is young and confused

Remus Lupin is 11 and has never been more thrilled. He’s never been more nervous as well, but he tries to think on the bright side. Remus Lupin is old enough to know to never share his secret. He wasn’t excepting three other boys to befriend him so quickly. Remus Lupin is 11 and has never had a friend before the boy with glasses, boy with long dark hair and pained eyes, and a chubby cheerful blonde show him what friendship truly means.

Remus Lupin is 12 years old, and terrified when his friends figure out his secret. He had just gotten a taste of what true companionship was, and he didn’t think he could stand to have it ripped away. Remus Lupin is 12, and isn’t quite sure as to why his three new friends don’t care about his infliction, but doesn’t really want to question it, because he is just so lucky to have them anyways.

Remus Lupin is 13 and enjoys staying up late telling scary stories with his friends. He for once isn’t the villain in the these stories. Remus Lupin lets James copy his Potions when James sleeps in and give Sirius advice on his family life. Remus Lupin is Peter’s shoulder to cry on when his parents forget to mail him, and is always their when the boys need him.

Remus Lupin is 14 and coming into his own. His friends laugh at his sarcasm, and he begins to join them. Remus doesn’t stop his messy haired friend from teasing the pretty red head. Although Remus secretly thinks Lily is to good for James, he’d never tell him. Remus Lupin cries on Sirius’ shoulders after a particularly rough full moon, and Peter offers one of his signature hugs.

Remus Lupin is 15 and full of life. Dark things are happening outside of Hogwarts, but the four boys have never been happier. Remus enjoys exploring the castle with his friends, finding new passages to hide in and practice dueling. Remus Lupin is 15, and cries when his friends show him their animagus forms. Remus Lupin has never been happier.

Remus Lupin is 16 and watches as Sirius deteriorates in front of him. He watches as the stress of Sirius’ arrival takes its toll on James, and watches as Peter slowly stops checking for mail. Remus Lupin is 16 and is suddenly learning what growing up means.

Remus Lupin is 17 and watches as people he knows die and disappear, and no one is quite sure why. Remus Lupin is 17, and should be innocent, but the weight of the war is pressing down onto him and his friends. Remus Lupin is 17, and wishes he was not.

Remus Lupin is 21 and loses everything. Remus Lupin is so young, but so old. Remus Lupin doesn’t understand how something so innocent as a childhood friendship, can turn so dark. Remus is 21, and doesn’t know how Sirius could ever betray James and Lily. Remus is 21 and alone. Remus is 21, and lost. Remus is 21, and doesn’t want to live for one one more year.

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the classic huddling together for warmth trope for jyn x cassian (I still haven't recovered from rogue one)

As far as rebel hideouts go, Hoth does what it needs to. Any further off the Empire’s radar, and they’d be camping in the Unknown Regions. Cassian’s been a lot of places in the name of the rebellion, but he’s not keen to start checking out uncharted areas of space unless it’s absolutely necessary.

They’ve got enough problems at home.

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I saw your Yoongi edit, any more Yoongi fic recs?

BOYY HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, FINALLY ALL THE HOURS I HAVE PUT IN THIS WEBSITE COME TO FRUITION *cracks knuckles* you came to right place anon, here are my ult fav Yoongi fic recs in no particular order. Be aware that all of these caused me emotional wreckage so tread lightly.

I’ll put a read more below this cause it’s a long post.

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I was formed by war,
Molded by death,
Forged from impossible decisions,
And broken by the weight of it all

You were sculpted by chaos,
Chiseled by destruction,
Hardened by incomprehensible loss,
And destroyed by the people you love

I look at you after it is finished,
See that you are also in fragments,
Mere remnants of the person you once were,
And I find that all of your remaining pieces
Align perfectly with mine

—  Pieces, by @as-inevitable-as-morning