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Time to play Rebellion.

In which Agent Kallus and Hera Syndulla somehow manage to look like action figures.

Agent Kallus: Paul Moore.

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Cad Bane trying to earn a possible s/o's affections, pretty please? Especially if this s/o doubts them because he's a bounty hunter, and thinks they are expendable to him.

He would plan things out very carefully, spend weeks finding out all the things they liked, or even things they needed. No money for rent? Paid. Needed clothes for a new job? Bam! On the doorstep the next morning. Saw something he knew they’d love? It was their’s within hours. He would also keep his distance for a bit. He knew they were wary around him, and he didn’t blame them. He was dangerous and he knew it, it just made them smarter than the rest. He’d make sure to keep his work as far away from them as possible out of respect. When he was finally able to have a decent conversation with them, he would never bring bounty hunting up, or anything relating to it. He would listen to their problems, and try to come up with the best advice he could. He’d work hard to gain their trust, to show he actually liked them. Earning and having that trust was far more valuable to him than any coin.

Even though there are a lot of Reylo haters right now...

I feel like if and when Reylo becomes canon, there will be more (or possibly less) shippers out there, depending on how they execute the relationship.

Right now, Reylo shouldn’t happen (yet). If at the very start of TLJ they’re already in a relationship, that would obviously just be bad writing. The only interactions they’ve had were as rivals. Granted, there was a little bit of underlying softness and attraction between them in those interactions, but that’s clearly not enough to start a relationship.

But if Rian Johnson was to build their relationship and make people realise “hey, these people might actually be good for each other”, I’m sure the Reylo community would grow.

An example of this is Captain Swan (Emma swan x Captain Hook) from once upon a time. When they first met, Hook was a villain and Emma was the ‘saviour’, so obviously they were enemies. Although there was definitely some sexual tension between them and occasional softness, there were very few people who shipped them, especially since it looked like Emma was going to end up with Balefire (or whatever that guy’s name was). But when he became an ally and eventually a friend of Emma’s, their relationship developed and there was a bit of a love triangle between Emma, Hook and Balefire. When finally Balefire died, Emma and Hook went through a period of time where basically Hook was madly in love with her and she was just trying to act like she hated his guts even though she obviously had feelings for him too. But when Hook made a major sacrifice for her (I.e. He sold his ship so he could save her), she finally gave in to her feelings and a relationship started. By then, Captain Swan was now one of the main ships of the series and had many, many fans. A major contrast between when they first met to what they are now. This is basically how I want Reylo to go.

So what I’m saying is, although Reylo might seem unlikely and unpopular right now, as time progresses and their relationship develops, I believe more people will turn to the Reylo side, just as they did with Captain Swan.

This is super lame please take it before i change my mind