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Marvel IW theory

❌spoilers ❌

Okay so dr strange says in the film at the beginning he would do anything to protect the planet and more importantly the stone from thanos he says he would kill Tony , peter and even himself to make sure the stone never fell into the wrong hands. When he says Doctor strange to Tony that it was the only way that could mean it was the only way for the stone to stay safe meaning they all had to die for the stone and the planet to be safe as they would be resurrected. This would explain why doctor strange willingly gave the time stone to thanos as earlier he said he would let Tony die for the stones saftey but yet in that situation he gives over the time stone. This would suggest that Tony is the one who had to survive and that they had to be sacrificed for the outcome where they live to happen. As dr strange could have stopped quill as he can multiply and it wouldn’t have been really hard. Anyway this is my avengers coping mechanism

amazing moments in iw that no one has mentioned enough

- okoye judging bruce banner when he face-planted on the battlefield like an absolute idiot

- rocket NEVER ONCE complaining about thor calling him “rabbit”

- “wong, you are invited to my wedding”

- teenage groot TAKING INTIATIVE and building the handle for thor’s new axe

- the magnificent peter dinklage, a dwarf, playing the role of king eitri, A GIANT DWARF

- tony stark calling ebony maw ‘squidward’

- “titan-killing long term booty-call”

- “you’re embarassing me in front of the wizards”

- gamora telling peter quill than she loves him more than anything else

- rhodey accepting a court marshall like a motherfucking o.g. bc he respected how steve rogers roasted secretary ross

- m’baku + t’challa leading those BEAUTIFUL wakandan war chants

- the look of profound respect natasha gave wanda when she appeared on the battlefield

- dr strange asking “who’s your master?” and starlord replying with “my master? what am i supposed to say? jesus????”

- gamora quietly but passionately mouthing the lyrics to ‘the rubberband man’ by the spinners

- “ S P A C E “ as a location heading

- vision: “you could never hurt me.”

- rocket believing that “being the captain” is having an unfiltered, heart-to-heart therapy session

- little cupcake bruce and his constant state of confusion: “there’s an ant-man and a spider-man???”

- bucky and his heart-eye-emoji-expression at the brilliance of wakandan defense technology

- nick fury’s “motherfu-“