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During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry found himself in front of an army of Death Eaters looking Lord Voldemort in the face with nothing but righteous anger and a determination to end the war.  No wand, no Muggle weapons.  His friends, teachers, his makeshift family stood behind him ready to follow him into this fight.  Harry knew he was the face of this fight.  Harry was The Boy Who Lived and the people who believed in him would follow him into the open arms of death if it meant the war could end right there.  

What no one thought about, what no one realized, was at that very moment Harry needed help.  No one knew Narcissa had taken his wand, Draco’s wand, off him in the Forbidden Forest.  No one came to save him; they were waiting to be saved by him.  As Harry’s courage faltered he heard his name.  He tore his eyes from Voldemort’s murderous gaze to see Draco Malfoy run past the Dark Lord.  Malfoy ran straight to Harry, thrust a wand into his empty hand.  Someone had come to Harry’s rescue.  This was enough.  This was all Harry needed.

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raise your wand for those who fought in battle.

raise your wand for those who couldn’t fight but healed wounds.

raise your wand for those that knew they were told not to fight, but did anyways because there is no way they aren’t going to fight for the world they want their future children to live in. there is no way they won’t fight for a chance for future kids just like them to be shielded from the horrors they experienced at such a young age.

raise your wand for those who helped evacuate students, without even wasting a glance over their own shoulders, only to keep an eye out for potential threats against others.

raise your wand for those who let their own guards down only to fire a spell to protect someone else.

raise your wand for those who patted someone’s back and said, “good job”.

raise your wand for those who refused to just leave someone’s body.

raise your wand for those who comforted a crying person as they mourned over a loss of a loved one.

raise your wand for those who made sure that everyone got some Dreamless Sleep Potion.

raise your wand for those who made sure that everyone had a blanket.

raise your wand for each and every person that played a part in the war, big as a giant or minuscule as a small ant. they all matter.

raise your wand.

19 years, and each story is remembered, thanks to Lee Jordan and his Potterwatch.

hogwarts, a history nearly doubled in thickness.

and from above, each and every person who died for the same united cause watches happily as the world they fought for flourishes.

second wizarding war. may 2, 1998.

Consider: Lily Evans Potter and Sirius Black were Star Wars fans

A Wand or a Weapon

I’ve noticed something recently that I really like about the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts universe, and the fandom itself.  In a lot of games, books, and fandoms, you find people who want lightsabers, gunblades, Keyblades, Hidden Blades, etc.  

These items are intrinsic parts of the universes and the stories, and hold personal meaning to each and every player, reader, or participant.  They’re wonderful.  But, you might notice that for the majority of these stories, the main key item is a weapon.

Very few books, games, or movies these days have a central, key item that isn’t meant to be a weapon first, and a tool second.  There are definite exceptions to this (i.e. the sonic screwdriver) but for the most part, a weapon is the most important thing a character can have.

In the world of J.K. Rowling, this isn’t the case.  It’s the wand that’s most important; an item that, although has the ability to do terrible, awful things, can just as equally be used to heal, create, and protect.  This is a tool given to young children and the first things they learn to master are levitation charms and useful functions; not ways to hurt another person or creature.  This item can only be used as a weapon if the wielder themselves decides to.

None of this is to say that other fandoms are in any way wrong for having weapons.  A lightsaber is meant to restore balance.  The Master Sword can only strike down evil.  A Keyblade can be used to save entire worlds and there are so many others that are just as fantastic.  

There’s so much to love about all of our favorite, meaningful items from these other series.  I simply adore the idea of the wand- a tool that can be made to create wonderful, beautiful things, and leave the rest up to the witch or wizard who owns it.


Fantastic Wands and Those Who Made Them ↠ Theseus Scamander

13 ½ inches, Blackthorn and Chimera Mane core; Gervaise Ollivander 


SW Prequel Trilogy trio Edit

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SWPT New recruit

2017, October - Wheee, I finally finished it!

My sylvari ‘Sapling Iole’ [eol] as a Salad Fairy and doing Trick’o’Treat at her first Halloween! She has choya pups as adopted siblings, and her adoptive dads, @lisjonok’s Basil and @calleo’s Ysgall with Basil’s fern hound Icharus, in the background supervising their children who are constantly on sugar rush already.

Iole was awakened from a damaged pod, therefore her mental and physical growth was incomplete. That’s why she is so tiny. She shaped her own clothes and 'wings’ after her first visit to Divinity’s Reach, she found a book in library and looked at the pretty pictures of fairies. It kinda fit to the theme of Halloween so she stayed with her usual look BUT she of course made costumes for her choya siblings.


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Gradence Star Wars AU cont’d

Previously on gay wizards in space (thanks for the prompt, dear anon, even if it wasn’t meant as such)!


Graves set out to explore the Temple gardens.  Moderate exercise, as prescribed, and good policy:  learning the lay of the land in new terrirory had more than once saved his skin.  His wandering led him to a reflecting pool, a silvered expanse fringed by fern-leafed trees.  A viewing deck stood beside the pool, and who should Graves find there, sitting all alone, but his new friend.

He waited, prepared to retreat rather than disturb, but then Barebone opened his eyes.

“You still meditate,” observed Graves.

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