war time


Modern AU - Poe is Hux’s sloppy, musician roommate who apparently can’t even look after Millicent for one freakin day.

Inspired by @the-chicken-is-not-amused ‘s hilarious gifset here

do not think about the fact that boba fett never had a mom and that his dad was the only person he had in the world and then he saw him murdered in front of him as a small child. do not think about the fact that the clones never had any parents and were sent out to fight when they were probably teenagers or preteens. do not

Long weekend of no internet coming up, but LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM THE LIBRARY. FINALLY.

I literally ran around the library for an hour and a half looking for these stupid books because the online catalog said they were on-shelf under Wendig and Miller and they were NOT because my library has a Star Wars section. I did not know there was a Star Wars section and freaked out a lot and bothered a couple of librarians BUT IT ALL PAID OFF.

I wanted to get Lost Stars too but couldn’t get a hold of it. Next time.

Anyway, opinions on the books? No spoilers, just reactions! Thanks guys!

May Ashla keep your destiny.


what i watch when i want to suffer


// Sooo after talking to @six-souls-saved-old-and-now-ooc / @six-souls-saved I’m going to be adding a new verse for our RP! Based off the neat idea in this post, where Asgore instead raises the six fallen humans.. So nobody has to die. ovo

That being said, if anybody else would like to RP with them in this verse, it’ll be an option! I’ll be updating it on the verse page tomorrow. Also, I apologize to anybody whose threads/messages I didn’t reply to tonight– I’ll be on that tomorrow as well.

Also, I’m…really not sure how I’m going to work out the aging thing, since most of the souls on this blog had a fair amount of time pass between each of their falling. 


“Home from above”

She’d continued to fly [the A-wing] for a couple of years after, mostly in civilian defense, and every so often she would take Poe up in it. He would sit on her lap inside the cramped cockpit, his hands on the stick and her hands on his, and he could feel the ship answering their control. […]
Then they would break through the thin skin that protected the moon they called their home, and the Yavin gas giant would suddenly glow that much brighter against the darkness of space. All the push and pull of atmosphere and gravity would vanish, and it was as close to perfection as young Poe could imagine. […]
That was when he knew that whatever else he would be, he would be a pilot.

From Greg Rucka’s “Before the Awakening”