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Now that we know that Finn will face off against Phasma in what looks like the hangar of Snoke’s capital ship the Supremacy, I found something interesting in the teaser trailer.

Here’s Finn igniting his baton:

Here they are fighting:

And here’s a shot of Phasma walking out of the darkness leading a group of Stormtroopers from the teaser trailer:

In the teaser this part is cut together with a shot of the burning building Luke is kneeling in front of, making it look like this scene and that is connected but on closer inspection it looks all wrong.

Look at the curved bit with the metallic reflection in the upper left corner and the debris on the ground, it looks nothing like Luke’s burning building. But it looks a lot like the hangar in the fight scene.

So Phasma doesn’t arrive alone to take on Finn and what’s more the hangar is already burning when she and her troopers do. Someone has already destroyed it.

What’s more, these Stormtroopers with Phasma cannot be the only ones there.

This Stormtrooper behind Finn is interesting because he’s shooting a TIE fighter. 

So the two possibilities seems to be that:
A) He’s one of Phasma’s loyal Stormtroopers and someone has taken over the TIE and are helping Finn bust up the hangar. In which case we must be looking at a major infiltration by the Resistance, but do they even have the personnel to commit to such an action? In TFA they looked very understaffed and not at all equipped for such large scale infiltration. Not to mention that this mission seems to consist of Finn, Rose Tico and the mysterious DJ.

B) He’s a Stomrmtrooper that, like Finn, has turned against the First Order.

Now this is much more in thread with what we already has hints off about Finn’s storyline. And it makes sense of his lines from one of the other TV spots:

“I was raised to fight. For the first time, I had something to fight for.”

Lines that clearly comes late in the movie given how he’s dressed.

What he has found to fight for is freedom. Not just his own, but the freedom of all those infants that the First Order stole and indoctrinated. For all the children that the world forgot and who grew up into people that the galaxy tries to forget about as well, at least that they are people.

blackeyedlily  asked:

Can you tell me the source for Snoke forbidding the name of Ben Solo? I’ve heard this a lot, but don’t know where it comes from. I want to share this fact, but want to be able to back it up with reference to it’s origin.

Hey there, thanks for the ask. ^^

This was a rare Kylo Ren nugget dropped by LF all casual like. From the official Star Wars Twitter:

Link to the Tweet here

No doubt part of Snoke’s creepy agenda to destroy Ben Solo. And if you think about it, it makes this moment all the more powerful:

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I am having a super productive day/week :)
Thought I might share what I did.
1) I made 6 Hera decals
2) and 6 Sabine because I’m trash
3) also 4 Chopper and 2 Ahsoka
4) 3 bounty hunter decals and a set of bounty Hunter cups
5) character cups of some of @ikarralives’s beautiful ocs
6) started a quilt on Sunday, finished it on Wednesday
7) placemats for the holidays (the one side says Merry force be with you and it’s kind of a running joke)
Anyways I have been super unproductive for a while and now I managed to do all this (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 were all from today lol) so like honestly guys if you need time to recharge, take it because one day you’ll just make a bunch of cool shit. And you’ll be proud.