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rogue one: prompt

or as my old-ass self likes to call it: “plot bunny”

rumors are beginning to spread amongst saw’s cadre: that girl - his adopted daughter - where she come from? - he rescued her, i think - what’s her last name - i dunno, gerrera? - when’d she get picked up? - maybe eight years ago? you’d have to ask one of the old guards here to be certain. what’s with the questions - there’s a decade-old warrant on the imperial holonet for a girl named jyn erso, they just updated it with an age progression hologram and the resemblance is uncanny - you think it’s her? - maybe. she’s connected, y’know, to a top imperial scientist -

sixteen year-old jyn erso felt at home with the partisans. her mother may be dead, her papa gone, but she had saw (who, quietly, she sometimes called father) and she had staven and maia and others. it wasn’t safe, but it was hers.

then one day, near the end of a raid, she’s knocked out, and she wakes up and its to the faces of some of the newer recruits, and she overhears them debating with each other - what you think the empire will give up to get her? - and she buries the betrayal under the wildfire of rage that engulfs her. 

She’s going to kill them.

(saw did not quell the rumors in time. he did not abandon jyn in time. now she’s being held hostage by rogue partisans against the empire. saw releases his pride and asks for help - and the rebellion will provide, because when will they ever get another perfect opportunity to bring saw gerrera back into the fold and under their thumb?)

cassian and k-2 are part of the intelligence & retrieval team. rebelcaptain, of course, though maybe just pre-relationship depending on your level of comfort with 16-19/20 yo dating. galen freaking the fuck out when he hears. saw showing why so many fear and follow him. partisan vs partisan in-fighting. jyn making the lives of her captors a living hell. krennic, grinning in victory. above all: time, running out.

story inspired by this quote from the rogue one novelization (p 92):

“You were the daughter of an Imperial science officer,” Saw said. He spoke more gently than Jyn could bear. “People were starting to figure that out. People who wanted to—to use you as a hostage.“

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Hey dude I ain't even in the Star Wars fandom but I saw your post about antis and I just want to tell you that was brave and shit. I also really needed to hear that because sometimes I get so mad with antis that I almost pull an Anikin and go dark side too, but your post helped me. You the real MVP

This is one of the coolest asks I’ve gotten in awhile. Thank you. ♥


✨ Star Wars + characters of color ✨

Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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“He is the beginning of what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance.” Dave Filoni


“…Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire…”