war rug


The Art Of War

About 8 years ago my Sister hipped me to an article on ‘War Rugs’ in a men’s style magazine.  Instead of the traditional pattens of flowers and birds these rugs depicted grenades, tanks, Kalashnikov rifles and other weaponry.

When Russia invaded Afghanistan modern warfare was abruptly introduced to Afghan people. Women (who are the weavers) started to include these tools of destruction into their designs and 'War Rugs’ were born. 

The US invasions post 9/11 gave fresh life to War Rug design.

Some may see these rugs as a bad thing and perhaps even be disgusted by them.  Personally I think they are artful and tell a story of mans destructive mentality.  Hating on them is like hating on the Bayeux Tapestry in my humble opinion.

I am gutted that I didn’t purchase a rug way back when I first heard of them as prices have doubled / tripled.  However I am determined to get one and have set up my War Rug fund.  I’m £50 in, just need £230 more and I can make my purchase of one the more inexpensive pieces that are available.  I’m now scared that the rug I have chosen will be bought by someone else!!

Oh well I’m still gonna share where these rugs can be purchased from leading collector Keith Sudeith’s site War Rug

ps If I was gonna buy a gift for

Chuck D,

Professor Griff 


Prince Paul

Kool Keith

war rugs would be first choice! :)

pps In case you are wondering  I’m listening to Weapon World by Prince Paul feat. Kool Keith

ppps I’m surprised that I’ve never seen a War Rug in an episode of Cribs:)

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