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Pizza Night (Sex Hair PT. 5)

A/N: Okay so I guess this is turning into some type of war imagine series with Dean.

Castiel x Reader

Warning: Language

Word Count: 400

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

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Later that evening, you walked in the bunker from grabbing some dinner for you and your brothers.

Leaning against the war room table was a door, that had been taken off of it’s hinges.

“Sam?” you called. No one answered.

You brought the food into the kitchen and set it on the table. Dean and Sam were in there waiting for you.

“What’s with the door in the map room?”

Dean chuckled and took a sip of his beer, “Nothin’”

Your eyes widened as you began to back out of the room, “Dean, what did you do?”

Sam looked at you, he knew exactly what was with the door. You darted out of the kitchen, running down the hallway with all of the bedrooms and stopped at your room. The door was gone. Not just gone, it had appeared to have been ripped off, completely. As in, no fixing it.

You felt your blood boil as you stepped in your room and started grabbing things to put them in another bedroom. You turned the knob on the door to the room across from yours, but when you pushed it open, it fell forward, hitting the floor.

“Dean!” You screamed, your voice filling the bunker.

You stomped to another bedroom, trying to open it, but it fell to the floor as well. You threw down the pile of clothes you had grabbed and stomped back into the kitchen.

“What. The. Fuck?!” you yelled at Dean.

“You wanted to play sis, so we’re playin.” he said, biting into a slice of pizza.

You leaned forward and yanked it out of his mouth before grabbing the two pizza boxes and tossing them in the sink, and turning the water on.

“I’m not doing anything for you ever again!” you shouted at him.

Sam just sat there rolling his eyes, he really wanted no part of this.

“Whatever you say.” Dean winked at you, getting up and looking in the fridge, annoyed that you took food right out of his mouth.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m not a teenager you can’t just treat me like one!”

“Well, at least now I won’t have to listen to you fuckin my best friend-” he paused and turned to you- “and by the way, tell Cas he owes me a new stereo.”

You let out a scream in frustration before storming off.

This wasn’t over.

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“I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks and…bad choices. A life of almosts and could-haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t. ‘Cause the two best things in my life…were the person in the very beginning…and the person at the very end. That’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.” - This Is Us, 1x16 “Memphis”

Não existe magia no lugar em que você ora, mas as Escrituras dizem pra você ir para o seu quarto e orar em segredo e o seu Pai Celestial que vê em segredo vai te recompensar. Se livre das distrações e concentre a sua mente e o seu coração nEle. Reconheça que Ele é Deus e que você precisa Dele desesperadamente. Seja grato por suas bençãos, mas conte-Lhe suas necessidades, se abre com Ele! Se você tem alguma coisa para confessar, então confesse. Peça perdão a Ele e acredite, acredite Nele quando disser que Ele te ama e vai cuidar de você. Não se apresse, tome o tempo que precisar, então escute.
—  Sra Clara, em Quarto de Guerra - filme. 

It’s official canon that there are cats living in Skyhold so please imagine:

one of the cats somehow getting into the war room and just plopping itself down right in the middle of all those carefully placed markers and turning the organized map into absolute chaos because a nice sunbeam was shining on the table.

cats sleeping on the inquisitor’s throne (or alternatively clawing it to pieces)

cats in the infirmary lifting people’s spirits and keeping the injured warm

cats snuggled up beside Storvacker when she’s in Skyhold

someone making little inquisition uniforms for the cats to make them honorary inquisition members. The cats just fall over and refuse to move when they’re forced to wear the uniforms and Skyhold is left with a bunch of immobile, angry cats lying on the ground and twitching their tails. Later it’s decided that the cats will just wear inquisition collars instead

each cat having at least ten names because everyone calls them something different leading to some confusion and in one extreme instance, a duel over what one cat should be called

(Feel free to add more Skyhold cat shenanigans)

I may or may not have spent the past day trying to map out the Bunker.

This may have involved watching every scene in the bunker since season 8 up till current. Yes, within the last 24 hours.

I may have come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

Sam’s bedroom keeps moving where it is in the bunker. Doors appear and disappear. Doors are placed in walls where they can’t logically go anywhere. Directions are given to rooms that don’t exist. (There aren’t four doors on the left down that hall Sam I counted there just aren’t.) One room may be four separate and distinct locations. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the top of the map, yet I know of three rooms that have to be there. There’s at least one basement and one upper floor. I can’t find the stairs.

Don’t ever try to make sense of the Bunker. Save yourselves.