war ravaged


Trump tweeted the U.N. is a social club. That’s a gross simplification of what the U.N. does

  • The U.N., established following the Holocaust, focuses on developing and maintaining “international peace and security” and “friendly relations among nations.”
  • Far from Trump’s portrait of the U.N. as “just a club” for people to “have a good time,” in the broadest strokes, the U.N. works to protect universal human rights. 
  • The U.N. works extensively in all aspects of human rights.
    • In 1946, the U.N. created the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to assist children in need of food, clothing and health care following World War II. 
    • Today, UNICEF operates in more than 190 countries, providing winter clothes to children in war-ravaged Aleppo, promotes gender equality, and has created and established programs throughout the world to reduce child malnutrition. 
    • According to a 2013 report, UNICEF estimates it’s saved the lives of more than 90 million children.
    • In 1948, the U.N. created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a pointed focus on “the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women." 
    • Since then, the 193 Member States of the U.N. have established international and economic sanctions against people and countries that violate or threaten to violate human rights, thoroughly supports gay rights and classifies a lack of access to abortion as "torture." 
    • The group has closely monitored the Syrian civil war and plans to create a team to investigate accusations of war crimes and human rights abuses committed by Assad’s government.
    • The World Health Organization (a U.N. agency, created in 1948) spearheaded efforts to eradicate smallpox. By 1980, WHO declared smallpox extinct. By 1996, an AIDS epidemic was sweeping the globe – and the U.N. stepped up to establish UNAIDS, a joint U.N. program to combat HIV and AIDS around the world.
  • The U.N.’s UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Climate Agreement are the largest unified effort to combat climate change.
    • The UNFCCC, or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, was "entered into force” (approved by the member states of the United Nations) in 1994 to prevent “dangerous human interference with the climate system." 
    • While the UNFCCC doesn’t have legally binding power, it helps boost cooperation and communication between countries to improve wildlife conservation and reduce harmful emissions.
    • Efforts have included the Kyoto Protocol and its extension the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • UNODA and the U.N.’s NPT helped reduce the threat of a nuclear war.
    • On November 30th, 2016, the U.N. imposed the "toughest ever” sanctions on North Korea following its fifth nuclear test of the year. In response, North Korea has threatened “imminent war,” calling the sanctions “as good as a declaration of war." 
    • Beyond North Korea, however, the U.N.’s focus on disarmament and limitation has been widely embraced.
    • The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) was the U.N.’s first resolution, adopted in January 1946 and entered into force in 1970. 
    • The NPT’s purposes were threefold: to "prevent the spread of nuclear weapons,” to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy" and “to further the goal of … nuclear disarmament.”
  • Just a social club? Read more (especially if you’re Donald Trump)

I like to imagine

that during that scene in DHp1 when Hermione and Harry dance as friends trying to make each other smile to the song on the radio, elsewhere others are doing the same

Bill pulls Fleur away from the kitchen sink, swinging her into his arms and ignoring her protests about her wet hands

Remus pulls Tonks off the couch, hugging her close(as close as he can, anyway) and just enjoying the music in each other’s arms, with his arms wrapped tightly around her, her small baby bump pressing against him

Arthur approaches Molly, who is knitting quietly, trying to ignore their world crumbling around them, and dances with her as if they were both 18 again

And for the duration of that song, the war ravaged couples get time to be just that- couples, trying to make their way to a better future.


Oh hey, it’s NieR Automata, the sequel to the amazing NieR. Oh hey, it looks goddamn incredible.

NieR Automata takes place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and all sorts of not great stuff. It depicts a war between the humans’ android/robot attack unit, Yorha, and some strange mechanical lifeforms. The main character is named Yorha No.2 Type B, and wields a katana and great sword.

Androids in the Yorha squad don’t actually have names, and so they’re referred to by their number. Because she wears special battle goggles, her eyes are rarely ever visible. It’s against the rules for them to have emotions, but each model does have its own individual ticks and traits. For example, 2B is much more calm than her counterparts. 

There’s also a new support system called Pod, which seems to work a whole lot like your book buddy did in the first game. 

The screenshots also show off strange robot enemies, which the magazine notes are very NieR-like in that something about them is oddly cute. There are many different variants of these machines, some of them with longer limbs than others, some that can fly, some that can merge with others, etc.

Guys, I’m so excited for NieR Automata. Fuck.


Bucky BarnesX Reader

A/N: k so admittedly i forgot how to write

thanks to homefry @softwintersoldier for the help

Inspired by @catwomvn ‘s concept Bucky as a thunderstorm

Words: 573

Prompt: Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.  

Warnings: fluff


It’s not a lie that James Buchanan Barnes has lost. Maybe, it comes easy to him…more so than to others. But it’s a simple glance at his face that tells a different tale.

There’s a sadness in his cobalt eyes. It’s a sadness akin to that of a lost toy in the ravages of war. It’s a terribly nostalgic reminder of the demons that tear at the walls he’s built around himself, for his own safety.

And the dullness of them as he awakens from yet another nightmare? It’s similar, too similar to that of a child’s fading smile.

Maybe it’s the emotion that he imprisons within himself that make him a storm. One hovering just out of view, ready to strike before you’re able to find a shelter that will hold.

But there are days where the skies aren’t as dark. Thunder not as loud. Lightning not as jarring.

There are days when the sun does shine. There are days when there’s a light in those cloudy eyes of his. There are days when James Buchanan Barnes does smile.

It’s imperfect, his smile. All crooked teeth and crinkled eyes. But it’s beautiful.

The sun does shine through the clouds. And it’s these days that he finds himself almost unable not to smile.

Perhaps it’s the way that you stumble, struggling to keep pace with his steps that brings that sunlit bow to life on his lips, or perhaps it’s the way that your hands tighten on his, a threat of “If I fall, I’m bringing you down with me” that makes him laugh.

Sure, it’s been years since his feet have traced the same path of the dance. It’s been years since he’s been able to trust himself enough to touch you, hell, hold you with the metal weapon that he calls an arm.

He finds himself forcing his thoughts away from the horrors that await him. Focus.

And yeah, he’s focusing. On the playful swears leaving you lips, your foot bumping into his for the fifth time in ten fucking minutes. He’s focusing on the soft huffs of frustration, the feel of your hand tightening around his as you struggle to keep your balance. He’s focusing and he’s so damned engrossed.

“Would it help if you stood on my feet?” The question is one that catches you completely off guard because-

Fuck, are you really that bad at dancing?

Your reply leaves your lips quicker than intended, “Buck, maybe you should find yourself a new dance partner.”

His refusal is immediate, “Someone new isn’t you.” And the words, they bring a smile to your lips. The brightness of it is all the confirmation that he needs that for once, he’s doing something right.

He’s pretty damned proud because the dark clouds overhead are scattering. And the sun is shining.

You’re still hesitant in your movements as you step onto his feet, trying to balance yourself, his arm wrapping immediately around your waist to pull you flush against his body, causing more laughter to spill from your lips.

He begins slowly, smiling down at you as he navigates around the kitchen, the silence of the twinkling stars the only music necessary.

In the moonlight, the darkness of James Buchanan Barnes’s eyes fades, nothing but his imperfectly perfect smile remaining on his lips. And it’s bright. And beautiful. And happy.

Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.  


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twenty years ago

So, i don’t know if people really realize this but D.Va’s official bio states that “Twenty years ago, South Korea was attacked by a colossal omnic monstrosity that rose from the depths of the East China Sea.”

Twenty years ago.

She’s nineteen.

Which means Hana’s home has been war-torn and ravaged by this colossal omnic for her entire life. She has not known a South Korea that wasn’t in pieces, although she’s seen it in photographs. That wasn’t fighting to keep afloat. That wasn’t falling apart beneath all of the neon, skyscrapers, pop culture, gaming, and all of that. Since before she was even born this colossal omnic has been taking and taking and destroying.

Just food for thought…

Personal Disagreements with The Death of Satine Kryze

-cracks knuckles- 

Okay, @asaj-ventress, this is for you and all you other Satine fans out there.

What did our Duchess of Mandalore do for the series upon her introduction?

She was many things. A connection to Obi Wan’s past. A woman ruling over a war ravaged planet keeping neutral in the war. A competent woman who was self sufficient and calm despite the responsibilities and pressure.

There is much difficulty in staying neutral during a time where wars are all about *pick a side, any side, all the sides!~* and if you don’t  play the game, it’s very very difficult to live out your life by yourself. 

Yet, Satine is all about that uphill battle. She sticks by her morals and never compromises them. She has people she loves dearly and holds close, but is still capable of seeing their faults and calling them out on it.

As the series progressed and we revisited Satine numerous times, we got to see more of what she had to work and deal with on a regular basis. Things she had to deal with almost entirely by herself.

Rare moments, she would have help, but for the most part, Satine takes the phrase, “If you need something done right, do it yourself” and embodies it strongly.

All the while, you see things crumbling around her. Corruption seeding itself deeper than she could have realized. One after another, people she had considered trusted friends turn on her. 

She is a woman who, by no fault of her own, holds a planet of people that are at best stagnating, and at worst, deteriorating. 

A downfall was likely what we sensed being led to. We expected that, but was her death in that nature truly fitting for a character like Satine?

Especially when the main reason for her death is because of her connection to Obi Wan? 

No. I think that’s incredibly unfair. It plays into a constant trope that has been played up repeatedly. 

– Admin CG


“The Commonwealth itself is nothing but a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair. Inside the sealed environment of the Institute, however… but the Institute’s affairs are none of your concern. Your undeveloped mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend what we’ve accomplished.”
                                                                               - Dr. Zimmer

Okay usually I don’t even bother speculating, but it just gave me pause today.

So C-Russ is not filming as of now, just in time for this new actress (whose name escapes me, I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about) to come on board who already tweeted about filming with Jemma. Could they have introduced this character as a new consultant that’s going to be on AAU while Serena’s gone?

Here’s what I don’t want to have happen: They do the whole, Bernie cheated on her husband once before, let’s show her be tempted by this new woman who’s possibly into her? But then no, because she’s Bernie and she loves Serena strong and true and just because someone cheats because of the crazy war-ravaged situation they were in, doesn’t make them cheaters again. I mean we’ve seen this before. 

Here’s what I would like to have happen: New consultant is a total bitch and she and Bernie despise one another, work through it to resolve their differences and become amicable by the end when Serena comes back.


Fallout 4: Faction Aesthetic: The Institute

The Commonwealth itself is nothing but a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair. Inside the sealed environment of the Institute, however… But… the Institute’s affairs are none of your concern. Your undeveloped mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend what we’ve accomplished.


I got asks for prucan doodles, comic and the ghost prince!AU…..SO HAVE THE THREE IN ONE!:D

At the palace where Gilbert family lives in the capital some old wings of the palace where just abandoned after the last royal family vanished in one night….And with the wars that would ravage the country for centuries no one thought of taking off old portraits…

Really Random Disney Theory (that i just thought up)

okay dont judge me for this but its a bit of fun and i enjoyed writing it haha  we’re starting our tale with this girl

aurora aka the sleeping beauty. She has beautiful golden hair and that nice little pointy crown thing. At the end of the film she marries philip who is clearly a good warrior given the can o woopass he opened up on maleficent. Therefore it makes sense that should their kingdom be caught in a war he would go fight and lets just say in this instance he dies. le cry.

   Aurora now left queen and widowed in a war ravaged kingdom seeks help from her three guardians.

 who teach her some magic . After this she needs to remarry in order to help her kingdom prosper. Which she does though now wearing black over her trademark blue to show her widow status and marrying a recently widowed king who has a daughter of his own- this girl:

“BUT WAIT THE QUEEN IN SNOW WHITE WAS EVIL AHSFJAGDKJA!” i hear you cry and i know but bear with me here just take a look

its the crown thing its similar, pointed as she got older etc her pointed crown got bigger. I think that makes sense she was only a princess before. Anyway I digress, Aurora now neglected by the husband she married after losing her true love grows worried that she is no longer desirable as she gets no attention from the new kingdom she resides over due to their love of Snow Whites mother. This develops into an obsession with her youth and beauty prompting her to dive into her magic and create the magic mirror who is the only one who will tell her that she is more beautiful than anyone else in the kingdom. As the story goes this doesn’t remain the case for long and now the grief stricken woman feels completely alone and frustrated and hateful towards Snow. This is when she decides to get rid of her and she sees no way better to punish the girl who now holds her title of beauty in the same way she was, sleep that can only be broken by true loves kiss and given that the queen has no idea that Snow White met that guy (does he even have a name?) so she assumes that she’ll be gone for good. Though she only has the magic from the fairies she knows where to go to find the curse that effected her in the first place..Maleficents castle. 

which is why this guy is there both times . The rest as they say is history heres what happens to Aurora:

P.S. before someone points it out im blaming the black hair shown here to be a cause of the potion she drank to disguise herself she changed into a young form of the hag then got older)

then this

ouch! but its okay cause shes magic i mean come on guys she fell off a cliff she can poof away it was unrealistic to believe someone with her power would just diiiiiiiiiiie -_-. 

So heres what im thinking happened, now enraged to see where the concept of beauty and cruelty had led to her potential death she fled the kingdom stuck in her hag form determined to gain her beauty back even if she had to steal it when on a stormy night she came to a castle where she asked for shelter and found a young and cruel prince which is when she seized her opportunity and transformed him into a bear like creature using more magic she stole from maleficent who turned into a dragon(remember the whole animal-human magic thing its important later) and transformed back to her youthful beautiful state.. 

okay pause. you cant deny that the hag looks quite similar to the snow white one and there is some resemblance between the enchantress and aurora wavy blonde hair THAT CROWN just saying…….back to my rapidly lengthening stupid theory ;). But Aurora seeing how powerful her magic was taking over all the castle grew cocky in her abilities and decided to add a cruel twist to permanently torture her victim of magic, she gave him until his 21st birthday to return to his true form by finding someone he loves and loves him,, feeling safe in the knowledge from her own experiences that no one loves someone ugly on the outside and after that her spell would be permanent.

For the next ten years Aurora thrived in the forest where she once enjoyed life

and focuses on harnessing her magic of animal transformation  when suddenly she feels her youth and energy once more drain away and is driven mad by the sudden return of power from the beasts castle as he now shares true love with someone and has broken her spell.

her madness makes her forget nearly everything about herself and her history and leaves only the intense anger she feels, her powers and -because it was such an intense theme in her life- the ideas of beauty she turns into this:

Madam Mim who has the transformation powers which she uses when she has an intense battle with merlin to which she loses and following her recovery is taken under the wing of merlin who retrains her and causes some of her better memories to return, being with royalty and family though she knows she may now never return to her people she devotes herself to her kingdom. 

One day she sees a young woman subjected to slavery in her own household and uses her knowledge of royalty and powers of transformation to help this young woman known as Cinderella gain her happily ever after even giving her a limit as she always had with her most powerful spells of midnight that night and leading her to her happily ever after.