war raging inside

  • Aries: They feel overwhelmed, dominated, or controlled. They like having the ability to do things for themselves and controlling their lives, and hate when other people take the reins.
  • Taurus: It takes a lot to make a Taurus cry, so when they cry, it's over a death, a nasty breakup, but betrayal is what really gets the tears flowing.
  • Gemini: They often to cry of manipulate the situation in their favor, but the genuine tears come out when they struggle with themselves, they always have a raging war inside of them.
  • Cancer: Hating wearing their heart on their sleeves, but sometimes failing, Cancers cry over little things. Large things might cause them to lash out, only to end in tears later.
  • Leo: When they don't get their way, when they feel restricted, or betrayed. Among the most loyal of the signs, Leo expects nothing else from the rest of the world.
  • Virgo: Often in the pursuit of perfection, Virgos cry when they feel useless or not good enough. They're often overwhelmed, and their minds are always screaming, they never have a moment of peace.
  • Libra: Librans cry over many things. They cry when they feel insulted, when they feel something isn't fair, but they quickly recover.
  • Scorpio: When Scorpio cries, no one will know. They will shed tears in private, and it will be over a large matter - a nasty breakup, rejection, or death.
  • Sagittarius: Ever the optimist, Sagittarius cries quickly and briefly, it takes a lot to affect them, such as a death of a loved one, or restriction of freedom.
  • Capricorn: Living with the weight of the world on your shoulder takes a toll on Capricorns. They cry when they're under pressure or extremely stressed out.
  • Aquarius: Humanitarians till the very end, Aquas cry for the rest of the world. They feel everyone's pain, even if they pretend not to.
  • Pisces: Sensitive and reactive, Pisces cry over simple things and are unafraid to show their emotions.

For every dream that is left behind me 
I take a bow
With every war that will rage inside me
I hear the sound
Of another day in this vanishing life
Returned to dust
And every chance I’ve pushed away
Into the night

Katatonia ~ Old Heart Falls

Are you quiet when you need to be loved? Or do you raise your voice into a lion’s roar? Will you nudge yourself into my hips? Will you bite my shoulders and say ‘I need you to love me harder today’? Are you softer in the mornings? Which side of the bed do you like to take? Do you sprawl yourself out and steal the covers? Do you sleep naked? Do you take your coffee black? In the summer, do you flip the pillow and sigh when your cheek touches the cold side? Do you keep the windows open at night? If so, how? Aren’t you scared of monsters? Do you know that I’m scared of everything that lives in the dark? Are you aware that sometimes I get so nervous I forget how to move my feet? Can you be patient? Can you be gentle? Do you know how? Is there a quiet war raging inside of you? When you curl your fists and raise your chin, are you donning your armour? Can I help? Can I fight all of your demons with you? I won’t shy away from them, not if it would make you happy. Do you know that I’d stand in the dark in an empty room for you? Do you know that I trust you’d never ask that of me? Do you know that I don’t flinch when you cup my face? Even though if you so much as twitched too hard you could break me? Isn’t this what trust looks like? Isn’t it how I am always skin and emotions for you? Isn’t it saying 'I love you more today than I did yesterday, but it was a whole lot yesterday’? Listen, do you feel safest when you’re holding yourself together? Do you think someday you can let that go? Will you let me take the pieces of you and keep them close? Can you let me love you? Will you learn how to? It doesn’t matter, I’ll wait.
—  Azra.T “34 Questions" 

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Imagine Sherlock helping you through your depression.

Sherlock edged into the darkened room, his movements deliberately slow and careful to make sure that he didn’t disturb you.

You had been feeling especially low lately, and he knew that though you would never ask for his help for some obscure reason - embarrassment or the like - he also couldn’t sit there and watch you destroy yourself.

“Y/N?” Sherlock spoke quietly, calmly, as though he was trying to not frighten a wild animal. He approached the bed but didn’t touch you. He knew from personal experience how jarring it was to be ripped from one’s own thoughts abruptly, no matter how destructive and dangerous they were.

“I brought you some tea. It’s surprisingly good.”

The mound on the bed didn’t shift.

Sherlock suppressed a frustrated groan and reminded himself of all the times that you had waited patiently for him to return to you in the land of the living.

He sat down on the edge of your bed and reached out slowly. His hand rested lightly on your shoulder through the duvet and blankets.

Silence reigned for several moments in which Sherlock felt powerless to stop the war raging inside your head. It was an unfamiliar feeling for him, and definitely an unwelcomed one.

Finally, he spoke, his voice deeper and huskier, as though he was close to tears. “Let me help you, Y/N.”

Had the situation been different, he would have smirked triumphantly as your face popped up from the mountain of blankets and duvet. Though the room was dark, the low daylight that still got through the curtains meant that Sherlock could see your reddened eyes. Your voice was hoarse from crying and sobbing, something which broke his heart all over again.

“How can you help me?”

“I don’t know, but I can try.” Sherlock’s tone was solemn, and as he stood up to leave, your hand snaked out of the warm covers and wrapped around his wrist.

He turned back to face you, a frown on his face.

“Stay, Sherlock? You don’t have to, but I -”

Sherlock cut you off by climbing under your covers, though he didn’t bring you into a hug. His hand held the back of your head as he pressed a tender kiss to your forehead. 

“We’ll go out for chips later. You deserve it.”

The two of you spent the next hour in silence, side by side in the dark. Sherlock allowed you to hug him, and within moments he was holding you too. You weren’t okay and maybe you never would be, but Sherlock wouldn’t leave you.

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Inside Out

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You’re slowly tearing yourself apart, but Bucky reminds you of your worth.

Warnings: Angst, bullying, low body confidence, caring!Bucky (that’s not a warning but idk)

Word Count: 2615

A/N: I know this is long but I’m honestly so pleased with how it turned out. This is something that’s been on my mind for a while, and it’s kind of my response to society’s unattainable standard of beauty. I just want you to know that you are beautiful at any shape and any size – tall, small, skinny, muscle-y, curvy. It doesn’t matter. There is no one else on this planet that shines quite like you do, and let me tell you, you are a goddess inside and out. Also, this isn’t a song fic, but this and this certainly gave me a ton of feels as I was writing.

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The first time it happened, you were at Starbucks.

“Eww she’s so muscle-y,” one tween whispered to her friend.

“Oh, gross. She’s like a dude,” the other scoffed.

You looked down at your feet, silently begging the next drink to be yours. It was. As soon as your name was called you were out the door, drink in hand, tugging your sweatshirt over your head to cover your frame despite the roasting New York summer.

You opened the doors to the gym and flicked the lights on, squinting briefly as your eyes became accustomed to the fluorescent light. A gentle breeze wafted through the open window, the faint smell of the fresh summer air mixing with metal equipment and the cologne that Bucky and Steve used after their training sessions. It was an odd combination, but it was the smell of home.

You walked over to the barbell rack and wrapped your hands around the cool metal. The tension that had been building up in your body from a less-than-ideal day dissipated as a feeling of calmness and strength flowed through you. Yet today, beneath the peace you always seemed to find from your solo training sessions, there was something else too.

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Could you make a post about the body language during the porn story? Jared and Misha seem to be cracking up loving it and Jensen always seems so nervous, like, guys, no. Could you talk about how their responses all vary during that story and what it could mean about how they feel about sexuality, their own relationships with each other, and any other thoughts. :)

As Jared sinfully begins his tell, Misha is clearly reliving it, and Jensen is trying his best to shrink away and disappear bc he knows what’s coming, but of course there is amusement in his face. However as he mentions the gay porn, Jensen inflates on himself lol. Covering his eyes he clearly wishes to be anywhere but there. It was worse years ago. I remember it happened in Australia during the shirt auction and when something super gay happened, Jensen practically wanted to run off stage! I made a post about that and added the video of that panel here (X) How far he’s come.

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…my girlfriend”

My heart crashed to my stomach upon hearing those two words.  I faked a smile and an interested look as he casually continued to tell his amusing story, completely unaware of the physical pain in my chest, and the raging emotional war inside me.  Why was I even hurt?  I don’t like him. I mean, I didn’t like him, did I?

“…my girlfriend”

How could he not have a girlfriend?  He’s perfect He’s down-to-earth, smart, attractive, musically talented, polite, smart and funny.  I stared at him for a while and studied his physical entirety.  He had a sharp jaw, and he had long eyelashes, and he had deep set eyes, and a contagious smile.

“…my girlfriend”

God, why does he have to repeat it ever so often?  I felt tears building up in my eyes.  I tried my best to keep my smile up but my lips started to quiver.  I tried to bat away my tears but this was nothing but a fragile attempt to stop the inevitable.

“…my girlfriend”

Each time he said it was a blow to my gut.  I could almost hear my heart crack and break each time those two words came up.  It was hard to breathe-a wave of unknown emotions started to drown me.

“But I love you” I blurted out.

He gulped down the rest of the story that I cut off.  His eyes shot wide open, surprised and taken aback by the confession that came out of nowhere.  

“…my girlfriend” he repeated, ignoring the revelation earlier.

The tears finally ran down my cheeks, unable to contain themselves any longer.  I got the answer I needed.

Too late, too much, good-bye was the only thing left to say.

We do like it rough don't we?

By popular request…Queen Queen smut. It’s dark it’s hot and you’re welcome. There is no beta so I own all mistakes which are likely in it.

Implications of past Sexual Assault but not more

Tagging bc this either your fault or cause I think you’ll enjoy it: @reginasevilpanda @reginandemma @soligblomma @hermajestymills @cruellasdarling @mynerdychronicles @cinnamonsavior @onhowtobecrazy @the-notsoevil-queen @asolitaryrose @littlejoregal

Regina moans loudly when she feels her sucking her pulse point feels her teeth graze her throat biting her earlobe softly. Too many sensations rain down on Regina she barely can breathe but it feels so good. The Queen feels so good.

It’s not why Regina came down to the vault, she came down to stop her darker self to talk her out of her plan to tear them all apart. So, no being pressed against the wall hands held above her head and the Queen kissing, biting, sucking every part she can reach wasn’t what she had in mind coming down here.

But she can’t say she minds terribly knows she probably should this is the Evil Queen and she hates her hates her with every fiber of her being but the Queen means something else too.

She means safety

The Queen knows her knows her history knows her strengths and weaknesses knows enough to destroy her.

But she also knows how to make Regina feel safe and protected and when dark orbs find dark orbs full of lust and desire Regina let’s go. Because she knows even if it sounds strange the Queen won’t hurt her. Not today maybe another day but not today.

Now both of them can feel themselves become wet and in desperate need to be touched, to come, to forget.

Regina uses the moment the Queen stops to take a breath to crash her lips onto hers soft lips on soft lips and the after a surprised gasp at the Queen’s part the kiss deepens and she let’s go of Regina’s hands. Hands which are now free to find their way into dark long silky curls pulling the Evil Queen impossible closer who answers with biting Regina’s upper lip making both woman moan.

They make out passionately for a few minutes before lack of oxygen forces them to part both panting cheeks flushed and still holding on to each other. “Well well dear it’s your choice. Do you want to keep going?” The Queens asks a glint in her dark eyes a smile on her face there is a danger in that smile Regina knows that.

But she doesn’t care.

Because she is longing for her touch longing to feel her skin on skin and oh there is a part of her who hates herself for it a part who wants to rip the woman in front of her apart wants to get rid of everything she stands for.

Oh and there is anger there is hatred when Regina grabs the Queen’s hands  and with all the strength she can muster turns them and pushes the Queen against the wall kisses her fiercely while pressing her thigh between the other woman’s legs.

The Evil Queen hisses when her back makes contact with the hard cold stone wall ready to have a sharp reply for her light self but when Regina kisses her again presses herself closer to her the words get caught in her throat. She moans and oh she is angry, betrayed but damn she wants her wants her touch and it’s pathetic but it’s alright.

Because Regina knows her strengths and weaknesses, Regina knows her and she needs to feel her needs the sweet relief she only trusts Regina to give her. It’s a funny thing to trust the woman who crushed her heart it’s insanity but to be honest here…she and sanity haven’t been friends for a long time

So she moans when Regina sucks her pulse point even rougher than she had hers and when she presses her thigh harder where the Queen is already warm and wet presses hard enough to make her groan the Queen whispers grinning:”

“Yes! That’s the Regina I remember.”

Regina ignores the Queen and starts to unlace her corset but even after years of practice it takes time to get somebody out of this kind of clothing and if there is one thing both woman still have in common it’s the lack of patience. So with a wave of Queen’s hand their clothes vanish leaving them both only covered in purple lace

Regina is stunned for a moment, a moment the Queen uses to get her hands but Regina is quicker grabbing them tightly pressing her even harder against the cold wall. But the Queen isn’t put off by her other half’s actions no she is even more turned on when she asks her voice all low and seductive:

“We do like it rough don’t we?”

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2014 Upcoming Fiction Reads Written By Authors of Color

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (Jan 31st, 2013) - In Tokyo, 16-old Nao has decided there’s only one escape from her aching loneliness and her classmates’ bullying. But before she ends it all, Nao first plans to document the life of her great grandmother, a Buddhist nun who’s lived more than a century. A diary is Nao’s only solace—and will touch lives in ways she can scarcely imagine. Across the Pacific, we meet Ruth, a novelist living on a remote island who discovers a collection of artifacts washed ashore in a Hello Kitty lunchbox—possibly debris from the devastating 2011 tsunami. As the mystery of its contents unfolds, Ruth is pulled into the past, into Nao’s drama and her unknown fate, and forward into her own future. 

Soy Sauce For Beginners by Kristin Che(Jan 7th, 2014):  Gretchen Lin, adrift at the age of thirty, leaves behind a floundering marriage in San Francisco to return to her Singapore home, where she confronts the challenges of her mother’s alcoholism and her father’s artisanal soy sauce business before being pulled into a family controversy.  In the midst of increasing pressure from her father to remain permanently in Singapore—and pressure from her mother to do just the opposite—Gretchen must decide whether she will return to her marriage and her graduate studies at the San Francisco Conservatory, or sacrifice everything and join her family’s crusade to spread artisanal soy sauce to the world.

 On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee (Jan 7th, 2014): In a dystopian American future where declining urban neighborhoods have been transformed into highwalled, self-contained labor colonies whose Chinese immigrant residents work catching fish for the surrounding elites. In this world lives Fan, a female fish-tank diver, who leaves her home in the B-Mor settlement (once known as Baltimore), when the man she loves mysteriously disappears. Fan’s journey to find him takes her out of the safety of B-Mor, through the anarchic Open Counties, where crime is rampant with scant governmental oversight, and to a faraway charter village, in a quest that will soon become legend to those she left behind.

 The Radiance of Tomorrow by Ishmael Beah (Jan 7th, 2014): Beah’s debut novel tells the story of two friends Benjamin and Bockarie, who return to their hometown, Imperi, after the civil war. The village is in ruins, the ground covered in bones. As more villagers begin to come back, Benjamin and Bockarie try to forge a new community by taking up their former posts as teachers, but they’re beset by obstacles: a scarcity of food; a rash of murders, thievery, rape, and retaliation; and the depredations of a foreign mining company intent on sullying the town’s water supply and blocking its paths with electric wires. As Benjamin and Bockarie search for a way to restore order, they’re forced to reckon with the uncertainty of their past and future alike.

 The Secret History of Las Vegas by Chris Abani (Jan 7th, 2014):  Salazar, a detective, is determined to solve a string of recent murders before he retires. He enlists the help of an expert in psychopathy, Dr. Sunil Singh, who is haunted by a betrayal of his loved ones in apartheid South Africa. But Sunil’s own troubled past is fast on his heels in the form of a would-be assassin.

 A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea by Dina Nayeri (Jan 7th, 2014) - Growing up in a small rice-farming village in 1980s Iran, 12-year-old Saba Hafezi and her twin sister, Mahtab, are captivated by America. They keep lists of English words and collect illegal Life magazines, television shows, and rock music. So when her mother and sister disappear, leaving Saba and her father alone in Iran, Saba is certain that they have moved to America without her. As she grows up in the warmth and community of her local village, falls in and out of love, and struggles with the limited possibilities in post-revolutionary Iran, Saba envisions that there is another way for her story to unfold. And where Saba’s world has all the grit and brutality of real life under the new Islamic regime, her sister’s experience gives her a freedom and control that Saba can only dream of.

 Foreign Gods, Inc by Okey Ndibe (Jan 11th, 2014) - Foreign Gods, Inc., tells the story of Ike, a New York-based Nigerian cab driver who sets out to steal the statue of an ancient war deity from his home village and sell it to a New York gallery. As Ike travels back to Nigeria to steal the statue, he must deal with old friends, family, and a mounting conflict between those in the village who worship the deity, and those who practice Christianity. 

 The Death Class by Erika Hayashi (Jan 14th, 2014) - Why does a college course on death have a three-year waiting list?  When nurse Norma Bowe decided to teach a course on death at a college in New Jersey, she never expected it to be popular. But year after year students crowd into her classroom, and the reason is clear: Norma’s “death class” is really about how to make the most of what poet Mary Oliver famously called our “one wild and precious life.” By following her over four years, award-winning journalist Erika Hayasaki shows how Norma steers four extraordinary students from their tormented families and neighborhoods toward happiness: she rescues one young woman from her suicidal mother, helps a young man manage his schizophrenic brother, and inspires another to leave his gang life behind. Through this unorthodox class on death, Norma helps kids who are barely hanging on to understand not only the value of their own lives, but also the secret of fulfillment: to throw yourself into helping others.

 Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of American Maroons by Sylviane A. Diouf (Jan 17th, 2014) - Over more than two centuries men, women, and children escaped from slavery to make the Southern wilderness their home. They hid in the mountains of Virginia and the low swamps of South Carolina; they stayed in the neighborhood or paddled their way to secluded places; they buried themselves underground or built comfortable settlements. Known as maroons, they lived on their own or set up communities in swamps or other areas where they were not likely to be discovered. To survive, the American maroons reinvented themselves, defied slave society, enforced their own definition of freedom and dared create their own alternative to what the country had delineated as being black men and women’s proper place. Audacious, self-confident, autonomous, sometimes self-sufficient, always self-governing; their very existence was a repudiation of the basic tenets of slavery. (Nonfiction)

Boy in the Twilight: Hidden Stories of China by Yu Hua (Jan 21st, 2014) -  From the acclaimed author of Brothers and To Live: thirteen audacious stories that resonate with the beauty, grittiness, and exquisite irony of everyday life in China.

 The Secret of Magic by Deborah Johnson (Jan 21st, 2014) - In 1946, a young female attorney from New York City attempts the impossible: attaining justice for a black man in the Deep South. Regina Robichard works for Thurgood Marshall, who receives an unusual letter asking the NAACP to investigate the murder of a returning black war hero. It is signed by M. P. Calhoun, the most reclusive author in the country. As a child, Regina was captivated by Calhoun’s The Secret of Magic, a novel in which white and black children played together in a magical forest. Once down in Mississippi, Regina finds that nothing in the South is as it seems. She must navigate the muddy waters of racism, relationships, and her own tragic past.

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Intimate. A Friku oneshot

“Dammit, this cant be happening!!” Frieza slammed his fist on a nearby table, as he gritted his teeth. Goku stood near him, as he held a look of guilt and concern. “Frieza i….im sorry. It’s a surprise for me to!” Frieza breathed rapidly, as he turned towards the Saiyan. He stared at him angrily, and his face switched between hate and remorse. He spoke bitterly, his words spitting like venom, “What do you mean sorry?! How can you be sorry about THIS?!!” Frieza yelled, making Goku flinch. Goku avoided eye contact with the Ice-jin, and silence filled the air. Finally, Goku hesitantly spoke in reply, “Frieza, please….i didn’t mean for this to happen, it just appeared! These…feelings! I can’t control them, please…can you ever forgive me?” Goku looked at Frieza with the biggest puppy eyes he could muster, and for a moment Frieza seemed affected. But the white tyrant knew better than to forgive so easily. “…no.” Gokus face dropped. “what…?” Frieza snarled. “I said NO!!” Frieza bared his teeth in anger, as his focus stuck to the man in front of him. 

He was mad. He felt fire burn inside his chest, and he felt screams inside his mind. A war raged on inside of his conscience, and he wasn’t intending to lose. He could clearly see the heartbroken look on Gokus face, like the Saiyans entire world just came crashing onto his shoulders. What did he expect? Did the Monkey just immediately think that Frieza would instantly forgive him for having an attraction towards him?! Hell no!

Frieza huffed and turned away, his arms crossed tightly across his chest. He could feel Gokus saddened and confused gaze digging into his back. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Frieza gasped and quickly pulled away, staring at Goku. Goku slowly pulled his hand back and stared at Frieza softly. Frieza stared back simply, as his attention turned to the Saiyans posture. Goku stood still, and he looked down, his hair hiding his eyes, casting a shadow over his face. His hand was still held up in the air, as he spoke in a whisper, his voice sad and ashamed, “i wont blame you for not forgiving me….i wont even ask if we can still be friends. All i care about is if you’re happy Frieza. I didn’t mean for this news to harm you, and i truly mean it when i say i don’t want this. But that’s only if you don’t want it Frieza.” Goku looked up slightly, and he stared at Frieza silently, before he continued to speak. “I hope you can understand me when i saw i want this more than you think. But if you think us being in an intimate relationship has not a single chance of working out, then…” Goku sighed and straightened himself out. His gaze was still fixed to the floor, as he turned away. Frieza watched him shocked, and he felt a sudden sense of guilt register inside him. Goku clenched his hands into fists, as he began to walk away slowly. He muttered a couple words as he began to leave, “…then forget it.” 

Frieza stood there, his eyes wide. He swallowed hard as he watched Goku leave. Something wasn’t right. He didn’t exactly know why or what, but something about this he didn’t like. He thought, ‘what the Hell is my problem?! One moment im screaming at this stupid Monkey for having feelings towards, and now im nothing more than a speechless and concerned weakling?!!’ Frieza didn’t understand it. Then again, he didn’t really understand a lot of things, which he reluctantly admit. But if there was one thing that troubled him, one single thing in this entire world. It was when Goku was upset. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something about seeing the usually cheery, happy, big smiling Saiyan turned into an almost dead and broken down child was….well, it was disturbing. It wasn’t natural , it wasn’t right, it wasn’t, “Goku…”. Frieza then felt in that moment something spark. His chest heated up, and his head throbbed. His throat became sore as his breathing hitched and quickened. 

Everything went slow motioned, as he pushed himself off the ground, ran, stretched out, and collided into Goku within mere seconds, as he wrapped his arms protectively around the Saiyans waist. 

Goku gasped sharply, as he stumbled and fell. He yelped slightly as he hit the floor. He groaned, and blinked, his eyes opening slowly. He glanced around. ‘what just…?’ Then he looked down. His eyes widened, as he saw a shaking Frieza wrapped tightly around his waist, snuggling into his stomach. Goku chewed his lip, as he reached out, placing his hand on Friezas head. The Ice-jin retracted back a bit, but soon sighed out a muffled breath. Goku watched dumbfounded, as Frieza slowly looked upwards at him. Goku held back a gasp, as he saw the tyrants tear stained face. Frieza sniffled, and he muttered one small phrase.

“…i forgive you.”

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Try Again (Part 1/4)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Word count: 761

Pairing:  Steve x Reader, Bucky x Nat

Warnings: None

Part 1 of 4

You don’t know how it happened, four days ago you were just fine, ready to enjoy the wedding of two of your best friends.   Now you were conflicted and didn’t know what to do.  You stand beside Natasha and watch the official begin her and Bucky’s wedding.  You have a bright smile on your face but inside a war was raging inside you.   You sneak a glance at Steve and find he is staring at you with a large smile from the other side of Bucky.

-4 days ago-

You sat beside Steve on the jet, both of you reading your books, enjoying the flight.  You sneak a glance at him and smile.  You and Steve had dated for a year and the timing just wasn’t right so you split up.  You were just glad you two remained friends and everything was normal.  Natasha and Bucky were getting married and all the Avengers were flying to a private island resort for the wedding.  You meet Steve’s eye and you both set your books down.  

“No date?” You ask with a grin turning slightly towards Steve.

“No” he replies with a grimace. “I was gonna take Stephanie from data but all she kept asking me was if Thor was going.”

You roll your eyes, “Why do you insist on dating girls who are only out to get something. You need to choose better.”

Steve scoffs, “Well what about you?  Where the hell is your date?”

“Language Mr. America,   Campbell in weapons was suppose to be my date but kept asking if you were going to be there.” You reply with a smirk.

“I TOLD YOU! I told you he had a crush on me.” Steve said pointing at you accusingly all the while laughing.

You begin to laugh with him adjusting yourself in the seat so that you were facing him.  You take in his smiling face.  You always loved the way his eyes crinkled in the corners and the way the his teeth were perfectly straight.  You snapped yourself back to reality to focus on what he was saying to you.

“So I guess we are going to be each other’s dates.  Which works since usually the best man and maid of honor hook up at weddings right?”  He questions with a laugh.  You know he is joking but you swear you see a glimmer of hope in his eyes for a brief moment.

“I guess you’re right.” You say with a shy smile, “Steve do you think -”

You are cut off by Bucky walking towards you and plopping on the seat across the aisle.  “What’s going on with you too? I need a break from Nat, someone is going to get murdered before this wedding is over.”

“Y/n was just about to ask me something.” Steve says slightly annoyed. He and Bucky both turn to you looking expectant.

“It was nothing, I better go check on Natasha so she doesn’t end up in jail before the wedding night.”  You grab your book and stand waiting for Steve to let you out of the row.   

Steve looked at you curiously and as you are about to walk away he grabs your wrist lightly, “Hey you okay?”

You give him a slight smile, “Fine. We can talk later.”  

He releases your wrist and lets you walk away just like he did a year ago.  He turns to Bucky who has a cheeky grin on his face.

“Shut up Buck.” He says rolling his eyes looking back at his book.

“Still hung up on Y/n huh?”  Steve shrugs at him, “Well you know love is the theme of the weekend, never know what can happen.”

Steve chuckles, “You’re a punk you know that.  Focus on marrying your girl.”


You walk over to Nat and sit in what you assume is Bucky’s empty seat.   Nat is on her computer typing furiously.   

“These people are idiots.  They messed up the rooms at the resort.  I am going to kill them when we get there.”  Nat seethes.

“Nat, calm down it can’t be all that bad.  Who doesn’t have a room?” You say in a calm voice.

“Well there is 2 rooms for 4 people.”  Nats begins slowly looking behind her before turning back to look at you.

“Who are the four?  Maybe they will be willing to share?” You say smiling at her, she can’t even keep her eyes off of Bucky when he is just a few steps away.

She turns to you with a sly smile, “Jane, Thor, Steve, and you.”

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Faded: The Finale. (or is it?)

A/N; This is the longest fic I have ever written. Also I would just like to mention I’m sorry for what will happen. Just remember, I love you all so much. xoxo

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Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Request: No

Warnings: Smut.

Word count:  5655

Part one.   Part two.   Part three.  Part four.  Part five.   Part six.  Part seven.

Based on this song and this one

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Winter’s Witch Part 9

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
Word Count: 3.1K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

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Jealousy Is A Funny Thing

Request(s): Hey! I was wondering if you could do a pan imagine where he finds you and felix in a “compromising” situation and gets the wrong idea and becomes really jealous so when he confronts you, you try to calm him down but it doesn’t work so you accidentally imply that you’d prefer Felix as he actually has a heart and obviously you regret it so you try and prove that you didn’t mean it except he’s trying to prove the same thing… But I haven’t really figured out an ending.. Sorry But please could it

Hi x3 I was wondering if you could do another Peter Pan imagine? Maybe, possibly about Pan getting jealous of a lost boy, Felix maybe(?), and getting all possessiveness over the reader? Sorry if I’m bothering you.. i love your imagines :) <3

Rating: K+

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Note: I combined these two because they were so similar.

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Imagine #17: Messing with His Mind

Request: can you make an imagine based on the song “like I would” by ZAYN with peter PLEASE?!?! love how you write

Like I would 

It’s been awhile since Pan last thought of you. The way things ended he never really liked to talk about you, not even to Felix. He would distract himself, playing games with the boys, hunting, anything to forget about you. Except lately you’ve been on his mind, and he decided to go find you in the real world, to see how you were.

When he got there he wasn’t sure what to expect. He didn’t know how much time had passed for you, but when he got to your window and saw you he knew it’s been a couple years. Your body looked more like a woman’s now than a teenage girl’s. He sighed as he stared at you, your Y/H/C hair was longer than before, even the way you dressed was different. He knew it was late in the night, but he found himself wide awake and staring at you.

He went to tap on the window, but stopped as he saw another boy walking into your room. Your face lit up as you looked at him and he leaned down and pecked your lips. The two of you laid back on your bed and watched tv, completely oblivious to the boy outside.

It was as if someone poured lava into Pan’s veins, his heart was racing at the sight of you and the other man. He couldn’t believe that you were with someone else.

Without thinking he smacked your window. The two of you sat up and looked out, but he shielded himself from your view. You got up and decided to go outside and investigate, ignoring the protests that came from your boyfriend.

Once you stepped outside Peter stepped out from the shadows. You let out a gasp, shock consumed you. You went to move back inside, but he grabbed your arm, his green eyes pierced yours as he said, “Please this won’t take long.”

A war raged inside you, but you sighed and nodded your head. A moment of silence passed as he tried to figure out what to say, “Y/N, I-this is probably going to sound wrong.” He shook his head, but then he remembered the man upstairs and anger consumed him once again as he growled out, “I hope you know he won’t touch you like I do. He won’t love you like I do.”

You ripped your arm from him and looked at him in disgust, “Peter what are you-”

He cut you off, “Y/N, you know he doesn’t know you like I do. He doesn’t know your body, he doesn’t do you right.”

You rolled your eyes, “You’re the one who couldn’t handle me.”

Annoyance filled him, “That’s because you kept messing with my mind! You kept playing games! I got sick of it, Y/N.” He only shook his head, “I don’t even know why I came.”

You sighed, “Well if that’s all you wanted I’m going back inside.”

Once again he paused for a moment, “You know, I wasn’t sure of many things when it came to you. What your motive was, why you kept trying to screw around with me. It drove me crazy, but the one thing I was always sure of was that I wanted you to be mine.”

You shook your head at him, “I’ll never be yours.”

He laughed, his eyes darkening as he stared at you, “You may have grown, Y/N, but you still haven’t learned not to doubt me.” He smirked at you as you backed away into your house, the shadows seemed to cover him and his green eyes pierced through, “I’ll be back for you. Because you’ll realize he could never love you like I would.” With that he vanished.

A chill spread through your body as you were left staring at your empty yard, the moon looming over head as panic swelled in you, Peter Pan was out to get you.

Addicting...Part 5

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Epilogue)

When you finally awoke that morning, your body contorted on the couch as you try to wet your cotton mouth, you sniffle in deep as you bring your limp hand up to wipe your mangled hair out of your eyes.

The smells wafting from the kitchen were reminiscent of Chinese food…

“Morning,” Spencer coos as he brings a tray of food into your living room.

Watching as a hazy form sits reheated Chinese food down onto your coffee table, you feel the light patch of free couch sink down underneath you as Spencer reaches out his hand and pushes the rest of the hair from your face.

“Hey there,” he coos, his voice still croaky from sleep as you slowly take in the focusing of his face, his hair standing up in all directions as his red, puffy eyes stand out.

Screaming at you like the scars on your back do.

“Did we both-?”

“Yeah,” Spencer snickers as he nods his head lightly.  “Sorry, I-I just-”

“No no,” you breathe as you reach out, grasping his arm as you grunt and lift yourself upright on the couch, “don’t be sorry.  It’s fine.”

Your hand darted to your head as it starts to throb and ache.

“Here,” Spencer says as he scurries for the glass of ice water, “probably a bit dehydrated.”

“Thanks,” you croak, bringing the cold liquid to your lips as you gulp it down, your eyes closing as Spencer reaches for his small glass of orange juice.

As the two of you sit in relative silence, the throbbing in your head slowly dying down as you sit on the couch in nothing but a baggy t-shirt and your dried tears from the night before, your stomach begins to growl as you hear Spencer let out a light puff of air through his nose.

“Want some food?” he asks as he reaches out for your egg-drop soup.

“Sure,” you breathe, slowly opening your eyes as you take the small cup of soup from his hands.

It felt so warm in your grasp…

“I found some more in one of your coffee mugs,” Spencer blurts out as he looks intently into the bottom of his juice glass.

“And we’re back,” you lull as you snicker and bring the soup up to your lips.

“I just…didn’t know if maybe you-”

“-had any other places I wasn’t telling you about?”

You dropped the empty soup cup a bit harder than you had wished back onto the tray on the coffee table.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean to-”

“-insinuate that I would start using again once I got you off my back?”

You spat the last sentence a bit more than you had wished.

Hell, you were feeling emotions a little bit stronger than you had wished.

The pills dulled that sensation…

“Y/N, I know that look,” Spencer says as he sits his glass down, his body shifting towards you as you bury your face into your hands, “it’s why I’m not letting you do this alone.”

“Indulge me,” you groan, your voice muffled by the palms of your hands.

“Look, I-…I still go to the Beltway Clean Cops meetings,” he admits.

“What?” you ask, lifting your face from your hands as you slowly turn your furrowed face towards him.

“Yeah.  I mean, I don’t struggle all the time, but I will always struggle sometimes.  And when it kicks up, I go to a meeting or two.  It helps to remember how much I struggled, and the road I had to walk when I relapsed…”

You watched as Spencer’s eyes glazed over, his mind throwing him back to a time where he was just as desperate as you are now, clamoring for any sense of relief and numbness.

“Come with me,” he murmurs, his eyes slowly focusing back onto reality as you slowly sink back into your couch.

“To the meetings?” you ask as you hike your leg up onto the couch, your entire body turned towards him as he sinks back alongside you, turning his head towards you slowly.

“Yeah.  Come with me,” he offers again.

“You probably don’t have to go all the time, though,” you snicker as you lightly shake your head.

“I would if I was your sponsor,” he admits.

Your eyes locked heavily onto his as your brain debated between grasping the rope he was throwing you and kicking him out again so that you could fish around in the tank of your half-bath toilet.

“I would help you, a-a-and be there, every step of the way, Y/N,” Spencer urges as his hand reaches out and lightly takes yours.

“Just tell me where they are,” he whispers.

A war was raging inside of you.

A war that had long been fought before him, and would long be fought with or without him.

And you figured you stood a better chance with a partner.

After all, look at what being alone had gotten you.

“The tank of the toilet,” you choke out as tears begin to stream down the crevices of your nose, “down the hall.”

You watched the smallest tick of Spencer’s lips before he nods at you lightly.

“Try to eat something,” he urges, leaning forward and placing a delicate kiss on your forehead, “for me.”

And as your eyes flutter open, the feeling of his warm body gone as he shuffles his way into the hallway, you slowly lean forward and grab at the plastic plate full of noodles and vegetables as you hear Spencer rake the lid of the toilet back and fish around in the tank.

You hadn’t even swallowed your first bite before you heard the hearty flush of the toilet, whisking away the last stash of pills in your house as you close your eyes and listen to the beat of your heart.

A heart that could repair itself again, just like it had done it before.