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Thank you @catslab and @shiroekoyuki for the tag!! <3
It honestly has been so long since I did stuffs like this hahahaha so thank you!

——- Questions from catslab:
Favorite colors and why?

Red and Yellow (or Gold). I also like black. Why I like them? I LOVE RED because it can symbolize either love or war; passion or rage; a blush or some blood. It basically represents me. xD. Yellow/Gold/Black just kinda always shows up in my works, so they became part of my aesthetic too <3

What’s your favorite drawing style?

Drawing style? Hmmm… My own? Or am I supposed to mention someone else’s style? But if I were to do special mentions then I will give my top 3– I can say that I absolutely adore @quiethistess‘, @lightdizzy’s and @petrichor-note’s drawing style. Details, proportions, and poses have always been wonders for me and they bring that out so beautifully! <3

What’s your favorite coloring style?

I’m actually easily impressed by any kind of coloring style because I’m actually pretty bad at it haha! But if I were to describe it, well, I like bright ones, or some contrasting stuffs… and maybe some darker shades too (<– doesnt know what she’s saying). Basically something like @adeslowmoqueen‘s, @quiethistess`, and @damucochan`s way of coloring… They’re all so unique that you end up falling in love with their works almost everyday!!

Do you like games?

Trickster Online still holds a special place in my heart. I mean look at the cute sprites! v

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What is/are your aesthetic/s?

The night. The moon. A rainy day. A forest view. The sky when it’s dawn.

What is/are your favorite color palette/s?

What is/are your favorite motive/s?

Challenges. Proving people wrong. Proving people I can be better. 
“People who enjoy life are winners,” -Takao Kazunari
Making people happy. Making them realize they’re loved.

Do you like cute things? If so, what kind of cute things do you like?

D’aaaaaaaw xDDDD I mean—
Well, I like cute stuffs. Cute animals. Cute stationeries, Cute characters.

——- Questions from shiroekoyuki:
Qn 1. What are your hobbies?

Drawing. Daydreaming. Listening to music. Thinking of story plots but not even writing them down. Eating. League of Legends. Trickster Online. xDDD

Qn 2. Do you like Youtubers? If yes, what are some of your favorite Youtubers?


This hasn’t been updated since a few months ago tho xD I think I’m forgetting to subscribe to some peeps…. HEH

Qn 3. Do you like sweet food?

Heck yeah <3. It’s either I crave for sweets, or I crave for meat!!

Qn 4. Do you love animals?

More than humans tbh xD

Qn 5. What are your 5 top favorite anime?

Well, current updated list as of March 25, 2017 8:58 pm
1) Servamp
2) Marginal 4
3) Little Witch Academia
4) Youjo Senki
5) Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon

But if it’s all time favorite anime then it would be:
1) Flame of Recca xD
2) Letter Bee
3) Fullmetal Alchemist (2003/Brotherhood)
4) Durarara
5) Tales of the Abyss

Qn 6. Do you have any TV shows you like? If yes, please name your favorite(s).

Holy crap. I rarely watch TV shows lol. But I did watch Stranger Things, basically my first and favorite. I’m now waiting for Stranger Things 2 <3

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Qn 7. Which do you prefer: Fluff or Angst?

Oh no. This… is so hard to answer. HAH. Not really. ANGST anytime! //kicked

Qn 8. What is/are/was/were your best subject(s) in school?

I’m a jack of all trades. HEH. Back in high school tho, my best was English and Science. In college, I did pretty well with psychology and public speaking. 

Qn 9. Introvert or Extrovert?

Ambivert to be honest. But I guess I can be quite the extrovert to my friends.

Qn 10. Do you have any favorite movie(s)? If yes, please name some of them.

I’m actually a huge fan of animated movies- especially those with anthropomorphic animals, more than those movies with real actors and whatnot. So basically I love the classics like Brother Bear and Lion King. The recent ones now would include Finding Dory, Zootopia and Penguins of Madagascar. Special mentions to Kimi no Na Wa, Beauty and the Beast, The Boy and the Beast, and Warcraft!

….I’m also kinda bad at thinking of questions but here are like 5 of them. 
1. What is/are your hidden talent/s?
2. If you were to given the chance to travel, where would you go and why?
3. What inspires you to draw/write?
4. What song best describes you?
5. If you had a super power, what would it be and what would you do with it?

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  • Gronkh: Ok, das ist, aber echt frustrierend. Also, wirklich frustrierend einfach. Wirklich wenn man 'ne ganze Folge lang Rüstung gesammelt hat und dann batt batt batt alles für'n Arsch.
  • Gronkh: Ja... ist 'n bisschen doof. Aufgrund eines Bugs. Die natürlich alle gefixt sind.
  • Sarazar: Man kann jetzt natürlich sagen, das Spiel ist ja noch in der Alpha, aber THE FOREST ist schon seit Jahren in der-
  • [...]
  • Gronkh: Wieso gibt's hier noch keine Eisenvorräte, die ich einschmelzen kann? Dann bau ich mir 'ne Industrie und mach mir 'ne Stahlrüstung. DANN WALZ ICH DIE HIER ALLE NIEDER! Das ist Realismus!
  • Sarazar: 'n richtig schönen Panzer.
  • Gronkh: Dat is' survial. Verstehste?
  • [...]
  • Gronkh: Ja, Panzer. Nicht nur. Erstmal 'ne fette Flak in'n Wald stellen. Was meinste wie schnell die ruhig sind?!
  • Sarazar: Ich bin mir übrigens nicht mehr sicher gerade...
  • Gronkh: Da gehe ich mit 'ner AK-47 durch die Höhle, da is' aber schnell Platz für neue Mieter!

Last spring, a French farmer was plowing his field when a hole in the earth opened beneath his tractor. A hundred years ago, war was raging in this very spot. The original French front line was only 50 feet away.
The farmer called my friends at Soissonnais 14/18, France’s oldest and largest association of volunteers dedicated to protecting France’s underground heritage from World War I. Two friends volunteered to lower themselves down the hole and found a site that’s been in total darkness, frozen-in-time for the last century. Not long afterwards, I was in France filming this documentary for the Smithsonian Channel and was invited by my friends to descend into the hole and photograph this site.
Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI will premiere tomorrow (March 13th) on The Smithsonian Channel at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET & PT.
On April 6th, an exhibition of my WWI photographs will open at The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC. The exhibition runs for nearly 19 months. #history #hiddenwwi #wwi #hidden


Kylo + Rey | Beauty & Rage


Does Dark Matter Exist, Or Is Gravity Wrong? The Answer Lies Billions Of Years In The Past

“If this result holds up with more and better data, this may provide a window into galactic evolution that finally allows us to discriminate between dark matter and modified gravity in a clear and robust way. These types of observations, to measure the rotation curves of galaxies many of billions of light years away, will be a prime science goal for new telescopes in the 2020s like GMT, E-ELT and WFIRST. Both sides will continue to argue for their interpretation of the data, but in the end, it will be the full suite of data that reveals how nature truly behaves. Will Einstein be superseded? Or will we all wind up joining the dark side? By time another decade goes by, the answer may finally be known.”

The dark matter wars rage on and on, with both sides – those in favor of modifying gravity and those in favor of adding an additional mass component to the Universe – claiming victories for their own side and defeat for the other. But one piece of evidence, hitherto elusive, might finally hold the key to distinguishing one from the other: early, young, less-evolved galaxies. Billions of years ago, not as much dark matter had fallen into the inner portions of galaxies, meaning that the outer portions of rotating spirals should display less dark matter in the past than they do today. Instead of flat rotation curves, the galaxies in the distant Universe should exhibit falling rotation curves. In a series of new papers, a team was able to observe 101 distant galaxies at relatively high redshifts, and what they found presented compelling evidence for exactly this phenomenon. As always, more and better data is needed, as it’s only a three-sigma effect so far. 

But as the first hint of this long-anticipated effect, it’s a compelling preview of what the telescopes of the 2020s will offer! Come get the scientific story today.

suddenly overcome with rage that a LEIA prequel isn’t the very first one they’re doing

raised by galactic senator and alderaanian royalty who were secretly major figures in the rebel alliance

thus became a skilled politician and important rebel leader IN HER TEENS

used to run rebel missions by pretending to be a soft-hearted princess going to depressed worlds on missions of mercy

is PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA and from now on you do as she says come the fuck on

lol p.s. is force sensitive empath and secret daughter of sith lord

but sure i mean obviously a movie about young han… smuggling stuff… that’s… great too…

Too Young -- Sirius Black

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Lily and James were sitting together on a couch diagonal the two of you. Lily was holding a sleeping Harry in her arms. “We want to make the two of you godparents.”
You locked eyes with Sirius and nodded. The two of you had just gotten married after dating all through your Hogwarts years. “We’d love to,” you tell the Potters. 

With the war raging around you, you could never be sure of your safety. There was always a chance that this baby could end up an orphan. The two of you made it back to Grimmauld Place. You were living there for the time being. You couldn’t exactly go house hunting in the middle of a war. 

Sirius wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead. “I love you.” Hearing those words brought you back to the present. You were in the middle of a war, married at 20, and godparent to a baby. Tears filled your eyes and you wrapped your arms around Sirius’s waist. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked you, gently raising your chin so your eyes are locked. 
“It’s just everything. We’re just kids in the middle of a war and now we’re godparents, and it’s just so much.” 
Sirius leaned down and kissed you. “Just know that whatever happens, we have each other. Even if you want to get rid of me, I’ll be here.” 

Halloween came around, and instead of the happy celebrations Hogwarts offered, you and Sirius were lying low at home, avoiding the ever-strengthening Voldemort. As night approached, you were getting ready for bed. You crawled into an empty bed and tried to fall asleep. You begged Sirius to come to bed, but both of you knew that Death Eaters were coming after him. 

He was the most obvious Secret Keeper, and he knew that they would come after him. He gave it off to Peter, knowing they’d never suspect the sweet boy. You pulled the covers close to you, but couldn’t get to sleep. All of a sudden, a scream filled the house. You jumped out of bed, grabbed your wand and ran downstairs. 
“SIRIUS!” you screamed, tears filling your eyes. 

You ran around the house and straight into Sirius. “What happened?”
“Get dressed. It’s James.” 

You ran upstairs and pulled on Sirius’s jacket over your nightgown. You pulled on shoes and ran to Sirius. The two of you got onto his motorcycle and flew to the Potter house. The lights were all off and you feared the worst. Sirius ran in and you followed. You immediately saw the body of James Potter lying on the floor. Sirius was knelt down beside him. Your hand covered your mouth and you dropped down beside him. 

Sobs forced their way through your body. He was too young. You were all too young. You heard a cry and jumped up. That couldn’t be. You went to the nursery and found Lily laying on the ground. Your heart shattered. Your best friend was lying on the ground, dead. You had to step over her to retrieve Harry. You held him close to your chest as you walked out of the room. 

“Hey, baby, it’ll be okay. We’re here. Uncle Siri and I.” You walked down the stairs and to Sirius. 
“It was Peter,” he said, still holding James’s hand. 
“I know.” You caught your breath. “Lily’s gone, too.” 
“James didn’t have his wand.” 

“We need to go to Dumbledore.” 
The three of you apparated to Hogwarts. They were still celebrating Halloween festivities. Some of your younger friends saw you and pointed you out to others. 
“We need to talk. Now,” Sirius said to Dumbledore. 
He led the three of you to his office. “Peter did it. Peter Pettigrew. He’s Secret Keeper. If you don’t put him in jail, I swear I’ll kill him.” 

Before Dumbledore could answer, Remus burst into his office. “Is it true?” he asked, tears streaming down his face. He, then, saw us with Harry and began crying. “What happened,” he choked out. 
“Peter became secret keeper. I didn’t think they’d suspect him.”  

Professor Slughorn came in with a vial in his hand. “Truth serum. Drink it.” He handed it to Sirius, who willingly drank it. 
“Peter became secret keeper. James agreed it was the safest way.” 

Harry was two now. He was the most famous kid in the wizarding world, but at least he was loved. You were sat on the couch at your new house in Hogsmeade. You bounced Harry on your lap, who laughed at every movement. 
“Remus is here,” Sirius called. 
“Uncle Remmy’s here!” you exclaimed to Harry, who laughed. 

Remus and Sirius walked in. Remus gave you a hug and you handed him Harry. “Has he started talking yet?” he asked. 
“Not yet,” Sirius responded. 
“Say ‘Uncle Remus’.” Harry looked at him in confusion, before crying. 
“Every single time,” Remus said before handing Harry to Sirius. 

Sirius put him in his high chair and you all relocated to the dining room. You brought in the food and Sirius began cutting up little pieces for Harry. 
“Dada,” Harry said. All eyes locked on the little boy. 
“Did he just say-” Sirius asked. 
“Dada!” Harry yelled directly at Sirius. 

Sirius gave Harry the food. “Do you think James hates me?” Sirius asked. 
“The two of you are raising his orphaned son, I think he loves you more than anyone on this planet,” Remus said. 

You look at Harry who has food covering his face. This boy somehow found a way into your life and he was there to stay. 

Storm - FishKing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Link/Prince Sidon, Link/Sidon, Sidon/Link, sidlink, pre-relationship
Characters: Link (Legend of Zelda), Prince Sidon
Additional Tags: More Fluff, because i am a weak weak person, sidon is so into link like wow, its a good thing he is a fish because that boy is thirsty, he just wants to smooch link’s face
Series: Part 2 of Seabreeze

It has been some time since Sidon had last seen Link. So when the Hylian Champion appears one day, Sidon is elated.

The Prince decides to bring Link along with him to a quiet spot, where they can just enjoy each other’s company and take a reprieve from the raging war around them.

Apparently, the Goddess had other plans.

James+Lily Wedding
  • So James might’ve proposed on the last day of seventh year might not have
  • That was the fastest Lily had ever replied to anything and it was a breathless “Yes”
  • They have to wait a little, for more money to be scrounged up and the worst of the battles to die down, but that’s completely fine with them
  • James was tearing up a little and when Sirius pointed this out he pulled Lily in for a bear hug to hide his face in her hair
  • This all occurred at the front of the Great Hall with the teachers totally in on it and they had paused the meal just for James to propose
  • McGonagall was the first to congratulate them, she was beaming in such a bright fashion that so contrasted with her usual strict ways
  • Remus and Sirius and Peter were all hopping around and slapping James’ on the shoulder and whooping and arguing over who would be best man
  • Molly and Alice were absolutely ecstatic and gushing over the ring, which was a simple twisted band of silver that was beautiful in a quiet way
  • The war is raging and people are dying everywhere and these children are so, so, scared but at the same time they have never been more ready
  • And they know that a wedding would be a proper way to bring a little bit of light into all the darkness
  • The planning happens in an enlarged compartment on the Hogwarts Express, lined paper is sketched on, crude lists are made and tossed aside and redone
  • Unfortunately so much happens Order-wise that the wedding keeps on getting pushed back and back and back until it’s a two years later and James and Lily are both nineteen now
  • Alice has always had a fondness for sewing and Molly insists on helping her, they make it very clear that Lily may design it but cannot lift a single hand because she is the bride after all
  • James is a mixture of pure nerves and delight and pleasant anticipation and Sirius’ innuendos do not really help as they try to look for cheap tuxedos
  • In the end Remus ends up gathering some white button-ups and assorted bow ties with suspenders that needed a bit of patching
  • The wedding is to take place at a quaint little cottage in the countryside that would eventually become the Burrow, but for now it was just a stone building
  • McGonagall invites James to her home one night and he is mildly confused but quickly grows embarrassed when she gives him the firm talking to about what his new responsibilities would be
  • He assures her that he’s very aware and thanks her for the concern because he, too, would like to be the best husband possible
  • Lily invites Petunia and her parents, but Petunia’s invitation returns unopened, whereas her parents nervously RSVP
  • Snape’s invitation is the same, and although she cries a little, she remembers that they both chose their own paths long ago
  • On the big day the air is alive with excitement and happiness and love
  • Molly created an arch composed of wildflowers and twisting vines to stand over the place where James and Lily would exchange their vows
  • Peter has painstakingly lined up a random assortment of different kinds of stools and chairs that he spent days painting every single one the same shade of pale blue
  • Arthur, amusingly, is running around like a headless chicken, trying to organize everything although Molly’s doing most of the real work and eventually he ends up in the corner sipping tea
  • Lily’s dress is gorgeous, a lovely patchwork of ivory lace and satin that floats around her legs like mist and drips off of her arms
  • Stark against her crimson hair is a crown of white flowers, and in her hands is a bouquet of some more
  • It’s her choice to be barefoot
  • James won’t stop fiddling with his bow tie and Sirius threatens to make him walk out naked if he won’t stop
  • Music is provided by Professor Flitwick, who somehow has found a perfectly sized piano and is playing with such heartbreaking care and sincerity
  • The sun is out and it’s not too cold or too hot and the sky is completely blue, not a cloud in sight
  • Lily walks down the aisle with Molly and Alice behind her in matching dresses of robin egg’s blue
  • James is facing Dumbledore, who will officiate, and his foot keeps on tapping because he wants to turn around so badly but he cannot
  • When she steps up beside him, he finally gets to see her, and he lets out the most awe-fueled swear word that Lily begins laughing
  • That moment passes as important words and read and promises are said and then James produces two more rings that he so carefully looked for and retrieved from the dusty trunks in his family’s attic
  • Nothing too fancy, but certainly not plain, the thin gold bands have the most delicate filigree set in them that Lily wonders as to how they do not break
  • “They’re goblin made” James says proudly, and she rolls her eyes but is still grinning
  • Then they kiss, and there is cheers and applaud, and Sirius waves his wand and stars shower down on them
  • Dinner is served next and the cake is a five-layer monstrosity of icing that actually tastes very good
  • James allows Lily to smash some of it in his face, but she wipes most of it off laughing and kisses the rest away
  • Now it’s rather dark, so the chairs are cleared off to the side and fairy lights are magicked around the dance area and it’s all very fun
  • Sirius gets extremely drunk and Remus has to act as his human crutch, following him everywhere and ensuring he sips water every now and then
  • Lily’s parents were apprehensive but after meeting James and seeing the way he gazes down at their daughter every single worry disappears
  • James’ parents are completely taken with Lily and repeatedly remark over how James is quite lucky and he should be grateful
  • James assures them he is
  • It seems that they dance forever and ever to the merry piano and Arthur’s occasional whistling
  • Lily dances with at least every single person in attendance, James tries to do the same
  • He even convinces McGonagall to allow him a bit of a waltz and she’s slightly embarrassed about the whole thing but Lily is absolutely delighted and claps when they are done
  • Molly and Alice pull Lily over for just a bit of gal dancing and James is resting on a chair off the side, eyes incapable of leaving his wife
  • When the last of the guests leave and Sirius is being herded away by Remus and Peter, James and Lily remain laying on the grass, staring up at the star-speckled sky, hands entwined
  • They talk about their futures, about their pasts, about the wonderful day they just had
  • Just as the sun is starting to rise they get up and go to bed, falling asleep simultaneously in each others arms
  • It was the most vivid memory the two would ever replay in their last moments
Horizon Light - Part One

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Horizon Light
Part One, ~1200 Words
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn (Past)
Additional Tags: Pacific Rim AU, Jaeger Pilots Obi-Wan & Anakin, Mentions of Suicide/Suicidal Ideation, Canon-Typical Violence, Poor Coping Strategies, Enemies to Lovers, Slow Burn.

Summary: As the Kaiju War rages on, the fall of two Jaegers leaves their surviving pilots alone and devastated. Obi-Wan Kenobi is suicidal, Anakin Skywalker is homicidal, and the Powers that Be can do nothing but hope the pair will balance each other out before they lose two of their best pilots to their vices.

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rv version; here


  • the “mother” of the pack; in charge of cuddling the young ones and kissing away boo boos. will literally respond to “mom”
  • feels bad about killing so she drains just enough from her victims w/out taking their lives
  • but she’ll kill if she has to, like if someone threatens her pack
  • a rival group kidnapped the youngest, who was six when he was turned, and Yongsun raged war. she completely wiped their pack out and did so brutally
  • meets you as you were that packs “livestock;” they kept you chained up and fed from you as they pleased. you were littered with healing and fresh bite-marks when she found you, on the brink of death, malnourished and dirty
  • to spare you, Yongsun changes you, takes you under her wing. she teaches you how to deal w being a vampire, helps you deal w the trauma of what the enemy pack put you through
  • as you grow in strength and courage, she finds her unbeating heart fluttering when you hug her
  • as the relationship turns romantic, she kisses every one of your scars and ensures you never think they’re ugly or unsightly
  • “If my heart could beat it would beat for you”

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  • the “father” of the pack, in the sense that she takes on the old fashioned role of a father. she sets the rules and those that break them, answer to her. she enforces a more tough love approach on the newbies. but she’s not very fond of being called “dad” (”Do I look like a man to you?”) but still responds to it, knowing it’s not meant out of cruelty but affection
  • aggressively loves her pack members; “Shithead, don’t worry about messing up. You’re still a learning, immature runt.”
  • comes across you running away from a rogue vamp, and takes pity on the puny human. it’s cruel really, when a vamp tracks humans like that. they’re so weak, you know, it’s not like they can protect themselves
  • so she intervenes and saves your life
  • since you’re now aware of the vampire world, Moonbyul can’t let you simply return home. you’re recruited instead, picking them up what they need when the sun is out and doing small errands like that
  • after being injured, you let Moonbyul feed on you and the second her lips touch your neck, she realises that she cares for you. that one, intimate moment, gaining nourishment and tasting you on her tongue, made her finally understand the feelings she had been having towards you
  • when she’s better, she asks you out and it’s a running joke that you’re a “step parent” since the pack already has it’s mom and dad

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  • more of a puppy than a vampire
  • as a new pack member, you were shocked by her bright, happy aura considering how old she was, how many things she had seen. while most turned bitter, she turned brighter
  • “Just bc bad things happen, that doesn’t mean that the world or humans are bad! Every country and every person is beautiful”
  • once she realises she like-likes you, she turns into the typical teenager even tho she’s super old, trying to look pretty (does she even have to try tho? serious q) to gain your attention or pouting if you hang out with someone else
  • you pick up on her feelings quickly, deciding to tease her and act dumb
  • basically, it takes a while of obvious flirting and EVERYONE sees it coming months before it does but you end up dating and the pack’s like “finally!”
  • this puppy vamp decides, a few decades into the relationship, to venture off and explore the world with you. you’re still pack members but free to do as you like
  • along this journey, you find an abandoned human baby who’s now your little angel and despite how unlikely it may seem, you undead beings become a happy family

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  • drop dead gorgeous … literally
  • she can lure men and women into willingly letting her drain them dry. their corpses are found with smiles on their faces
  • she tires of this easy game after a few hundreds years
  • so when she meets you, an uninterested vamp who roamed freely, doing as you please she’s like 👀 hello who are u? 👀
  • for once, she’s the chaser. not having someone immediately fall at her feet was a first but she rather liked it
  • eventually, you both start going on dates and growing feelings that she knows are pure. it’s not due to her looks but who she is as a person that makes you fall for her
  • and that feels really fucking great
  • so she falls and falls hard
  • hyejin is completely dedicated to you and keeping you safe, to the point where she sometimes puts you before pack duty. she gets in trouble for this but can’t say she cares
  • “This world is so cold and dark, filled with loss and anguish, like an empty nights sky. Yet I somehow managed to find a star.”

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