war profits

one major reason why we don’t have free/affordable higher education in the united states:

1) the military industrial complex requires wars to profit off of

2) wars require people to fight in them

3) many underprivileged people join the military in order to escape the cycle of poverty and/or go to college; for a lot of americans it’s the only feasible way out

4) if higher education was affordable, poor and working class people would not need to join the military to go to school

5) military enlistment rates would drop and that is bad for the system because…(see #2)


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What do you mean by "we're the bad guys?" I want to serve my country

I mean we’re the bad guys.  I mean if you join the military you are being exploited to make rich people richer.  If you want to serve your country volunteer for planned parent hood or a Muslim community center or a soup kitchen.  Be a disability advocate.  For veterans if you like.  As a member of the united states military, the only interests you serve are war profiteers.

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Here's a problem with the Tony haters. Tony is bad for wanting revenge, yet you people are fine with T'Challa, who was reacting violently to Bucky as a HEAD OF STATE, putting on a suit and turning into a vigilante thug. At least Tony tried to compromise. T'Challa just started attacking people for a really flimsy reason.

really, dude? you come into my inbox to defend a white war profiteer and to call a black person a thug? god, you people are really that transparent.

flimsy reason??!! honestly, what the fuck. t’challa held his father’s dead body in his arms. tony’s parents died almost 30 years ago and t’challa watched his father die in front of him like the day before and for some reason you think that tony’s violent outburst is justified but t’challa isn’t allowed to grieve without you reducing him to the racist “aggressive black man” stereotype.

t’challa went after bucky because he believed him to be completely guilty. he had evidence of “bucky” planting the bomb at the building. tony knew bucky was innocent and he still tried to kill him. i’m sorry, but that’s unforgivable. once t’challa realized that he’d made a mistake and bucky had been set up, he tried his best to fix it. he didn’t even let zemo die (you know, t’chaka’s actual killer who, unlike bucky, was guilty) because he wasn’t going to let vengeance consume him anymore. tony let his anger get the best of him.

anyway if you’re a tony stan, you’re not allowed to talk about t’challa. you can’t even think about him. you can’t even look at him. sorry, i don’t make the rules. stick to worshiping your trashy fave and don’t touch other characters.

Yes, the Republicans had no intention of paying it back! It’s easier to steal from SS and deny those who really need it to survive.They have robbed SS for years now and have never wanted us to know that it funded their never ending wars for their own profit! But, continue to cast votes for these rogues.

problem solving suggestion for lucasfilm:

* transfer trevorrow to the Han Solo movie. it has only one female character and many chase scenes, and really low expectations, so it’s at his skill level. i say that as someone who loves Jurassic World, even. but come on.

* hire patty jenkins to take on a revamped version of ix that addresses and supports Leia’s legacy in a way that does Carrie justice while giving rey, rose, finn, and poe the meaty and meaningful trilogy conclusions they deserve

* profit


Waterloo Teeth,

In the 18th and 19th century dentures were made from a variety of materials; ivory, bone, animal teeth, ceramics, and others.  However the best dentures were those constructed from genuine second hand human teeth.  Such dentures were rare and expensive as there was a very limited supply of teeth available to construct them.  A lucky dentist might be able to acquire the teeth of an executed criminal, granted the criminal not have bad teeth. Body snatchers were also a common source.  While body snatching was often done to provide cadavers for medical schools, corpses could also be unearthed by snatchers for their teeth.  War was particularly profitable time for dentists, who would often hang around battlefields so that they could yank the teeth of fallen soldiers after the fighting had ended.  Such a practice was especially common during the Napoleonic Wars as large battles of the war such as Austerlitz, Jena, and Leipzig resulted in fields strewn with tens of thousands of corpses.  The Battle of Waterloo was most notorious for teeth scavengers. Located in Belgium, Waterloo was the crossroads of Europe, not far from France, the Netherlands, England, and Germany.  Thus there was an opportunity for dentists and denture makers from many nations to converge upon the battlefield in order to scavenge teeth.  In addition, being the last major battle of the Napoleonic Wars, it was the last chance for dentists to score an easy source of second hand teeth before peace broke out and once again constrained the second hand teeth market.  The pickings were very rich as the carnage of Waterloo would result in the deaths of over 50,000 men.  As a result, dentures constructed from soldiers teeth, regardless of which battlefield they originated from were often called “Waterloo Teeth”.  The practice of scavenging battlefields for teeth would continue to a lesser extent during the Crimean War and American Civil War.

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That "we're the bad guys" mentality is exactly what let's any enemy simply trample.over not only our rights but our homes and eventually are countries. You think ISIS are the good guys for "defending their religion" or something? Volunteer for a m u s l i m centre? Yeah, totally, let's empower the very people that took my best buddy's legs. Cheers to that, dude.

Shut up.

We directly created the conditions that gave rise to ISIS. We created the Taliban and Al Quaeda before that. Our war profiteering and imperialism has done nothing but hurt civilians.

Yeah, ISIS is bad. Yeah, the others are too. But when we kill more civilians than insurgents WE ARE THE PROBLEM. There are no acceptable levels of civilian casualties.


And if you want to talk weakness and terrorism, let’s discuss the literal fucking Nazi that was protected by police weeks ago that just murdered two Americans in an act of terrorism targeting Muslim women. If you want to talk about heroism let’s discuss the young man I’m watching over in the hospital tonight–a scholar and a poet who nearly lost his life with the other two for daring to stand up against hate. A boy barely old enough to drink put his unarmed body in harms way to protect the innocent while cowards in armor invade foreign lands crying “freedom” and allowing “acceptable levels of civilian casualties” so our corporate overseers can make more money.

Shut the fuck up.

“But T'Challa tried to kill Bucky too” “No one talks about how Wanda and Pietro tried to kill Tony”
Can people stop saying that (and things similar to it) in order to try to excuse Tony’s actions? Because what he did and what T'Challa & Maximoffs did are completely different cases.
First and foremost, yes, both T'Challa and Tony tried to kill Bucky. Why are their situations different? T'Challa did not know that Winter Soldier was brainwashed and tortured by Hydra; Tony did. T'Challa’s father died a day before he went after Bucky; Tony’s parents died twenty years prior. As soon as T'Challa found out Bucky was brainwashed, he apologized, invited him to stay in Wakanda, and swore to protect him. Moreover, he refused to kill the man who actually murdered his father. Tony, on the other hand, was aware that Bucky didn’t have a choice the whole time, but he expressed no remorse about trying to kill him.
Wanda and Pietro’s parents were killed by the weapons that Tony produced (which he doesn’t seem to be sorry about; in fact, the only time he felt sorry about being a war profiteer is when he was hurt by his own weapons). Their parents’ deaths resulted in them being homeless and then having to volunteer for the Hydra experiments (a bad move by Marvel, since they originally are Jewish-Romani, and Hydra is a nazi organization, but, well). Of course they wouldn’t like Tony Stark, and of course they would want him to pay back. Note that Tony was not brainwashed and was not forced to sell weapons, so Maximoffs wanting revenge was more justified than Tony wanting revenge. Furthermore, they eventually realized they were wrong and joined the Avengers; Pietro literally sacrificed his life while working with them. Wanda had to deal with her brother’s death, which was partially Tony’s fault, and to live and work with the person who indirectly killed her family, which she did.
So no, Tony wanting to kill a POW for doing something when he was brainwashed (knowing the fact that it was not his fault) and T'Challa & Maximoffs wanting revenge (and eventually overcoming it & making up for it) is not the same. Please stop comparing them.

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Who are your favorite minor characters from all the four nations?

Good question!


Hama. What a powerful character this was for someone we only got to see in one episode! We get to see her rise and fall, from a powerful and dignified waterbending master, to a corrupted and hateful old crone who tortures her own tribeswoman in order to “teach” her. She invented her own technique and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Hama also gave more depth to the Southern Water Tribe, presenting a dark side to waterbending that had been hitherto unknown, as well as harkening back to a time when the tribe was strong and waterbenders were numerous. Both her strength and her hatred left a permanent mark on Katara—and a reminder for us that water is everywhere.


Avatar Kyoshi. This Avatar literally left some big shoes to fill, as she is the longest-lived of any known Avatar and cemented a legacy that is still carried on in her island and her warriors. She saved her people by breaking off a piece of the mainland Earth Kingdom, a tectonic (and titanic) feat that was as awe-inspiring as it was deadly.

One of the things that I like about how she is remembered and presented is that she is a tough lady who does not deride femininity. Her technique, for example, is about using an opponent’s force against them, a skill tailored for female use. Toph, while a tremendous earthbender, prefers her part being played by a big, strong man, teases Aang about his delicate footsteps and “feminine side”, and takes a long time to appreciate the value of doing chores and being a team mom. Kyoshi has big feet AND wears makeup, fights in a dress with fans AND stops tyranny in its tracks, and doesn’t disparage traditionally female attributes while showing off her strength.

Like most earthbenders, Kyoshi doesn’t beat around the bush with regards to her business; when Aang tries to tell her that she didn’t really kill Chin the Conqueror, Kyoshi replies:

Personally, I don’t really see the difference. But I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin.

I would have taken that advice to heart, Aang. Just sayin’.


Piandao. Just because you’re a nonbender doesn’t mean you are any less a member of your nation, and Master Piandao exemplifies this at a time when firebending is the most prized ability in the Fire Nation. Piandao is coveted as a teacher and easily could have gotten filthy rich on war profits, considering how highly militarized the Fire Nation becomes during the war. Instead, he will only accept students that can be taught, not only how to fight, but how to achieve their potential as human beings. He prizes humility in an era of arrogance and combines the artistry of the sword with the strokes of calligraphy. He encourages creativity and bravery, as we can see in Sokka’s training. As a White Lotus member, he is instrumental in freeing Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation’s yoke, and is a role model for personal as well as professional achievement.


Guru Pathik. Yes, technically he is not an airbender, but this guru embodies all of the best qualities of the Air Nomads: friendliness toward living things, a carefree nature, sense of humor, and a high level of spirituality. Monk Gyatso would have been a more conventional choice, but I’m putting Guru Pathik first, not only because we see more of him, but because through him we learn about the tenets of interconnectedness and enlightenment that underpin the Avatar world. He teaches Aang, but doesn’t coddle him, and lets him know in no uncertain terms what will happen if Aang interrupts his training. Aang has had masters of air, water, earth, and fire, but Guru Pathik is the only one who helps Aang master the Avatar State—the most powerful technique he has apart from energybending.

The class which benefited most from fascist rule was the layer of big industrialists. They gained from the privatisation of the insurance sector, the telephone service, the match monopoly and the municipal power companies. The capital tax was abolished, as was inheritance tax, the tax on war profits and the taxes on managers and directors. The government intervened time and again to save failing companies, especially the commercial banks, many of whom were threatened with collapse in 1929–31. Between 1934 and 1938, war industries benefited from 36 billion lire of extraordinary expenses. Meanwhile, the Confederation of Industry was left intact in all its power. Even the department stores, which had been one of the chief targets of the rhetorical anti-capitalism of the fascists before 1922, were allowed to prosper with state encouragement. As Mussolini told the Senate in 1934, ‘The corporative economy respects the principles of private property. Private property completes the human personality.‘11
—  Fascism: Theory and Practice by Dave Renton
Prequel: Azriel-Centric Stories Set Before ACOTAR (ch. 4)

This is a collection of interconnected short stories about Azriel’s life before any of the events of ACOTAR through ACOWAR. 

Make sure to read Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4.5, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Read the follow up fic, Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same


Time frame: 2 years before Rhys becomes High Lord

Summary: Rhys’s father sends Azriel to a village on the outskirts of the Night Court to investigate why three children have gone missing. Azriel normally does these kinds of missions alone, but this time he has some help. 

(Note: This is a VERY important chapter concerning the overarching narrative… very… important… chapter… Enjoy!) (Also, this is SO LONG. ALMOST 10K WORDS. PREPARE YOURSELF.)

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Words vs. Actions

I’ve noticed a trend with anti’s, they don’t look at things Tony has done, but instead accept other characters statements about him as fact. 


Tony agrees, but the fact is the evidence doesn’t line up. Tony Stark is not depicted as having any of the diagnostic criteria for Textbook Narcissism (Evidence here)

Well what about other things other characters have said about Tony.

That’s funny, that was disproved within the same movie when Sam “He won’t believe us” Wilson told Tony

Well what about other people, less favored characters what happens when they make random statements. 

“I call that war profiteering” And the Fandom accepts it as fact, Tony Stark is a war profiteer. Except that he’s not. Yes Stark Industries was the guy selling the sticks, but War Profiteering is considered treason in the USA. If Tony’s company had artificially inflated their prices beyond the worth of their designs and labor, with no alternative option, that would have been war profiteering. If SI had sold sub par equipment for a high price, that would have been war profiteering. SI did not do those things. 

I think it’s also worth noting that this might be where the War Criminal thing comes from, and once again Tony Stark has never commited a war crime. (Although Obidiah Stane did)

What about this one?

I’ve seen multiple posts pointing out how untrue this is, but honestly he calls Steve Boss within the first movie, and let’s him make calls in the field. He lays down on the wire. He regularly destroys the negative expectations SHIELD has for him. 

It’s not the anti’s fault though, characters in canon are liable to listen to what other people say about Tony rather than judge him based on his actions. 

I’ve seen the footage, I know what the media says about you, and I get to decide your worth as a person.

Soundtrack (Song 1 of 5)

Word Count: 4089

Summary: Steve is still human. He makes mistakes. When one of these mistakes causes problems in your marriage, he takes the time to think back over your relationship.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, more angst, marriage problems

A/N: This is my new series Soundtrack, where each part will be based around a different song. Please note that this series will get pretty angsty, but I promise to make everything okay at the end, deal? The song of this chapter is “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The” by Band of Horses. Weird name, lovely song. Lyrics are in italics.

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Well, I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride

When Steve stumbled out of the jet that night, he could think only of you. He needed to talk to you, hear your voice, see your face, touch you, hold you. You had to be awake by now, had to have realized that he had left. Normally you would have woken up immediately. The way you slept tangled up together did not exactly lend itself to graceful exits, but tonight had been different, with Nyquil holding you in blissful sleep even when Steve’s phone rang, when he answered it, when he pulled himself away from you and crept out of the house.

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