war photograph

Stefano Valentini Headcanons No One Asked For
  • He’s gay as hell, and really doesn’t know female anatomy but tries his best I mean worse
  • Every chance he gets he’s cuddly with Obscura, he takes time to polish her lens and gives her kisses
  • He may look fancy in STEM but back in Krimson City he’s a starving artist ™
  • Has no real knowledge of famous photographers but compensates with his general knowledge of art and culture
  • He comes from a long line of photographers and war photographers on his mothers side 
  • It was his grandfather with his vintage cameras that got young Stef interested in photography 
  • Every so often his harmed eye with the bit of shrapnel still in it causes him debilitating headaches
  • He can dress himself but shoes are a mystery, and honestly he would prefer to wear slippers above anything else 
  • He has a scarf for every day of the week and hates that men don’t appreciate them. Its always scarf season in the Valentini household
  • He wears gloves not only because they’re fresh as hell but he’s always cold and they keep his hands warm

(more) tom holland lockscreens (click & screenshot for best quality)

photos by m. muller