war on women and girls

A long time ago…

I was four years old, sitting in a theater with the stardust of galaxies far, far away caught in my eyes… soon to be acting out scenes (filmed and imagined) with 3-¾ inch figures on the kitchen floor, within a pillow fort, in the dirt of the front flower bed (and that one rose bush was likely scarred from so many encounters with the Empire).

A long time ago, I wanted to be a smuggler and have a loyal and fierce Wookiee as friend and partner, ever by my side.

A long time ago, something called Star Wars entered into my life, and the lives of countless women and men, girls and boys - impressionable dreamers who had no idea the depth and breadth impact of that phenomenon… when a take-no-shit princess fearlessly faced off with evil personified and helped lead a rebellion, a scoundrel came back just in the nick of time with lasers blazing, and a farm boy discovered his heritage and started a journey to reconcile his legacy.

A long time ago, another incarnation of the hero’s journey came alive, and sci-fi and action changed, following familiar patterns but forever influenced by the Force.

A long time ago seems like forever past, and just yesterday. And it stretches out into tomorrow and beyond, with the welcoming echo of Hope.

Happy 40th Star Wars. Thanks for being a big part of who I am.


During World War II, sugar and flour and butter were rationed and in short supply. So the Girl Scouts sold calendars instead of cookies.

me: i lov obi wan kanoob haha :)

some guy: Ha ha! Right you are, my lady. Wow. A female with knowledge of cinema’s finest accomplishment? Be still my heart! Typically, I’m not so forward, but you have piqued my curiosity. A girl that likes Star Wars? A rare breed indeed! I love a smart girl over women who talk about make up, haha. Mayhaps we could continue this conversation over drinks? As a Redditor - and a gilded one at that - I wouldst make the evening magical and wonderful. I am not like the other men of this sick world. If you were dating me, I’d be the one making the sandwiches :) haha :). I am real, my gorgeous, intelligent, scientific poppet. A real man who respects women, unlike the others. It’s one of the many things that make me different, my sweet, electronic flower. Did I tell you I held a door open for a woman once? I know. And more of that to come, I assure you. Imagine. You. Me. A little jazz club in the city… none of that Lil’ Wayne/Taylor Swift crap the sheeple like to listen to. Real music. Music fit for a lady of discriminating taste. And, speaking of discrimination, during the meal I can expound at length about the crime rates among African Americans vis a vis normal people. I am not racist. I am white, so how can I be racist? I know a lot of statistics, my dearest, beautiful, white, female orchid. What say you, my lovely, succulent peach? Will you do me the honor of being my date for the eve? Merely, tell me the time and place and my mom and I will pick you up.



I got my amazing beautiful friend Roberta for secret santa (❤️) and I drew a bunch of her favorite female characters so I could make a pattern to decorate her box! Here’s the final results, and I’ll be also posting the separate characters. I’m very proud of how this turned out and I think she liked it too! (Salem sure did)

Part 1 - Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Eretria and Helena

Part 2 - Kara, Alex, Felicity, Peggy, Beckett and Nikita

Part 3 - Korra, Asami, Toph, Ginny and Hermione

Part 4 - Katniss, Daenerys, Rey, Mulan and Eleven

The Signs as Force Girls (pt.4 of 12)

Cancer - Asajj Ventress

Her way down the dark side began when Asajj - at that time a Jedi apprentice - witnessed the murder of her master. Still too young, Asajj turned her anger and frustration into vengeance, losing herself in the dark side. She later was to become one of the most infamous, cunning and merciless assassins of the evil Sith Lord Dooku. Asajj’s true nature is clouded by the dark side a long time until she is forced to cooperate with the Jedi master Quinlan Vos whom she finally falls in love with and who reaches out his hand to take Asajj another path. Asajj is extremely cautious regarding strangers, very private and of a totally sharp intellect. She often hides her true feelings to not appear weak. Quickly irritable, she won’t care a hoot for someone who doesn’t mean anything to her. Asajj can be temptingly manipulative and blocks out conversations she doesn’t want to carry on. But being so full of emotions is hard to hide: underneath her tough looking outward Asajj’s story left marks that are only understood by the ones sincerely opening up to her. Asajj is to be one of the unique individuals who eventually gives herself to the light side yet again.