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Bernie Sanders BRILLIANT takedown of Trump’s First 100 Days In Office

I am still amazed by this. One of the best takedowns ever.

He’s a real life Yoda.

Donald Trump fires up the tired old "War-on-Christmas" rhetoric in October at #VVS17
"We're saying 'Merry Christmas' again."

Paige Lavender at HuffPost Politics

President Donald Trump got a jump-start on the so-called war on Christmas on Friday, telling attendees of the Values Voter Summit, “We are saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

“We are getting near the beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore,” Trump said while speaking at the anti-LGBT event. “They don’t use the word ‘Christmas.’”

Trump added that he hoped Congress would pass “massive tax cuts for the American people” as a Christmas gift.


I dedicate this comic to that one anon who filled my inbox for months about trump’s alleged russian collusion allegations, who i havent seen for weeks now, and last time he was around, his asks focusing on russia swapped to trump\’s obstruction of justice

additional asks: http://diarrheaworldstarhiphop.tumblr.com/post/162056366303/you-seem-really-intent-on-portraying-flynn-as-this


because it never was about the validity of the allegations for trump being a russian puppet, it was blind fervour for anything to nail trump to to misdirect liberal rage away from the democrat party that failed them, even if it meant dangerously escalating tensions between america and russia in syria and playing into a democrat establishment driven falsity (russia manipulated the election with trump) purposely to distract from the real story, which was that the DNC leaks exposed tremendous anti-democratic corruption within the democrat party. The Democrat party would have to act to bury that in the past, least leftists come and demand an exorcism of the pro-corporate inner workings of the party establishment that not only denied them an easy win over trump but continuously exploits their party loyalty to benefit the rich and their corporate benefactors.

Several months later, they are still being misled and manipulated without a shred of self awareness and what has to change in the democrat party with regards to playing up the image of being progressive and peaceful on the campaign trail, but functionally acts akin to their republican contemporaries while in office. No one will stop and reflect on this, because there will be more democrat benghazis in the future to misdirect liberal outrage toward.

It’s pretty masterful, how a party that previously was on GW Bush’s ass for militarism, was silent for 8 years under obama and then managed to whip up their iraq & afghanistan war fatigued base (and swing voters in the centre) into blind hatred of russia to realign the incoming Trump administration into the would-be clinton administration’s platform for regime change in Syria.

also, with regards to the van jones quote from the o’keefe video in this comic:

while it’s important to take project veritas videos with a massive grain of salt, it is still explicitly damning that a regular pundit on CNN who regularly spoke about the validity of russia collusion on the air to millions of viewers in recent months admit in old private footage that it’s a “nothing burger”

It is nothing new, however, because in recent days, Van has already spoke on twitter and around that “democrats are fooling themselves” on the pursuit of this narrative. Slowly, the media and the anti-trump anti-russia public who were whipped up over this fervour are coming around and the collective amnesia of it is already setting in.

As time goes on, i become endlessly fatigued over a perpetual cycle of the status quo reasserting itself and the public being endlessly misled and unable to break that cycle.

I look forward for the next 3 years, where trump’s militarism is criticized by media and a public who played off, ignored the militarism of obama and actively roasted the elements of the early trump administration that stood against the militarism in the name of purging the trump administration of “putin sympathizing” detente figures. People who will hold up the hypocrisy of trump’s tweets about not getting involved in syria from 4 years ago as if they didnt scream for “humanitarian intervention” in syria and looked the other way when the obama administration transformed libya into a failed state.

                                                                          We voted.

WW1 veteran Walter Howard carries disabled WWI veteran Glenn Switzer to vote in Duarte. @latimes

Projections of America: Tuesday in November and the 1944 Election

As Americans head to the polls this morning, see an idealized vision of the 1944 election, produced by the Office of War Information, presented by our colleagues in the Special Media Division.

During World War II, films were a vital part of the war effort. Films trained, entertained, and informed our troops, and films distributed information to the American public who, before the advent of television, had a serious movie-going habit. Very early on, the Office of War Information (OWI) also established an overseas branch, which would do the work of explaining America to war-torn countries that had experienced years of anti-American propaganda and totalitarian regimes. In some cases, European cities were liberated for mere days before American films were projected onto screens. Some of the films were classic Hollywood entertainment, while others were government productions that presented a vision of American life, ideals, and values. One such film was Tuesday in November, a film about the 1944 election and the United States’ system of government.

(Tuesday in November. Series: Moving Images Relating to U.S. Domestic and International Activities , 1982 - 1999. Record Group 306: Records of the U.S. Information Agency, 1900 - 2003)

On its face, Tuesday in November is a straightforward educational film. We see citizens of a fictional California town vote and serve as election officials. An animated primer explains the branches of government. The townspeople argue politics and then set their animus aside at the conclusion of the election. We also see President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and opponent Thomas E. Dewey cast their ballots. Above all, the film places citizen participation at the center of America’s democracy. The electoral process depicted is undeniably idealized, but the film still works remarkably well as a lesson in civics.

More via Projections of America: Tuesday in November and the 1944 Election | The Unwritten Record

Should men pull a John Galt on Women so they wake up?

If men are the problem, then men will leave women alone.

I ask all productive, smart, hardworking men in all fields to drop out of the entire economy and society and go rogue. Become self sufficient and learn to live as anarchists. Men everywhere should simply let women do all the work men usually do for them while they hate us. 

I ask all hard working men in these fields to quit or absolve helping any ungrateful bitter self-entitles woman:

  • Military (disposable cannon fodder wars voted by female voters)
  • Construction and heavy repairs (Plumbers, Electricians etc)
  • Cargo and Shipping
  • All farmers
  • All exterminators
  • All miners and lumberjacks
  • All computer technicians and appliance fixers
  • All Mechanics
  • and many many more…

Also All men have to stop putting women first:

  • Stop paying for dinner
  • Dont buy them gifts and bullshit
  • Dont open doors for women if you would not do same for a man
  • If she doesnt need a man, then I dont need to help her if attacked.

Barry Fitzgerald had a drama-filled 1945. In that year the Oscar trophies were made out of plaster due to limited natural resources. The stronger materials were all funneled to the war effort. Academy voters inadvertently nominated him in both the lead and supporting categories for his part in “Going My Way” making him the last person to be nominated twice for the same role. He won for Actor in a Supporting Role and his co-star Bing Crosby won for Best Actor in a Lead Role. While practicing his golf swing Fitzgerald knocked the head of the plaster trophy clean off.  

“Going My Way” did quite well at the Oscars that year. It won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing (Original Story), Best Screenplay, and Best Music (Original Song).

Trying to find a silver lining.

In a spirit of optimism, here’s the potential downside for the GOP of a Trump Presidential win:

1) They’ve made promises to their base they literally cannot deliver on– no return of manufacturing jobs, no rebirth of the rust belt, no disappearing non-whites from the culture. Beyonce will still be a star. Movies and TV will still continue to move slowly toward a more diverse cultural representation. Gays and Lesbians and the Transgendered will not go back in the closet.

2) If the GOP Congress passes the kinds of trade restrictions and fiscal deregulation and tax cuts and embrace the monetary policy Trump was elected to implement, there will be an economic disaster.

3) If the GOP Congress, now that it completely owns the entire government, does NOT deliver on Trump’s promises, their voters will know exactly who to blame– them.

4) The GOP donor class only supports one of Trump’s policy ideas– tax cuts. They will oppose every other Trump economic proposal.

5) If the GOP defers to their voters, they’ll be at war with their donors. If they defer to their donors, they’ll be at war with their voters. They have no way out.

6) The dream legislation of the GOP Congressional majority is roundly opposed by the potential majority of voters– though that potential majority failed to appear this year.

7) Victorious Presidential parties historically have disastrous midterms. If history holds (a big if after this year) Democrats may have a rebound in 2018, potentially giving them the power to rewrite GOP gerrymandering after the census in 2020.

8) The dog that catches the car rarely knows what to do with it.

9) The GOP has won elections by tossing rotten meat to rabid wolves. Those wolves remain hungry.

Today, June 4, marks the anniversary of Congress passing the 19th amendment, which guarantees American women the right to vote.

Seen here is a 1944 Roosevelt campaign poster encouraging women to register to vote. At the time, with so many men in the armed services and unable to vote, women made up 65% of the voters in the United States.

How to Solve America’s Democracy and Poverty Crisis

Fifty years ago this week, President Lyndon Johnson promised to “strike at the causes, not just the consequence” of persistent poverty in America. His War on Poverty, he told a joint session of Congress, would do more than alleviate immediate economic needs; it would “strike away the barriers to full participation in our society.”

Americans may have tired of Johnson’s war, but the struggle is far from complete. Not only does poverty persist across the United States today, but American democracy itself has become impoverished. The two are more entwined than is commonly thought.

As the foregoing articles in this series have shown, tens of millions of citizens, and would-be citizens, are struggling to earn their keep and keep their faith in a democratic system from which they are excluded. Millions more low-income citizens have a hard time making it to the polls for reasons that are partly within and partly beyond their control. Making matters worse, the politicians on whom they rely do not rely on them: a tiny fraction of wealthy Americans and special interest groups lobby the federal government, and a fraction of one percent of citizens provide the lion’s share of campaign funds.

However you slice and dice the numbers, people in poverty are at a serious, structural disadvantage when it comes to making their voices heard and having their interests represented in Washington. They are far from equal citizens in the public square.

Read more. [Image: Associated Press]

Those who are screaming about fraud are crying wolf. This is true of the most frequently reported forms of putative voter fraud—including double voting, voting in the name of dead people, and—most importantly for the purposes of this hearing—individuals impersonating registered voters at the polls. The Brennan Center’s exhaustive research revealed that there is little to no reliable evidence of in-person impersonation fraud, in Texas, or elsewhere in the country. And, of course, this form of fraud is the only misconduct that a voter identification requirement will address.

This is worth repeating: the only problem that a voter ID requirement could possibly fix usually doesn’t exist. Texans are struck and killed by lightning more often. And there are far, far more reports of UFOs every year than instances of impersonation at the polls.

—  Attorney Adam Skaggs, senior counsel for New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, during testimony on the merits of proposed voter ID Laws. Skaggs’ comments were made before the Texas Senate, during hearing that took place in 2009.