war on the earth

this is tugtupite, my new gem bb

summary: Tugtupite has healing properties like a rose quartz, but unlike being limited to saliva or tears, he can heal with the simple touch of a hand and a few moments of focused meditation (the worse the damage, the longer the meditation process). Although unable to have too powerful of an effect to cause mental or emotional healing, the presence of a tugtupite almost has the effect of a minor aphrodisiac, causing comfort and a mild euphoria to anyone within range. They’re very enthusiastic and supportive gems and much like rose quartzes (or at least our rose) they value the love and kindness in the world and are drawn to it like a moth to a light. However during the gem war, many tugtupites were used as medical aid to fallen soldiers on earth. My tugtupite was one of the few to be abandoned during the homeworld retreat, but he did so willingly, choosing to stay behind and tend to those who could not flee on their own in an underground make shift gem hospital where they avoided corruption. (Also random fact, tugtupites have fluorescent speckles along their face and shoulders in darkness since tugtupite stones glow in UV light irl)

Famethyst thought

So, the gem war on Earth lasted a thousand years, and had a pretty high overall casualty rate (we’ve seen a LOT of gem holes at the kindergartens, but very few surviving gems). Now, that doesn’t mean that individual battles were particularly deadly, since there could have been lots and lots of engagements.

But it does mean that there’s something special about the Earth gems that survived. Because most of their sisters did not. I see three possibilities:

1) they were very good. This covers Jasper and Rose Quartz with certainty. They were simply stronger and more powerful than everyone else on the battlefield, and that carried them through the war. Rose in particular was on a different level than any other combat gem we’ve seen. The war could have lasted another thousand years and we’d still expect her to make it through.

2) they were very lucky. Some of the amethysts and jaspers were no different than their sisters, but they happened to make it through the war anyway. All their battles had some lucky survivors and some unlucky dead, and they happened to be in the former group, every time. There’s going to be some overlap between this and the first group, but the less exceptional a particular gem was, the luckier they needed to be to survive. (Eyeball Ruby was likely both very good and very lucky)

3) they were very late. Obviously, Amethyst was always going to survive the war, because she showed up after it ended. But if there were gems that emerged just before the end of the war, they’d have a remarkably good chance to survive the whole thing (since they only need to survive a few battles, not 1,000 years of fighting).

It’s possible that this is why several gems from right next to Amethyst’s hole were present in the Zoo–if that was the last section of amethysts to be injected, and the last group to emerge (just before the mass evacuation), that would neatly explain both why so many survived, and why Amethyst was simply left in the ground for so long.

This would also go a long way towards explaining why Jasper is so different from the other beta gems that survived–she has lived through 500 years of war and loss, while they might have barely seen combat. Other explanations, like harsh treatment by Yellow Diamond, isolation from fellow quartzes, or greater exposure to Homeworld’s insidious culture (rather than the unique environment of the Zoo), are also possible, of course. We can’t say for sure until we know more about the war, and about Jasper.

hey, FWM here again to do the ‘showing the Steven Universe Multiverse’ thing, let me show you more of the worlds

Earth 16 (War Never Ended)
on this timeline, the Gem War never ended, instead the war went on for several more years till it gets to a point where humans got involved and fought back against Homeworld. the war lasted another 3000 years and the Crystal Gems won the earth with million casualties, Gems and Humans.
in this timeline, humans has advanced technology thanks to the gems, but can’t able to escape the medieval era, making this universe a fantasy future-like universe.

Earth 18 (Alone)
this is a bad timeline for Steven, on this timeline, the human government looked at the Crystal Gems as a threat, so they made an organization that would study the gems with the first order, shatter the Crystal Gems.
they were successful but found a half-gem baby, to find out more about the gems they took him and used him for brutal tests years later.
this Steven (or as he is known as Subject 815) is corrupted from all the pain he was given, now insane with a hatred of humanity, as he hopes that one day, he would destroy them.

Earth 19 (Same History)
this earth, as there was a Gem War 6,500 years ago, nothing on the earth and human history has changed, people celebrate holidays that was never celebrated in other timelines, there was another world war in the 30s to mid 40s and the world is similar to… ours.

Earth 22 (Mad Steven)
in this timeline, Steven and the Gems failed to get the ocean back from Lapis, and Lapis made an escape escape with the earth’s ocean, making the planet a wasteland.
on this earth, Steven blames himself for the fall of humanity and the earth, he spent the rest of his life driving through the wasteland to save what’s left of humanity from corrupted humans.
so it’s basically a Steven Universe version of Mad Max.

Earth 23 (Cyberpunk)
basically a Cyberpunk themed version of Steven Universe

Earth 26 (Superheroes)
when Captain Universe throw his mighty shield
all those who oppose his shield must yeid
a universe where the gems are like superheroes, Steven in this Universe is Captain Universe! (which is basically Captain America)

Earth 27 (Corruptverse)
one of the horrible universe in the SU multiverse, it’s a universe where death doesn’t exist, so people rot instead of die, gems gets corrupted when shattered and basically there’s no such thing as death.
basically the Steven Universe version of Marvel’s Cancerverse

and that’s it, want to see more, well think of world ideas and it could possibly be an earth, (note: if your Steven in your universe looks exactly like the canon Steven, then I’ll not feature that universe)


PS: I might look more on this Corruptverse, it might be interesting

Finn does a lot of reading, when he wakes up. He burns through article after article of history, of linguistics, of culture. He may be strapped down to a bed and fresh from a bacta tank, but he wants to learn more about what it means to be human, and more about what it means to be this human. About the choices he’s made. 

In the first 48 hours, Finn comes to learn two particularly important things.

One: that surnames mean where you come from, mean legacy.

Two: that there was a man called Bodhi Rook, and that he was very, very brave.

Later, after he’s finally discharged from med bay, he has to fill out paperwork. Registration, medical history, next-of-kin sort of stuff. Most of it he has to leave blank. He hovers over one little box in particular. Family name. He hesitates. Poe has already offered him his. The admin assistant leans over the desk, nonplussed expression on their face, and suggests he just pick one at random. Neither feels quite right. Neither feels like a history, or like a legacy.

He takes a breath, puts pen to paper, and writes Finn Rook in a wobbly but determined script.




Erio o thelaith gurth
Edwenno o gwath
Trî laich puigadol dagor!
I'gwarth, dangarnen!

The last time the aliens invaded our planet they fled after losing the war. They have reluctantly returned to wage war and are relieved to see that dinosaurs no longer inhabit Earth, but have been replaced by the smaller and less intimidating humans.