war on pollution

This aerial photograph of Pearl Harbor was taken three days after the attack. The black streaks are oil leaking out of the sunken ships. The USS Arizona is on the bottom right.

(Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives)

I get it. Zoos have a history and an outdated image that we have to get away from. Institutions like the AZA are making sure that zoos are held to a standard of preservation, not exploitation. Zoos have become islands of preservation for species whose native habitats are no longer supporting them. We would love to see the gorillas live peacefully in the wild of their native habitat untouched by human war, greed, disease and pollution. But this is not the reality we live in. The aforementioned factors have decimated the populations and are the reason they are endangered. And it’s not just gorillas, we are in the 6th great extinction wave, the previous ones were caused by large natural disasters (meteors) or by major changes to the environment (production of oxygen when photosynthesis began to take off). The 6th is caused by humans. Plain and simple. Extinction rates are 1000 times baseline and it is no coincidence. So get the conversation and Conservation started!

Thursday, March 23, 1967

  • United States officials announced plans yesterday to move B-52 bombers from Guam to Thailand starting in four to eight weeks. The principal objective is faster response to bombing requests from military commanders in South Vietnam.
  • In Saigon it was reported that nearly 900 enemy soldiers died in the fighting that raged throughout South Vietnam on Tuesday. At the same time, at least 60 American soldiers were killed and more than 250 were wounded. The most significant action took place in the Jungles 70 miles northwest of Saigon, where troops of the Fourth Infantry Division turned back an attack by a Viet Cong regiment 
  • President de Gaulle pledged that France would continue her mission In French Somaliland despite the bloody incidents that followed Sunday’s referendum. The vote, he said, showed that a majority of the population there wanted to remain under the protection of France.
  • The chairman of the Presidential Commission on the Draft said he believed virtually all student deferments were basically unfair and should be abolished. Burke Marshall, the chairman, who is the former civil rights chief of the Justice Department said in Congressional testimony that anyone with sufficient intelligence and means “can beat the draft” as it currently functions.
  • Air pollution from sulphur oxides often exceeds safe levels in virtually all major American cities and many smaller ones, a Government report declared. The report of more than 260 pages was the first nationwide treatment of the subject by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
Reasons to be crazy.

Everything happens for a reason.
But what, where, are the reasons? That is the clue.

When I think big, I hurt. Because I see no reasons to wars, death, pollution, dirty dirty world of unfair facts.
When I think small, I hurt. Because I see no reasons to be insane, I don’t know why you left me and I don’t remember how I did my wounds. And I ask myself how can this stupid-first-world-problems break me that bad.

But there are reasons. But they are shit.
The world is dirty because human beings are dirty. And because I am a human being, I am dirty.
Reasons are always the same: there is no reason to be bad but there is no way to avoid it.

However, I remember how you used to laugh because my English is broken when I just wanted to say that you were the world to me and I find another reason:
We laugh at the wrong things.




💚 “One Day” by Dean Friedman 💚

“One Day the world will be a better place On every child’s face a smile will be.
And One Day, One Day there will be no trace Of war, disease, pollution, pain or poverty.
And One Day, One Day with God’s loving grace
The human race will finally be free.
And that day fighting among men will cease
And we’ll all live in peace in one world,
One Day.”

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Why "Rollie Pollie Ollie" freaked me out as a kid

If all the characters (and everyone else on the planet) are robots, who created them, and more importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?

-Were their creators alien, or humans of a distant future?

-Did the creator race go extinct from war, pollution, or asteroid strike, leaving their robots as the only survivors?

-Did the robots kill off their masters in a Terminator-like uprising, their cute, whimsical civilization literally built on the corpses of their usurped creators?

أمقُت الحرب لأنها تلوث الحياة بدماء الرجال، ثم لا تغسلها إلا بدموع النساء والأطفال.
I detest wars because it pollutes life with the blood of men, and it only wash it with the tears of women and children
—  Mostafa Saadeq Al-Rafe'ie

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Beijing’s Toxic Sky

In Beijing, awareness of the dangers of the polluted sky is now on the rise, thanks to growing data. China will “declare war on pollution,” Premier Li Keqiang told parliament in an opening address in 2014. A tougher environmental law took effect on January 1, while a new environment minister took charge on Friday. Residents continue to cope in various ways, from wearing filtered masks to keeping children indoors to expressing frustration through art and fashion. The Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon recently took the following images, including six before-and-after shots (photos number 2 through 7). We’ve made them interactive, allowing you to click and see the difference between a sunny day in Beijing and a polluted one.

Grey's Anatomy Music 11x10 "The Bed's Too Big Without You"

Song: Never Been in Love
Artist: Elliphant
Scene: The opening montage

Politicians keep lying, we keep on dying
There is always a war
Pollution keep pumping, people keep jumping
But I never been in love before


Song: I Think I’m in Love
Artist: Kat Dalia
Scene: Callie talks to a woman at the bar

Time’s been ticking, hearts are runnin’
Think that Cupid’s up to somethin’
You asked me how I feel, I say nothin’
But lately color seems so bright
And the stars light up the night
My feet they feel so light
I’m ignoring all the signs


Song: Feels Like Coming Home
Artist: Jetta
Scene: Owen and Callie talk about dating again/ending montage

There in the dark, down in the valley
Under the motel neon sign
Room 105, the back of the alley
You’re wearing my coat while sleeping
It feels like I’ve come home>

  • Famine: Would you two stop fighting?
  • Pollution: We are not fighting. We are having a creative discussion.
  • War: We are too fighting!
  • Pollution: Creative discussion.
  • War: Fight!
  • Pollution: Discussion!
  • War: Fight!
  • Famine: I can’t believe you’re actually having a fight about if you’re having a fight!