war on pollution

Detroit already had a perfect name for a post-BLI world: Motor City.

It’s a manufacturing capital again, BLI’s tech city, not just for cars anymore. The scientists there pioneered the droids over years of research. Rebooting the factories won BLI a lot of points in the early days. 

Of course it was a problem that the city was so sprawling- all those cars were built to get them somewhere, right? So they razed a lot of the surrounding area, some of it partially done for them during the wars. But the zones extend through the buildings that got away from the bulldozers and the bombs, going into the areas that were the suburbs once upon a time. The killjoys who occupy these places are the runners and raiders, mostly ones who got out but know it well enough to get back in and out without capture by the high-tech security. These joys work little sabotages, and get the supplies needed out to the ones who live farther away- they built all those cars, so they built miles and miles of highways too. 

Up and down the broken asphalt, reclaimed by nature through nuclear and natural winters, there are settlements that hide in plain sight. The trees have started growing back in, scrubbier than before, browner, but trees. The bright neons of the killjoys in the desert would stick out like a sore thumb here. The forest dwelling joys use things that glow instead, glitter in the day to create flashes in between trees as they run like deer, flares at night to guide travelers to safe spots. Most of them are not actively fighting BLI in any way other than living, truly living. They just wanted to get out and rebel in the simple way of feeling, and so they did. And they guide others on their way as well, up to the neutral northern towns. 

On a clear night, up in the top of the mitten, you can see the stars are coming back. 

let's watch some fuckin ghibli movies
  • Kiki's Delivery Service: cool life lessons + female lead !!!
  • great movie for artists finding their way in the world
  • Spirited Away: what's that I smell??? another female lead and relatable feelings and struggles
  • Castle In The Sky: A master piece!!! soundtrack is fucking bomb + you guessed it female lead & great slapstick
  • Howl's Moving Castle: FEMALE LEAD !!! the visuals in this film is fucking amazing + anti war messages
  • Totoro: ICONIC !!!! cute story about family and dealing with grief
  • Valley​ Of The Wind: STRONG ASS FEMALE LEAD THAT DONT TAKE NO SHIT + ANTI WAR/POLLUTION !!! cute bug monsters and action sequences !!!
  • The Cat Returns: The Furry Movie™

This aerial photograph of Pearl Harbor was taken three days after the attack. The black streaks are oil leaking out of the sunken ships. The USS Arizona is on the bottom right.

(Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives)

the red planet

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass 

pairing: Mark (Got7) x reader

genre: dystopia!au, outerspace!au

word count: 2,325

The sound of someone pounding upon your metal apartment door ripped you from your slumber. Inspections had been completed last week and you had passed with flying colors so there should be no reason as to why someone would be knocking at your door at 3:30 in the morning. Especially on a Sunday.

Blurry sleep filled eyes made it hard for you to see who the figure on the other side of the door was, but they were impatient. You could see their shape pacing, activating even more nerves in your system.

“Babe, I can hear you breathing,” Mark whines, turning the identify of the stranger into your boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” you ask with lungs still asleep.

A devilish grin, one you had seen too many times, spread across his face, “Get dressed, I want to show you something.”

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The Smog of War: China Battles Pollution

China’s environmental problems have become such an embarrassment to its leadership that the country suddenly finds itself on a war footing. On Wednesday, Premier Li Keqiang, the second-ranked political leader and head of economic policy, formally declared a “war on pollution” in a speech before the annual gathering of the National People’s Congress. The reform is welcome news, but overdue — and the outlook of the strategy Li outlined is about as clear as the morning sky on your run-of-the-mill, suffocating Beijing day.

Li called for the closure of 50,000 small coal-fired furnaces, the removal of 6 million old, emissions-belching vehicles from the streets, and new guidelines for air quality improvement in seriously affected northern Chinese cities. He described the state of Beijing’s air as “nature’s red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development.”


I get it. Zoos have a history and an outdated image that we have to get away from. Institutions like the AZA are making sure that zoos are held to a standard of preservation, not exploitation. Zoos have become islands of preservation for species whose native habitats are no longer supporting them. We would love to see the gorillas live peacefully in the wild of their native habitat untouched by human war, greed, disease and pollution. But this is not the reality we live in. The aforementioned factors have decimated the populations and are the reason they are endangered. And it’s not just gorillas, we are in the 6th great extinction wave, the previous ones were caused by large natural disasters (meteors) or by major changes to the environment (production of oxygen when photosynthesis began to take off). The 6th is caused by humans. Plain and simple. Extinction rates are 1000 times baseline and it is no coincidence. So get the conversation and Conservation started!

Manifestations of White Leftism in the Global North: Undermining Revolutionary Politics

It is clear that revolutionary politics in the global north or first world continue to be increasingly encroached by a fatal flaw: white leftism. At the present, this white leftism manifests itself in all leftist tendencies with some form of presence or another in the sphere of first world politics and it is a core, guiding principle of the many of the statements put out by these tendencies, in certain cases becoming outright popular among fellow travellers or even liberals as these “ideas” not only lack of a revolutionary character, they have no materialist analysis and fall to idealism or utopianism.

But what are these manifestations?

  • From left communists and anarchists of all varieties we see a crystal clear opposition, ‘intellectual’ rejection of national liberation, revolutionary nationalism of oppressed peoples and their anti-imperialist struggle, especially when these third world struggles are being carried out by organisations that oppose and suppress anarchism. Such is the rank and file level of racism demonstrated by first world anarchists that they have no issue of celebrating the death of third world revolutionaries, or they feature themselves in a position where they – seemingly agents of chaos and anti-statism – join forces and became the propaganda parrots of their own settler imperialist countries to attack countries such as the DPRK and Cuba.

When approached with criticism, these inexperienced (more often than not obscure) tendencies turn to an outdated buzzword coming back to a decades old debate of whether invading Czechoslovakia was something worth supporting or not, or simply accuse you of being a “Stalinist” which not only demonstrates a strong lack of an argument but somewhat reminding of the same level of 'accusation’ carried out by anti-communists.

  • While among ML(M) the aforementioned issues are less prevalent, another major flaw arises: the vanguardism of the white worker. A great majority of these political organisations appear to be bent on replicating social imperialism, and cater to this very outdated, non-materialist concept that the majority of white workers contain revolutionary interests and are just helplessly educated into white supremacy without any material benefit.

For anyone who has studied the history of settler colonial states such as the U$ or Klanada, that has never been the case. Since the inception of these as nations, white workers have outdone themselves in being the bootlickers of the bourgeoise, showing no restraint or opposition towards sacrificing other non-white workers for their own benefit – these countries were built on that noble European spirit of the enlightened pursuit of slavery, genocide, and land conquering.

Without comprehending settler colonies as prisons of oppressed nations, and failing to understand that these countries [of the global north] exist and maintain their wealth through the exploitation and extraction of super profits from the global south, ML(M) parties automatically subscribe to a set of politics disconnected from society and tendentious towards presenting a majority of workers with no material or social interest in revolution (white workers) as the main, or one of the main sources of revolutionary, anti-capitalist politics.

  • This failure of understanding materialism and how the first world countries have maintained their material, wealth conditions has lead to the popularisation of yet another manifestation of white leftism: FALC or fully automated luxury communism.

It’s evident that the absence of a materialist analysis of this aeons old idea that 'capitalism will be destroyed by increasing automated production’ (no different to the theory of productive forces, which was the downfall of socialist countries) has led to its popularity as a 'meme’. 

How is it a manifestation of white leftism?

Beyond its unrealistic utopian basis, FALC has been shaped and championed by first world social democrats who have yet to understand (oh, they know) that the economic development and social rights their countries 'guarantees’ them comes from mass murdering the peoples of the Global South, and stealing all their resources to the point these countries are forced to dependent on the 'good will and aid’ of imperialist institutions either posing as relief aid or charity. FALC sustains and feeds the wildest dreams of white worker conjuration of their imperialist nations becoming even wealthier than they already are through the art of technological magic – automated labour!

What they fail to realise, or simply do not want to realise, is that this automated labour machine of luxury communism is being (will be) fuelled with the blood of war crimes, famine, resource extraction, pollution – this great machine of luxury is eating the peoples of the Global South so the first world workers can live the utopia dream.

We are at a point that without combating these very wrong ideas, without harshly criticising and attacking the structures of white leftism, any sort of revolutionary politics in the first world will be condensed into a pointless, performative demonstration of white workers for white workers, in favour of white workers, that lash out at any non-white organisation that has a better praxis and political organisation than them

Well you’re new so it’s understandable that you’d be confused

That’s sort of why i’m making a comic, to clear up what exactly my au is about because there’s a lot more to it that I haven’t exactly explained yet… And I don’t really have a page or anything that explains stuff either… But hopefully I can help give you an idea of what the au is about!

Every monster in Naturetale is based off of a plant whether it be a flower, tree, or whatever. I don’t wanna say TOO much tho cause I do wanna explain a whole lot in my comic. 

Basically the humans waged war upon themselves, polluting the earth and forcing the monsters to retreat underground to save themselves. Basically the surface is nothing but a wasteland and the underground is full of life and lush forests and all that good stuff. 

As a sign of peace and as sort of a promise to never fight like the humans had done, the monsters traditionally wear flower crowns (or some sort of crown usually). If not just like flowers or plants in general (Cause Naturetale Undyne’s hair is too big for her to wear a flower crown usually-) 

Because the humans and monsters never fought, Naturetale Asriel never died. Thus, Flowey does not exist in this au. Cause Asriel never got turned into a flower. Naturetale Toriel and Naturetale Asgore are still the king and queen of the underground so Toriel does not live in the ruins by herself. 

The au is not all about the skeletons. There’s many more characters it’s just that the skeletons on account of the fandom and such are much more popular and Lavender Sans is kinda the mascot of the blog.

When a monster in Naturetale dies, they turn into seeds, petals, leaves etc and those remains can be planted back in the ground as a sort of ‘life after death’ thing. A lot of the plants in Naturetale might just be the past remains of fallen monsters.

The monsters in Naturetale don’t eat meat because they don’t like hurting animals. Herbal tea is a very popular drink among the monsters.

Again there’s a whole lot more but if you choose to follow along once my comic gets going, things will probably be explained better!

I hope that clears a little bit up about the au!


remember when gorillaz started off as a jokey satire of vapid pop musicians and then decided to tackle such serious subjects as:

-the indoctrination of youth by our violent culture with regards to war and firearms
-pollution and the death of our environment at the hands of industry and big business
-the perils of drug addiction and hedonism
-racism and police brutality
-the literal end of the world as signaled by the global turn back towards fascism

I don’t talk about this stuff often but like I really can’t believe how drastic people get in making anti-autism arguments. Like, they seem to actually think society is going to unweave itself. Like one day alien archeologists are going to show up to a barren earth and one of them will ask “so what did them in? Thermonuclear war? Pollution? Bioweapons? Rogue AI?” and another alien just shakes their head sadly and goes “no… they let people with different brains live their lives in peace”.

Colombian refugees have sought shelter for years as the South American nation has suffered over 50 years of a bloody internal civil war between armed rebel groups, government forces and right-wing paramilitaries that has killed some 260,000 people and victimized millions more. On the other hand, fumigations with glyphosate in large areas with coca crops in Colombia and the impact on the health of the population by the chemicals used has increased the number of asylum applications. Ecuador has received the largest number of Colombian refugees with more than 60,000. Venezuela is home to the second largest population with over 7,000 refugees and another 173,673 in refugee-like situations. On average, 418 people cross the border between Colombia and Ecuador each month as refugees. From 1989 to 2016, a total of 233,049 people applied for recognized of refugee status in Ecuador, most of them from Colombia, as 95 percent of those who are sheltered in Ecuador are Colombian citizens.
—  ‘Europe Closes Borders for Refugees, Latin America Opens Doors’, teleSUR
9th may, 2017

spoiled milk, a small plate
  the cat purrs 
as shadows do their slow
  corner dance

calm the horror, the horror
 of this global village
and it’s outside: ghosts,
            ruins, plateaus,

            assemblages of
            heroin and neon

            every house filled
            with decay within

             the greater decay
            of the world

     slowly the executions occur 
     in clean chambers
as the outskirts approach, the waters polluted,
         wars everywhere of the 
common good: bought with blood
        to give all  colonial evening

       and the sunrise:
       to admit fault, to face
       this future inside yourself,

       to taste the sour light
       and pour back darkness
       but gently

       take the steps with echoes
       of past, elongating
       your self a night after yourself, 

       like a map, even
       broken, to reach  
       the possible another 


California Is On Fire

July 10, 2017

The parasites are very upset at the end of their 5 year drought and insist that California keep suffering. So they light the state on fire every summer. They do it during heat waves and say it’s the heat that does it. They also stress that the world is getting hotter every year because of us of course.

Meanwhile, we continue to clean up the geoengineering with orgone energy, so the sky is smoky, but free of chemtrails. There is rain in the forecast for the areas we gifted this past week and surely the loss of 30% of the frequency fence in Las Vegas is a big blow to the parasitic disease we are cleansing from this Earth.