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You’re the Reason I Come Home (Part 1/2)

Summary: You and Bucky have been through a lot together. But when things become too much and Bucky breaks up with you, you find that you could lose him completely. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 6,005 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, some violence, mention of killings/death, & ANGST (the angst train gets worse in the next one). 

A/N: Well, I’m back from my writing hiatus now it would seem! It’s been a long time, so I’m probably rusty at this, and I’m still super nervous to post this. This part is more backstory than anything, but I still enjoyed writing it a lot. Hope you all like it too!!!

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Even during the American Civil War, Walt Whitman and Albert Cashier took small but important steps towards personal freedom and expressing their identity. #ShowYourPride, Change the World.

All month we’re celebrating #PrideMonth by telling the untold LGBTQ stories of trailblazers past with the help of Daniel Arzola & Laverne Cox.

Watch more and keep an eye out for others: http://logo.to/2qGXiWr

folkkvangr replied to your post “so… Leia wearing black means she is on the fucking WAR PATH?”

i have a serious take on this and a silly one. the serious one goes that anakin wearing black becomes a warning for all new governments that if they fail their people, the shadow is always lingering, waiting to swallow them. the silly one has a jingle and is aired on holonets and goes “are you tired of your local government? is it about time for a just revolt of the people? then call 1-800-ekkreth, and we’ll send a genuine Skywalker straight to your local government!”

Help I am sobbing with laughter.

(Meanwhile Padme’s ghost is also cackling with laughter, and she will not stop trolling Anakin’s dreams and teasing him about the fact that he’s become, like, the defender of democracy now.

At first he’s just excited to see her, and also intensely guilty, but eventually it becomes normal enough that he starts getting annoyed, until finally he’s just like, “Ugh, Padme, I still don’t care about democracy. I just care about people being free.”

Padme just looks at him and then smirks, really slowly. “Sure,” she says. “Whatever you want to call it.”)

It’s sad how my 5 year old cousin can differentiate between the sound of gun shots , gas bombs , sound bombs and plain old fireworks .

It’s sad how my 5 year old cousin knows when he hears the sound of an ambulance and a police car that somebody was field executed .

It’s sad how my 5 year old cousin knows more about the political situation here in Palestine than an ignorant adult somewhere else in this world .

Instead of just knowing his alphabet , numbers and things that a 5 year old should learn/know , he knows the name of every martyr from the beginning of 2015 to this day , he knows every word for every political song .

But what is more heartbreaking is that every Palestinian child is forced to grow up when they are supposed to live like other children . They are robbed of their innocence, fragility and other qualities little children have . They are robbed of their basic rights and thrown into a whirl of injustice, ugliness , conflict and war .

[T]he potential value of social media for positive change is incalculable. But like with most tools so malleable, it has a dark side. Its potential misuse and abuse is equally incalculable.

During my time managing blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages I have both seen and experienced that dark side. In spite of all its positive potential, social media has erected a sort of Virtual Colosseum, one without the carnage of blades thrusted into flesh, but where mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds are inflicted nonetheless. In this new arena I have seen popular social justice bloggers disregard all attempt at compassion or dialogue and viciously attack each other. I have seen deeply disturbing tactics wielded against fellow movement builders for downright dishonest purposes while followers, the new-aged spectator, enthusiastically inflame unchecked abuse among wounded people.

Specifically, I am referring to folks who talk the talk of fighting for justice but who — when the time comes to meet misunderstanding with clarity, to embody empathy in the presence of generational and personal trauma, to practice community and accountability — replicate the very oppressive behaviors inflicted upon them. This includes some of the most historically destructive tactics deployed against marginalized people you can imagine: gaslighting, bad-jacketing, doxxing, credibility and character assassination, impersonation, and attempts to eviscerate an individual’s personhood, all the while passing it off as legitimate ‘activism’ and ‘critique.’

Watching these exchanges hurts. In an era of COINTELPROs, political imprisonment, and mass surveillance, tearing each other down this way simply cannot be a part of building a future toward liberation. Waging war on another oppressed person never ends with our freedom. There is only more blood — and deeper trenches.


What if money was no object?


Bill Hicks - Australia 

Some funny truths here.