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“In A Galaxy Far Away” - Digital Oil Painting

To help celebrate Star Wars Day, a painting of troubled space parents, Han and Leia. I’m very happy with how all the textures turned out and of course I had to add in a glittery nebula in the background, it’s what Space Mom would have wanted - more sparkles! May the Fourth Be With You.

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What just blows my mind about these anti-climate nuts is that let's imagine for a second that everything they say is true, global warming is a hoax and a con. What's the down-sides to moving away from dirty energy? Less air and water pollution (which kills millions every year globally), appliances/cars/houses with higher efficiency (aka lower cost to run), energy independence (no more oil wars), healthier and more productive citizens (and in turn economies) - like the list goes on and on and on.

Reminds me of this excellent cartoon:

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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Revolt in the Desert
TIME, 5 August 1957

In 1954 the old Imam died. Encouraged and funded by the Saudi Arabian government, who wanted to secure control of oil deposits in the Buraimi oasis, which was partly owned by the Sheik of the Abu Dhabi and partly by the Sultan of Muscat, the new Imam, Ghalib bin Ali, and his energetic and charismatic brother Talib, mounted a rebellion against the Sultan. Said bin Taimur was widely unpopular. Matters came to a head over oil concessions sought by a British oil company. Both the Sultan and the Imam claimed the right to control the concession. In 1956 Talib began to organize Omani exiles living in Saudi Arabia into the Omani Liberation Army. Supported by the Saudis, he demanded independence for the interior of Oman and the withdrawal of all British and Muscat troops from their territory. In 1957 the insurgents returned to Oman and established themselves on the Jebel Akhdar, a limestone plateau which was a huge natural fortress. Measuring 50 miles by 20 miles, its peaks rose to 10,000 feet before descending to a plateau at 6,000 feet where there were villages, cultivated land that could feed the insurgents, as well as caves to shelter them from air attacks. The only approaches to the plateau were up a small number of narrow ravines that were easily defended. By July 1957 the insurgents had occupied Nizwa, a key town in the interior, and ambushed and virtually destroyed the Sultan’s army, at which point the Sultan appealed to the British for military assistance.

– David French, The British Way in Counter-Insurgency, 1945-1967 (2011), 53.


“Brother and Sister” - Digital Oil Painting

I had to paint the beautiful portrait of Mark and Carrie, but I had to do a version where they’re both giving the finger. It’s what Space Mom would have wanted. Along with 100% more sparkles and rainbows. ^_^

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