war oil

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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What just blows my mind about these anti-climate nuts is that let's imagine for a second that everything they say is true, global warming is a hoax and a con. What's the down-sides to moving away from dirty energy? Less air and water pollution (which kills millions every year globally), appliances/cars/houses with higher efficiency (aka lower cost to run), energy independence (no more oil wars), healthier and more productive citizens (and in turn economies) - like the list goes on and on and on.

Reminds me of this excellent cartoon:

“In A Galaxy Far Away” - Digital Oil Painting

To help celebrate Star Wars Day, a painting of troubled space parents, Han and Leia. I’m very happy with how all the textures turned out and of course I had to add in a glittery nebula in the background, it’s what Space Mom would have wanted - more sparkles! May the Fourth Be With You.

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The false equivalence (aka HorseShoe theory) that Hillary Clinton and the DNC are using to equate the far right to anyone remotely to their left is nothing short of disgusting.

The DNC is trying to swift boat progressives on the left. They’re wasting more time, resources and energy on attacking the left than the Republican Party.

The “far left” wants things like Medicare For All, a Universal Basic Income, and an end to police brutality, while the far right wants White Supremacy, Anti LGBTQ laws, and Voter Suppression. Anyone who cannot distinguish the difference between those ideals—that a progressive leftist like Heather Heyer died for, and what the neo Nazi who murdered her was fighting for—anyone who can’t tell those apart is either a disingenuous liar with an agenda, or stupid. And Hillary Clinton is many things, but she isn’t dumb.

But she IS a billionaire corporatist who is protecting the system that made her one of the most privileged white women in American history.

The system that Clinton thinks so highly of has the highest mass incarceration rate in the Western world, that system has a “healthcare system” that routinely impoverishes anyone who can’t afford a sudden medical procedure, and that system spends lavishly on the world’s biggest military, and engages in endless wars-for-oil against brown people living in the global south. The system Clinton is defending is a militarized oligarchy that caters only to the whims of the wealthy.

THAT’S the system neoliberal centrists are defending. And please remember: incrementalism favors those who are white enough and privileged enough to survive comfortably while everyone else waits for meaningful change and justice.

Again, what we progressives on the left want is demonstrably different from what the Alt-Right Republicans want: White Supremacy, a return to Jim Crow and an end to LGBTQ & Women’s Rights.

But Hillary Clinton wants you to think “both sides” are basically the same. It would almost be laughable, if that wasn’t the same false equivalence used by Republicans and Donald Trump.