war oil

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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Vasily Vereshchagin (1842-1904)
“They Celebrate” (1872)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

The painting depicts the main square in Samarkand, Registan (which literally means “the place covered with sand”) in front of the Madrassah (medress, religious school) Shir Dor. In the centre of the painting we see pikes with the impaled heads of Russian soldiers. However, they are almost indistinguishable against the background of the blinding sun, the bright ornamentation, and the colourful clothing of the gapers. The artist himself felt this contradiction when he wrote: “I loved the sun all my life…the spectre of war still forces me to depict war, and if I want to draw the sun, then I should steal time from myself……“

This aerial photograph of Pearl Harbor was taken three days after the attack. The black streaks are oil leaking out of the sunken ships. The USS Arizona is on the bottom right.

(Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives)