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On February 23, 1945 (72 years ago today) a small U.S. flag was first raised atop Mount Suribachi soon after the mountaintop was captured at around 10:20 am. 1st Lt. Harold G. Schrier, executive officer of Easy Company, volunteered to lead a 40-man combat patrol up the mountain. Lt. Col. Johnson, the battalion commander, handed Schrier a flag saying, “If you get to the top put it up.” The patrol carried that 54-by-28-inch flag, which had been taken from the battalion’s transport ship, the USS Missoula, and up to the slopes of the extinct volcano. Lt. Schrier successfully led the combat patrol to the top. The flag was attached to a pipe, and the flagstaff was raised, marking the first time in history the American flag was raised on Japanese soil. The moment was captured by U.S. Marine Corps photographer, SSgt. Lou Lowery.

There was a roar from the Marines and sailors off shore and on the island, and the blasts of the ship horns alerted the Japanese, who up to this point had stayed in their cave bunkers. The Marines and corpsmen on Mt. Suribachi found themselves under fire from Japanese troops, but Schrier’s Marines were able quickly to eliminate the threat.


A small tribute to women’s solidarity and the BBC’s only drama to (completely) fail the reverse version of the Bechdel Test.

“Weather: mixed. Work: splendid. Social injustice: still rife. No accidents, injuries, or boyfriends.”

Patsy Mount: had a super shitty childhood, watched her mother die, forced to keep her relationship and feelings secret, terrified of losing people

Anakin Skywalker:  had a super shitty childhood, watched his mother die, forced to keep his relationship and feelings secret, terrified of losing people

Patsy Mount: delivers babies and scrubs countertops

Anakin Skywalker: GENOCIDE

I haven’t seen any posts with all the lanners together yet, so I decided to compile one of my own! Added in the finished Firebird mount as well~

From top to bottom, left to right :
White Lanner   |  Dark Lanner  |  Warring Lanner
Rose Lanner    |     Firebird      |  Sophic Lanner
Round Lanner  |                       |  Demonic Lanner

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Jefferson x Alexander x Washington ;))

Doesn’t add up, it’s either Jamilton or Wham

Jefferson Hamilton in front of Washington is probably a mix of:

  • I’m gonna prove it to him that you’re an asshole
  • Did you just ripped my cloth thing off?
  • Washington is watching can you maybe not be as disturbing as you are usually 
  • Get a grip Immigrant
  • You are not worth your place here buddy it’s time to gtfo

But they are eyeing everything at each other and Washington’s reaction consists of:

  • My wife is still waiting me to go home form the war 
  • Mount Vernon (endless humming in the back of head at all time)
  • Why did I do this to myself

Locket with a piece of George Washington’s hair and a piece of cloth from a Hessian flag taken at Trenton. In the collection of Mount Vernon which has this to say about it:

Gift of John Peirpont Morgan, 1938; W-944

This double-sided locket was presented to Martha “Markie” Custis Williams by her uncle George Washington Parke Custis and his wife, Mary Custis Lee, with whom she enjoyed a close relationship. It harbors a small lock of George Washington’s hair and a silk fragment with a history of having come from a Hessian flag seized at the Battle of Trenton. This token of affection no doubt served to remind Markie of her family’s connection to the success of the Revolution and the making of the American nation.

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hello love! since i dont see enough of it around... rodimus, ultra magnus, whirl, and drift have not seen much of their s/o around lately. they begin to panic, thinking they've lost her to someone else, but then they burst into their shared hab suite and see their artist s/o painting a HUGE, beautiful landscape of pre-war cybertron to be mounted in swerve's bar. even if the painting was half-done and kinda meant to be a surprise, how do said bots react??? (canon-sized bots!) love the blog<3

Hahaha guys I lied my response isn’t any shorter than before oops.

So from what you wrote I’m assuming reader is human female, hope that’s okay! Also thank you, anon. <3

  • Rodimus acts like he’s not panicking but he totally is: “Oh Primus, what if she’s found someone cooler than I am? Pfft, I mean like that’s even possible, but what if she doesn’t even like me anymore? OH MY GOD what if she’s been kidnapped. What if–” He goes around asking the crew if they’ve seen you and his overall behavior becomes very snippy and cranky.
  • “How the hell have you been in here the whole time without me noticing?” He’s happy to have finally found you but you had him all wound up for nothing. He pouts a little until he notices your art.
  • He’s speechless upon seeing your painting. Rodimus is far more clever than he lets on. The fractured state of Cybertron, his home, does sadden him; your art reminds him that the whole point of the quest is finding the Knights of Cybertron to restore their planet’s glory. He doesn’t stay sad for long. You and the Lost Light are his home now. He tells you that he really loves your painting and he knows everybody else will love it too. Then he ruins a nice moment by going: “Yo you should totally draw me, I’ll model for you.”
  • Ultra Magnus feels a bit insecure about your prolonged absence, but convinces himself that maybe you just want some space. When he realizes nobody else has seen you around either, he gets concerned and goes looking.
  • Is half relieved and half disapproving when he finds you in your shared hab suite. “(Name), you can’t spend all of your time holed up in—I thought we agreed to keep our habitation suite clean! Why is there paint on the walls?” He puts the pieces together when he sees your painting.
  • To him, Cybertron before the war was Functionism and living under someone else’s shadow. There’s not much that he misses. He thinks your painted Cybertron is idealistic, too perfect despite being unfinished. He’ll beat himself up for being naïve but maybe, just maybe, Cybertron may truly look like that one day.  For now, he’s happier here, now, and with you. Tells you he’s very impressed but makes you promise to take breaks, your painting is huge and is going to take time.
  • Whirl actually becomes anxious and moody, he plays around with ridiculous theories regarding your disappearance but it’s all distractions to keep him away from the very real possibility that you’ve abandoned him or you no longer love him. He goes looking for you to find the truth.
  • He’s thrilled to find you in the hab suite and just plops on the ground to be closer to you, inadvertently getting paint on himself. “Babe, where the frag did you get all of this paint? Don’t tell me you stole it—no wait, wait, I take that back. You stole ‘em didn’t you, aww ya little badass, I’m rubbing off on you, aren’t I?”
  • Always impressed to see you creating things, he thinks your painting is gorgeous and that you’re crazy for attempting to paint something so huge. He doesn’t dwell on any pre-war feelings that he might be reminded of when looking at your art, but he does casually bring up his old watch shop in Polyhex. He leaves you to it but regularly drops in to check on you and annoy you. You’re painting doesn’t stay secret for long
  • Drift is concerned about your whereabouts and goes looking for you. If for some reason he thought you left him for someone else, he’d grow very quiet and become prone to lashing out at people. He decides not to jump to conclusions for now
  • He’s relieved to have found you but notices your painting before acknowledging you. “Wait, is that Cybertron? How do you know what Cybertron looked like before the war? N-not that it isn’t beautiful, it is!” He picks you up on his palm so you two can admire your handiwork together.
  • Drift does NOT like to be reminded of his past. Instead, he brings up religious sites on Cybertron that he wants to show you someday, compliments your lovely painting techniques, and tells you how excited he is to find the Knights of Cybertron. He can’t wait to see your art in Swerve’s bar and promises to keep it a secret. He really does believe Cybertron will be as beautiful as your painting when the quest is over.