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On Tuesday, Lucca, a 12-year-old German shepherd, received the prestigious Dickin Medal, the highest military decoration awarded for valor in the UK. She’s the first American K9 to receive it. While serving, she led over 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and found over 40 explosives. She lost her leg when an IED detonated as she was searching for weapons. Thank you for your sacrifice, Lucca.

The son of a Texas sharecropper and was part Yaqui Native American and part Mexican, young Benavidez grew up an orphan, poor, and dropped out of school in the 7th grade. He was labeled a ‘dumb Mexican’ through his early years.

He enlisted in the Army National Guard in 1952 and 3 years later moved to the Regular Army. He married, joined the 82nd Airborne Division and was jump qualified. He later went into Special Forces training and was accepted into the 5th Special Forces Group and Studies and Observation Group SOG.

In '65 he was sent to South Vietnam serving as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Army and stepped on a land mine during a patrol and medical evacuated to the States. The doctors there determined that he would never walk again, but Benavidez showed them by conducting his own physical therapy at night to regain his ability to walk by crawling on his elbows and chin to a wall beside his bed, he would prop himself up against the wall and try to lift himself without physical assistance, but was cheered on by his fellow patients. It took a year of painful exercise, but in July '66 Benavidez walked out of the hospital, yes-walked, with his wife beside him and requested to be sent back to Vietnam.

It was granted in January '68.

On 2 May of that year, a 12-man Special Forces patrol comprised of 9 loyal Montagnards and 3 American leaders were engaged and quickly surrounded by an estimated 1,000 North Vietnamese Army soldiers. Hearing their frantic calls on the radio for help Benavidez ran for the helicopter and climbed on board armed only with a knife.

The landing zone was hot, but he’ realized that all the patrol members were either dead or wounded and unable to make it to the helicopter and ordered his helicopter to a nearby opening and jumped into it with a medical bag to take care of the wounded. So began a six-hour firefight. In his run to make it to the casualties Benavidez was wounded in the leg, face and head by enemy fire, but he doggedly continued, found the team members and rallied them to keep fighting to hold the enemy at bay to allow a medevac to occur.

He took smoke grenades and hurled them at the enemy in the tree line to direct close air support. When a helicopter came in, Benavidez picked up and carried off 6 of the patrol one by one to the helicopter. When they were on board he took a rifle and ran with the helicopter as it flew along towards where the other members were giving protecting fire from the NVA. When the patrol leader was killed, Benavidez managed to reach his body and recover classified materials, but was wounded again by enemy fire in the abdomen and shrapnel in his back. At that moment, the helicopter that was about to save them all was hit, the pilot killed, and it crashed into the LZ.

Benavidez ran back to the wreckage and pulled the dead and wounded and the others from it and set up a perimeter giving them hope with encouraging words and distributing ammo and water. The enemy fire was intense with automatic weapons and grenades coming from all sides. Using a radio, Benavidez began calling in close air support with gunship runs to allow another rescue attempt. He was hit again by a bullet through his thigh while dressing a wounded man.

A second helicopter came in to take them and the sergeant began taking them onboard, after taking one man and was carrying another, an NVA popped out and clubbed the sergeant in the head. Benavidez grappled with the enemy soldier and stabbed him in the head with his knife with enough force that it became stuck in the soldier’s head and couldn’t be removed.

When the last of the wounded were on board the sergeant saw two NVA rushing the helicopter, but the door gunners couldn’t engage them. Taking a rifle he gunned them both down. He made one last run around to gather and destroy the last of the classified material before boarding the helicopter. It was here when his adrenaline stopped and the serious nature of his wounds became known.

He received 37 puncture wounds, his intestines were out of his body, blinded by blood, a broken jaw, and shrapnel in his back he was thought to be dead with the helicopter touched down at base. He was pronounced dead by a doctor when he couldn’t feel a heartbeat, but the sergeant showed him by spitting in the doctor’s face. He recovered from his many injuries, but he wasn’t awarded the Medal of Honor. Instead, he was given the Distinguished Service Cross.

His friends clambered for this to be addressed, but Congress declared that too much time had passed and they needed eye witnesses to his actions. In 1980, Benavidez’s radioman, Brian O'Conner, provided a 10 page testimony about the firefight and was severely wounded in the same fight and thought to have died from his wounds, but he was alive and saw the news report on the news while vacationing in Australia. With his testimony the Review Board upgraded the Distinguished Service Cross to the Medal of Honor. On 24 February 1981 President Ronald Reagan bestowed the Medal of Honor to Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez to go with his other medals including;

5 Purple Hearts
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Good Conduct Medal with one silver and one bronze service loop
Army of Occupation Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Vietnam Service Medal with four campaign stars
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Presidential Unit Citation
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm
Texas Legislative Medal of Honor
Combat Infantry Badge
Master Parachutist Badge
Army Special Forces Tab.

Not bad for a 'Dumb Mexican’.


The Indestructible Jack Lucas,

In 1942 Jacklyn H. Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps, not an unusual thing to do during World War II, but certainly unusual at the age of 14.  A boy who looked much older than his years, Lucas claimed he was 17, forged his mother’s signature, and was inducted into the Corps no questions asked.  Jack Lucas underwent Marine Corps training at Parris Island and qualified as a sharpshooter and heavy machine gunner.  However after training, Lucas was sent from one menial assignment to the next, first in the lower 48, then at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

By 1945 Lucas was becoming bored with peaceful service, and on January 10th he went AWOL and stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima.  Despite going AWOL, Lucas was given a combat assignment and attached to the 5th Marine Division.

Upon hitting the beaches Lucas and his fellow Marines were sprayed with murderous Japanese gunfire.  Perhaps the only Marine to invade Iwo Jima unarmed, Lucas immediately picked up a rifle and returned fire. During the battle, it was his squad’s duty to clear out a machine gun nest near a deep ravine.  It was then that a grenade landed in the middle of his squad.  Without thinking, Lucas leaped upon the grenade, determined to use his body as shield to protect his comrades.  Then another grenade landed nearby.  Lucas grabbed that grenade as well, and stuffed it under his torso.  When the two grenades exploded his body was thrown into the air.  Amazingly, Lucas was still alive, though seriously wounded.  Covered from head to toe with shrapnel wounds, Lucas was evacuated to a hospital ship.  Over the next seven months of recovery, Lucas would undergo 21 surgeries to remove 250 pieces of shrapnel from his body.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions (the youngest Marine to receive the award), as well as the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

After the war, Jack Lucas returned home, resumed his education as a ninth grader, graduated high school, and graduated college with a business degree.  He married three times.  His marriage with his second wife didn’t go so well, as she hired a hitman to kill him.  Fortunately he was able to fend off the attack.

In 1961, he rejoined the military, this time joining the US Army and becoming a paratrooper so that he could “conquer his fear of heights”.  During a training jump, his two parachutes failed to open, and he fell 3,500 feet before slamming into the ground.  Miraculously, despite screaming to the earth at terminal velocity, Lucas walked away from the accident unscathed.  From 1961 to 1965, Lucas served as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne.  When he finally retired he had risen to the rank of captain.

Jack Lucas died of Leukemia in 2008 at the age of 80.  His Medal of Honor and citation is currently sealed within the hull of the USS Iwo Jima.

jeon recommendations

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Full medal jacket

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Steve’s decorations in the MCU—or rather, the lack of them—and especially about Bucky’s medals, which are nonexistent. I’m writing a fic where there’s some discussion about decorations, valor, and the fact that Bucky was a war hero, trying to make sense of the incoherent hack writing of CACW that has the media identifying the “infamous Winter Soldier” as James Buchanan Barnes, but apparently no one seems to also be talking about the fact that this is Howling Commando James Barnes, Captain America’s best friend James Barnes, decorated war hero James Barnes. (laporcupina has a nice examination of this here.)

The first time we see Steve in his Captain’s uniform, he’s wearing these ribbons and badges

Sigh. He’s so dreamy… There’s a few different posts floating around identifying what those ribbons and badges are, but the most important is that he’s wearing the ribbons for only two medals: one is the purple heart with an oak leaf cluster, which signifies that he was wounded in action at least twice (once for the original medal, the oak leaves for another award). That one’s interesting because we don’t see him get wounded, really, in the First Avenger; it could mean, though, that the multiple purple hearts were for meritorious service because they were given for that at that time. He’s also wearing an American Service Defense Medal ribbon, which confuses me, because in the MCU he shouldn’t wear it: they were given for active service from 1939–1941, so he wouldn’t have had this. (In the comics, yes, but not the movies.) I chalk this up to Marvel’s notoriously terrible props department, the folks who gave us a museum display with two different birthdates for Bucky on the SAME DISPLAY, and use quotation marks and apostrophes for feet and inches, when no self-respecting museum would do that. (Those are the tip of the props issues iceberg but my personal pet peeves.)

Now, this shot is presumably in the scene where he blows off Senator Brandt in London, where he’s supposed to receive a “Medal for Valour” which is never specified. And it’s irritating because: which was it? Was it the Medal of Honor, the highest award you can earn? Or was it the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award for valor? It could even be the Silver Star, although I feel like that’s unlikely because single-handedly rescuing 400-plus men from a heavily guarded prison camp is a lot more than Silver Star-worthy. My feeling is that it was the DSC, maybe because they figured they’d save the MoH for later since he’d probably be raking in medals as he won the war. I can buy him not wearing it right then since the ceremony just happened, but…it’s a stretch.

Then immediately after, we see Steve with the men who will become the Howlies, and no one has any decorations on their uniforms/they’re not in full uniform…and then there’s Bucky. He has no decorations even when we see him in the service uniform at the start of CATFA, and he’s certainly not wearing any in the pub.

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3 Days Of Bravery: Neglecting His Own Wounds, 'Doc' Saved 10 Soldiers
President Trump will award the Medal of Honor to an Army medic on Monday afternoon at the White House, nearly 50 years after his heroic actions during the Vietnam War.

On why Jim McCloughan will receive the Medal of Honor: 

Over three days of bravery in May of 1969, Jim McCloughan ran toward enemy fire numerous times to save his fellow soldiers, even though he was wounded himself.

“I’d rather die on the battlefield than have heard later on that one of my men did not make it because their medic was not there,” McCloughan once said.


Marlene Dietrich, 1945, visiting American soldiers on the front lines in Europe on a USO tour. When asked why she had done this, in spite of the obvious danger of being within a few kilometers of German lines, she replied, “aus Anstand”—"out of decency". 

Dietrich, who became an American citizen in 1939, was awarded the Medal of Freedom by the United States government in 1945 as well as the Légion d'honneur by the French government in recognition of her wartime work. [Wikipedia paraphrase]

Sergeant Reckless, a chestnut mare who served in the U.S. military 63 years ago during the Korean War, has been honoured with the PDSA’s Dickin Medal. The award is the equivalent of the Victoria Cross for animals. Reckless lived to be 20 years old despite being wounded twice. She died in 1968.
Reckless was bred to be a racehorse. The Marine Corps bought her for $250 in October 1952. “Reckless” nickname because she carried ammo for the Recoilless Rifle, a gun so dangerous it was called the “reckless” rifle.

In the course of one five-day fight, 28 tons of bombs were dropped. The terrain of the battlefield was described by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Geer as “smoking, death-pocked rubble.” In one day, Reckless made 51 trips during the Outpost Vegas battle in 1953. She carried more than 9,000 pounds of supplies and walked more than 35 miles in that one day alone.

Brian Hutton, the author, nominated the Mongolian mare for the award after he spent six years researching and writing her biography. According to Hutton, “she was loved by the Marines, they took care of her better than they took care of themselves, throwing their flak jackets over her when the incoming fire was heavy. Her relationship with the soldiers underscores the vital role of animals in war, not just for their prowess and strength in battle, but for the support and camaraderie they provide to their fellow troops. There is no knowing a number of lives she saved.” The ceremony was held at Victoria Embankment Gardens on Wednesday. Hidalgo, the horse, received the award on Reckless’ behalf.

Maria Dickin founded the PDSA animal charity and established the Dickin Medal in 1943 to highlight acts of bravery by animals in war. Most of the awards have gone to carrier pigeons.

Approximately 37,000 US and 1,000 British soldiers died in the Korean War. The war lasted from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953.
(Via War History Online)

anonymous asked:

I love your reply! Agreed that they cant kill what was never alive nor intended in the first place. As they have mentioned, all ships are valid anyway. Just that it wont be canon and they werent baiting anyone. They are probably so tired of the shipping qns and some fans that they just had to shut it off. Someone mentioned that the @ntis wont shut up so can you just imagine if they announced both L@nce and K/eith are actually (half) siblings?! Lets see what excuses they will use lmao

Their reaction to that question made me laugh cuz like they were just talking about Keith and Shiro and Keith like losing it and rolling around on the floor crying cuz Shiro is gone and stuff, so naturally when the interviewer asked about the “shipping tease” you think it’s gonna be maybe related to that.. and at first both Lauren and Joaquim go like “oh?”

BUT NO. It’s about fuckin Kl//ance.

Like what shipping tease?? That part where Lance said “hey man” to him while Keith is trying to deal with the loss of Shiro?? 

And you can see Lauren just making an “oh ofcourse it’s about k//lance” face and just sinking it with no mercy haha

I dunno, maybe they wouldn’t mind some shipping questions if it wasn’t about the same ship all the time haha

I’m guessin it might get frustrating, because you want people to like and talk about the story you’re telling and not the one ppl made up in their heads.

Like, I remember when season 2 droped there was nothing in the tags but ship wars and “shiro, you’re like a brother to me” for weeks. Like it was the most important thing that happened in the show. And Like you see some of the staff liking posts about how the show is not about shipping and there’s other stuff in it, and you get kinda sad for them. Because they put so much into this story and characters and the animation and then the only thing that gets acknowledged is one line that is taken completely out of context to be used against a rival made up ship.

Thing is because it’s never been alive and you can’t kill it, no matter what they do or say, it’s not gonna change anything. Most of the extreme shippers will find a way to twist it in such a way that they’ll still believe it’s gonna be canon and then get upset with other ppl for leading them on when it doesn’t happen.

Some shippers are so incredibly blind to what’s actually going on in the show you just have to realize there’s nothing you can do to save em and just watch a bunch of loud people driving towards a cliff encouraging each other and cursing and ignoring anyone who tries to tell em “guys!! wrong way!” 

They do it to themselves and then try to blame others for their disappointment instead of admitting “oh wait maybe I was wrong about how I saw this”..

On 6 August 1967John James Rambo enlisted into the United States Army at age of 17.

Through his service he earned:

The Medal of Honor
The Silver Star
Bronze Star
Distinguished Flying Cross
Purple Heart
Air Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Prisoner of War Medal
Jump Master
Aircraft Crewman Badge
Vietnam Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Soldier’s Medal
Army Service Ribbon
Vietnam Wound Medal
Vietnam Campaign Medal

Lets all take a second to thank such a brave soldier for his service to our nation!


Edmund Kemper - Like Father, Like Son

Before his parents messy divorce in 1959, serial killer Edmund Kemper III was extremely close to his father, who went by the nickname ‘E.E’. Unlike his mother, E.E was an affectionate parent who would regale his only son with war stories (E.E served in the Second World War and had won medals for bravery) and take him out fishing on days off from his job as an electrician.

As Edmund grew older his parents began to argue constantly, and E.E began to take jobs that required him to travel away from the family - such as helping test atomic bombs in the Pacific. Edmund’s mother, Clarnell, resented E.E’s long absences, and the two divorced in 1959. Clarnell moved to Montana with Edmund and his two sisters, while E.E remarried and settled down in Los Angeles.

When he was thirteen, Edmund ran away from home and caught a bus down to California to be with his father. Instead of receiving a warm welcome, Edmund was told his presence unsettled his father’s new wife, and he was promptly sent back to Montana. Clarnell found him difficult to cope with, so she shipped Edmund off to a remote farm in the Sierras to live with E.E’s elderly parents. Two years later, he murdered them both.

After being released from the secure mental hospital he had been sent to after killing his grandparents, Edmund decided to track down E.E, who he found was still living in Los Angeles. Edmund called his father to arrange a meeting, which E.E agreed to on the condition Edmund would not go near the house. The two met at a diner for breakfast and coffee; Edmund later recalled the two “joked about old times” and “solved all the psychic goodies about killing his parents”. Father and son parted amicably, with Edmund footing the bill for breakfast. They never saw each other again.