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queen’s thief daemon au shit

because i’m too lazy to write a fic

  • irene was used to people asking what chares would settle as.  something pretty, perhaps, or something soft.  after her brothers’ deaths, chares settled into a king cobra instead.  rumors hold that it was his venom that killed her groom.  they’re not true, but irene lets them circulate.
  • eugenides was completely unsurprised when xenia settled into a housecat.  he would stick her in his tunic as they climbed sometimes, but their bond could stretch farther than anyone else’s he’s met, anyway; she can spy and steal for him.  once he loses his hand, she helps him hold down papers and get his arm through his sleeve.
  • costis thought alexandra would settle into a wolf or a dog.  instead he ended up with a bear.  he’d never even seen a bear, but she seems to scare the shit out of criminals, and her bulk will fill up a door enough that even the king can’t slip past her.  after particularly long days, she’ll carry him back to his rooms.
  • chares and xenia were awful around each other at first, sniping physically and verbally.  it’s chares who warms up to eugenides first, though; xenia avoids attolia altogether for months, and flinches if she gets too close
  • the first time costis sees eugenides touching the queen’s daemon he nearly punches him again, no matter that half the court is watching.  but chares apparently slithered around the king’s neck of his own accord.  the king looks very pleased with himself at the ensuing shocked silence, and for the rest of the meeting afterward.
  • xenia almost never talks to people, but she takes to costis immediately, addressing him when eugenides is busy in another room.  costis is alternately pleased and unsettled.
  • alexandra takes more than one arrow for the king and queen in their line of duty.  costis worries every time, but she always reminds him that he would do the same thing, so he can’t really scold her for it.  doesn’t make it any less awkward when the queen is injured and alexandra ends up carrying her.

themod444  asked:

How do you imagine certain classes working? Like how you've determined that Hexers only gain their skills after they stop living. Would there be any other classes you'd imagine working differently than just picking up a weapon?

Oh, definitely. I think some people were born to be medics and alchemists - both classes need to have high spiritual and intuitive abilities to do what they do. A medic has to have control over their spirit in order to heal another person and alchemist needs to have the controlled psychic ability to create formulas and wield the elements within a confined space.

The other classes are skills that need to be learned and taught. Simply picking up an axe or shield without having some training in how to actually use it wouldn’t help anyone. Training with teachers/instructors should be involved. Especially classes like landsknecht/survivalist/gunner/dark hunter

Highlander, ronin, and war magus seems like a practice that is handed down over the generations. Keeping it within the bloodline, so to speak. A noble trait and proud heritage. Villages or towns that specialise in that area. They would be very proud of their heritage and lineage. Some of them, though, may be a little too proud.

Protector can also be a class/skill of nobility. A skill that the children of noble families must require before they are to be given a title. A rite of passage or proof of worth and courage. Of course, I don’t think only those of nobility deserve to be protectors - ‘average’ people are more than capable of becoming protectors themselves. Those who want the skills of a guard, but the freedom to come and go as they please.

Troubadour, to me, seems like a purely innocent class. They don’t physically assert themselves into the battle. They are the support. They need to have the fortitude to detach themselves from the drama taking place in order to fully execute their supportive skills. They really need to be as far away from the physical action as possible. This is a skill that can either be taught or passed down through a family.

A hexer’s ability comes from cursing and commanding spirits to put the fear in monsters. I like to think that they gain these skills either willing or unwillingly through rituals or being used as sacrifices for said rituals. Their skills are dark and silent, unnatural. They need to have gained these abilities through unnatural means. Skills of a hexer cannot be taught to those that are ‘living’.

Only beasts can do what beasts do XD

Ultimately, though, I think those who chose a protector/landsknecht/ronin class need to be fortified physically and mentally. They’re needed at the front of the battle line. The first ones in basically. No one needs to get as close as they do. All their skills require them to be as close to the predator as possible. Anyone who is skittish or anxious cannot do their skill properly if they are jumping or wincing at every sound or movement. They have no time to waste. Attack now and as quickly as possible before the monster can lash out. They also need to have the ability to detach themselves somewhat when they are ultimately struck. Ignore the wound and pain and keep going.

Other classes, alchemist/gunner/survivalist/troubadour/etc, have a bit more freedom in their movements. They can sacrifice a second or two strategizing. They have the choice of putting some distance between them and the monster to execute their attacks. They can dart back and forth if desired. They still need to be swift in their attacks, but they’re also observant and patient, knowing when and how to strike at the best possible moment and best possible weak point. They are the ones who can afford to be a little more creative with their skills/attacks.

Medics are a class of their own, really. They need to have the discipline and detachment to deal with life-or-death situations on a daily bases. They need to know how to prioritize, how to streamline their healing to be as effective as possible. They need to know when to heal, and how much to heal, all within a split second. They also need to know when to stop healing, know when someone is beyond healing and help. They need to have control over their emotions and remain calm, even when they are absolutely frantic internally. A medic who is constantly weepy or freaking out isn’t going to help anyone. A calm, commanding medic is far more reassuring than one who bursts into tears at each and every wound. However, they also need to be compassionate, empathetic, and comforting as healing goes beyond that of patching up a wound. They are very selfless.

Christ, that turned out longer than I expected. Sorry for rambling, hope this is what you meant ^^

Bravely Default x Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: Guild Eternia

Since I named all of my guild members after Bravely characters (and one OC) I drew said Bravely characters wearing my guild’s job outfits. Silvaht Angdis Khamer VII the War Magus, Maryam (OC) the Alchemist, Konoe Kikyo the Ronin, Erutus Profiteur the Sovereign, and Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII the Dark Hunter.

wertepure  asked:

Blue Exorcist for the eo character class meme?

Omg, I had gotten through most of the characters and then I accidentally refreshed the page and lost it all. D: I love Blue Exorcist though!!!

Rin - He wields a katana and fire, so my first thought was that he’d be a Ronin, but with his demon form and stuff, he’d definitely be a Bushi that solo wields.

Yukio - Definitely a Gunner, but either with a War Magus subclass, or just a bunch of War Magus grimoires.

Ryuji, Konekomaru, Renzo - I’d think they’d be hexers, using scripture to immobilize and harm their opponents.

Izumo - Since she’s a tamer, I thought she’d make a good Wildling (from Etrian Odyssey 3), BUT, I think she’s too snooty to do that. Really, I think she’d be an alchemist that has a trained Beast protecting her.

Shiemi - She’s my favorite, and I love her! She’d definitely be a Wilding, but all of her summons would be adorable, and wouldn’t look like that could do much before they wreck everything.

And then two bonus characters

Mephisto - He’d be a Troubadour, but, like a bad one. Like, he’d beef everyone up with his songs, and then just defend even when he’s open to attack and holding a powerful weapon.

Amaimon - Bushi, straight up. Crazy powerful and wreckless Bushi.

Satan - He’d be a Deep One.


*flops and rolls around*

So I managed to finally get the Champion Magus title in PvP today. Here’s a celebratory drawing of Tialha and the outfit I had her wear in every single match ever since it first came out in the gemstore. In spite of her being Sylvari and not believing in the Human god Balthazar, I just thought it looked so perfect on her. Plus it made her feel so badass.