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♥ My OTPs ♥

(Not in order haha)

1. Reylo (Rey & Kylo Ren - Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

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2. Chise Hatori & Elias Ainsworth (The Ancient Magus Bride/Mahou Tsukai No Yome)

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3. Wilde Hopps (Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde - Zootopia)

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4. Harley Quinn x The Joker (Batman: The Animated Series etc.)

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5. Megamind x Roxanne Ritchi (Megamind)

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6. Sarah x Jareth The Goblin King (Labyrinth)

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7. StormPilot (Finn & Poe Dameron - Star Wars The Force Awakens)

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8. Alice Kingsleigh x The Mad Hatter/Tarrant Hightopp (Alice in Wonderland 2010 & 2016)

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9.  Ladynoir/Adrinette/MariChat/Ladrien (Miraculous Ladybug)

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10. Butterfly Bog (Marianne x The Bog King - Strange Magic)

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I just wanted to show you all some of my OTPs haha :D ♥

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Hey sister, can I have a brief rundown of Adam Warlock and what his deal is? And what way they might take it if he was in the MCU? Feel free to dumb it down a lot, the comics confuse me and I've read none of them, so ;) Side note, have you seen GotG2 yet?

Sure thing! 

So, long story short, a group of scientists called the Enclave decided they wanted to create the universes’ most perfect being, which resulted in Adam Warlock, originally just called Him. At one point he was the keeper of the soul infinity gem… to his detriment. The soul gem is actually kind of a nasty gem (and the only gem that hasn’t yet appeared in the MCU). It eats souls. In Warlock’s case prolonged exposure to it eventually led, in the future to him losing his soul and becoming the evil overlord Magus. Magus went back in time and actually ended up fighting himself as Adam Warlock, who still had his soul. Luckily Warlock won. And in an interesting turn of events Thanos (and Gamora) helped him do it. Not that Thanos and Warlock get along, because they don’t. They’re kind of the anti-thesis of each other. Thanos is obsessed with death while Warlock is obsessed with life. 

Anyway, Warlock was a huge player in the Infinity Series. In the first series Gauntlet, he was the one who traveled to Earth to recruit the Avengers to fight Thanos. In the second series, Infinity War, Warlock has possession of the Gauntlet and doesn’t want to abuse it so he decides to purge all emotion from himself in order to become strictly ruled by logic. When he does this Magus gets released from inside him. And it is Magus, actually, who is the Big Bad throughout the Infinity War story. 

Magus does some pretty cool things as a Big Bad, actually, like creates a team of evil doppleganger Avengers, which I would have loved to see onscreen but I don’t think we’re getting it. By the looks of it they’re sticking to the Gauntlet story.

Yes! I saw GotG 2. It was great! Here’s my review of it.

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:eyes: I see you like Etrian Odyssey~~~! Can we hear about your guild~?

Whoa, you did NOT just ask that, Anon…

At least 75% of my twitter is me talking about headcanons and stories and redesigns and all that other stuff. Now I’ll never shut up! >:3c

Guild Aurelis, at your service! (really quick doodle, I was getting tired at some point rip)

Sovereign: Snow Afilitaria Aurelis - The former monarch of a kingdom, who ran away due to… reasons. Married to Alexander and opted to take his last name (and thus, that’s how the guild got the name, given that he’s legally the leader)

Protector: Alexander Aurelis - Snow’s Knight in Shining Armor! Well, given, Snow insists they’re equals, but old habits die hard (that’s what you get when you marry your damn guard, kid.) Spams Provoke all day; in the form of puns. Middle sibling.

Alchemist (left): Orlandeau Aurelis - Formula Alchemist. Born extremely frail but also a young genius. Hopeless with social cues/interaction but will talk any ears off that are willing to listen to jargon. Eldest sibling of the Aurelis family despite appearing youngest.

Alchemist (right): Zero - Actually a War Magus. He is Orlandeau’s homunculi (designated Project Zero, and when Orlandeau allowed him to choose his own name, he opted to keep the one that he gave him.)

Survivalist: Vessalius Aurelis - Former assassin. Generally quiet and tends to see the world in black and white. As a result, his actions tend to land him in hot water more often than not; if anyone noticed. Youngest sibling of the family.

Medic: Eden; last name unknown - A gifted healer who tires very easily. Quite clumsy sometimes, but has the best intentions- to the point of naivete, that he’d let his caretakers abuse his willingness to help. (That’s in the past, don’t mind that.) Vessalius tends to look out for him because he’s so accident prone.

Whoa whoa whoa red alert too long cut the post- these are my mains in eo2u, but by no means my only chars! I have all classes in all the games so far, after all :3 I look forward to further expanding my guild in EOV, however!

queen’s thief daemon au shit

because i’m too lazy to write a fic

  • irene was used to people asking what chares would settle as.  something pretty, perhaps, or something soft.  after her brothers’ deaths, chares settled into a king cobra instead.  rumors hold that it was his venom that killed her groom.  they’re not true, but irene lets them circulate.
  • eugenides was completely unsurprised when xenia settled into a housecat.  he would stick her in his tunic as they climbed sometimes, but their bond could stretch farther than anyone else’s he’s met, anyway; she can spy and steal for him.  once he loses his hand, she helps him hold down papers and get his arm through his sleeve.
  • costis thought alexandra would settle into a wolf or a dog.  instead he ended up with a bear.  he’d never even seen a bear, but she seems to scare the shit out of criminals, and her bulk will fill up a door enough that even the king can’t slip past her.  after particularly long days, she’ll carry him back to his rooms.
  • chares and xenia were awful around each other at first, sniping physically and verbally.  it’s chares who warms up to eugenides first, though; xenia avoids attolia altogether for months, and flinches if she gets too close
  • the first time costis sees eugenides touching the queen’s daemon he nearly punches him again, no matter that half the court is watching.  but chares apparently slithered around the king’s neck of his own accord.  the king looks very pleased with himself at the ensuing shocked silence, and for the rest of the meeting afterward.
  • xenia almost never talks to people, but she takes to costis immediately, addressing him when eugenides is busy in another room.  costis is alternately pleased and unsettled.
  • alexandra takes more than one arrow for the king and queen in their line of duty.  costis worries every time, but she always reminds him that he would do the same thing, so he can’t really scold her for it.  doesn’t make it any less awkward when the queen is injured and alexandra ends up carrying her.


Though he had not known her as personal a friend as his other comrades were, Boey could recognize the familiar grace of a woman clad in silk bound robes anywhere—an appearance only a follower of the once great Mila could bear ; along with a gentle demeanor, and an impressive reputation to boot. She’d become well known around these parts for more than enough reasons — healing the world just as her goddess would’ve wanted.

Ah, excuse me! Lady Silque, was it?? I haven’t seen you since last we met on Novis, but I’ve no clue as to whether you still remember me or not. It’s been quite a while…


The novelty that came with learning about magic had never ceased for Boey, even as an adult. Just as he was in his younger days, the enthrallment felt within seeing new spells ( and speaking with other mages, for one thing ) was as exciting an experience as it was for any other. He’d hoped that in the future, he’d be able to perform all sorts of magic at the drop of a hat — and, perhaps, with the help of this woman— his dreams would no longer be meager little dreams. Both individuals sat diligently across from each other in an archive newly built in the western cooridors of the priory ; looking over each other’s tomes in curiosity, as she had previously expressed wanting to learn more about the magic that couldn’t be FOUND from where she was from.

THORON, was it?? I’m afraid I’ve never heard of magic that sounded so…foreboding….❞ Or with such a cryptic little insignia on the front of the book — shaped almost like a thunderbolt, were there not any nicks in the design from a multitude of past uses.

❝Though, if I’m to be honest about it, milady, Thoron would seem much more thrilling a title than all the other ones I’ve been hearing, recently. Would you mind elaborating on what it can do?