war is resolution

New Years Resolution, find a best friend to fan girl with👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 position currently open: has to love Star Wars, Games of thrones, Walking Dead, etc etc. ❤


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 1


Number 7: Lounging, lazy-time stuff

I might have gone a little too much on the lazy… Just imagine that she’s having a slow day off lounging and is a little tired and needs to stretch out when she gets up from the sofa.

december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …

Working with pixels again is refreshing.

My favorite thing about TFA.

Always loved Tie pilots. Stormtroopers in general are my favorite, but then they decided “lets leave these dorks at the apple store for 30 years and come back”

And then they came out all polished and sex.

"We Are Facing Certain Failure”

General Fayolle (1852-1938), whose First Army had been hurriedly transferred from further north to participate in the offensive; it was intended that they would, in the third or fourth day, be the ones to push out into open country once the breakthrough had been achieved.

April 15 1917, Rheims–The day of Nivelle’s Offensive had nearly arrived.  He had promised that French artillery would obliterate German positions on the Aisne, and that after a short battle, the French would break through on a large scale and eject the Germans from France entirely.  However, well before the offensive opened, Nivelle’s plan had run into problems.  It had been delayed repeatedly, before finally being settled for April 16.  The German withdrawal to the Hindenburg line had meant that portions of the planned attack were directed at abandoned positions, forcing a last-minute extension in other sectors; it also meant that, even if a breakthrough were achieved, it would not cut off a vast German salient.  

On April 15, the eve of the offensive, it was clear to many on the ground that it was not destined for success.  Forty percent of the attacking divisions submitted extremely pessimistic reports of their prospects: “The first German lines are intact – we are facing certain failure,” “Results of bombardment on the first position appear to be inadequate, the second position seems to be untouched.”  In areas where the bombardment of the German first line seemed to have worked, the Germans had also occasionally bombarded their own first line (in response to French trench raids), suggesting that the Germans had completely abandoned the position and had thus concentrated on defending their second line.

Even if the French captured the German second and third positions, how they would break through into the open countryside beyond was unclear.  This task was given to General Fayolle’s First Army.  E.L. Spears, a British liaison officer, would write:

But how, even if everything went as well as the most sanguine hoped, it could overtake and pass the masses of men ahead of it, none attempted to explain.  The only possible solution seemed to be that General Fayolle, who was an angel and looked like a cherub, should grow the wings that would have been so becoming to him and, followed by his command, fly over thousands of his compatriots and land in enemy country beyond.

Despite all these obstacles, the bulk of the French troops still had faith in General Nivelle and had confidence that the offensive would succeed as planned within the first 48 hours.  One of his most devoted acolytes was General Mangin, “le mangeur des hommes,” who met with Spears on the 15th.  The latter described him as:

A small, dark, fierce figure, he stood against a background of enormous Senegalese orderlies…I think of him that day as the embodiment of the soul of war; iron, unflinching resolution, confidence that knows no doubts.

Such unflinching resolution would break the French Army.

Today in 1916: Kut Airlift Begins 
Today in 1915: Allies Dismiss Evidence of Upcoming German Gas Attack

Sources include: E.L. Spears, Prelude to Victory.


aight so how is that new years resolution doing

Taurus: fuck you pisces that bitcoin slanket is mine
Gemini: high on legal marijaunnnnaa
Cancer: “new years resolutions” how about “new fears & no solutions”
Leo: i mean i bought a planner and i definitely put it here…somewhere
Virgo: fuck y’all my place is CLEAN AS FUCK
Libra: I think I’ll wait another year
Scorpio: honey came in and she caught me red handed creeping with the girl next door (IT WASN’T ME!)
Sagittarius: bitches ain’t shit and trix is for kids
Capricorn: it’s my birthday and we gonna party like it’s my…nvm i have to work late guys
Aquarius: uh i have a sad journal every day this year so far thank you very much
Pisces: but in 2015 i knew when that hotline bling it could only mean one thing and now i dunno what that hotline bling mean cause it 2016


I have now been PermaBanned from reddit’s The_Donald for pointing out DJT may have violate the War Powers Resolution. 

On a side account that I totally don’t have, I was banned just because I asked if we could discuss what happened without memes or jokes. Just discussing like adults. Apparently that is “concern trolling” and anti-Trump talk. 

Dont let your social circles become echo chambers. Question everything.