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Fic: Like I Bleed - H is for Honor

Letter H in Teagan’s world, from the War is Never Cheap Here universe. (Letter G is here.)  Links to Teagan’s letter “H”s from all three alphabets on AO3 are at the bottom. 

This is also another one of the letters where the word is the same for all three of Teagan’s alphabets (WAR, Blight, Romance).  Enjoy!

Also spoilers for WAR if you haven’t read it.


H is for Honor


Perhaps it is wrong of me to admit this, but I had considered not writing you back.  It was not because I was unhappy, because I am indeed thrilled by your news.  It was not because I was not eager to respond, because daily I curse the miles between us.  It was only a moment, albeit a small one, where it occurred to me that you might be more content were I not to interfere.

There are not words enough, nor indeed the ink to write them will, to express how happy I -was- am, to know what our month together has brought us.

Currently, I am in Redcliffe with Eamon and Isolde, trying to explain to them, what I cannot even explain to myself- that I want nothing more than to come to Denerim and see you with my own eyes.  To hopefully convince you, if you have not already made your own decision, that there is and will always be a place for you and for our child in Rainesfere.

I know that duty and honor keep you bound to the Queen and I -would- could not ask you to do any less than what your heart leads you to do.  I am writing in the hopes that this letter reaches you before I do, that you know my interest and intentions and that they can better inform the decisions you make.

When my visit here in Redcliffe is complete, I hope to ride for Denerim.  And though that means there are still weeks between us, I am eager to put them and the miles behind me.

With my deepest regards,

He signed his letter when a brief hesitation, regards no matter how deeply he could state them in a letter, were not enough.  With his signature and then a seal added to the parchment he pushed away from the desk and made his way to find a messenger.  Barring trouble in Redcliffe or Rainesfere, he intended to arrive within a few days of the letter.  It was better than sending nothing at all, and by now, she had to be expecting some word from him.

Teagan could only hope this would suffice in his absence.


AO3 Links

WAR: Like I Bleed - H is for Honor

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Ice Queen- A Mix For the Northern Wall of Briggs

1. Go!| Santigold//2. Ice Queen|Within Temptation//3.I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast|Ida Maria//4.Iron|Woodkid//5.The Wolf|Phildel//6.Cold War|Janelle Monae//7.Empire|Alpines//8. Let It Go|Idina Menzel//9. Beat The Devil’s Tatoo| Black Rebel Motorcyle Club//10. Winter Is Coming| Radical Face//11. Rise| Origa//12. Captain Signy Mallory|Heather Alexander

They stormed her winter place, but they couldn’t take it- a mix for the ambitious warrior queen of Briggs.

I don’t care how many times I’ve used “Rise” in a playlist at this point clearly. I like it and it fits, so there.

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here’s the lyrics excepts since they’re short

Go!- people want my power/and they want my station/stormed my winter palace/but they couldn’t take it

This song is the reason I decided the make the entire mix tbh

Ice Queen- You better hide for her freezing hell/On cold wings she’s coming/You better keep moving

I Eat Boys Like You- It´s your chance to repent for all the days you spent playing king of the hill/It´s an easy match but there is just one catch/By now you should know the drill/Yes you should know that/I eat boys like you for breakfast

 Mainly supposed to be her addressing Raven and the other dudes she ends up killin’ and stuff. 

Iron- I’m frozen to the bones, I am…/A soldier on my own

The Wolf- And if I see you round like a ghost in my town/you liar/I’ll leave with your head/oh, I’ll leave you for dead, sire.

Again, basically her addressing Raven. Though could also apply to how she feels about King Bradley and others.

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phoenixkingazula-deactivated201  asked:

so you mentioned kings fanfics can you rec your favorite ones?

Sorry it took me so long, I hadn’t saved any of them (I was reading non-stop like a deranged person after I was done with the series). I only went through AO3’s archive now, but there were good ones here as well.

General/Teen and Up:


Videos (because of reasons):