war is easier than daughters

The Beginning

Thranduil looked at the girl he called daughter as she was riding her pony with a sigh. He regretted taking the girl after finding out about her existence some days, while others he was proud of her. She was his, even if she was born to Oakenshield and his elven lover. Thorin’s strength ran through Amathwen’s veins, though her mother’s elven blood added a quick mind. If only she wasn’t so reckless, then he wouldn’t worry. She still had to grow up. If only she hadn’t inherited her father’s stubborn and prideful nature. He noticed Amathwen about to order someone to do when SHE was supposed to do and stood up. “Amathwen! How many times have I told you to do that yourself?! You’re as stubborn as a dwarf,” he said with a sigh. She looked like most elven children save her smaller stature from Thorin’s bloodline, even if she was taller than a dwarf could be. Her hair was raven black and in unruly spirals down her back and her eyes were an icy blue color. She sighed and went o do her task with a grumble. He sighed. At least Nienna wasn’t so much trouble. His daughter went to her sibling to help. He sighed. War was easier than daughters, pure-elven blooded or Not