war is brewing

You know how in Grey’s Anatomy Meredith’s house is the safe space for everyone where strays are always welcome and all of them have lived there at one point or another? 

I think Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes was like this for the HP crew after the war.

Lee had been so involved with Potterwatch. It kept him distracted and busy, but after it became unnecessary, he just kinda crashed. And Fred may not have been family but Lee still lost a best friend and was worried for his other best friend. So Lee was the first one to move in above WWW and help George run it. Angelina, Alicia, and Katie move in shortly after. They really don’t even think about it. They’ve been so hard and so tough for so long now that they need a place to learn how to laugh again. And doing it together seems only natural after all their years of Quidditch together.

Ron didn’t even know how to function after the war. When he finally started dealing with things, he moved in with Lee and Angelina and Alicia and Katie and George and also helped out with WWW. Ron always thought WWW was genius, especially in the midst of the brewing war, and both Hermione and Harry recognized this and pushed him to go be involved with it.

Katie manages a job at St. Mungo’s after a few months and finds a nice little flat closer to the hospital that’s easier to be on call from. She doesn’t want to go alone, so Alicia goes with her. Angelina and Lee and Ron stay with George and WWW.

Ginny had to go back to school. She really only made it through the year because she knew Molly would never let her quit and it wasn’t a fight she had the energy for. But as soon as she graduated, off to WWW she went to live and work with George, Lee, Angelina, and Ron.

Ginny and Neville talk a lot, so Ginny sees how lost Neville is and how much he needs a break after leading DA and the war and being unhappy with the job he took so he would have some money to save up for his own place. So Ginny pesters Neville into moving in with them and working at WWW for a while.

At this point, the quarters are getting pretty tight - nothing new for George, Ron, or Ginny, but Lee’s an only child and he’s a bit of an introvert. And being away from a radio mic for so long has made Lee realize how much he truly just enjoyed the radio thing, so he moves out to pursue this, with an open invitation to return at any time. Angelina silently follows shortly after that, saying she needed space to heal but now she needs space to think. Wherever she goes, none of them are sure, but George suspects it’s either her family or Alicia and Katie.

Ginny also talks to Luna quite a bit and damn is Luna really messed up right now and feeling quite left out but doesn’t have the confidence to be able to ask to move in to WWW with everyone and feels a bit bad about leaving her father but he’s still kinda suffocating her because he’s messed up, too. Ginny floos to Luna and basically just drags her to WWW to live with everyone and tells Xenophilius that Andromeda might have room at him for her house and she could possibly use some more help with little Teddy.

So now George, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna are all living cozy in WWW and helping out at the store. And this is how they stay for a while.

Until Neville accidentally ends up buying a house he can’t afford by himself (he’d thought he was over this “why me” thing) but it turns out to be a good thing because Ginny just got an official offer for Quidditch and she and Luna are happy to help out with rent for a while, so the three of them move out. George is sad to see them go, but tbh, Luna’s not really great in the shop, so it’s kind of a relief that she’ll be coping in other ways.

But just like that it’s George and Ron alone and it seems too lonely compared to how it’s always been. Not to worry, though, because Harry and Hermione have been living together, but they’re both really lonely without Ron and - hey - there’s finally room for them at WWW. After an argument over whether or not they need to ask, they end up apparating outside the shop one night and throwing rocks at the upstairs windows, giggling together and wondering if wixen ever do this or if it’s just a muggle thing. They’re invited right in and WWW is all nice and cozy again with George, Ron, Hermione, and Harry living there.

Then they go to the Burrow one night for the family dinner that Molly insists on having once a month, and Percy is there and clearly wasn’t telling his siblings the full truth of how he feels because he looks downright terrible. So George, Ron, Hermione, and Harry go back to WWW that night with a new roommate. 

Hermione’s never been too into WWW, although she certainly respects all the innovation and hard work George manages for it, so she’s ready to leave before both her boys are. But neither Ron nor Harry are ready to leave yet, so Hermione gets that job at the Ministry that she prefers over WWW but doesn’t move out just yet.

Until one night Dean and a crying (”I’m not crying!”) Seamus show up to the shop. Being separated throughout the war and spending every night thinking that Dean was dead made Seamus tired of being in the closet. He and Dean just wanted to be together. But Seamus’ folks don’t really take it that well and neither him or Dean are doing that well and they don’t know where else to go. So they spend the night at WWW, which is really cramped, but none of them even think to complain.

In the next few days, a lot happens. Luna’s decided to travel the world a bit. Look for all those creatures she wants to see. Neville’s thinking of going with her. Harry and Ginny have been having Serious Talks trying to work out how they feel and what they want. Hermione’s been ready to move out, and Ron finally feels like he can breathe without breaking in half. And there isn’t room for all of them at WWW. So Neville and Luna set off, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron move in with Ginny. And George, Percy, Dean, and Seamus have a little more room to move around WWW.

But there’s only so much of Percy running the shop too much his way that George can take, and soon George has got Percy convinced that yes he can too do a fine job working at the Ministry. And that’s the push that Percy needed to get back on track with his life plans, which include not living at WWW forever.

And George doesn’t really know how it happened - he wasn’t really even friends with some of the people who’ve passed through - but his place becomes the Go To Place. The Place of Comfort. The Place That Welcomes. And it just… doesn’t really stop because George never minds and he never says no. Through the years, pretty much everyone lives there at one point. 

Charlie lives there at one point when he happens to be in the middle of jobs. Bill and Fleur move in for a bit while she’s pregnant because things are really busy and they need another person to be there to help out. Bill and Lavender had been hanging out because they’re the closest support each has for lycanthropy. Once Bill and Fleur move out after the baby is born, Lavender ends up with George because she definitely doesn’t want to put the baby at risk. Which leads to Parvati coming to WWW and they live with George until Parvati convinces Lavender they can handle this and they move out together. Parvati must have mentioned something to Padma about George seeming like he didn’t want to live alone, so suddenly he’s got Padma and Cho and Marietta living with him for a while. Oliver lives there sometimes during the offseason of Quidditch when he decides he doesn’t like his house and doesn’t plan far enough ahead to rent a new place before leaving the old. Lee and Katie move back in for a while in between other roommates, partially for their sake and partially for George’s. Angelina pops by sometimes but usually only stays a night or two. Most of his niblings even live there - for a lot of them, WWW is their first job. When Molly dies, Arthur moves in and stays with George until he, too dies.

And George ends up just really never living alone? But he’s really okay with it because he’s not sure he was ever meant to be alone, anyway.

there’s this false idea that
love knocks the wind out of you at first glance,
no, darling, that was your beauty 
that was the power you wielded in your eyes

because it took me longer to truly become locked onto your orbit
for me to realize that you were what I’ve been searching for all my days
because you bring peace to the war brewing inside me with a touch
yet you ignited a fire burning within me with the sound of my name

though it took minutes to admire you
it took what looking back seems like centuries to fall in love with you
because falling off that cliff’s edge, you wrapped in my arms
could have been the end of something but instead it was the start

and we’ve been bruised and broken, hurt and haunted
but after every terrible thing, I know I’ll always have you
because you grab me by the hand and we’ll fight off the monsters
together, like all the stories the writers wish they could create

—  We’re Those, Only Better by Abby S
Possible plot lines for Dragon Age 4

A Second Qunari War: It’s been hinted since Origins. Sten’s straight-up statement that one day the Qunari would invade Thedas again. The Arishok’s dying promise that one day the Qunari would return. Iron Bull’s 100% confidence that one day his people would attempt to conquer Thedas. We all know that the Qunari want to conquer all of Thedas and are more than capable of doing so, especially after centuries of isolation in which to plan.

The Tevinter Slave Rebellions: Dorian made it quite clear that he wants The Imperium to change. When he first moved into Haven he stated that he, to a degree, condoned slavery but a lot happened after that. His opinion must have changed, his must want to change his homeland in more ways than just the politics. And then there’s Fenris. His time with Hawke changed him. He’s grown. He’s the kind of person who wants to bring about change. The type who’d start a rebellion.

Grey Warden Civil War: According to the epilogue of Inquisition, the southern Wardens have broken off relations with Weisshaupt and there are rumours of a civil war brewing between the Wardens.

The Ancient Magisters: Coypheus was one, The Architect perhaps a second. Surely there must be more.

A Double Blight: There are two Old Gods still alive: Razikel and Lucasen. That means two more possible Blights. Coincidentally, there’s been rumours ever since DA2 of a Blight in The Anderfels. Three or four Wardens managed to stop the Fifth Blight and there are over a thousand Wardens in The Anderfels. So what could be the problem? Well, like I said, two Old Gods remain. What’s to say both can’t rise as Archdemons at the same time?

The Return of the Elven Gods: Mythal lives, Flemeth as her host. Fen'Harel has been alive this whole time. This all points to something much larger than just an old witch and an elven Somniari causing trouble. ‘Our gods saw him as a brother, and they trusted him when he said that they must keep to the heavens while he arranged a truce’. Fen'Harel allegedly sealed the elven gods in 'the heavens’. Last time I looked, the heavens were a little… worse for wear. So Corypheus says The Maker doesn’t live inside The Black City? Well someone has to and if me and my friends were banished to 'the heavens’, we’d move into the nice big castle there for us. The Inquisitor can patch up the hole in the sky all they like but I’m sure there’s still room to squeeze through.

Dragon Apocalypse: According to Yavana, the dragons have a queen. That implies some form of organisation. Centuries ago dragons were hunted nearly to extinction, then one appears out of the blue during the Fereldan Rebellion, and now suddenly there are thousands of High Dragons scattered all across Thedas? A little too rapid an expansion for me to believe it was entirely natural. Besides, what better finale storyline for a game called Dragon Age?

I Thought No One Else Knew You Were Spider-Man? (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader) (slight smut)

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Warnings: A bit of swearing and mentions of sexy times. Slight smut again.


You missed him. You missed him a lot. You had been away for two weeks to help Cap prepare for the Civil War that was brewing steadily in the superhero world. Your father chose to support government controlled supervision of superhero involvement. You weren’t down for that. No.one.bit. After all, you had your hidden identity, but you couldn’t care less about your own safety under these new rules, you were more concerned about your boyfriend, Peter. You both wanted to keep each other’s identities a secret because if anyone knew it would put you both in danger. You couldn’t bear to be in a world without him. So you would fight for you and Peter.
Now as you stand here before your father, whom you loved so much, you would speak one last time before you raised your fist for your freedom. Your father turned to look at you. “You picked the wrong side, Y/N.” your father said dauntingly. You shook your head slightly and looked down at your feet. As soon as your father and Cap started to exchange words back and forth, it quickly became heated. It wasn’t until you heard your father yell the words “underoos” that you decided to look up from the ground. You saw… ‘no. No no no. That isn’t… is it?’ You thought in complete disbelief. You saw none other than friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, a.k.a your boyfriend. Your emotions took over, you didn’t know what to do. There was so much excitement, confusion, shock, and… happiness. Your mouth was too quick, and before you knew it, you had taken off your mask and the words left your mouth with such urgency. “PETER?!” You yelled. As soon as the words came from your lips, the boy turned to look at you before removing his mask. “Y/N?!” He yelled back in disbelief. Your emotions got the better of both of you and the skip in your step turned into a jog and your jog quickly became a full on sprint to each other. You jumped into his embrace and he spun you as you kissed. You hadn’t realized how long you two had been making out for until the need to breathe became too much and you both gasped for air as you pulled apart. “God I missed you so much” he said breathlessly. “That was well over due” you said locking eyes with Peter. You gripped the sides of his face, quickly planting a kiss on his nose. It took a while for the speed of everything that just happened to register for everyone else. You and Peter, being two hormonal teenagers in love, hadn’t even registered the fact that you just basically made out in front of all the Avengers which, ahem, included your dad. Shit. He still didn’t know. Guess you two should be more aware of your PDAing next time (I know PDAing is not a word but I’ll just let it roll).
Amidst everyone’s shock, your father finally spoke up. “Uhhh… Spider-Boy? Care to tell me why you’re mashing faces with my daughter?” He said, his facial expression a mix between shocked, grossed out, and stern. “Dad, Peter is my boyfriend.” Your father turned to look at your half-spider boyfriend and said, “how uh, how long has this been going on?” Your father raised a brow. “A-bout a year. A-almost a year your boyfriend sputtered out awkwardly. Your father chuckled slightly and looked to the ground. “What?” You asked, arms crossing over your chest. “Oh, nothing, nothing” your father said. “It’s just that,” your father turned and looked up at Peter. “You,” He pointed a finger at your boyfriend accusingly. “You told me something earlier this week.” Peter was scared. He didn’t know what your father was going to pull out. He didn’t do something wrong, right? Did he? Peter got lost in his thoughts. Did he say something he wasn’t supposed to? Did Mr.Stark hear something he wasn’t supposed to? Shit. What if he heard you two that night he came over and let your hormones do the talking? It’s just your legs looked so good in those shorts, he couldn’t help but lust over how good your legs would look without them. The way you looked at him so innocently as you did the most sinful things to him, the way you touched him in ways he’ll never forget… No one else was supposed to be home that night. What if-. Peter’s racing thoughts of distress were soon pushed aside as your father displayed a look of mock hurt. “I just…” your father started, his hand over his chest. “I thought no one else knew you were Spider-Man?” Your father said. Peter looked confused now. “Haha. I’m just messing with you kid.” Your father joked, smiling. “Welcome to the family.” Your father pulled the now smiling boy into a bro hug, laughter soon turning into seriousness. Your father leaned in to whisper in Peters ear. “If you hurt her though, I’ll kill you.” Your father pulled away from the hug with a famous Stark smile while Peter looked slightly mortified.
’At least there’s one less Civil War to worry about’.

In Honor of JK Rowling Coming Out with New Books

So JK Rowling announce that there will be two new harry potter universe books coming out in October, sadly not about the Marauders :( So I’ve decided to post about my headcanon for a Marauders book, because while we all would love a Marauder series that probably isn’t going to happen rather a single book might.

Lily’s Journal- Picked up when she visit Diagon Alley for the first time, it never runs out of sheets

1st Year will cover

-Hella excited about starting at Hogwarts, list of spells she has tried, stories of adventures with Petunia

-Excited to be sorted in Gryffindor but sad Sev got sorted into a different house but they’ll still be friends

-Annoying toad Potter and his gaggle of friends, so stupid their pranks are and how dare they target Sev, why cant they just leave him alone (little does she know, he made fun of Remus’s scars)

2nd Year will cover

-Sadness about the anger and distance Petunia is keeping between them

-Toad Potter starting to ask her out in increasingly outlandish ways

-Sev starting to hang with the older darker Slytherin’s

-Rumors of a war brewing

-New spells and doodles in the margins

-Becoming friends with Remus over “muggle” books

3rd Year will cover

-Petunia ignoring her all summer, Sev reading dark books

-Excitement over new classes and new books from Diagon

-Running into the Potters and just being charmed by his mother and wondering why Potter couldn’t be like that

-In Defense, realizing Remus’s secret and being extra nice around the full moon

-Fucking period came and what do you mean there isn’t a charm to stop it? (Her rant inspires Potter)

-Doodles and hearts with boys names

4th Year will cover

-Relief that petunia is away at a camp for the summer, Sev both ignoring and being clingy all summer

-Sneaking away from female friends one of the nights in the first to get some alone time because so many people, and walking into an abandon classroom and discovering Sirius trying to wrap his ribs that were a parting gift from his mother

-Staying and helping Sirius wrap them and spending the night talking and building a friendship

-Lots of homework as the professors are gearing up to OWLs next year

-Going on a first date with a cute boy from Hufflepuff and bloody Potter ruining the date with one of his horrible pranks (actually that was totally fine cause the date sucked and she was looking for a way out, but don’t tell Potter!)

-Fears of the first war becoming more apparent

-Increasing tensions between her and Severus

5th Year will cover

-Tense summer with Severus and Petunia, spends time away with female friends

-Annoying Potter and how he is disturbing her studying for the OWLs

-More secret hangouts with Sirius, that end up being spa nights, when she notices his smile is more brittle than normal (insert pic of Sirius in green mud mask, pink curlers, and cotton balls between his toes)

-Increasing anger and frustration with Severus over his standing by and doing nothing when his darker friends start to torment younger mudbloods which ends at the end of the year with Snape calling her mudblood

(little does she know that this is why James always seemed to be picking on Snape, when really James was getting Snape to stop tormenting and injuring younger students)

6th Year will cover

-Starts with Lilly ranting about Petunia’s new boyfriend, Vernon, and how he is so boring and so obsess with being very proper

-Regret and anger over the end of her friendship with Snape

-Excitement over getting 6 O on the Owls and shock that 3 of the Marauders all did better than her cause all they ever did in class was goof off

-Rant on getting paired up with Potter on a month long Charms assignment

-Realizing how smart he is (coming with uses for spells that never crossed her mind) and how funny he is in conversation and how kind (she saw him approach a stressed out 2nd year and give her a small basket which contained chocolate, pads, tampons, small book on charms that help, spells to use when a guy says “oh you’re just mad cause you’re on your period”)

-Which then leads to her noticing that a lot of the younger girls approach him for extras because he carries them (Potter’s idea from Lily’s rant in 3rd year)

-More fear and more hopelessness over the war

-More spa days with Sirius and they talk about him and Remus

-Tea time with Remus where they talk about Sirius

-Confusion and shock and some other unknown feeling over Ja-Potter dating a Ravenclaw for a few months

-Year ends with her realizing she has feelings for Jam-POTTER

7th Year will cover

-Inviting Sirius to escort her to her sister’s wedding, finding out he is living with the Potters and how Remus is now jealous about Sirius ‘dating’

-Getting on the train and discovering Potter is headboy and them having a conversation that ends with her agreeing to call him James

-Seeing how good he is with scared first years and with all younger students (even Slytherins) that are afraid of the war

-Watching him start a defense class in response to the growing war, and growing closer as they write lesson plans together and share the headboy dorm

-(Spot of drool on the page from lily seeing James without a shirt)

-After the first quidditch game was extremely close and fast pace and thrilling, and after winning she ran across the field and tackled hugged James and gave him a peck on the lips (it was several, it was hard to tell what McGonagall smiling more for)

-Later they have a conversation about whether they should be a couple or not with the war happening and they decide it would be better to die with love in the heart than regret on the mind

-Joining the Order

-Worrying about Remus when he leaves on Dumbledore’s useless missions

-Peter acting weird, but assuming it just from the war

-Discovering Snape is a death eater

*NEW* Pretty Little Liars Endgame (Alternative)

Whilst I still stand by my first endgame theory, today I want to explore an alternative way the endgame could potentially unfold. 

One day at Radley, Charlotte accidentally pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof. Jessica, who was on the board at Radley, agrees to help her niece Charlotte by ruling Marion’s death a suicide, but internally within Radley, Charlotte blamed Bethany for it. Charlotte reversed the roles when telling her story to the liars in 610 so that they would feel sorry for her. 

Jessica feels bad that an innocent patient, Bethany, was blamed for something her niece did so she signs Bethany out of Radley to adopt and ride a horse. Considering she helped Charlotte get away with it, it is the absolute least Jessica can do. But Bethany isn’t appreciative of these sympathetic gifts because she knows that Jessica is having an affair with her father. Jessica asks Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie” as a way of saying “I’m not having an affair with your father, I’m just a long lost aunt hence I’ve been around your father lately!” Bethany throws a tantrum and buckets after Jessica’s lies. “Is it like mother like daughter?” and “can I trust anyone in that family?” says Bethany in her recordings. Bethany’s hatred is building towards two dead characters, ‘mother and daughter’ Charlotte and Jessica. (Even young Charles thought they were a part of the DiLaurentis family for quite some time.)

After Charles’ funeral, Charlotte’s doctors let her go, out of belief that trapping a transgender patient in a mental asylum isn’t doing any good. And, she’s apparently been making progress… again, Bethany was blamed for Charlotte’s fatal mistake. She never returned to Radley as Charlotte: she was free to walk the streets of Rosewood. She created the new alias CeCe Drake, after having found out about her birth mother Mary Drake (although having still never met her). CeCe attended college and shared a roommate, explaining how she knew everyone at Eric Kahn’s party and perhaps how she slipped into the Rosewood High yearbook. This also explains why Charlotte needed a visitors pass to see Mona in Radley, as she was no longer a patient that can sneak down the hall. 

During college, CeCe and Noel happened to be at the same frat party. Noel accidentally pushed a girl down the stairs, but of course the bystander ex-Radley patient gets the blame for it. As a result, Charlotte is kicked out of college for something Noel did. Hence Noel helped Charlotte in the dollhouse; he felt he owed something to Charlotte. He took something from her that she worked extra hard for. 

While CeCe was off beginning her new life in Rosewood (still before ‘that night’), Bethany was still in Radley, taking medication that should have Charlotte’s name on it, drowning in her own drool. That’s sure to drive her crazy. 

“That night”, Bethany escaped with the intent of killing Charlotte as revenge for ruining her life. Jessica, who was Bethany’s caretaker at Radley, got a call that night from Radley workers informing her that Bethany has escaped. “I’m very worried, please send someone”, said Jessica, knowing how much Bethany hates her and her niece. A war was brewing. Charlotte wanted to hurt Bethany before Bethany harms anyone. Charlotte accidentally hit Ali instead of Bethany, but thankfully Mrs. Grunwald came to Ali’s rescue. “I swear I thought it was Bethany, mum” cried Charlotte.

Mona hit Bethany with a shovel thinking she was hitting Ali; she hated Ali that much. The purpose of a psychic saving Ali was because only a psychic could know to come back to Rosewood and save another person: Bethany Young. Mrs Grunwald sensed more danger and went and saved Bethany. I don’t like supernatural elements as much as the next person, but it exists, and we have to acknowledge it and use it.

Notice how the person saving Ali/Bethany is different in the two instances. TWO people were pulled out of the dirt. (Red sleeve vs no sleeve.)

Bethany Young is alive. Bethany Young is Uber A and AD, which stands for After Death. Whilst there have been many deaths over the seasons, Bethany’s “death” was THE death that started it all and so it’s very iconic for her to go by AD. We know AD has to be someone who has access to medical records, as they leaked Yvonne’s abortion and Veronica’s sickness. Who better than someone who successfully faked her death? 

Bethany couldn’t stand the idea of that bitch Charlotte getting 5 years treatment and then getting to go home with her family, happily ever after. As revenge, Bethany killed Charlotte the exact same way that Charlotte killed Marion and blamed her for it: Charlotte was pushed off a building (bell-tower). 

Here is our clue from the writers that we should be looking at Bethany. In the (FAKE) flashback we saw of Bethany, she was wearing this red sweater.

Yet we saw someone in an awfully similar red sweater walk into the bell-tower the very night Charlotte was killed: Bethany? Again, even though it was a fake flashback and that red sweater doesn’t technically exist, it is the writers foreshadowing. 

And if it wasn’t already clear, Bethany killed Jessica, too… the affair that could’ve teared apart her family forever (Bethany might have become related to Charlotte, that thought scared Bethany!) and Jessica also helped Charlotte get away with pushing Marion. Jessica had to go. Season 5A made it extremely easy to guess that Melissa and/or Peter killed Jessica with Peter’s drugs, and hence they lied about where they were the night she was killed. Yet, here we are in 7A, and the writers still haven’t confirmed Melissa and Peter’s involvement. For that reason, I believe the answer is elsewhere. If it really was Melissa and Peter, that could’ve been confirmed years ago. If it really was Melissa and/or Peter, why is it being extended into season 7B? Because there’s more to the story. It was Bethany.

Bethany/AD chooses to frame Melissa for Charlotte’s murder. Out of all people in Rosewood, why did the killer chose Melissa? Because Melissa has a motive that would make sense in front of a jury: Charlotte sent Wren the video of Melissa confessing to burying Bethany the actual person in the grave, which lead to Wren breaking up with her. Melissa’s relationship crumbled, combined with the simple fact that Charlotte is in possession of a video that could destroy Melissa’s reputation forever, is why Bethany decided Melissa is the perfect candidate to frame: she would have a motive to want Charlotte dead. 

Bethany stole Melissa’s suitcase, broke the handle and bashed Charlotte’s head with it. She then put the suitcase back before Melissa notices it’s missing… or did she? Whilst unpacking her clothes, Melissa says in 613 “I know I had more clothes in here”. Evidently Melissa’s suitcase was tampered with. 

Melissa was the person sending unsigned, emoji texts throughout 6B. She was being harassed by Bethany, that if she doesn’t admit to killing Charlotte or find another killer before the end of the election night, her confession video will be shared with everyone. 

How did Bethany even get her hands on this video? From Wren. As we know, Charlotte sent the video to Wren so clearly Wren is in possession of this video. The reason he instantly ended his relationship with Melissa is because Bethany is his sister and he was mad that Melissa potentially killed his sister and didn’t say anything. Of course, she’s alive now, but what a big secret that is to keep.

As Emily stated in 617 after being attacked, “there’s definitely 2 people after us”. Bethany wanted Emily to touch the suitcase handle (why not have a second person to frame?) whilst Melissa was the one trying to get it back to save herself.

Marlene has said there is one question she can’t wait to answer, but she can’t tell us what this question is because the question itself is a spoiler. That question is precisely “who is actually in the grave?“ The answer is one that makes total sense: Alison’s twin. This also explains how the Jane Doe was identified as Alison in the first place: similar DNA.

They foreshadowed this in 513 by showing a dead Alison in a grave. This was the writers telling us that YES, despite all complications, there really is an Alison in the grave. We already have twins; Mary and Jessica. However, scientifically, twins CAN give birth to twins. So, it is possible to have another set of twins involved in the endgame. Also, Marlene has explicitly said that “we won’t see Courtney”. We may never actually find out the name of Ali’s twin. It doesn’t matter. They aren’t alive, they aren’t A like in the books. We will never see them. They are DEAD. 

It’s also possible that the person in the grave is a random girl we’ve never met before - probably one of the many new cast members joining the finale.

This is tricky to answer for 2 reasons:

- At the time of this Tweet, Marlene knew there will be a FAKE flashback involving Bethany in 610. Ignore that flashback COMPLETELY. It never happened. That was Charlotte retelling a story of lies.

- There is before the incident regarding her face,

- There is after the incident regarding her face.

What incident?

One day whilst on temporary release, Bethany was with Jenna in Jenna’s garage. Alison and her friends threw fireworks inside and as a result, Jenna was blinded and Bethany was burnt. This is how the show is coming full circle as we are circling right back to the stories of season 1. Bethany hates Ali and the girls for the permanent damage she has suffered. 

Alison blamed Toby for ‘The Jenna/Bethany Thing’ which Bethany assumes means that Toby was involved, too. Hence, in a true moment of anger right after her name was announced to the public on television, Bethany blew up Toby’s house. 

Note that Bethany never shows her face in her pictures. This is not laziness by any means, she is actually a brilliant artist.

So whilst Bethany is framing Melissa for Charlotte’s murder, she is harassing the Liars over it too because they ruined her life.

Bethany/AD is walking around Rosewood in masks. Her face is deformed, on top of the fact that she’s supposed to be dead. She cannot show her face. Further, 6A revealed that Bethany Young shared a room in Radley with Leslie Stone. That same season we saw Leslie with boxes of glasses identical to those that AD has been wearing. Leslie knows Bethany is alive and she was trying to locate her long lost friend - she found her!

Bethany shot Spencer as not only revenge for burning her (The Jenna/Bethany Thing), but for being the one to bash her over the head that night. Of course, Spencer didn’t actually do it (Mona did) but since everyone in Rosewood thought it was Spencer, Bethany later latched on to this popular belief. (Note: if Alison survived a rock to the head, Bethany survived a bashing to the head, too. Heightened reality, unfortunately.) 

This message was from Bethany: 

Again, note the blacked face.

This Black Veil person from 401 was Bethany. CeCe’s story of who this person was, revolved around Sara Harvey pulling off a veil to reveal her face, but in reality, there is a (BURNT) Alison mask underneath that veil. CeCe’s version couldn’t be true as Sara never had a mask when she entered the limo. Sara never saw the girls as dolls - Sara was just Charlotte’s decoy, so it makes no sense for Sara to have been playing dolly earlier… This is Uber A.

Why would Sara Harvey care about Bethany Young? She doesn’t. Below is Bethany sending flowers to her family who she misses. She wants to tell them she’s alive and well! But first she wants to finish off this game and punish the people who hurt her.

Despite the above Tweet being from 2013, she is going to follow through with that in these final episodes because:

I know what you’re probably thinking… Bethany being Uber A is not satisfying. To me, it is! It goes right back to season 1 as it revolves around ‘that night’. The person that suffered that night in the pilot, is back for revenge! 

I could do a part 2 for this theory to explain who is Bethany. Who are her parents? Is she a DiLaurentis? Is the “aunt Jessie” thing supposed to be taken literally - is she a Drake? Is she someone’s twin? Is Melissa Bethany? Is Sara Harvey Bethany (I hope not, but very possible)? Is Bethany Charlotte’s twin who also transitioned, hence Jason thought he saw CeCe that night (but really it was Bethany, like Charlotte says)? I believe we are dealing with Bethany - but who is Bethany, is for another day. I do NOT believe for a split second they will make Uber A be a person we’ve never met before. That’s pathetic.

When the Bethany-ideas came flooding to me, I googled ‘Bethany is Uber A’ to see the fan consensus on this topic and the first result was an amazing post by @the-outlast. Whilst we have some largely contrasting opinions on some aspects, shoutout to this person for a couple pieces of evidence I used to explain our belief that Bethany is alive :)

Secret Daughter (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

 Summary: For her own safety Y/N Stark does not exist, but Tony could really use his daughters’ help in recruiting a one, Peter Parker.

A/N: Honestly, stark!reader fics are my favorite to read and write. Will either add one more part or make it a series (woo!)

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: None that I can think of…


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Can you recommend some good books for someone in a slump after finishing all the Outlander books? :)

You want me to recommend books? 😍😍😍

Now, for me, recommendations kind of depend on what kind of thing you’re looking for as well as what some of your other tastes include – i.e. the Outlander series is a good starting point, but I’d need to know more of what you like to give a truly effective recommendation. 

But, there are plenty of books that I can recommend generally, so…

Originally posted by arrowreactiongifs

Lenny’s Book Recommendations Masterlist

Highest recommendations are in all caps. Sorting by genre/category but in no particular order. Also including links to my reviews for the ones I have reviews for. If anyone ever feels like talking books, please, please, please don’t hesitate to drop by my inbox/chat me up. If you have questions, recommendations, etc. I am always ready to talk books.

*These are by no means the only books I recommend. If you send me a list of your 5-10 favorite books/series, I can probably give you a more specific list of recommendations (this is an open invitation to do exactly this; I love tailoring recommendations). 

Update: Newest additions are bolded

Young Adult Fiction

HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY by Suzanne Collins **cannot recommend highly enough** - dystopic young adult fiction at its best

Heartless by Marissa Meyer - Queen of Hearts origin story

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (second book is the weakest but all the rest are fantastic; Winter is my favorite) - if you like reworked fairy tales

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass (mostly just the first and fourth books though) - a bit of a The Bachelor/reality dating show but with a dash of dystopia

Graceling Trilogy by Kristin Cashore - some humans with magical/superhuman abilities; fighting against an oppressive ruler; fantasy setting

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - intriguing narrative structure; does explore a teen’s suicide

HARRY POTTER SERIES by J.K. Rowling (cause duh) - wizard school shenanigans and defeating a dark wizard (if you aren’t already aware)

The Circle of Magic Quartet by Tamora Pierce - fantasy; four children brought up learning specific magical skill sets based on unique, elementally linked abilities

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson - teen girl’s struggles with school and friends after her rape

A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES SERIES by Sarah J. Maas *recommended to me by @bonnie-wee-swordsman​/ @acotargaryen​; fantasy (very sex positive); a human is brought into fae territory as war appears to be brewing and threatening her own human territory as well; as the series progresses, themes related to consent and agency grow stronger in ways that are ideal for YA audiences; Book 2 (A Court of Mist and Fury) is the best as far as both content and pacing

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - (I’m just starting Book 2) a bit of a cross between dystopic fiction and fantasy (so right in my genre sweet spot); Silvers rule over Reds but one Red girl threatens to upset that balance

Young Adult Historic Fiction

Mine Eyes Have Seen by Ann Rinaldi - John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry as experienced through one of his daughters

A Break with Charity by Ann Rinaldi - Salem witch trials through the eyes of a young woman who knows the accusers

Sisters of the Quantock Hills Quartet by Ruth Elwin Harris - four sisters (artistically inclined) deal with the trio of brothers they love as WW I impacts their lives

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES SERIES by L. M. Montgomery **not really historic fiction as it was contemporary, but SUCH an important book/series for young Lenny** - an eccentric and imaginative orphan girl is adopted by an elderly brother and sister on Prince Edward Island in the nineteenth century

Time Travelers Quartet by Caroline B. Cooney - a teen girl stumbles through time to the Victorian era where she meets a young man and gets caught up in his family’s troubles

Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene - a young Jewish girl encounters a young German POW during WW II

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse - a young girl’s reminiscences of family tragedy during the Dust Bowl; presented in poems, free verse

Non Fiction

What We Talk About When We Talk About Clone Club by Gregory E. Pence - bioethics and philosophy in Orphan Black

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport - the lives of the Romanov daughters with quite a bit about their mother as well; also a lot about the family’s life under house arrest and their ultimate deaths

Dead Wake by Erik Larson - the circumstances and events surrounding the sinking of the Lusitania

The Pope and Mussolini by David I. Kertzer - the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church under Pius XI and Mussolini as he rose and took power of Italy

Zealot by Reza Aslan - an exploration of the life of the historic figure of Jesus of Nazareth (what history has recorded as opposed to the Bible’s understanding of the man)

In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson - the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany as experienced by the American ambassador in Berlin and his family

QUIET by Susan Cain **an empowering MUST read for introverts** - exploring introversion, its many facets, and how business culture/society at large works for and against introverts

The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr - the search for and discovery of a lost Caravaggio painting

THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY by Erik Larson - looking at serial killer H.H. Holmes and the development of the Chicago World’s Fair; both in action at the same time and in the same area

War is a Force that Gives us Meaning by Christ Hedges - a look at nationalistic wars in the 20th century and the patterns, similarities between them

Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss - humor, punctuation, and history

Alternative History

The Boleyn Trilogy by Laura Andersen - what if Anne Boleyn had given birth to Henry VIII’s son after having had Elizabeth? A novel centered on that son’s reign and the friends he and Elizabeth have in common

The Tudor Legacy Trilogy by Laura Andersen (a sequel trilogy to The Boleyn Trilogy) - what if Elizabeth I had had an heir? Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip II of Spain is falling apart but she has her daughter Anne Isabel as her heir

Science Fiction/Dystopic Fiction

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (LOVED the adaptation; definitely recommend checking it out along with the book) - looking at women’s lives when reproduction falls under state/government control

THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER/THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS by Octavia Butler - environmental disaster ensues and chaos reigns but Lauren finds and creates a functioning community amongst fleeing survivors sharing her new and developing religion with them

MADDADDAM TRILOGY by Margaret Atwood (I seriously need HBO to get their shit together and get moving on the adaptation of this trilogy) - the world has ended as we know it thanks to one possibly mad scientist but some of humanity survived along with the humanoid species that scientist engineered

THE FIRST FIFTEEN LIVES OF HARRY AUGUST by Claire North - some people turn out to be capable of being reborn into their same life over and over; they can affect the world around them but largely agree altering things drastically should be avoided… but not everyone is willing to follow the rules

Lilith’s Brood (the Xenogenesis Trilogy) by Octavia Butler (not going to be to everyone’s taste, even for sci fi lovers, but I just LOVE Octavia Butler) -aliens save what’s survived of the human race but seek to adapt themselves so that they can continue a new race/species with the humans; those children face trials of their own as the generations continue to develop (really good series if you’re interested in gender identity/non-binary sexuality, etc.)

Fledgling by Octavia Butler - a young surviving alien whom humans mistake for a vampire must find her way after the rest of her family are destroyed but others of her kind consider her an abomination and want her destroyed too

The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett - science fiction lite; a virus wipes out nearly the whole of the human race leaving the survivors scattered across space (where population and government issues had forced many to colonize) fighting to find each other and decide what their collective future should be

Historic Fiction

THE KILLER ANGELS by Mike Sharra - the battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of some of the commanders on both sides

The Stargazer’s Sister by Carrie Brown - a novel about Caroline Herschel

The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert - a little girl escapes one of the trains headed to the death camps in WW II Poland but after the war is transported out of Poland (which is falling under Communist Russia’s thumb) and adopted by a family in Africa

Orhan’s Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian - deals with the Armenian genocide during WW I

Vanessa and her Sister by Priya Parmar - a novel about the Bloomsbury Group, specifically Virginia Woolf and her sister, Vanessa

Poldark Series by Winston Graham - the lives and trials of a mine owning family in Cornwall in the late 18th century; social/class issues a central theme

Silence by Shusaku Endo - a 17th centuryJesuit goes to Japan to investigate apostasy of a priest there and witnesses the plight of the local Christians **I had no idea until now that Silence movie I’ve seen advertised briefly was an adaptation of this book**

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le Carré - Cold War espionage in England; there’s a mole giving valuable information to the Soviets and he must be found before too much is compromised

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy - a novel about the concentration camps in WW II and two children who try and manage to escape

North and South Trilogy by John Jakes - two young men bond at West Point and their families become fast friends but as tensions rise and war breaks out, they’re on opposite sides of the Civil War

Literary Fiction

The Golem and the Jinnie by Helene Wecker *recommended to me by @dingbatland - two mythical creatures rooted in different cultures find themselves unexpectedly in New York at the turn of the 20th century

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood - a young woman is accused of murdering her employer and coworker in the mid-19th century and is convicted but there are many who doubt her guilt (inspired by a true case)

ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan **my favorite Ian McEwan novel and a fantastic movie adaptation** - perspective and appearances matter as a young girl’s accusation changes the lives of her sister and the young man she loves with fall out that carries the family through WW II

THE POISONWOOD BIBLE by Barbara Kingsolver - a missionary brings his wife and four girls to the Belgian Congo in 1959 and it changes the family forever; the story is told in first person narration through each of the girls’ perspectives and is unparalleled

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon - an autistic young man tries to make sense of an incident that happened and what it means for his important routines

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (currently my favorite recent release recommendation) - Russian folktales are woven into a story where the traditions of the rural outskirts of society clash with the power and will of the Church

The Star-Touched Queen Series by Roshani Chokshi - the daughter of a raja is rumored to be cursed but there is one suitor who wants her and brings her to a realm she’s only heard of in stories; rooted in Indian mythology; Book 2, A Crown of Wishes follows the sister of the lead from Book 1 as she accompanies a young (and powerless) prince to the Otherworld to compete in the Tournament of Wishes

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North - a young film maker’s life and death are told and examined by some of the people in her life: former lovers, friends, acquaintances, family

MOTHER NIGHT by Kurt Vonnegut - a politically indifferent playwright who ended up working for the Nazis writes his memoirs while on trial for the role he played in the regime

Room by Emma Donoghue - a young woman and her son escape the man who kidnapped the woman and kept her in isolation for years but then must adjust to the real world again; told from the young boy’s perspective

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - a young, poor African-American girl grows up in Depression Era Ohio; explores race relations, societal concepts of beauty, etc. (Morrison’s first novel)

A Mercy by Toni Morrison - explores the origins of slavery in early America (1692), namely through the women living and working on a farm in Virginia (a group including immigrants, natives, and Africans)


The Yard by Alex Grecian - in the wake of Jack the Ripper, the new homicide division of Scotland Yard is under scrutiny but there also appears to be someone out to kill their detectives; interesting look at the early methods of both the detectives and forensic science

Cormoran Strike Series by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling (the second is my favorite cause I read revenge tragedies in one of my grad classes) - Cormoran Strike is a private detective in desperate need of paying clients; when a young woman shows up from a temp agency determined to do more than just reception work about the same time an old friend appears looking for answers in his famous model sister’s death, things begin to change for Strike’s business prospects

The Godfather by Mario Puzo - Italian mafia battles in New York following WW II

The Shining by Stephen King - a family settle into an enormous hotel in the mountains to live as caretakers there for the winter but the hotel appears to have other plans for them and especially the gifted son

The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson (but watch out for book four; it was ghost written after Larsson’s death a few years ago and is not based on his notes for book four) - a disgraced reporter looks for a project to work on while his infamy blows over but gets dragged into a decades old case; a young hacker with her own issues with the Swedish government and social work system becomes involved too and an odd partnership is born; later the woman’s personal and family history begin to cause problems and garner the public’s attention for the wrong reasons

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie - a group of houseguests arrive at a large and secluded island home for a weekend away but their host doesn’t appear to be present and what’s more, none of them have met him or her; when people start dying, those remaining begin to suspect one another

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh - when a child is killed in a hit-and-run crash, the authorities investigating find themselves dealing with a confusing mess while a woman somehow connected to the case and who recently relocated tries to rebuild a life for herself 


The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (third book was my favorite) - a young woman who’s long denied her calling as a witch stumbles across an ancient and powerful text that just about everyone in the supernatural world (that she’s done her best to ignore) wants

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman - a man returning to his hometown for a funeral begins to recall some strange events from his childhood and the young girl he had been friends with

THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern **going to do a reread of this sometime this year** - magicians battle with one another through proxies but those two proxies form an unexpected relationship

THE CHILD THIEF by Brom - a very dark and intriguing take on the Peter Pan story that borrows some Avalon mythology, the accompanying artwork is amazing, even in digital form

LORD OF THE RINGS by J. R. R. Tolkien (I’m not a fan of The Hobbit though) - the ring of power must be destroyed to prevent a dark lord from taking over MiddleEarth and an unassuming hobbit is entrusted with the task

The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter - a (wrongfully) disgraced student of magick meets up with a professor’s daughter who longs to learn and truths begin to emerge along with powers neither understand yet


The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas - Louis XIII’s musketeers seek to protect the country and their king from the machinations of Cardinal Richelieu

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - a young man’s life appears to be falling into place before he is falsely accused of conspiring to restore Napoleon and imprisoned for twenty years; when he escapes, he seeks revenge on those who locked him away

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell - when a young woman’s family circumstances force them to leave their home in the southern countryside and relocate to an industrial town in the north, she becomes acquainted with one of the mill owners and the poor conditions faced by the workers and their families; romantic, socio-economic, and philosophical tensions arise

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen - bad first impressions can still lead to deep love and understanding… eventually

PERSUASION by Jane Austen - when a woman’s former flame returns, she laments the advice that she’d followed years before in breaking off their engagement but is it too late or does he still have feelings for her too?

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostoyevsky **possibly my favorite novel of all time but it’s definitely not for everyone** - a young man firmly believes that the ends justify the means, even when it comes to murder… until he tries it and finds himself wracked with guilt; can he be redeemed and if so, how?

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy - a flirtation becomes an affair and a woman must decide how to handle her husband and her lover as her life changes against the backdrop of a drastically changing Russia

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton - a young woman learns the hard way just how difficult it is to keep running in the circles of high society when one has no money and must rely on the generosity of one’s friends, especially when rumors start to fly

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens - a family is threatened by the changing tides in revolutionary Paris and they fight to escape to the safety of London 

(**personally, my favorite Dickens novel is Our Mutual Friend but A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations aren’t as intimidating and are excellent for getting used to Dickens’ style**)

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck - a family is forced off their property by the banks and circumstances during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, so they head west where there are supposed to be plenty of jobs in California but will they survive the journey and will those jobs still be there when they and everyone else in their situation actually arrive

The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck - a town is invaded in WW II and order is imposed by the invaders but it proves not to be as gentle as the invaders would have the people believe and the townsfolk aren’t as compliant as they first appear

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - **you either love magical realism or you hate it; I LOVE it** - the story of the Buendía family and the town they founded, Macondo, where unusual things tend to happen

Guilty Pleasures

Virgin Series by Radhika Sanghani - a young woman wants to lose her virginity but her embarrassing experiences in the past and navigating societal expectations have her worried it will never happen **very funny and body/sex positive*

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory - a novel about Catherine of Aragon and her marriages to two princes of England, Arthur and then his younger brother, Henry VIII

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory - the first in her Cousins War/War of the Roses series (I need to 1. watch the Starz adaptation of this book and 2. get around to reading the next books in this series)

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory - a novel about Anne Boleyn’s sister, Mary, who had an affair with Henry VIII first and then watched her sister’s rise and fall

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Prompt: their first kiss once Jon closes the door

I received this prompt from an anon and I tried t write it, but nothing felt right and I realized it was because i didn’t imagine their first kiss occurred when he closed the door. I imagined it as the reason he came to her door.

See below for a brief fic of Jon and Dany’s first Kiss.


The cold air stung her cheeks, but it’s what she needed to think clearly. The moon was full and hung low, the shadow of a dragon passing before it every so often. She watched her children from the deck of the ship until she couldn’t feel the tip of her nose and ears. As she turned to make her way back to her cabin, his form caught her attention. Jon Snow was standing there, watching her, an expressionless look on his face.

“You startled me,” She says softly.

“Forgive me, Your Grace.” He answers taking a step closer to her.

“How long have you been there?” Daenerys queries. Since they had boarded the ship to White Harbor a few days ago, she had seen his gazes growing bolder. He no longer looked away from her when her eyes caught his. It was unnerving and awoke something in her she thought long dead.

“I, I’m not sure.” He grins back and takes another step toward her. “Not long enough.”

His answer makes something pool deep in her belly. She knows what she’s feeling now and it scares her.

“Well, I was just about to head to my cabin.” She replies.

“Stay.” His request is breathy, a prayer more than a response. It catches her though, stops her in her tracks. She nods and turns back to the ocean, needing to steady herself. If she continues to look into his eyes, she may do something she’d regret.

He comes to stand next to her and she can feel his hypnotic gaze boring into the side of her face. So she does what she’s done with any man who’s looked at her with a lust she is afraid of, she asks him a question.

“You said Davos was exaggerating about taking a knife to your heart.” A slight inhale of air causes her to peek at him from the corner of her eye.

“Aye,” He nods. “I don’t like talking about what happened.”

“I don’t like not knowing.” She replies coolly. Her answer hangs between them for a moment before he rests his elbows on the bannister and looks at her with his hard Northern stare.

“When I was Lord Commander, I had learned about the Night King. I’d seen what he could do at Hard Home, the wildling outpost north of the wall. When I came back to Castle Black I told the Night Watch that we would be letting the wildlings through. That if we did not, we were condemning them to death and forcing them to be our enemies when we had a choice not to. That by combining our forces we stood better odds against the army of the dead.” He takes a breath.

“My Master-at-Arms Aliser Thorne had never taken kindly to me. Called me Lord Snow as a way to separate me from the others. He had fought me on every front. Resented me for being chosen by the Night’s Watch to lead. By allying with the freefolk, I condemned myself in his eyes.” He’s quiet for a moment and Daenerys looks at him. His face is somber but resolved.

“He summoned me from my quarters with a lie. Lured me into a trap. A sign read ‘Traitor’ and when I turned around, he stabbed me in my gut. The others around him each took their turn. Each stabbing me as they looked me in the eye. I crumpled to my knees and the last one stepped forward. A young boy named Olly. He was my squire. He was crying but he jammed his dagger right into my heart. I will never forget the look of hatred on his face. I was killed by my own brothers who I had sworn to protect.”

Daenerys didn’t realize it, but tears had begun streaming down her cheeks listening to him tell her of the betrayal he had faced. Her lip was trembling. He looked up and his eyes softened, he reached out to her, cupping her cheek. “Oh no, my Queen. Please don’t cry for me. I made my choice. I died for it. But I’m back. I’m here.”

Daenerys can’t help it, she steps into his arms, burying her face in his chest, the soft furs tickling her cheeks and forehead. His arms wrap around her. It’s the closest they’ve ever been and it feels good. She can’t help but feel safe in his arms, like this is the only place in the world she wants to be right now. Her gasps are muffled against him and he shushes her, his lips pressed against her ear.

She feels overwhelmed. Him telling her of his death mix with the emotions she felt when she saw Viserion die. It’s the first time it’s felt real. The death of her child. The smallest and sweetest of her dragons, gone forever. Grief floods through her and she cries harder. She wants to scream into his chest, but it’s stuck behind the lump in her throat.

His strong hands run from the top of her head to her lower back, comforting her. She doesn’t deserve it. Her child is dead because of her. Jon was almost killed again because of her. She doesn’t know how long they stand like that, it could be hours, but the moon hasn’t moved in the sky when her tears have finally abated and she turns her head to look back over the water. Her head is tucked under his chin, her fingers grip the furs at his chest and his hands hold her tight.

She pulls her head back to look up and into his eyes. “Jon, I-“ His expression stops the words from leaving her mouth. His gaze is so intense. He studies her as if trying to memorize every curve of her face. His eyes flit to her lips and she subconsciously licks them.

He dips his head, his eyes never leaving hers, seeking permission. Their lips are so close, she can feel his warm steady breathing. Her body feels hot and tingly. This is it. The point of no return for her. If she kisses him now, she knows she is lost. He is everything she ever wanted, loyal, honorable, good, just, dedicated. He’s handsome, she could see that the day he walked into Dragonstone. He’s small but agile. He’s hard to kill and stronger than he looks. But there’s something else she can see within his gaze, something she can’t put her finger on.

She closes her eyes and stretches the remaining distance. He gasps against her lips, as if he wasn’t expecting her to kiss him. His lips are so much softer than she imagined and in an instant her body begins to heat. His kiss breathes life back into her, something blooms deep in her heart. Her hands travel up his chest to the nape of his neck, her fingers gripping the soft dark curls. His hands grip her waist, pulling her body tight against his.

In a moment though, he deepens it, his lips separate and his tongue softly licks, begging permission to join with hers. She acquiesces and soon they are lost in the taste of one another. Their tongues dancing and lips pulling, a soft nip from him makes her gasp. She knows this is dangerous. Knows that these kind of things get in the way of duty and honor, but she doesn’t care. His lips are more intoxicating that any wine she’s ever drank.

She is snapped out of her trance as his lips finally break from hers. When she peeks up at him from under her lashes, she sees the same war brewing in his gaze as she feels. Love or Duty? Before they get lost on these seas, she pulls back, steps away.

“Good night, Jon.” Daenerys tries to keep her voice strong, but his name breaks her resolve. She turns and hastily retreats down to the lower level. Part of her hopes he will understand that they cannot do this, but a stronger part of her hopes that he will follow her anyway.

v short companion piece to olivia’s fic!!

Alec watched Luke walk away before turning to Jace. 

“I’m gonna head to op center with Clary. You coming?” Jace asked, tilting his head to the side and crossing his arms over his chest. 

“I’ll uh, meet you there,” Alec said, taking a deep breath and looking at the ground. 

The weight of the meeting was gnawing at his stomach. All Alec could think about was Magnus avoiding his eyes. He didn’t know what he expected to happen, but somehow he didn’t think they’d end up like this - on opposite sides of the table. 

“Hey,” Jace said softly, patting Alec’s arm. “Everything will be okay, Alec. After all this shit is over you and Magnus will figure this out. I know it.” 

Looking up, Alec forced himself to smile, nodding once. Jace sent him a sad smile and patted his arm once again before walking away with Clary, leaving Alec in an empty hallway. 

Alec moved towards a wall and rested against it, letting his head fall back. His heart ached in every which way, and the thought of reliving his night from yesterday, crying and heartbroken gave Alec a sense of hopeless. 

Seeing Magnus like this, with his walls so clearly up, made Alec feel like they were worlds apart. 

Alec reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, taking out a neatly folded strip of paper. When he opened it up, he smiled mostly to himself at the photobooth pictures from Japan. He could still remember Magnus’ lips tasting like cherry blossom ice cream, and the warmth in Magnus’ eyes that Alec swore he’d do everything in his power to keep. 

He sunk down to the floor and toyed with the photobooth strip, running his thumb over Magnus’ smiling face. Taking a deep breath and gathering up what was left of his broken heart, he folded the paper and carefully put it back into his wallet so that the first photo was visible. He chewed on his lip as he stood, making his way towards the op center. 

Alec refused to believe this was the end. Shadowhunters fell in love once, and Alec had found the love of his life. There was no way he was giving up now, not when there was a war brewing. Besides, Alec knew that at the end of the day, he and Magnus would always find their way back to each other. 


Clive Owen, Tom Felton, George MacKay Join Daisy Ridley’s ‘Ophelia’

The movie is set in the 14th Century but spoken in a contemporary voice as a re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Ridley portrays the title character as the most trusted lady-in-waiting to the Queen, played by Naomi Watts. She soon captures the attention of Prince Hamlet and a forbidden love blossoms. As war brews, lust and betrayal are tearing Elsinore Castle apart from within.

Owen will play Claudius, MacKay will play Hamlet, Felton will play Laertes, and Terrell will play Horatio.


War Is Brewing, Clarke

Holy. Shit. Just when you think Commander Lexa couldn’t get any more badass. This was clearly inspired by @papurrcat ‘s amazing artwork!!! This took so long oh god, i don’t think I’ve ever worked so long on a digital art piece!

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Clexa is the best ship? I'm just trying to understand you. Like I lowkey ship but that's all.

honestly we would be here all night if i had to explain all the reasons why but here are just a few: 

  • clarke and lexa share the same burden of leadership. both of them had the weight of an entire people on their shoulders. lexa and clarke are the ONLY ones who understand what that feels like. (unless you count abby/jaha/kane as chancellors, but we’re talking about ships here so that’s irrelevant) 
  • both of them are teenagers who have had leadership thrust upon them. lexa was named as commander at a very young age, and she began her training at age 2. clarke sort of fell into leadership herself rather unexpectedly, and found herself being responsible for the lives of the rest of the 1OO without ever really being prepared for it. they’ve both had their childhoods/innocence ripped from them in similar ways, they’ve both had to make impossible decisions, and had to do so while separating themselves from the emotion of it. (head over heart) 
  • from literally their first meeting onward, lexa was the ONLY person who did not second guess or judge clarke unfairly for the decisions she makes as leader. when clexa disagreed on something, they talked it out, but never did lexa make clarke feel guilty for her decisions (as bellini does, as abby does, as octavia and raven did and etc, etc). because lexa understood.
  • lexa had an unbelievable amount of respect towards clarke. not just as a person, but as someone she was interested in. when clarke pulled away from the kiss, she backed tf up. when clarke was angry with her, she put politics in polis on hold for a week to give clarke her space and only breached that space when she couldn’t put it off any longer. 
  • lexa explained her decision to clarke, and reminded clarke that they are not so different. she never once made clarke feel guilty for her decision at mt. weather. in fact, she took part of the blame on herself. (”i never meant to turn you into this”) 
  • then, in the same vein re: the betrayal, lexa later swears fealty to clarke. she gets on both knees and pledges her loyalty to clarke. on one hand, yes, this is romantic af and everyone squealed but also this was extremely dangerous for lexa. she basically told clarke straight up that she would put clarke on the same level as her people, that she would be loyal to clarke, and protect her at all costs. 
  • she upholds that vow of loyalty throughout the rest of her time on the show. 
  • her loyalty to clarke (bringing clarke into the coalition, etc) winds up putting lexa’s position as commander in danger. it would have been simpler for lexa to simply kill clarke and take her “power” and be done with it. her rule would be cemented and the coalition would stabilize. instead, she advocated for clarke and the sky people despite knowing that this would further destabilize her alliance with the other 12 clans. she put her life on the line for clarke and clarke’s people when she fought roan. she risked herself for clarke, time and time again, while asking nothing in return. 
  • she thanks clarke, over and over, for clarke’s decision to stay with her. there is no guilt here, no underhanded intentions, just, “thank you for staying”. lexa knew that clarke was the reason she was still alive. without clarke, the vote would have been unanimous and she would have been removed from power and likely killed. and when clarke dismisses her (”reshop, heda”), lexa accepts that dismissal and reestablishes the distance between them. 
  • clarke, throughout 3x04 and onwards, continues to show not only how much she cares about lexa, but also how much more she is herself when she is around her. clarke in 3x02 and most of 3x03 is damaged, broken, bitter, and angry. the more time clarke spends in polis, the more she seems to return to her old self: we see her manipulate roan and the ice queen (and risking her life to save lexa’s in the process). we see her smile for what is likely the first time since mt. weather. we see her begin to heal. thanks to lexa. 
  • in 3x05 clarke/lexa are put at odds again after the slaughter. lexa’s initial reaction is to wipe out arkadia and keep clarke prisoner (which she later reveals is due to her not wanting clarke to come to harm - “if it were me, i’d kill you on the spot.”) clarke manages to talk her down. clarke reminds lexa of her ultimate goal: peace. and despite knowing the backlash that will ensue from her decision to abstain from retaliation, lexa agrees. compromise was the foundation of their relationship. 
  • in 3x06 we see clarke drawing for the first time. she is at peace. she is content. when lexa has her nightmare, clarke speaks to her in a tone of voice that i personally don’t remember her using with anyone else. (”hey. it’s okay. you’re okay.”) she reminds lexa of who she is (”your legacy, will be peace.”) and then lexa sees her drawing and we see clarke actually look bashful. she’s flustered and this is something we’ve never really seen. that drawing was meant to be private–drawing lexa was something clarke did for herself. (bonus: clarke drew lexa as lexa, not as the commander.) 
  • furthermore, they butt heads later on in the episode when clarke initially calls for emerson to be executed. lexa calls her on her shit, and forces clarke to see that she’s being hypocritical. the episode ends with them standing on even ground and being on the same page. compromise. growth. we also see the beginnings of titus’ betrayal. (”you are too personally involved–”)
  • 3x07 we see lexa argue with titus over clarke. (”your feelings for clarke put both of you in danger”) and lexa changes. in season 2 it was “love is weakness”. in season 3 it became “i am more than capable of separating feelings from duty”. it wasn’t just lexa that helped clarke grow. clarke helped lexa grow. 
  • the conversation about the kill order: clarke doesn’t even have to say anything. lexa already knows that clarke disagrees, and they hash it out fairly quickly. (”you’re angry about the kill order.” [pause] “yes.” “how else do you expect me to enforce a blockade?”) clarke understands. and then this gem: “so when do we leave?” from clarke, and lexa:  “we may be drawing a line here… but who’s to say you can’t be on this side of it?” lexa offers clarke a place at her side. 
  • and the best point of all, the actual love scene. clarke walks in and looks vaguely panicked for a moment that she won’t get to say goodbye to lexa–and when lexa sees her, she already knows that clarke is leaving. because she knows clarke. “so when do you leave?”–”now.” and lexa understands. she doesn’t hold anything against clarke. “you have to go, they’re your people.”
  • HERE’S THE BEST PART THOUGH. lexa knows the clarke is leaving, possibly forever. they’re enforcing a kill order on arkadia and it’s possible that war will brew and for all she knows, she’s never going to see clarke again. she starts to say, “that’s why i love you”–but she stops herself. because she doesn’t know where clarke stands and she doesn’t want to place that pressure on clarke. so she amends herself. “that’s why you’re you.”
  • and clarke. clarke. clarke understanding, and clarke offering lexa the same thing, in different words: “maybe someday, you and i will owe nothing more to our people.” maybe someday, their responsibilities as leaders won’t keep them apart. maybe someday, they can be together without the shadow of that leadership hanging over them. 

tl;dr: the reason clexa is the best ship is because clexa were soulmates. lexa loved clarke, clarke loved lexa. they knew each other. they understood each other. they supported each other. they may not have always agreed with each other, but they worked through it. they treated each other as equals

[this got about 19x longer than i planned it to but whatever.] 

queen in the north

The King in the North abdicates his throne and pledges allegiance to the Dragon Queen. However, the North remembers, and doesn’t follow suit. one shot 3k+

The walls of Winterfell and the people within them are cold and unforgiving.

This realization is something Daenerys takes to heart. For she is meant to be their ruler, and a good ruler is supposed to be beloved by the people. She cannot be like her father. She is no Mad King.

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                 ❝ this city is a  dead gods city. but a  dead god  is still a  god.

joshua for an AU im working on where  josh has gone from demi-god to false-god.  noise have found a way to start possessing reapers to attack humans in the UG   &&   RG. josh is less dainty but he’s still got that sass  &&  sarcasm, which gets into bad situations lot because he’s a shit who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. because he can’t get back into the Room of Reckoning, he’s been slumming in the spare room upstairs from wildkat  &&  CAT’s studio.

he’s been watching neku for a long time  &&  trying to convince haekoma to take him in to make him one of his STRAYS to keep him from the war brewing.

Remus Lupin Meeting Your Muggle Parents For The First Time

Requested by @amandasinedahl
In which Remus Lupin meets your parents for the first time. Sorry for the wait hun!

The small town of Rotherham, England, sat a rather dainty house; it’s garden perfectly trimmed, flowers healthy, fence coated with a fresh colour and it laid in the middle of a rather quite neighbourhood. Your parents had lived quite ordinary lives, your mother a primary school teacher and your father a local doctor, together they raised a bright and bubbly child, who had a seemingly normal childhood. Until she had magically levitated the house cat out of the tree. Since then, your patents had learned you were in fact a witch who now currently attends Hogwarts, a magnificent school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Your parents never really understood magic, no matter how much you tried to explain the them- they couldn’t really comprehend it. They weren’t used to the oddity and lifestyle of it, it just defied all their beliefs and they rarely spoke about your lie at Hogwarts.

That was something Remus Lupin knew well for a fact.

Yet, he asked if he could meet your parents after a full year and a half of dating. You however were simply worried for your parents reaction. Of course you weren’t ashamed, Remus was a complete gentleman and you were sure your parents would adore him as much as you did, but you weren’t ready for all the questions. You hadn’t told your parents that Remus was a werewolf, they probably didn’t think they were real in all honesty. You also hadn’t told your parents of what you wanted to do when you were older, you hadn’t told them about the war brewing up either.

It was safe to say; you went entirely truthful with your parents.

Alas, it was too late to cancel it now, you were all dressed up and ready for Remus’ arrival, wearing a simple yet graceful red dress and a necklace Remus had bought you for your 1 year anniversary.

You were preparing your dining table when the sharp crack sound of magical apparation startled your parents and a gentle knock echoed through the front room. Your mother squeeled in delight as she opened the door, welcoming and ushering Remus into the warm of your home.

“Good evening, I’m Remus,” He smiled warmly to you your mum, “Very pleased to finally meet you.”

You couldn’t help but smile broadly at your boyfriend, he looked like such a gentleman dressed in a patched tweed blazer, shirt and slacks. You could recognise his own stitches in the jacket, adding a unique personal touch. Snapping out if it, you greeted Remus with a hug and a peck to his cheek and lead him into the living room where he met your dad. Remus greeted your father with a firm handshake, extending his hand, the watch you bought him for your anniversary delicately placed upon his wrist.

Sitting down on the sofas, the conversations quickly started up. You watched as Remus conversed with your family, not once did he mention magic nor did he look out of place or uncomfortable, politely answering any questions as you sat next to him, pitching in whenever you could.

You were all sat around the dinner table, enjoying your mother’s magnificent cooking, light conversation still present. “This cooking is absolutely wonderful.” Remus praised you mum, who was currently blushing a deep red from the younger male’s approval. “Oh stop dear, this is just a normal family meal.” She replied modestly, her face beaming with pride.

“So Remus, what do you want to do when you’re older?” Your father curiously asked after a chatter about your parents’ professions.
You nearly spat out your steak as you knew that Remus was planning to join the Order and become an Auror- a dangerous profession in a seemingly “peaceful” world (as far as your parents knew).

Remus wasn’t prepared for the sudden question but he kept a calm front as he swallowed his bite and honeslty replied; “I want to become a Professor.”

Cautiously you looked up from your plate and glanced up at your dad to see what his next words were. “As in a teaching Professor? At Hogwarts?” Your dad carefully asks, not sounding too sure about his own question. 

Remus nodded in agreement, “I always enjoyed learning magic, I loved learning new things in general. I remember when I first met your daughter,” he paused, looking up at you with a nostalgic smile, “she didn’t know a thing about magic, and the look on her face every lesson when she learn something new was something I’d never forget. It reminds me that to some people, magic wasn’t an everyday normal thing.” Remus explained, the room going silent, “I think that passing on such knowledge to someone whose probably never known about magic before is such a blessing. I’d feel incredibly proud to teach someone something they’d may never have comprehended before.” He finished off, staring lovingly into your gaze.

Your mother let a soft coo and the quiet atmosphere broke into light chuckles. Soon enough everyone was laughing and joking about old times. Your parents told stories about when you were a child and the cookie jar on the top shelf would suddenly appear on the coffee tables. Even Remus performed a little magic for your parents and levitated all he empty plates and cutlery into the kitchen sink, startling your mother as her eyes bugged out of her sockets. All of their minds were off of any negativity until it was late, and time for Remus and you to leave.

You all crowded around the door, kissing and hugging goodbyes. You were almsot successfully out of the door when your mother grabbed onto both of your sleeves.

“You listen to me,” she sternly spoke to you, “Remus is an absolutely grand young man and don’t you even think about letting him go, you’ve found the one.” She coyly smiled at you.

“Don’t you worry mum, I wouldn’t dream of ever letting him go.” You fondly relied, intertwining your hand wit Remus’.

“And you,” she turned to look at Remus with an expression so like her daughters; Remus couldn’t help but stand straighter. “No matter where you are, who you’re with, promise me you’ll protect my daughter no matter what. She may not tell me the whole truth but I know that no all is as peaceful as she makes it out to be.“ At this she turned to look at you, your cheeks ablaze with embarrassment. Her stern eyes turned o Remus’ once more.“Tell me you’ll protect her.”

“I would die for her.” Remus promised.

All traces of firmness gone, replaced with loving, “Good man.” Your mother cupped his cheek affectionately before letting you both go.

Halway down the street, Remus grinned crookedly down at you, “Good man eh?” He chuckled.

“That Remus Lupin, you are.”