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I found my daughter in the kitchen piling up small bits of stone. She told me she was rebuilding Aleppo. I don’t think she knew why I was crying.

Om Abdo, 38, was widowed in March 2014 when a barrel bomb killed her husband and two sons. She and her remaining daughter, who is 7, share a first-floor apartment with seven relatives.

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It is hard to explain what is happening in Aleppo, it is difficult to comprehend and understand, it is difficult to get accurate information, but this is what is clear - Aleppo is burning. The city has been the epicentre of a largely ignored humanitarian crisis that was sparked by the Syrian Civil War in 2012, and has raged ever since. Over 400,000 people have been killed during the war, many of which were civilians, and tens of thousands of which were children. Only a fraction of the city’s population remains, those who did not flee, were either killed, or have fought for survival until this moment. Yesterday, the battle of Aleppo reportedly ended, Russia stopped bombing and Syria called a truce with rebels, but this morning, fierce fighting has resumed. While both sides claim the moral high ground, the toll it has taken on innocent civilians is undeniable. I don’t know what the answer is, I don’t know what we can do to stop the violence, but I do know it must end. I stand with the children of Aleppo, the innocents, the victims of a war that they did not want. I stand with the people who have lost it all but remain hopeful. I am not a religious man, so maybe ‘pray’ isn’t the right word, but I pray for peace for the children of Aleppo, and the children of Syria as a whole.

Over the last few weeks the world has tuned in to the devastation and suffering in Aleppo, Syria. Tomorrow we will be hosting an Answer Time with Adnan Zulfiqar to address any of your questions about the tragic conflict. Zulfiqar is a Sharswood Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and teaches courses on jihad and the law of armed conflict. His scholarship centers around the hIstorical and contemporary formulation of Islamic legal concepts. He lived in Syria for a number of years and has been researching the popular uprising since it was initiated in 2011.

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Commemorating the destroyed monument’s of “Venice of the Sands”:

* Triumphal arch of Palmyra
* Temple of Bel
* Temple of Baal-Shamin
* Lion of Allat
* Tomb towers of Palmyra
* Tetrapylon of Palmyra
* The Roman theater of Palmyra


The civillized world will triumph.