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Please, spread this like wildfire. Get the word out. Israel is bombing the Gaza strip with Nukes. This happened two hours ago. Thousands are dead because of this. This is fucking horrible. 

“Banksy on the barrier to the West Bank”

As the war in Gaza enters its 17th day, the death toll climbs to over 695. 1.8 million people are living in Gaza, which is the roughly the size of Los Angeles. Accusations that Hamas employs “human shields” continue. No sign of an end to the violence as John Kerry galavants in Egypt. Over 165 children dead.

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New Zealand Green Party Thinks Hamas Terrorists Are “Civilians”

From this Green Party press release in New Zealand:

“The people of Gaza are still living with the terrible impact of the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, which resulted in the death of 2,300 civilians…

Let’s break this down: Hamas itself says that while 2,310 people died, and that around 70 percent (of the count up to 2,143) were civilians. That means that even Hamas acknowledges that no more than 1,650 Palestinians killed were civilians, yet the Green Party has added 650 to the worst-case-scenario death count.

So already you have them exaggerating on that point, and not mentioning that the civilians who died (realistically, about half of the total casualties) were killed because Hamas encouraged the use of and used human shields.

But then they add:

… and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes, schools and hospitals

Part of this is just a grammar/syntax nitpick. You don’t leave a dangling thing like that. It sounds like hundreds of thousands of homes, and hundreds of thousands of schools, and hundreds of thousands of hospitals, all might’ve been destroyed.

But moving on, the next problem we see is that this is false. During the last war, despite how often Hamas used human shields, even the UN said 96,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. The vast majority were damaged, some only slightly. There was no widespread destruction of “hundreds of thousands” of homes. In fact, only 7,000 homes were completely destroyed, and another 10,000 or so were “severely damaged”…largely because Hamas hides weapons and tunnels in those homes. But this is nowhere near “hundreds of thousands”.

But then again, I guess facts are hard for the party when it comes to Israel.

Conflicts and Resolutions

Meiko Hermann, Gaza Strip, A Palestinian on the top of the rubble of his former home and his livestock farm in East Jabalya, Hai al-Salam district. The base of his life was destroyed by IDF during Operation Cast Lead, January 23 2009.

New York Times and Senator Murphy Have a Double Standard on Yemen and Gaza Slaughters

How much of this New York Times editorial titled “America Is Complicit in the Carnage in Yemen,” calling for an end of American military aid to Saudi Arabia in the wake of attacks on civilians in its neighbor country sounds familiar?

Looking at all the comments on that post stand///with palestine made about g*l g*dot i can honestly say this site is for fucking losers who have such a lack of empathy and in a bubble of privelege that they think mcu vs dceu is more pertinent to palestinians than the 2014 gaza war that g*dot advocated for