war in gaza

I was speaking to a friend in Gaza and he told me that his little cousin is writing her name all over her body with her markers, just in case she gets blown up and no one can identify her. She is 11 years old. 11. The psychological pain and trauma the palestinian children go through is absolutely repulsive.

Muhammad Sultan Abbasi, a 14-year-old child from Jerusalem.
He was arrested at the age of 12 by Israel and released two days ago at the age of 14. In this picture he is crying and hugging his sister after two years.

The number of children prisoners (under 18 year old) in Israeli jails has become 132. It’s really shocking, that 19 of these children are under 16 years old. These children face torture and inhumane treatment, which needs to stop! Stop supporting Israeli apartheid!


Israel Destroys Entire Gaza Neighborhood In An Hour

July 29th, 2014

An entire Gaza neighborhood is decimated within an hour by Israeli air strikes. The video is further proof that Israel has no regard for the life of innocent Palestinians.

Israel attacked Gaza’s only power plant on Tuesday, leaving the Palestinian territory’s 1.8 million residents with no electricity or running water and opened the possibility of an even graver humanitarian crisis.

After three weeks of violence between Israel and Gaza, more than 1,100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air and ground strikes. About 75 percent of Palestinian deaths have been civilians. Several thousand have been wounded and more than 100,000 displaced. Fifty-three Israeli soldiers have died, as well as three civilians.

Just look at the casualties. This is not a war, it is genocide.


11,000 people were injured in last summer’s offensive of whom at least 3,500 will have a permanent disability. These photos are of a few of those people. in Gaza many people are living on mounds of rubble, there is no reconstruction and supplies of food are insufficient - children are going hungry and without supplies of clean water. And the illegal siege remains in place with the complicity of the international community. via  X

Oh rascal children of Gaza. You who constantly disturbed me with your screams under my window. You who filled every morning with rush and chaos. You who broke my vase and stole the lonely flower on my balcony. Come back, and scream as you want and break all the vases. Steal all the flowers. Come back..Just come back..
—  Khaled Juma, a Palestinian poet from Gaza. 

“Don’t ask me to forget, when everyday you remind me”

Powerful words from horizonrunner in Mexico.

Don’t forget about the 43 stolen students in Mexico; don’t leave the people of Mexico alone and abandoned in their struggle.

Solidarity with Ferguson.
Solidarity with Mexico.
Solidarity with Hong Kong.
Solidarity with Palestine.
Solidarity forever.

Palestinian girl with rifle in Gaza. 

Edit: This post previously contained a statement to the effect that tens of thousands of child soldiers were active in the Gaza strip. I was recently asked to check my sources for this and on closer re-examination I have been unable to verify this statement to my satisfaction. Therefore I’ve decided the sentence was misleading and should be removed.

The Israeli Blockade on Gaza , if you don’t know what that means.. 

Update: there is petition requesting an end to Gaza blockade https://secure.avaaz.org/en/gaza_blockade_aida/?fpRiNeb&pv=107