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Israeli airstrikes on Gaza last night. #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza #Palestine


Please, spread this like wildfire. Get the word out. Israel is bombing the Gaza strip with Nukes. This happened two hours ago. Thousands are dead because of this. This is fucking horrible. 


Yesterday we had a nightmare called Israeli-bombing-is-back-again. 10 aggressive Israeli airstrikes hit several areas of besieged Gaza strip just during dawn, for a minute we thought that’s it, we’re back to war again as we still remember how did the previous war start. I hope there will be no wars soon, we had enough already.
However, we’re in a ceasefire now aren’t we?! Who’s breaking it now?!
Let’s wait for the Israelis bullshit and see how they’ll justify their crimes.
Btw, did the Western media mention this recent assault? I’m sure they did not. They are Israel allies, they can’t say anything against it.
Turning a blind eye to Gaza is not surprising by such a media.


REPORT: Only 11% Killed In Gaza Were Militants

باستماعك لصوت الطيران تسترجع شريط ذكريات أمام عينيك الدماء ,الشهداء ,الدمار, فقدان الأحبة حتى أننا نسترجع ذكريات أجدادنا التي لم نعشها لكنهم نقلوا لنا أجواءها بحكاياهم فتعصف بنا الذاكرة محملة بالمجازر الشنيعة صبرا و شاتيلا، دير ياسين وغيرها ويتراءى لنا ذاك المفتاح الذي حمله الأجداد وتركو بيوتهم ظنا منهم أن العودة لن تزيد عن يومين،،أسبوع أو حتى لسنة وها نحن ذا في الشتات منذ 67 عاماً وللآن ننتظر أن نفتح الباب بمفتاحنا الصدأ كل هذه الذكريات و الآلام حركتها صوت تلك الالة الطائرة البغيضة صاحبة المعدن الامريكي و النفط العربي #ريم #بقلمي

Dutch Restaurant LE SOUQ places Palestine on the Map instead of “Israel”

Off the menu? Dutch restaurant wipes Israel off culinary map, outraging politician

Dutch restaurant owners have drawn fire from some diners after they replaced Israel with Palestine in a map of the Middle East at their Arabic eatery in Rotterdam. They say it’s for culinary, not political reasons.

The owners of Le Souq, a restaurant at Rotterdam’s Market Hall whose main specialty is Middle Eastern cuisine, were ask to explain their actions by a local politician, who noticed the absence of Israel on the restaurant’s placemat and its replacement with Palestine instead.

Jan Hutten, regional chairman of the right-wing Christian Democratic Appeal party, said it left a bad taste in his mouth.

“A new country in the Middle East? In Rotterdam’s Market Hall they are straightforward about Israel’s position. Bizarre,” Hutten wrote on Twitter, posting a photo of the placemat

In response, Le Souq’s owner, Nadia Afkir, told the Algemeen Dagblad daily that “our restaurant only deals with the flavors of the Middle East,” adding that a major source of the restaurant’s inspiration comes from “the ancient Palestinian kitchen, the producer of the delicious maglubi and the kunefe dishes that we are passionate about.”
She stated that the placemat only “names countries producing the dishes and products with which we work” and said the café did not expect the map would be taken from a political point of view.

Conflict in the Middle East has caused children across multiple nations to suffer from the devastating consequences. Children are subject to being tortured and shot, kicked and beaten, and many more horrific things. In addition, thousands of young boys and girls are unable to receive an education during the wars and battles being fought. Some are even spared their essential nourishment in time of need.

Below is a link to Save the Children’s Greater Middle East Page where you can donate:


Save the Children also has a page dedicated specifically to helping children in Syria during the Syrian Civil War, a conflict that has left many children alone, hungry, and unable to receive schooling:


“Banksy on the barrier to the West Bank”

As the war in Gaza enters its 17th day, the death toll climbs to over 695. 1.8 million people are living in Gaza, which is the roughly the size of Los Angeles. Accusations that Hamas employs “human shields” continue. No sign of an end to the violence as John Kerry galavants in Egypt. Over 165 children dead.

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Gazans suffer as post-war rebuilding lags

I don't like to attribute myself to any one particular political ideology...

But I think conservatives have consistently been on the wrong side of history. Those in the present-day right-wing could have easily been pro-segregation, anti-suffrage, and even pro-slavery had they lived back when these were debated issues. The right-wing has historically fought to keep things the same; to maintain the status-quo in which they felt comfortable. 

Even in today’s time, in light of the recent shootings against unarmed black men, I’ve seen conservatives ask why the “liberals” constantly protest everything.

I can’t speak for “liberals”…

…but I’ll always be on the side that fights for justice and equality, not on one that fights to keep things the same.

The former means putting an end to racial profiling. The latter means upholding stop & frisk. 

The former means more funding for inner-city public schools to hone young people who would otherwise fall victim to crime. The latter would be to maintain lopsided funding for prisons into which misguided individuals are thrown. 

So to all those who support Israel’s “right to existence” at the expense of Palestinians and “Arab Israelis,” and to all those who do not even want to acknowledge the term “Palestinian,” you are on the wrong side of history. 

One day people will look back on present-day Israel as they currently do on apartheid South Africa. There will be change. And lots of it.