war in gaza

I was speaking to a friend in Gaza and he told me that his little cousin is writing her name all over her body with her markers, just in case she gets blown up and no one can identify her. She is 11 years old. 11. The psychological pain and trauma the palestinian children go through is absolutely repulsive.

As you prepare your breakfast, think of others,
Do not forget to feed the birds.
As you wage your wars, think of others,
Do not forget those who are fighting for peace.
As you pay your water bill, think of others,
Do not forget those who have only the cloud’s to drink from.
As you return home, to your home, think of others,
Do not forget the refugees (“people of the tents”).
As you lay to sleep and count the stars, think of others,
Do not forget those who have no space to dream.
As you express yourself in metaphor, think of others,
Do not forget those who have lost the right to speak.
As you think of others far away, think of yourself,
Say: If only I were a candle in the dark.
—  Mahmoud Darwish, Think of Others.

Maybe in ten years from now they’ll make a movie about the world today.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about a father in Syria contemplating whether to kill himself, his wife or his children in a desperate attempt to stop the Regime from getting their hands on them.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about an 8 year old Rohingya boy who was thrown into the fire in front of his mother after his village was set alight.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about a young orphaned girl in C.A.R, crying as she remembers her sexual abuse at the hands of UN “peacekeepers” who do as they please without consequences.

Or maybe they’ll make a movie about a daughter in Gaza who picks up the phone to hear an unfamiliar voice letting her know her family has 60 seconds to run before the bombs drop.

And maybe we’ll see it and shed some tears - but we shouldn’t be crying because of the atrocities that occurred.
We should cry because we watched as these horrors unfolded and in our silence betrayed them.

لَمْ أعِش يوماً بفلسطين ، لَمْ أعِش بالقُدس ، لَمْ أعِش حرباً كأهل غزّة ، لَمْ أشْهَد وَقْع المُواجَهات كأَهالي الضّفة المُحتلة ، جيراني ليسوا يهودياً.
لكن . . يَبقى اسمي فلسطيني رُغم المَفنى ! 💙✨

Palestinian girl with rifle in Gaza. 

Edit: This post previously contained a statement to the effect that tens of thousands of child soldiers were active in the Gaza strip. I was recently asked to check my sources for this and on closer re-examination I have been unable to verify this statement to my satisfaction. Therefore I’ve decided the sentence was misleading and should be removed.

Our photo of the day: 

A Palestinian woman and her son are seen at the entrance of their impoverished house Feb. 15 in Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip. Their house is near the ruins of a building that was destroyed during the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants nearly three years ago, in the summer of 2014.

Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images