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Aaaaaaaallllll right! So to start up the Arranged Marriage!AU I drew up a couple of quick doodles of Twily and Rarebear as they appear in said world. Based on the large amount of votes and my own interest in it, Twilight for this AU is a Sphinx, a big cat-like creature with wings and a head that looks equine. Typically, Sphinx don’t have horns, but Twi’s… well, a special case. Before I get into that, here’s the basic synpiosis I’ll be working off of for the worldbuilding:

As a show of actively trying to maintain their peace treaty as the world threatens to spill into a world war, the King of Equestria and the Emperor of Saddle Arabia come upon the agreement of arranging a marriage between their children. Given that Rarity is the king’s oldest daughter, he chooses her, while the Emperor chooses his daughter Twilight Sparkle. Despite the arrangement being nothing more than a political decision, Twi and Rarity try to make the best of the situation.

So for Twi, I said earlier that she was unique, and that’s because she’s illegitimate child of the Emperor. Her father a sphinx, her mother a lowly maid he fooled around with, Twilight is a half-breed and despite being one of the youngest the Emperor saw her as the best fit for this arrangement. “What better to show the union between our countries than the literal offspring of such a union?”

Twilight in this AU is trilingual (can speak Equish, Prench, and Saddlerabic), has her perusual intelligence, and an adept magic user (moreso than the typical sphinx), but she is far more insecure about her place in the world and often prefers to be out of the limelight. As an illegitimate child, Twi has mostly been told all her life to stay out of sight and therefor out of mind. She is the “lapse of the Emperor’s judgement”, the mistake, and her remaining in the royal family is more or less the Emperor’s show that he takes on all of his responsibilities… even his mistakes. Not that he, or the rest of the family, legitimately cares for her. The marriage arrangement was essentially the only thing the Emperor saw her as useful for.

Rarity on the other hand grew up in a loving house… er, castle-hold with the King and Queen her adoring parents. She’s every bit the Rarity we know in the show albeit with better control over her dramatic nature (only around those she doesn’t quite know of course) and, of course, her place as the future Queen of Equestria. Unlike Twilight, who had no choice in the matter, Rarity was actually given the choice to refuse should she not want to go through with the arrangement. But Rarity agreed to it, albeit moreso because she felt obligated to do so, but she appreciates the sentiment all the same from her parents.

At the moment my brain’s kinda short-circuiting so that’s all I have so far on these two. I’ll build on them the more I figure out how this world works. Also, since I changed Twi’s species I might end up doing that with the rest of the Mane 6 aside from Rarity and one other M6 character…. maybe Applejack?? In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions and I hope you like the idea thus far!

anonymous asked:

Just want to ask something about your Arranged AU) So one big part of the arranged marriages always was having heirs for the clans, so in this case in your au this marriage is simply to prevent war or there is still this part for having heir? If so how are they going to have child? With magic? Would actually like to know and see your design for their kids^^

There’s a threat of a world war in this AU (I’d imagine some countries already being in war, but Equestria and a few others are trying to stay out of it with varying degrees of success) and the marriage between Twi and Rarity is mostly a demonstration of the alliance between Equestria and Saddle Arabia. Something along the lines of “if anything happens we’re allies” (might change the reasoning behind their marriage but this is it for now) not to mention a guarantee of trade, back up should one country actually end up getting involved in the growing war, and some other stuff. Having an heir isn’t necessarily the goal of the marriage (especially with both countries already having heirs as of now) but it certainly wouldn’t hurt the alliance any. o3o

furiosthestral  asked:

So who will be the one in charge of sabotaging the wedding, since the reason for this is to keep the peace among nations.

The marriage is only to the benefit to Equestria and Saddle Arabia and not much of anyone else who wants peace. An arranged marriage was part of these two countries’ agreement when settling a peace/alliance treaty, but the possible failing of the marriage, while it would put strain on it, isn’t the make it or break it for the treaty. So to answer your question no one’s gonna actively try to sabotage the wedding, but sometime down the line they might try to sabotage the marriage, and that’s if some of the countries that are in war are specifically targeting Equestria or Saddle Arabia for something that they themselves don’t have.

A lump formed in Celestia’s throat whenever she gazed upon the suit. The curved, golden plate had been crafted by an expert more centuries past than she could recall. Such a work of art did not belong on a battlefield, she felt, but it was not her place to say. Whatever her ponies needed her to be, be it leader, warrior, or idol, she could and would be.

A thin smile graced her lips as she examined the coat of dust that had come to cover the plate from top to bottom. It was rude to the suit, of course, and rude to its creator, but she left it all the same. It was, to her, a sign of her success, of all the decades that her leadership had forestalled war and strife reaching Equestria. For as long as she could, Celestia would shine like the sun, and keep the lands and ponies she had worked so hard for safe.


In general, I try to keep this tumblr concentrated on the comic and the comic alone. If any of the art I do is related to CAoM, then I will post it here. However, in this instance, I will make an exception. If you would like to see a bit more work not related to CAoM posted (in all likelihood still restricted to ponies), feel free to shoot me a note. Or shoot me one if you want to see the content stay focused.

So here we are again. Another half journey around the sun, our moody but unyielding anchor in the cosmos. This year, we had the opportunity to watch the reincarnation of Cosmos, which did a fantastic job of capturing the wonder not only of the scope and possibility of the known and unknown universe, but told our maturation to our current day as a tale of mighty accomplishment, with a still more glorious accomplishment to go. In the words of the show’s original creator, I believe “it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

Why do I bring this up? Well for starters, I followed Summer Sun Celebration customs and stayed up until sunrise, so I’m working on about 4 hours of sleep. But more importantly, I believe we, as whatever group we might identify as, have come to some understanding that kindness, imagination, and wonder are not the misgivings of children, but the driving powers of our people. So today, on this longest of days, and hopefully all days, give someone a smile, or do something kind for another. And give our sun, the closest we have to a cosmic parent, a nod of thanks for carrying us through the cold and the dark.


Dean of Undergraduates, CAoM




OLD AS HELL sketches of Tumblrpon Characters in War in Equestria setting :3

Hades (although not her character, it was suggested by sombrashyshady)
Wiggles & Queen Papillon (had she turned evil like the rest of the changelings did)


“Fillydelphia is preparing for war.  A time of change in the wasteland is approaching as a new faction descends from the clouds.  Yet within the city, the Master is returning to power.  All must decide who their loyalties lie with for the battle approaching on the horizon.  Beneath this, one little slave begins to see the end of his great journey in sight.  Under the fires of war, he and his friends must, at last, make their bid for freedom.”

Commissioned by Fuzzy, cover art for the third act of his story Murky Number Seven !

Now with three bonus versions : No fight, at night, and doge blight.

rp - Prisoner of War (anthro - you will not regret joining)
  • <b> <b></b> </b> *the Ponies of Equestria and the Demons of the Everfree had been at war for months. During the last raid on one of their camps you and a group of other Pony Soldiers had captured the daughter of the Demon Army's leader, Blossom Heart. You were taking her back to Canterlot for judgement, it was at least a 6 day journey.*<p><b>Blossom:</b> l-let me go! My fatger will kill you all! *she was only a teenager yet she fought bravely and heroicly*<p><p>

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Forbidden love ( OPEN ANTHRO RP, may be NSFW )

- your oc is part of another race that hates and is in war with Equestria, but you and Twilight love each other so much. You decide to go visit her, when no one is looking-

Twilight: -sitting in bed, reading a book-