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I HAVE PICTURES  FROM FANIME 2017. First up: Western media.

If I miss any tags, let me know. There are a ton of characters to mark here.

EDIT: I done goofed! I thought the person on the far right of the DC villains group was Zatanna; turns out, she’s the Penguin. Oops! Thanks to @masteroftherebels for correcting me; they were the Harley in the group!

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Any prompts for a conversation between a demon and a human after a one night stand

1) “Do you have to say ‘oh god’?” the demon asked. “Feels a bit odd.”
The human didn’t open their eyes. “Our Lord Lucifer the Morningstar, Prince of Hell, Bringer of Darkness was a bit of a mouthful and you haven’t told me your name.”
“Well, you can drop the titles and just call me Luke.”
The human’s eyes snapped open, heart jumping. Was that a joke? “Are you actually fucking Satan?”
The demon glanced over at them, and raised a brow. “Well, technically you’re actually fucking Satan, but semantics.”

2) The human stirred in the morning, rolled over, and saw the shadow of ruined wings on the wall. Definitely still there. Just like last night. “Holy shit you have wings.”
“You can see my wings?”
“I thought it was cosplay. Oh my god.”
“How long have you been able to see my wings? You shouldn’t be able to.”
“Since we met?”
“And you just didn’t say anything?”
“Oh come on, you’re at freaking comic con. Different stripes different types.”
What are you?”

3) “You don’t seem shocked at the fact that you’re in bed with Horseman of War?”
“Honestly, all I can think is that I’m really glad you’re not Plague.”
“Really?” The demon rolled over to give them a look. “This is why I shouldn’t stick around for breakfast.”
“Hey, who kicks their dates out before breakfast? You weren’t that bad in bed.”
Though this fact explained a lot.

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OK so for that deep undercover!anakin au that I saw you made a while ago why would anakin be burned still? If he's working with obi wan wouldn't he still be himself? I love everything about this though because I'm imagining the beginning of a new hope and if that scene between Vader and Leia occurred how much both of them would be trying not to laugh by acting as mortal enemies

Be forewarned: long answer incoming

Well my basic idea was that they get to Mustafar hoping for an emergency planning session because holy crud guys half the Order is dead and I just sent the rest into exile now what?
and then of course, they figure out Palpatine is on the way. So Anakin thinks “alright, he thinks I’m his apprentice still, we need to make this look good for when he gets here” 

And Obi-wan, being a better actor than he gives himself credit for, decides “Yeah, why not, we can make it look like we had a duel of epic proportions.”

And they go around slashing up pretty much the whole facility while Padme is like “You guys go nuts, I’m waiting where there’s air conditioning.”

But then Anakin has the idea to take it further. “I need an excuse for you two to have gotten away safely,” he says, “Obi-wan, you’ve gotta cut my arms off.”

“Excuse me what.” Obi-wan is Not Thrilled with this idea. Not at all. (Neither is Padme when she finally hears about it, but it’s sort of too late by then.)
Except he knows Anakin is right: Sidious probably wouldn’t believe any other excuse. So he does as Anakin asks and he hates it.

Getting burned was never part of the original plan, but they both feel a spike of urgency from Padme and are like “oh no, that’s the baby isn’t it”. Anakin makes a very ill-advised leap to try to get off the plain they’re on but overbalances and can’t grab anything to slow his fall. He is badly burned (but not to the extent that he is in the movie, because a panicking Obi-wan jumps down to grab him.)

But by this point they can both feel that Padme is going into labor, and Anakin practically orders Obi-wan to see to her health first.
“Get her to an unlisted medical facility. One of the asteroid ones. If I’m not there by the end of the day, leave without me,” he says. (He knows Sidious is coming. He’s not letting that guy anywhere near his family.)

So Obi-wan, horrified but understanding what needs to be done, leaves Anakin there and runs off to get Padme to Polis Massa. They’re not sure where Anakin is until they get word of Darth Vader. 

And yes the confrontation with Leia in ANH would involve a fair amount of “cannot laugh here cannot laugh here” and weird inside jokes that literally no one but them understand.

It’s a lot easier for Anakin to play serious because he’s got that mask. Leia just has to rely on her poker face.


I don’t give Coal enough attention tbh, he’s really fun to draw

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hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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Pairing: Death x infant!daughter!Reader, War x niece!Reader, Reader x adopted parents, Reader x Cage (OC, Brother)
Word count: 1,675

Part 1 of Death’s Daughter

Being who, and what, he was, Death had no paternal desires. Nothing in him urged him to be a father. So, when the woman he was seeing came to him, pregnant, there were no joyus exclamations, no outbursts of love, and no hopes and dreams for his child’s future. All he could see, was a short life, followed by death and decay.

When his daughter was only two months, he was left your sole caregiver. With no desire to be a mother, the woman he’d once shared a bed with, walked away. As he looked down at the sleeping infant, he sighed, knowing that she would need protecting.

With that, he opted to give her a better life, and watch from afar.

At three years old, you laughed as you slid down the slid to your awaiting father. Just like every other weekday, your older brother, Cage, would be dropped off at school, and your father would bring you to the park. You’d play for half an hour or so, and then walk home for a morning snack. It was almost like clockwork, and rarely changed, giving him ample time to pass by, unnoticed.

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