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In which War and Crowley have a discussion, and poor Crowley is easily flustered.

Don’t do freckles, kids.


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Any prompts for a conversation between a demon and a human after a one night stand

1) “Do you have to say ‘oh god’?” the demon asked. “Feels a bit odd.”
The human didn’t open their eyes. “Our Lord Lucifer the Morningstar, Prince of Hell, Bringer of Darkness was a bit of a mouthful and you haven’t told me your name.”
“Well, you can drop the titles and just call me Luke.”
The human’s eyes snapped open, heart jumping. Was that a joke? “Are you actually fucking Satan?”
The demon glanced over at them, and raised a brow. “Well, technically you’re actually fucking Satan, but semantics.”

2) The human stirred in the morning, rolled over, and saw the shadow of ruined wings on the wall. Definitely still there. Just like last night. “Holy shit you have wings.”
“You can see my wings?”
“I thought it was cosplay. Oh my god.”
“How long have you been able to see my wings? You shouldn’t be able to.”
“Since we met?”
“And you just didn’t say anything?”
“Oh come on, you’re at freaking comic con. Different stripes different types.”
What are you?”

3) “You don’t seem shocked at the fact that you’re in bed with Horseman of War?”
“Honestly, all I can think is that I’m really glad you’re not Plague.”
“Really?” The demon rolled over to give them a look. “This is why I shouldn’t stick around for breakfast.”
“Hey, who kicks their dates out before breakfast? You weren’t that bad in bed.”
Though this fact explained a lot.

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I HAVE PICTURES  FROM FANIME 2017. First up: Western media.

If I miss any tags, let me know. There are a ton of characters to mark here.

EDIT: I done goofed! I thought the person on the far right of the DC villains group was Zatanna; turns out, she’s the Penguin. Oops! Thanks to @masteroftherebels for correcting me; they were the Harley in the group!

Supernatural Imagine: The (attractive) bad boys

How they initiate foreplay

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Crowley likes to play games. So when it comes to his pickup lines he likes making it a little confusing to see how smart a potential mate is. He’s slow…border line painfully slow as he only wants one thing…you…him…hell…and a throne. Be warned this man likes to bite, scratch, and slap…but if you’re with him you’re into that too. He loves to see you squirm underneath him…power complex I think (man he has such an ego)…but he can also be very doting and loving at times.

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Lucifer has a quiet strength in him that’s as cold and relentless as he is. The thing he likes is the darkest parts of your mind that you thought you could keep hidden…but no. With him, it’s all just a game as to what gets you flustered faster or gets you aroused more. He likes analyzing you even the thoughts you think you never have and likes to reenact them for you. So don’t be surprised if you find him in a devil’s trap stark naked with a full on boner smirking at you.

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Cain is a slow meticulous person. But he can be quite rough when push comes to shove. He likes to talk to you and know how you’re feeling. If a bad day happens he doesn’t mind starting things to take your mind off of it. He likes soft passionate kisses at first but then, as said before, as the need and desire rise between you both for a release he LOVES being alpha male. Be warned this guy is VERY animalistic. So don’t really expect a lots of words of encouragement but more grunts, groans, and moans…oh and he bites too have fun :)

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War likes being in control. So intimacy with him is always spicy. His favourite way to start things is to transport you both to an isolated paradise. Maybe a waterfall in the rainforest. He likes taking his time as a way of reminding you (like you need to be reminded at all) that your HIS. He will also bite, suck, and anything else that makes you moan his name.


Asks and requests are open :)


I don’t give Coal enough attention tbh, he’s really fun to draw