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I mainly inspired this edit, because we were told that we would know why Sabine paints during this season? Which… we didn’t learn directly but they left us some clues. Sabine painted to release her guilt. So… yeah…. I kinda tried to symbolize it there 😂.
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tony stark’s guilt for the events of ultron and sokovia was his driving force to push for the sokovia accords, not because he is a bad person

tony stark’s best friend was paralysed, causing him to act out. his best friend who knew him before he was iron man, who stuck by him regardless of his behaviour. tony stark’s best friend, james rhodes, was paralysed, which further intensified the anger growing within him - even though it wasn’t team cap’s fault. it was his.

tony stark ordered vision to take out sam, which missed, and hit rhodey. tony feels more guilt now, knowing he indirectly caused his best friend’s paralysis.

tony stark went through his whole life thinking his parents were killed in an accident, and then he finds out that no, they weren’t, someone killed them. someone who he was willing to work on trust with - he promised not to shoot bucky. 

when he found out bucky was the reason his parents were taken away from him at a young age, his world was flipped. everything he had believed for twenty odd years was flipped. he was fucking
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the version of events he knew was completely shifted. this disruption caused further doubt into what he had believed in - e.g., being able to forgive bucky and steve and team cap for all the fighting that had happened between them.

tony’s world was thrown out of order. he couldn’t think logically to know that hydra brainwashed bucky. everything he knew was thrown into question. he forgot that bucky was tortured and used as hydra’s tool with no say in it himself. he acted out, because he was already torn up and broken inside. he couldn’t act in anymore because he couldn’t. he had destroyed himself inside.

i repeat again. tony stark is not a bad person. tony stark is not a villain. 

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My Worthiness is all my Doubt

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Maybe Emma’s Chaplain would understand, Alice thought, even if Emma would reject that appellation, as Emma had a way of putting aside what she didn’t want to consider. Emma had hidden the picture of Frank in her drawer, among the underthings, and Papa’s ironically lost copy of Paradise Lost might be found in Emma’s hope chest; she had put aside the family itself that night when she finally admitted the truth that had been obvious to all of them, to Emma herself though she wanted to pretend otherwise. For all her aspirations to virtue, Alice noticed Emma had left the house without any concern about what would happen to Belinda. Her sister liked to be a heroine, but only as it suited her.

The chaplain, Hotchkiss or Hopkins, Alice’s couldn’t recall, he might know what it was like, to have done things beyond regretting, that seemed to exist outside of the hands that had touched, the eyes that had seen, the mind that had planned, however imperfectly, the act itself. There was something in his eyes, a darkness that belied their clear, common blue, and the way he held his mouth that made her sure of his doubt. She had made a study of men; it was her natural inclination and her greatest talent in espionage and she could see what Emma could or would not. The man was broken and he worked at labors that were beneath a man of God to find his way back to integrity. What little she knew of the Papists suggested it was a pity he wasn’t one, unable to throw himself whole into God’s mercy, to lose the self he could no longer bear. She knew what that was, to be a person she was repulsed by, without even the excuse of being unrecognizable. She was familiar with her every flaw that had led her to where she was and it seemed the minister understood himself as well. She envied the worm its concealing stone and though Emma would not believe her, she shunned every looking-glass.

Alice wondered if he heard them in the night, the way she did, the voices of the men she had lost, extinguished, destroyed. Tom called to her Lolly, come find me! until it seemed she couldn’t bear it, knowing he was lost in this life and the next. The other man had no endearment for her but he called just as often. She would have liked to ask the guilty reverend if his penance was helping. Hers was not.


Escaping the Scrap Pile Part I [Part II]
Star Wars Rebels Magazine (UK) #19
Words: Martin Fisher
Art: Ingo Romling

Headcanon that there’s NO WAY Draco would open up to Harry immediately. He’d slowly test out the idea of divulging personal information in the most Slytherin way possible.

At first, he might tell a lie that seemed truthful or was very close to the truth, to see if Harry told anyone else, or just to observe how he’d react.

Then he’d divulge something a little closer to his heart, become a little bit more vulnerable every day until Harry is the only person in the world whom Draco can trust with the reality of all his post-war guilt, fear, and regret.

The stories don’t tell you that heroes are made of blood and guilt and war. They don’t say that heroes break and break and burn. Oh how heroes burn.

The myths don’t mention that sometimes what saves you is the same thing that kills you. That blood can betray you that choices can unmake you. Do you know what it’s like to be unmade? All legends must. The tales glorify and excited but reality is darkness and loss and screaming and hating.

But there is light. There must be light, that’s why heroes are heroes, they make light pierce through the darkness.

Don’t you know legends fall, they falter and they shatter but that’s the point. A legend must remake themselves.

You brave lost boys and girls with a burden you choose to carry before understanding how heavy the world is. You save and save and save but you kill and kill and destroy. Don’t you know that saving the world means destroying yourselves.  

But more importantly others are drawn to you and somehow you find yourself killing to protect them. Your hands are bloody and you point to them and the burning world behind you and say, “This is for you”.

Your mama told you run from boys who would destroy everything for your love but no one warned you what would happen when you make the destruction. The monsters you feared are now afraid of you


Some remember you as saviors others as destroyers but that’s the price you pay when you try to be heroes by Abby S (the-ships-to-rule-them-all)

Inspired by the writings of @the100writers, @deadcatwithaflamethrower @ink-splotch @cassandraclare @lbardugo and @vaveyard

Nearly every moment he had, Hakuryuu’s mind would wander onto his sister’s well being. Even with the state of the world as it was, he could not help but be worried, but even through that worry stood the guilt and shame of his actions; of doing what he’d done and not giving Hakuei the chance to help. The chance she deserved to have.

Instead, all he’d done is push her away, locked in order to keep her safe from their mother’s harm when it’d done the exact opposite. Fighting her…seeing what Abra had done to the most important person in his entire life had chipped away at his core and left a burning sensation he’d thought he’d left behind after the war. 

Guilt would overcome him when he’d seen her fall into Aladdin’s arms on that day, so tired but finally free of that witch’s hold. She’d rest, and be safe now, and because of that he owed the teenager more than his life. He’d given him a piece of his heart back, and a second chance at redeeming himself in the eyes of his beloved sister

Visiting was hard, harder than he imagined it would be. Seeing her in this state tore at his very being, and only when no one else was even in the vicinity, would he be there at her side.Countless nights spent telling her stories from their childhood, of holding her hand and crying into the sheets of her bed, pleading for her to wake up.  

And he’d gotten his wish. 

When news came of her revival, he was one of the first at her side, and although they’d only exchanged pleasantries, he couldn’t look her in the eyes. Even now, as she stood expectantly in front of him, he kept his gaze down and to the ground. Shame was such a strange emotion, and one he knew all too well. He’s stays silent for the most part, the grip his hands held on each other the only sound he’d make.


so these are my most recent purchases for my fletching WW2 memorabilia collection (they’ll be joining my nazi coin and my soviet union army belt) 

It’s a Nazi postcard dated from the 10th of May, 1934. I have no idea what it says can someone please translate it from German? 

And a tiny Nazi Infantry Assault Badge. 

I love trying to imagine the history behind the objects, I wonder if the badge owner had someone pin it onto their uniform for them? A mother, or a girlfriend or wife? Did they survive the war? Did they feel guilt? What did they do? 

I’d like to get something larger, ideally a helmet (I saw a home army helmet for £30 in Camden Market and I’m kicking myself for not buying it) and my dream would be a Nazi Iron Cross, but they cost so much money, so for the while it’s just basic stuff. 

Again, just to point out, I’m very strongly anti-Nazi, I just love history. 

So I know jedi don’t have attachments, but how long do you think it took Obi Wan to get used to the silence? 

How there was no longer any jedi. Barely any noise in the force.The few that managed to survive knowing to stay quiet, to shut themselves off, no doubt living life on the run.

How his little hut was in the middle of nowhere, only the sound of the winds and the sands stirring to keep him company. No longer any droids buzzing around his feet, and he never thought he’d miss that, but stars, he does.

How he becomes that desperate for company, for words, that he spends his days in the dive bars Tatooine seems to have plenty of. Waiting for any scraps of news about anyone he once knew. How that name keeps cropping up everywhere, Vader, the shadow of death. Stretching even to the far reaches of the Outer Rim. 

Returning to his hut with nothing but shame and guilt and the heavy weight of loneliness wrapped around him like a cloak. 

It doesn’t take him long to accept Anakin Skywalker’s death.


A mix for a world left ruined with her dead strewn upon it. The lights have gone out and this is home no longer.  For Cybertron was the greatest victim of their war.

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