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Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 536

Summary: The Alliance is throwing a ceremony to honor Rogue One and those who fought at the Battle of Scarif. This is the first time both of you got dressed up outside of your usual uniforms.

Request: “Cassian and Reader where they have to dress up and have to go to a party/ball/ceremony?”

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Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: Gotta admit but this is my fifth rewrite of this request. I don’t remember all the versions but I remember there was a wedding, a corporate banquet, and an Empire ball. There was even an idea that was about this exact ceremony but I felt like…it didn’t feel right. All of them were cool in their own right but it got too big of a task and deviated from the request. This is simple but very fluffy and validates the fact that gender roles can shove it.

You were never the one to think that one day you would be in a gown, ready to be whisked away into a classy ceremony. You never thought about how the material of a gown would feel like. You run your hands over the handy work of dedicated people who helped put everything together. The holo-projector reads ten minutes before the ceremony to honor the Rogue One squad for their dedicated work on getting the Death Star plans. And if you’re dressed up then you’re sure as hell that your boyfriend, Cassian, is, too.

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Happy Halloween!

Working my little once-a-week retail job (ever wonder why so many of my posts happen on Mondays? Now you know!), and decided to wear my new/in-progress General Organa costume.

Funny: half the people coming through the shop weren’t aware that I was wearing a costume. Not sure what this says about the general level of eccentricity of my quotidian wardrobe.