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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, which is to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])


she was warned. she was given an explanation. 

nevertheless, she persisted

Bughead4days Masterlist

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 Bettys Hickey                                The Weird Kid

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   Tattoo Au                                  Suicide Squad

Under The Bleachers                  Construction Site Jughead

Drunk Betty                               Security Blankets  

Drunk Betty part 2                      Betty gets stood up         

Black and White Soulmate               Bughead Smut

Holding Betty Cooper                   Goodbye Jughead

Defending Jughead Jones              Playing with Suspenders

Not Trevs Girl                                    Heartsick

The Breakup                                      Pizza Delivery   

Camp Counselors AU                          Never Leave My Side

B&V fight                                                Jugheads Curl

First Kiss                                                  The New Girl In Town

The Gangs Approval                                 Bettys Blush 

Personal Space Problems                      When We were Young

Angst Fic                                                  Bruised Betty

Jealous of the Jocks                                 Bughead Halloween

Bettys Body issues                                      Punching Chuck Clayton

Practical Magic                                          Makeout in the Woods

Betty Fights Reggie                                      Betty & Jugheads father

I’m just saying you could do better                Veronica has a plan

Headaches                                               Southside Betty

Were Okay                                                      Work From Home   

Song Bird                                                   Alice and FP

Pizza and Proposals                                       White Houses      

Turf Wars                                                          Jealous Archie

Bugheads first fight                                 I’m still hurting

Maybe I’m just Tired                                              

Control Issues

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Holy shit how much more horrifying must have the whole Mustafar thing have been with that eldritch abomination version of Anakin? Alternately, maybe his terrifying-ness would have scared off, or at least overcame, Palpatine

  • “I’m a monster,” says Anakin. Senator Palpatine smiles, avuncular and warm, and says not you’re not and the Jedi are the ones who call you a monster and I do not think you are a monster and they call you are a monster because they fear your power. I do not. And that is what he says every time Anakin arrives with his eyes boiling red with tears and fury. This is what he says every time Anakin’s been chastised for losing control, for scaring people, for permitting his extra limbs to show, for snarling in that strange way he has, like he is speaking from fifteen throats at the same time, so his voice is layered and quivering and buzzing. This is what he says when a night of passion with Padme results in an electric storm that short-circuits the entire city. This is what he says when Ahsoka is injured in battle and Anakin’s pain and guilt summons black-belled stormclouds that hail down blood. This is what he says when Mace Windu won’t let Anakin teach the younglings – what does he know?
    • they haven’t learned to close their eyes around you, says Mace, flatly. You’d blind them. You’d hurt them. I can barely stand to look at you, how would it be when a child tries to – tries to look at you in your true form–
    • This is my true form! Anakin had barked at Mace, and raised his human hands. I’m –I’m human, I am, I am – 
    • You’re not, says Palpatine, you’re so much more. 
  • All that power. All that strength. But all the power in the world means nothing when its wielder is frightened, and alone. In another world, an entirely-human Anakin is manipulated through his love for his wife, his desperation to belong. In this one, exactly the same thing happens. Anakin is caught in the sharp cracks of: I want to be human and I am not human and I am not a monster and they tell me I am and I want to do the right thing and I do not know what the right thing is, and fear leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side where all things drown, and even the son of the Force cannot escape the tides pulling him in, deeper and deeper, until the Light is a dim and distant quiver. 
  • Mustafar. The molten planet, the blistering lava, the dead and empty sky. Padme lying where Anakin threw her. Anakin himself breaking apart at the seams: his eyes huge and black, too many teeth in his gums, his tongue splitting in twain, becoming a twisting pair of snakes – and Obi Wan closes his eyes, he has to. The images are too awful. The Dark Side, where all things drown. Even the brightest son of the Force. Oh how thou art fallen – 
    • Master! Master Won’t you look at me? And Obi Wan does, but he doesn’t open his eyes: he opens himself to the Force, and feels it pour into him in a hot red tide, snarling and sparking with Anakin’s frenzy. He sees Anakin in his entirety for the first and only time: both human and Force, monster and wonder, mortal and god, wound together, ever-shifting. How can you fight something like that? How? Obi Wan illuminates his lightsabre. Anakin snarls with a thousand tongues, and starts forwards, and it seems that all of reality is surging towards Obi-Wan, breaking at the edges and –
    • I am one with the Force, and the Force is in me, Obi Wan thinks: the old Jedi meditation, and Anakin is bigger than any moon, anything, he is in the physical realm and the mental one at the same time, he is an impossibility he is – 
    • I AM ONE WITH THE FORCE AND THE FORCE IS IN ME and Obi Wan opens his eyes and his apprentice is there, sort of human-shaped, but only in the vaguest possible way. Like a blurry holovid, or one of those optical illusions so popular among younglings; you look at it this way and it is a droid, that way and it is a star. Obi Wan keeps his eyes open, and his Force-sensitivity open, and Anakin flickers in and out of existence, sometimes there and sometimes not, and reality itself shrieks. But the Force is everything and everywhere, and Obi Wan draws on it; because power is what you make if it, life is what you make of it, and there is always a choice. Obi Wan makes his. 
  • A quick fact about lightsabres: they’re in two realms at the same time. Most people don’t know this. They’re in this one, and the the other one. And they can cut through anything
  • The battle jumps between realms, between times, in and out of the physical landscape, and there are times when Obi Wan doesn’t know if he’s fighting on the planet Mustafar or in the heat and tempest of Anakin’s mind. He ignores everything around him and focuses on the beat of his heart, the strength of his lightsabre, his padawan. And –
    • You can’t win Master!I have the high ground! And are they in Anakin’s fevered dreamscape? Are they on the lava-carved banks of a dead planet? Are those Anakin’s eyes, or are they stars, bright-burning and so very close?
    • It doesn’t matter. Obi Wan makes his choice. His lightsabre can cut through anything. Anakin falls in two smoking halves, and the lava takes him. The air around him catches fire, and for a moment Obi Wan sees tentacles, wings, teeth: all burning. 
  • Darth Vader sometimes remembers when he was bigger than the skin he wore. But not very often. The son of the Force died on Mustafar.

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” 

- Marion C. Garretty

  • Qui-Gon: Who taught you to fight like that?
  • Obi-Wan: What do you mean?
  • Qui-Gon: Students in the Temple rarely attack so viciously. They learn to defend, to wear one another down. They conserve their strength. Yet you fought... like a very dangerous man. You left yourself open to attack time and again, and relied upon the other boy to take the defensive stance.
  • -Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force
Seiji komori head cannons

(I decided to give this neglected dia papa son attention! QwQ)

-Seiji was born in America and lived in a atheist home.
-Seiji has an IQ 250 and his family wanted him to become a scientist but he refused and instead went into the military at age 18
-He quickly Rose through the ranks and joined a special squad off record.
-Seiji fought in the war in Afghanistan. But after the war he and his team were dishonorably stripped of there rank and ‘swept under the rug’ by the government. They sent Seiji to live in Japan.
-Fighting in Afghanistan and being stripped of his rank put him into deep depression and darkness and this soldier like attitude would mold him and stick with him for the rest of his life. but this is when the church found him at 25 years old.
-The church and god gave him purpose and a war to fight.
-His first mission was killing Beatrix.
- He quickly became one of the best and most feared vampire hunters.
-He’s a master martial artist that he would make batman fan girl! Knows 10 different martial arts including street style
-He hides his buff, muscular, sexy ass body with a baggy priest cloak.
-His eyesight is almost meta human the only time he’s missed a shot was with Karlhiez. Also he has advanced speed and strength not as much as a normal vampire but enough to make his foes question if he’s human.
-Karlhiez think he must have a vampire in his ancestry.
-He uses the demon races arrogance to his advantage.
-Once he was given Yui he found true happiness and postponed being a vampire hunter to raise her but he couldn’t stop himself from becoming a hunter again when she was age 2.
- He can be as cold and cruel as Karlhiez at sometimes. And Karlhiez sees him as an equal for this.
-He would read the Bible every night to Yui and pray with her before bed.
-He forbade Yui from dating and is overprotective of her around males her age. No ones good enough for his angel!
-He’s the only hunter ever known to be able to go against the demon worlds heavyweights such as Karlhiez, the Vibora king, First blood king, and survive.


Whoniverse: Class - 16/? times Miss Quill slays AKA Surprise, Bitch. I bet you thought you saw the last of me. (1x08) 

Marvel may have corrupted the persona of Captain America comic wise, but as far as I’m concerned, my MCU Steve Rogers is still a Nazi fighting cinnamon roll.

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And about the prompts, maybe 7th year, Lily and James are friends, she doesn't know he likes her, one day, for some reason they argue and start shouting and he accidentally slips that he ''bloody loves Evans'' ahahah I'd love that <3

Well, this is months after you sent this, but I was struck with inspiration today so here you are.

Lily missed when they used to fight about him missing lights out, or master minding some elaborate prank or her being ‘too soft’ on Slytherins or not showing enough house pride at Quidditch games. When their arguments were mostly banter and people would watch because it was entertaining. He got under her skin of course, and she drove him up the wall, but it was all in good fun, neither one of them were actually angry with the other. Beyond annoyed, sure, but never angry.

It was different now, though everything was, and everyone was just so tense. The war was looming and not so far in the distance anymore. They were graduating next term and then they would be entering a world that was being torn apart at the seams. Families were dying, turning on one another, or going into hiding, the treatment of muggle borns had become terrible. Thanks to legislature pushed through by Voldemort’s men it was nearly impossible for a muggle born to get a job working at the ministry any more, and with the passing of that bill dashed Lily’s hopes of becoming an Auror and fighting for her place in this world. She was no longer allowed to be an Auror. And if she wasn’t allowed to be an Auror, then how was she going to fight? How was she going to protect all of the men and women who were standing up for her right to be there, who were risking their lives to give her a chance. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair and James Potter just didn’t seem to get it.

“You’ve never sounded more ignorant than you do right now, Potter.” She snapped, dropping her book bag onto the floor. They were on the seventh floor, not far from the Gryffindor common room and they were supposed to be doing rounds. But James had brought up the mornings Prophet and they had gotten to talking about it and then Lily had blown up, and then James had blown up and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense because they were both on the same side of the war, it was just that Lily was a muggle born and James was a pure blood and neither of them could really see the other’s point of view because they were too busy looking at their own.

“I’ve never sounded- Are you even hearing yourself?” He said, throwing his own bag on the ground next to hers.

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The fact that Finn exists is just so so SO important to me you guys?!?!?

He’s not the Cool Stoic Black Male ™ lead? He’s terrified? He’s scared?? And he’s open about it?!?! And the narrative DOESN’T PUNISH HIM OR DECLARE HIM COWARDLY BECAUSE OF IT??

He’s a black male and he’s allowed to be human and experience the full spectrum of human emotion on a big screen in a FUCKING BLOCKBUSTER and that’s really fucking amazing to me.