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Have you ever imagined a Trollhunters/Star Wars au? Like if Jim, Toby, Claire and everyone else was set in the Star Wars universe?

Oh yeah. Especially because of the similarities between the two universes, the most obvious being that both Jedi and Trollhunters are Knights.

Then there’s of course how magic crystals power both the swords/weapons of Trollhunters and the lightsabers in Star Wars. The general color symbolism of blue being the Light and red being the Dark. Trollhunter ideology being similar to Jedi ideology: distance yourself from others, duty comes first, use your power for defense and protection only. The only real differences being that Trollhunters encourage fear because it keeps you alive, whereas traditional Jedi condemn it, and that Jedi do not support killing whereas traditional Trollhunters believe finishing the fight is pretty much always necessary…Though thats only again because of their insistence on protecting, on defense. Trollhunters don’t support (what they see as) unnecessary offense, destruction, and death, which is why they’re against the use of Eclipse and Jim’s decision to open the bridge again. Eclipse is unorthodox, associated with evil and “the bad guys”, its power literally being drawn from parts of Gunmar, and based off of the book it might also be capable of corrupting the user if said user’s not careful, not unlike the Dark Side in Star Wars. The difference being the Dark Side, and its users, are additionally powered by passion and emotion, whereas we don’t know how Eclipse works yet. But Jim is pushed to use Eclipse only when his emotions, especially his fear for his friends’ lives, gets the best of him, which the Jedi say is the path to the Dark Side, so…so far the two powers look pretty similar.

But I only have somewhat of an idea of how an au like this would go. Jim would be a Jedi Knight in training, a padawan, obviously, but he’d end up a Gray Knight, using both the Light and the Dark, because that’s pretty much what I foresee happening in the show, given the cliffhanger of s1. I kinda want Toby and Claire to become Jedi in training too, because they’re pretty much Knights in training in canon alongside Jim, but I don’t know…how that would work exactly…if we consider Daylight to be the Light Side of the Force and Eclipse to be the Dark Side of the Force per se….

But I kinda want them to have lightsabers too cause lightsabers are damn cool ok every space knight deserves a magic energy sword/staff/weapon. I see this being a situation like in the Original trilogy and Sequels, where there aren’t many Jedi left so there is no training temple and they don’t start training at a young age, like its not very traditional. Jim would still start training at 15 after the lightsaber calls to him. Toby would either be not force-sensitive or just force-sensitive enough to eventually use it and be a Jedi. Maybe he’d be a late bloomer like in canon. Claire, like in canon, would become a warrior to rescue/avenge her brother. If she’s force-sensitive at all, I see her being more adept than Toby but less than Jim, since combat and the Shadow Staff come fairly easy to her in canon but neither Claire or Toby are as powerful as Jim. Toby and Jim would still be childhood best friends. I don’t remember if its canon in the show or if its just the book or if its neither and I’m misremembering, but Claire’s parents would be fairly wealthy local government diplomats, and she’d run away from home (without them even noticing because they’re always away or busy with work) after her brother’s taken to become a warrior to save him.

Draal would probably be someone who always wished he was force-sensitive because his dad was a famous Jedi Knight and Master, but just isn’t. And you could have that one scene from the show where Jim lets a very hesitant Draal hold Daylight happen in this au with Jim’s blue lightsaber because Jedi aren’t really supposed to let non-Jedi hold their sacred weapons either but Jim doesn’t care much about tradition and Draal still sees his dad’s reflection in the light and freaks out and drops it. Even better if Jim’s lightsaber literally belonged to Kanjigar before he passed, like in canon.

Aaaarrrggghhhh would pretty much be what he already is: a warrior turned preferable pacifist and partner of Blinky after abandoning the GummGumm (the Sith) in favor of the Republic/Resistance/Rebellion/Jedi/the “good guys”/etc. NotEnrique would also be a traitor to the Sith. And Strickler I guess too since he sorta leaves Gunmar’s side by the end of the season. Though he and most other changelings seem to have their own rebellion planned, a third party of sorts, until Strickler’s kicked out of that too. Unlike NotEnrique though, Strickler would masquerade as one of the good guys at first, a spy, like in canon.

Blinky would be the mentor figure. I have a hard time picturing him as a Jedi, because he prefers to stay out of the action in canon, but I guess he’d have to be in order to train Jim and possibly Toby and Claire…I guess Blinky could be a Jedi with a green lightsaber, preferring diplomat over combat.

And then Barbara would still be a doctor, just in space. I know there are med-droids but there’s probably living creatures in the Star Wars medical field too, right?

Also the past Trollhunters could still show up to Jim and counsel him like they do in canon, just as force ghosts not spirits in the Void. Though the two really aren’t that different.

But yeah that’s my concept of sorts for this au. What are your thoughts, anon? Have you imagined a Trollhunters/Star Wars au?


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]

A PSA for the VLD fandom

Things that are ok:

  • Shipping Klance  
  • Shipping Sheith
  • Shipping Kallura
  • Shipping Shidge 
  • Shipping Shallura
  • Shipping literally any ship
  • Preferring heterosexual ships over homosexual ships 
  • Preferring homosexual ships over heterosexual ships 
  • Not shipping shaladin ships
  • Not shipping Klance 
  • Disliking certain ships for personal reasons 
  • Having literally any ship preference
  • Using ships as a coping mechanism 
  • Exploring ship/character dynamics in fanon that aren’t necessarily acceptable in the real world 
  • Asking people (nicely) to tag things you wish to avoid for personal reasons
  • Aging up/ aging down characters in fanon
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as trans 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as cis
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as gay 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as straight 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as bisexual 

Things that aren’t ok:

  • Attacking people for liking ships you don’t like 
  • Accusing people of pedophilia for liking a ship you don’t take the time and effort to understand or look into properly
  • Accusing people of pedophilia for aging characters up/ down in ships to make them legal
  • Falsely throwing around terms such as pedophilia and abuse and warping their meaning for your own benefit
  • Assuming any ship with an age gap is automatically abusive
  • Attacking people for HC'ing a character you HC as trans as cis 
  • Attacking someone for HC'ing a character you HC as cis as trans
  • Attacking people for HC'ing a character you HC as gay as straight 
  • Attacking someone for HC'ing a character you HC as straight as gay
  • Accusing someone of being homophobic for liking a het ship over a gay ship
  • Accusing someone of being transphobic for HC’ing a character as cis
  • Accusing someone of being racist because their favorite character isn’t a POC/ for having a favorite ship that isn’t multiracial or a POC ship
  • Belittling someones mental illness because of their coping strategy
  • Putting all CSA survivors under one, specific umbrella
  • Assuming every single person who has a mental illness/ is an abuse survivor has the same needs/ uses the same coping strategies
  • Using other people’s mental illnesses/ past traumas as an excuse for being abusive to others
  •  Suicide bating under any circumstance

“It was always a circle, from our hero’s family home to an underworld to the rallying of the tropes, and Gareth always wanted to get Jyn back home again; it starts with the home and end with (a metaphorical) home.”  - The Art of Rogue One, Josh Kushins


His red henley behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016) as requested subconsciously by @hisredhenley all day every day. 1

Empire’s End confirms that Armitage Hux is not some poor child who was raised to be cruel, but instead chose to be so on his own.

This becomes plain when he is given his first command of fellow children. He sits alone in a room with his peers and decides to test his authority. His first order is this: “I want you to hit the boy to the right of you. Hard.”

The boy obeys immediately, and Armitage “feels a strange and sinister buzz of excitement” as he watches the boy bleed.

He could have issued any command: “take off your shoes and give them to me”, “quack like a duck”, or even “shut your eyes”. He chooses none of these, and instead moves immediately to violence. His goal is to cause harm to others–and it is a goal that is not influenced by anyone else. It is his choice. The decision rewards him with excitement and a thrill, and thus the foundation for his character is born: a cruel, sadistic monster who revels in genocide and hurting the innocent.