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During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry found himself in front of an army of Death Eaters looking Lord Voldemort in the face with nothing but righteous anger and a determination to end the war.  No wand, no Muggle weapons.  His friends, teachers, his makeshift family stood behind him ready to follow him into this fight.  Harry knew he was the face of this fight.  Harry was The Boy Who Lived and the people who believed in him would follow him into the open arms of death if it meant the war could end right there.  

What no one thought about, what no one realized, was at that very moment Harry needed help.  No one knew Narcissa had taken his wand, Draco’s wand, off him in the Forbidden Forest.  No one came to save him; they were waiting to be saved by him.  As Harry’s courage faltered he heard his name.  He tore his eyes from Voldemort’s murderous gaze to see Draco Malfoy run past the Dark Lord.  Malfoy ran straight to Harry, thrust a wand into his empty hand.  Someone had come to Harry’s rescue.  This was enough.  This was all Harry needed.

Aquarius Dances 

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Saturn’s ring encircles Aquarius like a glowstick, illuminating the cherished mind and spiritual saviour. Between two mermaids she hovers in the clouds, guarding the ocean she mastered as the sea goat, watching the sea mother of Pisces teach her the way of dream. Aquarius is an adventurer, a wanderer, the mind knows no boundaries, its curiosity and intuition gliding between cerebral playgrounds and elevating social experiences. Aquarians lift people, they are light on their feet, pulled by the winds of thought, dangling between the stars they reside with at night. The earth child frolics through a turquoise sea and rainbow jungle, singing telepathic love to every plant, animal, and spirit. Saturn wisdom emanates from her like she is the earth mother, as she exhales into the air she breathes, love, light, and elevation. Aquarians can be brilliant, they can write books and end wars, they can teach, nurse, psychoanalyse, or save. They can nurture growth, whisper to nature, and feel the blessing of cosmic love surrounding them at all times. Twirling daisies from clouds, laughing peace and utopia, Aquarius rides the lagoon into paradise.



‘and then what? build what?’ 

‘the republic of heaven.’

the disquiet and destruction at the end of the war - the bewilderment and hurt and stab of loss, and the uncertainty of what to do next

angels cast out of their homes, the clouded mountain destroyed in the war, and an entire, lifeless world filled with beings composed of dust and light. the promise of a republic - a new home, something they fought for, spilled blood for, killed for - hovers on the horizon, shimmering like beams of light off water, but it’s just out of reach. how long will it take to establish? where will ‘home’ be for the time being? where is heaven now? 

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No one in this world gives a shit about the feeling of regretful Trump voters. If we’re honest.

“Well, he said he would build a wall!”

*everyone else*

“Cool, guys. Meanwhile, the rest of us (no, literally, the whole world) are terrified because he is a rambling, unhinged mad man with nuke codes who is going to start World War Three and end existence as we know it. But, sure. You got pissed about a woman’s fucking emails and José the gardener and feeling like you were left behind. You doomed us all.”

When you make your bed…but everyone else is forced to lie in it too.

I don’t think I ever mentioned that I knew almost nothing about Star Wars VII when I went to see it so Poe and I essentially had the same reaction to this stormtrooper whipping off their helmet to reveal a fine as fuck John Boyega beneath

Arc-V 143

What happened: 

  • Everyone remembers Zarc. Of course as Reiji explains as Zarc’s spirit is currently inside of Reira, Yuya isn’t Zarc currently. Yuya doesn’t accept that
  • Reiji believes that the reason Reira is one piece is because he’s the seal on Zarc’s spirit but makes a point of saying Zarc will revive again.
  • Reiji states the only true way to end the war is to end Zarc and that can only be done with an Entertainment Duel. 
  • Yoko attempts to give Yuya another speech, but he actually tells her to back off as this is his problem and she leaves … to get balloons to cheer for her son. 
  • Yuya and Gongenzaka go through a huge war of attrition with each side causing the other 200 points of damage. 
  • Yuya is finally able to win but Gongenzaka makes a point of saying that his way of dueling wasn’t entertainment. 
  • Reiji states the only way to regain his dueling style is to defeat the rest of the Lancers, Kurosaki, Dennis and Serena. 
  • Also due to Arc-V there are wormholes that connect between the dimensions, with Yuya leaving for the Xyz to defeat Kurosaki and he finds Dennis instead. 
  • Preview shows the Xyz Dimension is still damaged and everyone is still traumatized. well that deconstructs Zexal’s ending  

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9. "Wars end" kiss Kara x Reader 😄

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You ran to Kara and wrapped your arms around her neck. “I’ve missed you so much,” you said as your chin rested on her shoulder. 

Kara held you tight in her arms. She hadn’t seen you in such a long time. Fighting the invasion had taken longer than she thought it would. 

But it didn’t matter anymore. You and the rest of the world were safe. She had you in her arms again and that’s the only thing that mattered. 

You pulled away and pressed your lips to hers. It had been months since you’d felt her lips against yours but still, it was so familiar. Her lips were a little chapped but still soft enough that it was a smooth kiss. 

When you pulled away you kissed her nose and forehead. “I know you have to save the world but…don’t ever leave me alone for that long ever again.”

Kara smiled. “I won’t,” she promised even though you both knew she had no control over that.

Michael x Conner Headcanons

·Michael likes to wear his hair in a bun.
·Conner like to run his fingers through it.
·They both enjoy going outside and playing with each other.
·When he gets frustrated Michael slips into ·Maori when talking with Conner.
·Conner loves wearing Michael shirts.
·Michael brings Conner back home to meet his dad.
·He loves Conner straight off the bat.
·Michael wears lip balm because he loves having soft lips.
·They like to cuddle and wearing cheesy funny movies.
·They met a few weeks after the Giants War ended.
·Conner sometimes helps Michael braid his hair to make it easier for him.
·Michael gives Conner piggy back rides where ever they go.
·Michael teaches Conner Maori when they have the time to.
·Travis supports their relationship more then anyone


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Next Grand Prix Final // part 1 // part 2 // part 3 //
~ And Otabek kisses him again and again. 

*Viktor screams in the background*