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550-year-old hand-written book is signed by Richard III and contains his personal motto. The signed book is one of only 13 of Richard III’s books that is known to still exist. It is especially valuable as he has signed it ‘R Gloucester’ as he was only the Duke of Gloucester as a young man. Above his signature in the book he wrote the words 'Tant le desieree’, which means 'So much desired’.

Earlier this week I went to a hearing about the confederate monument in front of my city’s courthouse, and the mental gymnastics the neo-confederates in attendance had to perform to justify the further existence of the monument was nothing short of incredible. At one point, a man with a PhD in history from a local university spoke in order to demolish the mythology that surrounds the monument. He provided the context for the erection of the statue, which was the “lost cause” ideology that emerged in face of the defeat of the confederate military, an ideology that sought to whitewash history by ignoring the actual cause of the civil war: the southern states’ desire to preserve the institution of slavery.

Not a single neo-confederate in attendance listened. Not only did they not listen, several spoke up after to denigrate them while they were still in attendance. One lady got up to speak and said “I guess they got their degrees from Berkeley”, which made the neo-confederates erupt into laughter and applause. I thought it was weird, because they outright said they got their degrees from a university in this state. One man took the floor to say “we’ll never reach a consensus about the cause of the Civil War”, although professional historians already have: the articles of secession for every state that produced them mention the preservation of the institution of slavery explicitly as their reason for secession.

It really clarified the anti-intellectualism that drives the neo-confederate cause. These are people who simply have an emotional attachment to the symbols of the confederacy. They grew up with them. They formed these attachments long before they were capable of thinking about them critically (if they ever formed the capacity for critical thought at all). This is clearly not a debate between two rational parties. This is debate between people who recognize the scholarly consensus on the confederacy, and people who outright deny history because to do so would require shedding their cultural conditioning.

quick drabble for the @rebelcaptainprompts theme “stardust” because my mind went here instead of something appropriately sentimental

“Change your password,” Cassian grouches, slumping into the seat opposite her in the U-Wing cockpit. Jyn doesn’t even look up from where she’s readying her blaster.


Cassian flicks the controls, slides his headphones on. “That thing gives you access to all our data files. It needs to be hard to guess.”

“Who says it’s not hard to guess?”

“Me. I guessed it.”

Jyn glares at him, though—and this may say something about their relationship—she doesn’t look all that surprised. “Are you serious? What the hell were you doing, trying to hack my account?”

Cassian shoves the headphones over his ears, turns to glare back at her. “Yes. If I can hack your account, anyone can hack your account.”

“Oh,” Jyn snarls, “so you were doing me a favor.”

“Yep.” Cassian sighs. “Jyn, your password can’t be stardust. It’s so transparent.”

“I added numbers.”

“Your birthday. That doesn’t help.”

Jyn props her feet up on the control panel, despite the fact that Cassian has told her not to do some fifty times now. He has to physically restrain himself from reaching over and swiping them off.

“I can remember it,” she shrugs.

Cassian groans. “That’s not the point.”

“It’s a lot of the point. Look, nobody’s going to guess it.”

“I guessed it!”

“Yeah, you.” She shrugs, frowning. “But you’re the only one on base who knows that name, so…”

This is enough of a surprise that Cassian has to glance over at her; that name—and all the weight associated with it—is so integral to the person she once was, to the person she’s become. It’s hard to imagine her without it.

Jyn’s looking studiously at the laces of her boots.

“Oh.” Cassian swallows. “Just me?”

The corner of her mouth twitches. “Yep.”

“Huh.” He pauses. He can read her well enough by now to know when not to press.

He clears his throat, switches tactics.

“You realize that means I can still hack your account though, right?”

“Yeah.” She waves a hand. “But it’s just you. What are you going to do?”

He huffs. “I could do plenty.”

“You already hacked my account. Did you do anything besides immediately log out and come yell at me to change my password?”

“No,” he glowers. “But next time, I might.”

She reaches over, and the way she pats his knee hovers somewhere between affectionate and condescending. She walks that line well.

“Sure,” she says. “Are we taking off any time soon, or what?”

Cassian rolls his eyes, shifts back to the control panel.

“Be patient,” he grumbles. “I’m working on it.”

When he glances back over at her, quick, he thinks he catches her smile.

It’s easier to feel sorry for yourself
and that’s what I’m most afraid of
yet here I have this
an act of courage
fighting that feeling
carrying that weight
it’s easier to let yourself fall
your body rests
on safe ground
nobody sees you
sweet and safe
tempts you to fail
that’s why you’re a warrior
you see yourself
and you don’t see yourself
I admire you
I admire myself
clinging to the world
is not easy
between temptation and war.
—  “Désirs du Soleil”, Flâneur, 2017
  • Every EU country to its neighbour, a day before Eurovision: We really value our long-standing cultural friendship and working relationship. There's no alliance more important than those with your neighbours.
  • Every EU country to its neighbour, during Eurovision: So, it is war you desire. The blood of young men mingling with the mud. The aria of cannon fire. The fields scorched black with fire, the skies grey with ash. I will give you your war, and in return I ask for but a singular boon.
  • Every EU country to its neighbour, a day after Eurovision: We really value our long-standing cultural and working relationship. There's no alliance more

Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD

just let the waves guide us...

Just some post wedding intimacy on the Jolly Roger, because I just couldn’t help myself and I woke up with a much needed desire to write… 

His dream is like a wave, cresting and crashing as it heads towards the shore, sand and shells churning in its wake but never quite hitting the beach before it recedes. When he wakes, frustration still bubbles at the edges of his consciousness as his fingers dig into the mattress beside him where his new bride should be. He blinks his eyes to adjust to the darkness, the candles he’d scattered around the room after their nuptials now all pools of hardened wax. Pushing back the coverlet, he crosses to an old trunk and pulls out a pair of old linen pants, not wanting to go in search of Emma in his current state of undress.

He finds her quite easily, but allows himself a moment to take her in. The complicated braid she’d worn earlier has fallen loose, allowing golden tendrils to dance in the breeze along with the worn fabric of his sheet she’s wrapped around her like a cloak. She could be mistaken for a spectral, or an angel, some benevolent spirit come to grant his every wish and guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

But something has drawn her from his bed on their wedding night and he aches to soothe whatever might be troubling her mind. So, he crosses to her quietly, making enough noise to be certain she hears his approach. She turns with a smile as he draws near enough to touch, easing a bit of his nerves as he draws his hand around her waist and presses a kiss to her temple.

“Hello, my wife.”

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anonymous asked:

What was the councils reasoning in letting Tempest stay in the temple? I mean are they just taking his word that he's a good guy now?

He wouldn’t show his fear. He wasn’t going to show his fear. KRIFF the Jedi council!

Tempest stood with his arms clasped inside his robe, head slightly cocked as he locked eyes with Yoda, neither blinking very much.

“Stay for Obi-Wan you will hmm?”

“Yes. He makes good tea.” The human drawled. He was amused to note Windu twitch in suppressed anger.

“Love him you claim to do?” Yoda narrowed his eyes at Tempest and in that moment he felt a shift, he could continue taunting them and at best get thrown out of the temple…or…or…

He gave a frustrated breath out of his nose and glared at the old troll. “We have a bond. A soulbond. Obi-Wan has yet to realize it.” He confessed. “He’s mine, I will not stay away from him. So yes, I love him.” Amber eyes glowed.

“Impossible, soulbonds haven’t been recorded since the revenants time.” Windu broke in through the scattered mutterings.

“Since Revan and Bastila Shan actually.” Tempest tilted his head. “A Sith and a Jedi.” He added.

“Realized it Obi-Wan has not?”

“…I’ve kept my part of the bond shielded. He’s…” Tempest struggled on the words. Naive fit his bonded. Alluring. Sweet. Gullible.

“Trusting.” He settled on. “I do not want him to commit fully to something he does not understand.” There, let the council make what they wanted out of that and let Tempest think about Obi-Wan elegant hands in his. Let Tempest think about the way Obi-Wan felt in his arms. Let Tempest think about the gentle touch of Obi-Wan’s mind against his.

Yoda looked around the room before focusing on Mace who shook his head ever so slightly.

The old troll sighed. “To break the bond we can not, a wound in the Force it would be. To far from you Obi-Wan can not be.”

Mace shook his head even harder. Yoda ignored him as he pointed his cane at Tempest. “Stay with Obi-Wan you will. A toe out of line you step and your life ended will be.”

“With mine perhaps Obi-Wan’s too, is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make?” Tempest raised his brows, smoky amber focused on them as his long hair brushed his shoulders.

“…Down to that, perhaps it will be. On your head it would be. Set your bonded in danger you would?”

Tempest only reaction was a twitch around the eyes but it told Yoda everything he needed to know. Tempest would not be putting Obi-Wan’s life in danger.

The last of the legendary Bf/Me 109 series, the Bf-109 K4. 

The K4 variant was a response to the wide array of field modifications, different parts kits, and sub variants of the Bf 109. The K4 consolidated various different parts, types, and weaponry and made many of them interchangeable on one air frame. 

While it was overall a fine machine and remained fairly comparable to contemporary fighters from other nations, poorly trained pilots meant the K4 could never be used to its fullest extent. 

John Brown as the mastermind behind the Blue Sect and the recent sad events?

Disclaimer: Spoilers and long post. As such, this theory will initially be a little chronological to try and make the explanation simpler.
If any point is unclear, feel free to ask @thedarkestcrow or me about it as it is something we discussed together. :)

First of all, here’s what we know about the current arc (ch127 happens mid-November 1889):

  • Bravat (who’s most likely human) knew from the beginning that Ciel is the Watchdog (”Earl Phantomhive”), that Seb is a demon, that Lizzie is Ciel’s fiancée and that the Starlight Four committed crimes at Weston.
  • Bravat’s sect is at least one and a half year/two years old (ch125). However, seeing as there was no hint of massive blood collects and death before August/September 1889, we’ll assume for this theory that the 4 star lords were put in Bravat’s care at some point during Summer 1889, which is when Bravat started using the S4 to promote the Sphere music hall in order to collect as much blood as possible.
  • Othello said that, considering the anormal progress of the sect’s technology, a supernatural being is most likely behind it (ch119/ch125). This supernatural mastermind is very probably the reason Bravat knew about Sebastian being a demon (and about Lizzie and Ciel). 
  • While the reason tying Lizzie to the sect is still unclear, we’re going to assume for this theory that Bravat’s mention of her to Ciel (ch123) might mean that she’s seen as a possible hostage to use against him. 
  • Lastly, about the 2CT: it seems like it’s almost confirmed.
    • Lord Sirius being Ciel’s twin (aka Real!Ciel, a “bizarre doll”) is a popular theory
    • Agni’s reaction when he found the burnt picture of Ciel’s family (ch126) was quite telling that something was unexpected about this picture.

I hope all of this makes sense for you guys! Onto the theory about John Brown…

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