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Dance, Dance, Dancing!!!

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Ok so.

I’m re-reading the post about Obi-Wan and fighting styles and his Ataru and all.

The good one, with also meta about Qui-Gon being devastating by using Ataru.

(I also have House of the Rising Sun by the Heavy Young Heathens playing in my earbuds)

And all I can think about is Obi-Wan hitting his head rather hard in some battle.

And basically getting rattled enough to slip into pure ‘survival’ mode.

Which means that all the stuff he usually doesn’t pull because he’s all about finess and keeping himself restrained actually comes into play.

Which means that the battle goes from clones + Master Kenobi doing his thing against Ventress and Grievous to Master Kenobi decimating the battle field around his clones.

Back flipping off places that don’t even look structurally sound enough to support a man’s weight, much less be used as trampolines.

Fetching a lightsaber from a fallen Jedi and going for the double bladed variant of Ataru.

Soaring up high everybody’s head and hitting Ventress hard enough that the ground beneath her splinters by using gravity to increase the strength behind his own already powerful as fuck blow.

Falling deep within the Force and using Force Speed to speed up his movements, getting through Durge’s guard and skewering him.

Such beautiful thoughts.

Such beautiful visuals.

*sighs happily*