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Ok so.

I’m re-reading the post about Obi-Wan and fighting styles and his Ataru and all.

The good one, with also meta about Qui-Gon being devastating by using Ataru.

(I also have House of the Rising Sun by the Heavy Young Heathens playing in my earbuds)

And all I can think about is Obi-Wan hitting his head rather hard in some battle.

And basically getting rattled enough to slip into pure ‘survival’ mode.

Which means that all the stuff he usually doesn’t pull because he’s all about finess and keeping himself restrained actually comes into play.

Which means that the battle goes from clones + Master Kenobi doing his thing against Ventress and Grievous to Master Kenobi decimating the battle field around his clones.

Back flipping off places that don’t even look structurally sound enough to support a man’s weight, much less be used as trampolines.

Fetching a lightsaber from a fallen Jedi and going for the double bladed variant of Ataru.

Soaring up high everybody’s head and hitting Ventress hard enough that the ground beneath her splinters by using gravity to increase the strength behind his own already powerful as fuck blow.

Falling deep within the Force and using Force Speed to speed up his movements, getting through Durge’s guard and skewering him.

Such beautiful thoughts.

Such beautiful visuals.

*sighs happily*

anonymous asked:

Ooh! Can we see darker war time descriptions of other characters? Like Bun or Asgore? Didn't you guys say River was around during the war too?

(you can read about Toriel in the war here)

Even though Asgore never stepped into the battleground, he still had to deal with the worst side of the war: the collateral damage. With the Queen away leading the troops, only Asgore remained to try to organize the scared civilians, and guide the efforts to provide a place for the huge amount of refugees that keep arriving to the capital each day escaping the invaded territories. While the fight kept going he was there to help his people face hunger, overpopulation, wounds and sickness, fear, and incontable premature deaths. He saw his kind fall by the thousands, unable to stop it, every day looking at the horizon and seeing the fires of war come closer and closer to Ebbot, slowly but surely cornering their race into an inescapable death trap.

Afte being witness of so much suffering, he understandably grew to hate the war and everything it entailed with every bit of his soul. Once monsters were exiled he came to believe that the best thing they could do for their people was forget the surface, and try to give everybody a new life underground.

Trying to escape, after all, would be akin to declaring a new war… And only a souless creature would ever think of bringing so much suffering again.

Bun had been trained from a very young age to one day take the place of her master in the royal council as the Master Spy, the leader of those tasked with gathering information to keep the political stability of the Queendom in check. Even when the role was never meant to serve a purpose in a real war, and even though humans were stronger and surpassed them in number, she bravely lead her subordinates in using every trick in the book to give monsters any advantage they could. They sabbotaged supply lines, cut traveling routes, poisoned food and water reserves, set fire to campments and coordinated hit-and-run surprise attacks. One could say they were the reason monsterkind ever lasted so long.

For being so close to the center of the fight however, she’s one of the war veterans who has dealt better with the experience of war. Other than becoming pretty emotionally detached to a lot of things she used to love, she hasn’t exibit the classic sympthoms of paranoia, insanity, or eventual unbound cruelty. Pretty tame considering she has one of the highest Level of Violence in the Underground.

River was is a war orphan. They saw a lot, lost a lot, and lived through lot of things no child should even see, lose, or go through. And they remember.

Young, but extremelly brillant and capable, circumstances lead them to join Toriel and Bun while the war still raged. They didn’t join the fight directly, but they moved alongside the troops after every battle and used to help Bun develop sabotage tactics. They were the only child ever allowed to be in the battleground, probably because staying at the Queen’s side was the only way they could be safe and others could be safe from them.

They were and still are extremelly angry with the human race as a whole.

- Poisond

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